Rebels, Rogues, and Romantics

Five award winning and bestselling authors present five historical tales of rough and tumble men and the women who can’t help but fall in love with them. $2.99 on Kindle.

They Both Want Me

Katy is a woman in her thirties who wants it all… she desires a comfortable marriage to an older man but also wants the freedom to take any young lover she desires. She sets out on a journey to find two men who want her so much they’ll let her have them both. Can it […]

Free: Into the Darkness

When curvaceous blogger Kathryn Smith writes about her meeting with St. Anthony’s favorite hero, Lightning, she has no idea what kind of trouble her keen observations and sharp tongue will land her in. The disturbingly handsome, and decidedly shady, hero is not the only one who takes offense to her critical writings, and before she […]

Next Door Daddy

Who said having a s*x addiction was a bad thing? S*x addict? Aren’t all guys? But my situation is what you could call ‘unique’. I’m seeing my daughter’s best friend to work on my ‘problem’ but all I want to is work on her – Hard and all night long! S*xy. Sassy. Gorgeous. Katie is […]

His Huge Rock

I know she lies to me, but her secrets only make me want her more. I’m the guy they all want to marry, but I won’t get down on one knee for anyone. They’re the ones who need to get on their knees. And they all do. And they stay there, on their knees in […]

Free: Billionaire Fantasy

“Say it.” He instructed, and my body responded to his voice. Something shifted inside of me, and I knew I was all in. 4 Billionaire Fantasies, PLUS, 2 Bonus Stories! My heart raced and fingers trembled as I opened the small envelope and read the card. “Put on the blindfold and lay on the bed.” […]


Tell me what you want me to do to you. Tell me exactly. Brynn Reese thinks she’s just one of the guys. No chick-drama, no fuss. Game for anything. Ask her what she wants, and she says she doesn’t care. But I care what she wants. And I know what I want. Her. Naked. In […]

Path of Destruction

The first time Adeline Ivey danced into my life, high on ecstasy instead of life, was at the party before the kickoff of our seventh tour. I spotted her out on the lawn, a gorgeous girl spinning around in circles with her arms wide and a big smile directed at the Los Angeles sky. We […]

The Darker Side of Cane

Rough and ready Jonah Cane specialises in fulfilling women’s sexual fantasies but how will he act when a virgin walks through his door? When intern Evelyn Ash is assigned to write an article for Missy Magazine, she has no idea what’s in store for her. Tasked with accepting three dates a week from an online […]

Never Enough

It’s a simple enough transaction. Marisol needs the money, and I need a nice girl to parade in front of the cameras. No feelings. No strings. No falling for anyone. I’ve been clean for months, but my record company’s not satisfied. Apparently it isn’t enough to only kick a heroin addiction – they’re insisting that […]

Don’t Look Back

From #1 bestselling author Wendy Vella comes another outstanding read!“I want to live in Lake Howling!!”Unexpected but UndeniableAfter a disastrous marriage, Macy Reynolds has picked up the broken pieces of her life and moved on. She’s sworn off men and is building a new life in the safe haven of Lake Howling, Oregon with her […]


Lilly Lightly answers a knock on her door one day to find a dead man on the other side. At least, that’s what she and her husband assumed had happened to her brother-in-law, Bobby. With his return, Bobby revives unanswered questions, reopens old wounds, and reminds Lilly of the person she used to be before […]

Free: A Billionaire Rancher’s Obsession

Alyssa Macintyre is recently widowed and living alone. Her days are spent reeling from the loss of her husband, Joe, and she wonders if she’ll ever be able to get her life back into working order. She wants to move forward, but it’s been too hard to think about life alone, so she resorts to […]

Free: A Medical Romance

Mary is a fertile virgin and just broke up with her boyfriend. She has always been afraid of sex. Afraid to be the only virgin in college she turns to her mother for support and help. Her mother sets her up to see a doctor to talk about her fears and to perform a pap […]

Free: A Wealthy Cowboy To Call My Own

Anna has always dreamed of having a family of her own, so when she discovers an unusual advert in the paper; a widowed man requesting a new wife to raise his infant son, she cant help but be tempted. After an e-mail interchange with Carl, the man in question, she goes to stay with him […]

Free: Whispers From A Wealthy Cowboy

Marly Andrada is contented with her life as an events planner. She excels in the field. So when the opportunity to get promoted strikes, she takes it even if it means moving to a ranch in Montana. It is the biggest contract of her career. What awaits her is Maverick “Rick” Lane, the billionaire rancher […]

Free: Falling For The BIG Bad Quarterback

Breaking into the mainstream sports journalism scene is a task and a half but Megan finds the perfect opportunity to do so when she is asked to interview footballer Mike Ferguson. Things head south very quickly as Megan finds she has some less than nice things to write about him. Following public backlash, Mike asks […]

Free: Bruised by the Biker

Ivy is a hardworking student, determined to exert her independence despite her overprotective parent’s protests.There are plenty of customers that come in and out of the restaurant on a daily basis, but when the handsome Luther Gains catches Ivy’s eye, she knows she has to have him. When the bad boy biker steps in and […]

Free: Taken Rough at the Office

Sophie Ward works for Mr. Shaw, the local billionaire, but her position is menial at best. It isn’t until the Christmas party rolls around that Sophie finds out just how influential she can be. Walking in to the party with her best friend, outspoken Ashley, on her arm, Sophie is prepared for and met with […]

Free: Wanted By The Billionaire Boss

When Cassie lands a job at the most prestigious companies in town she has a few unanswered questions about her new boss, Mr. Kine, a rich and handsome billionaire.When Cassie’s job depends on her making a social appearance at an estate party, something Cassie is afraid she will make a mess of, her twin sister […]

Free: The Virgin High Country Wife

This past month has been going horribly wrong for Maria and she just wanted her bad luck to end. Maria was cheated on by her long term boyfriend, John, of five years which ultimately led to her being kicked out of their home. Not having any work experience because Maria focused on school instead of […]

Free: Conquered By The Alien Warrior

When Caitlin King stumbles upon a piece of jade in the Bolivian rain forest, she’d never imagined it would lead her to an extra-terrestrial. And more than that, a sexy alien whose job is to protect her newfound power – and her, by extension. Ranael is a Seraph Archon, a highly-trained soldier with a thing […]

Free: What the Biker Wants

Sweet and innocent Summer takes a walk to cool off after a fight with her parents. She ends up at Rowdy’s, the local biker bar.Before long Summer meets Wilson and the two spend a blistering night together.What will happen when Summer finds out about Wilson’s sketchy, dark past? Free on Kindle.

Free: Nailed At The Clinic

Tired of being single, Ashley decides to go on a series of blind dates. When they don’t work out, she decides to give up. That is until her best friend Laura introduces her to award winning gynecologist Ryan, who sweeps her off her feet. While the chemistry between them is irrefutable Ashley is hesitant to […]

Free: Double Stretched At The Beach Mansion

Claire thought it a bit childish to vacation with her family. But summer at the beach house became a whole new experience when Mom left her alone with Stepdad. At the urging of her more adventurous friend Ashley, Claire sets out to discover just exactly what Paul has had on his mind… Free on Kindle.

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