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“Oh wow, I didn’t see this coming! Ciana Stone manages to deliver another emotionally charged, passionate tale with danger, action and characters that make you want to be right there with them. Another great read for a one-click author!”~Candid Book Reviews Hero to Zero? John Luke Legacy thought his life was moving along right on track. He was in line for a promotion, his love life wasn’t bad and he had a great relationship with his son. Then he learned the truth about his family and everything changed. He did what he thought was right and hoped he wasn’t making a huge mistake. Ex is an ugly word. Not only is he an ex-husband, now he’s an ex-agent with the FBI. And when he tells his girlfriend that he quit the Bureau, he’s also an ex-boyfriend. He has little choice. There’s nowhere to go but home. That’s depressing, but at least he will be closer to his son. Illiana. She’s as exotic as her name. All woman and all warrior. Illiana is no shy flower. She’s a handful. Actually more. Big, strong and fearless, she inspires desire that surpasses anything he’s ever felt. But it’s more than passion. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Author: Ciana Stone
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