Seven Hours in Heaven

Sexually frustrated Jess meets a stranger claiming to have found a dating revelation. At a swanky hotel, she finds herself magnetically drawn to what lurks in the rooms where she’s invited to participate in a variety of kinky sexual situations or hangout as a voyeur. (Erotic Romance) $0.99 on Kindle.

Filthy SEAL

I’m a former Navy SEAL and mercenary for hire. I’m one disciplined, hard-nosed, tough as nails, son of a bitch… $0.99 on Kindle.

Buy Me Bad Boy

She has her price, and I’m paying. Colt: They killed my best friend, and they’re coming for me next I got out of Detroit that night, and I’ve been on the road ever since But twelve hundred miles from the Mexican border, This pretty, pouty little redhead stops me in my tracks. She looks like […]

Prairie Storm, Cowboys of the Flint Hills

Will lightning strike twice for love in this sexy, small-town western? An Alpha Cowboy gets the shock of a lifetime when his former college sweetheart blows back into town. $2.99 on Kindle.

Not His Submissive

Melita’s life is turned upset down when she’s sent to meet the man she’s been promised to, handsome multi-billionaire Jack Kemble. He has dark desires, and he insists that she attend a BDSM school before they wed. $0.99 on Kindle.

Save Me, Sinners

A cult of secret pleasures. An innocent virgin. A debt that must be paid… This is how things have always been done. It’s called the Ceremony. You go in a girl and come out a woman. It’s designed to break you, take your innocence. They say you can ascend, experience pleasure beyond this world. But […]


Beta-readers call it scorching-hot, cerebrally sexy, and a geeky blend of steamy romance and smart discourse told in a fresh, new voice. Dungeon Dan is disillusioned with the purely physical, while diligent Debbie seeks wicked sensuality to complement her rich inner life. When smoking-hot Dan promises desires beyond Deb’s imagining, how far will she go […]

Billionaire In Vegas

Jude is everything Lacey shouldn’t like… the former athlete, playboy billionaire, with a teasing smile and a body fit for a spread in a magazine… but may someone like him is exactly what the pragmatic, uptight, and undersexed Lacey needs. $0.99 on Kindle.

Doctor’s Demands

The doctor has arrived, with a treatment that mixes pleasure and pain… The first time I see her on the Dungeon of Decorum club’s website, I know I have to have her.She’s an innocent young college student working towards becoming a teacher.Although I only planned to save her from men who wanted to use and […]


“This book will melt your Kindle and keep you on the edge of your seat!” An outlaw biker who isn’t looking for a woman. A pool hustler who’s given up on men. When Muerto and Raven meet their worlds explode. Her sass pulls him in. His cocky swagger drives her wild. But someone lurks in […]


Beau Legacy figured he’d screwed up his chance for happily-ever-after a long time ago when he let Grace Summerfield get away. But now she’s back. Separated from her cheating husband and with two little children, she’s still the prettiest girl Beau has ever seen and it takes only one look to have that old familiar […]

Forbidden Dance

Reality TV dance star Blitz Craven has promised he is leaving his glitzy womanizing days behind to be with the love of his life. The trouble is, you can quit Hollywood, but Hollywood doesn’t always quit you. A sensational, dance-filled romance between a TV star and a shy ballerina with a dramatic past. $0.99 on Kindle.


Charlie didn’t mean to hit me with her car. But that little accident saved me from blowing a huge deal. Seems like she’s my uptight little good luck charm. She’s got a son to take care of and a mountain of stress on her shoulders. She has no idea how to have fun. But I’m […]

Dirty Little Virgin

The line between pleasure and pain is fine… Minutes into our online discussion, I found myself salivating to get to the woman who was interested in the real world of BDSM. She wasn’t looking to participate, but I would groom her into what I wanted her to be, my sex slave. $0.99 on Kindle.

Forbidden Intern

Lily is an innocent college student; Hunter, a sexy billionaire CEO with all the experience she lacks. The fire between intern and boss is forbidden … and irresistible. Can passion become more, or will jealous scheming tear them apart? $0.99 on Kindle.

Free: The Billionaire Hookup

Missy Delaney thought she knew exactly what she wanted. In the name of following her dreams, Missy was willing to give up everything– including an already difficult relationship with her parents. With big dreams to make in Hollywood as a television and film actress, Missy breaks into the business at warp speed. However, just when […]

Boss Unyielding

Farren Fields shouldn’t be attracted to her hot, older boss… But she is. Farren is a lot more than just a young, innocent beauty. She’s a tech genius with a brilliant mind, though no one would ever know it. She’s dreamed of working for the illustrious, Houston-based technology firm, Rayner Technologies, since she was a […]

Rebels, Rogues, and Romantics

Five award winning and bestselling authors present five historical tales of rough and tumble men and the women who can’t help but fall in love with them. $2.99 on Kindle.

They Both Want Me

Katy is a woman in her thirties who wants it all… she desires a comfortable marriage to an older man but also wants the freedom to take any young lover she desires. She sets out on a journey to find two men who want her so much they’ll let her have them both. Can it […]

Free: Into the Darkness

When curvaceous blogger Kathryn Smith writes about her meeting with St. Anthony’s favorite hero, Lightning, she has no idea what kind of trouble her keen observations and sharp tongue will land her in. The disturbingly handsome, and decidedly shady, hero is not the only one who takes offense to her critical writings, and before she […]

Next Door Daddy

Who said having a s*x addiction was a bad thing? S*x addict? Aren’t all guys? But my situation is what you could call ‘unique’. I’m seeing my daughter’s best friend to work on my ‘problem’ but all I want to is work on her – Hard and all night long! S*xy. Sassy. Gorgeous. Katie is […]

His Huge Rock

I know she lies to me, but her secrets only make me want her more. I’m the guy they all want to marry, but I won’t get down on one knee for anyone. They’re the ones who need to get on their knees. And they all do. And they stay there, on their knees in […]

Free: Billionaire Fantasy

“Say it.” He instructed, and my body responded to his voice. Something shifted inside of me, and I knew I was all in. 4 Billionaire Fantasies, PLUS, 2 Bonus Stories! My heart raced and fingers trembled as I opened the small envelope and read the card. “Put on the blindfold and lay on the bed.” […]


Tell me what you want me to do to you. Tell me exactly. Brynn Reese thinks she’s just one of the guys. No chick-drama, no fuss. Game for anything. Ask her what she wants, and she says she doesn’t care. But I care what she wants. And I know what I want. Her. Naked. In […]

Path of Destruction

The first time Adeline Ivey danced into my life, high on ecstasy instead of life, was at the party before the kickoff of our seventh tour. I spotted her out on the lawn, a gorgeous girl spinning around in circles with her arms wide and a big smile directed at the Los Angeles sky. We […]

The Darker Side of Cane

Rough and ready Jonah Cane specialises in fulfilling women’s sexual fantasies but how will he act when a virgin walks through his door? When intern Evelyn Ash is assigned to write an article for Missy Magazine, she has no idea what’s in store for her. Tasked with accepting three dates a week from an online […]

Never Enough

It’s a simple enough transaction. Marisol needs the money, and I need a nice girl to parade in front of the cameras. No feelings. No strings. No falling for anyone. I’ve been clean for months, but my record company’s not satisfied. Apparently it isn’t enough to only kick a heroin addiction – they’re insisting that […]

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