kindle books in the spolitght

kindle books in the spolitght

Free: The Firebirds

A fantasy adventure with fairytale elements and a global warming wake up call. Seven learning challenged children are held prisoners of school while brilliant clones are sent home in their place. Spellbound adults can’t process the strange changes and refuse to believe anything is wrong. The captive children realize there is a problem larger than […]

Free: Third Chapter, Second Chance

Third Chapter, Second Chance is a midlife romance that will inspire you to dream: “big dreams” and to “live large” once again. Life can begin at 40 (or 50….) if we want it too. It’s never too late to start over or to fall in love! Slip away to share Samantha’s dreams of a new […]

Tune Up

On their second case, Qigiq and Kandy are loaned to the Traffic Division to investigate an early morning hit-and-run. By a motorcycle. The victim is an elderly Asian woman. Witnesses suggest all “accidents” aren’t created equal. Then the Captain delivers a new assignment: an affluent Bay Area lawyer is missing. The man’s wife stomps into […]

Free: WULF (Sci-Fi)

What would you do if you woke up on another planet, in someone else’s body, with a gun to your head? Jay Wulf (as people keep calling him) is having a bad day. Rescued from imminent execution by the fiercely independent Savvi, he soon finds himself left alone to understand and survive the frontier perils […]

Nominate Unknown Presence for publication & you could get a free copy of it

Kate desperately tries to keep her gift hidden from the world. Her ability to locate people near or far has been an immense load to bear. When her secret is leaked, she flees everything she knows and loves in order to protect herself and her family. Will she be able to survive on her own, […]

Free: The Surrender

He wants to possess her because she may be the ultimate prize but she doesn’t want anything to do with him. How far will he go to convince her to be his? Free on Kindle.

The Beast of London

What if Dracula was told from Mina Murray’s point of view? An electrifying retelling of a classic tale, THE BEAST OF LONDON is the first book of the Mina Murray series. If you love adventure, romance, and mystery with a paranormal twist, download your copy today. $0.99 on Kindle.

Away With The Fae

Long ago in the Ireland of 1882, Zylphia Flowers is on her way home through the forest, brimming with excitement, for on the morrow she is to elope to America with her secret fiance, Jack Lawton. But unbeknownst to her, Ruada, the king of the fae court is seeking a mortal maid with whom to […]

His Angel

When trouble knocks on Angie’s front door, she puts her life in Ian’s hands. His security team is determined to keep her alive at all costs, but will someone die in her place? And when the smoke clears, will Angie walk out of Ian’s life forever? Warning – 18+ Contains elements of BDSM, hot sex […]

Free: Blasphemous

Bass Cole only wanted a several things from Emma: Loyalty. Honesty. Trust. Love. What happens if none of these apply? Emma was beyond glad to escape back to Aspasia and be with Bass again. After a disastrous weekend spent in London—turned into twisted mess after Carter’s persistent, over-bearing and unfaltering dedication to get her back—it […]

SEAL’d Heart

A powerful billionaire falls for his intern and he must break his own rules to have her. Kidnappers, a plane crash, daring rescues, and heated moments of lust and love fill the pages of a novel you will never forget. $0.99 on Kindle.


A top secret bunker deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains. A silo housing a ballistic missile. Cold War super powers the United States and the Soviet Union are engaged in an intense “arms race” build up of nuclear weapons and face off for control as the fate of the free world hangs in the balance. […]

10 Dates

Ten dates in ten days. What could possibly go wrong? For Joanie Fox, everything. Read the new, laugh out loud, sexy rom-com everyone is calling ‘hilarious, witty and brilliant. $0.99 on Kindle.

A Soldier’s Second Chance

Of all the ERs in all the world, he had to walk into hers. Forced to work together, the ER nurse with every last bit of twinkle and glimmer erased, and Beck, the former wild child turned police officer, must face their past and remember that special feeling that once sizzled between them. She owes […]

A Child is Torn (Whitley & Keal Mystery Book 1)

When dependable Evan Madison fails to show up for work, police are dispatched to his home. His ten-year-old son, Brad, is discovered inside, unharmed and seemingly alone. He is stoic, sitting in front of the television playing his favorite video game, Super Mario—and he’s covered in blood. Veteran Police Officer Marty Keal is the first […]

Free: The Great Hearts

A newly released swords & sorcery novel, The Great Hearts follows Calidan Darkheart on his journey from scarred youth to twisted and cynical hunter of monsters and men. The first part of an epic fantasy adventure series, why not join the Imperator on his perilous quest, fraught with trolls, magic, cannibals and beasts of legend. Free […]

The Wordsmith

Walt Erickson is a famous author whose books are read by millions of adoring fans, but he has never written a word of his own novels. The secret behind his novels is the stuff of nightmares. With his agent, an associate, and a particularly unique typewriter by his side, Walt’s creative process is much more sinister […]

Realm of Shadows

Caleb Fine is a changed man. The events of Toronto have left him wracked by guilt and filled with a barely constrained rage. The search for the Toymaker is no longer about justice for him—the killer has made it deeply personal. Now nothing and no one—including the FBI—will stand in his way.In the realm of […]

Mr. Cheddar’s Meowsings!

Mr. Cheddar’s Meowsings! Kibbles of Wisdom from a Wise and Witty Feline will bring many smiles and chuckles to your day, especially for those who love and share their lives with special feline friends. Catty Topics of Note include: Advice for the lovelorn (applicable for felines and humans), dealing with difficult neighbors (only humans, of […]

A Deep Thing

Dive into A Deep Thing and escape to a beach, an island and a jungle. A suspense/conspiracy adventure with over 90% 5 star reviews! Great beach read. What was her husband hiding in the jungles of Mexico? $0.99 on Kindle.

Planting the Seeds of Love

Torn between two men, Sally must follow her heart and decide if love will lead her to the city or the countryside. Twenty-Two year old Sally Rayton returns to the family farm she deserted four years ago to bury her grandfather. Her plan: to settle her grandfather’s estate and return to her life in the […]

Murder On Deck

Against the beauty of an Alaskan cruise, passengers begin taking sick, and it’s not routine seasickness. Jerria suspects they are being systematically poisoned. Can she discover who’s behind the nefarious plan before succumbing to it herself? Come along as Jerria experiences the Great Land day by day in this mild cozy mystery, with descriptions rich enough […]

London For Immigrant Suckers; So Long Yugoslavia

At birth, every man receives a gift pack that defines him and follows him throughout his life. The gift pack includes the parents, place of birth, the country of birth and religion. Peter Kovach’s pack has been sponsored by the Government who were introducing a new religion: Yugoslav. London for Immigrant suckers is an account […]


1066 A.D. – Discover the origins of the original de Wolfe pack, led by the man known as WARWOLFE. Before the Duke of Normandy conquered England, a legend arose. A man so fierce, so brave, and so noble, that the mere whisper of his name could strike both fear and admiration into the hearts of […]

Free: Under a Black Sky

Anchorage, Alaska: A prominent Danish volcano scientist, Asger Vad and his wife and son, are found shot on the outskirts of the city. The killer has placed the victims around a table on which there is a doll house with four small dolls and a pile of volcano ashes. However, one person is missing at […]

Dark Desires (Boxed Set)

Ready to meet your next book boyfriend? How about 22 of them? Prepare to ignite your nights with some of today’s hottest contemporary romance novels, starring the baddest of bad boys, bikers, billionaires, and more! Inside the Dark Desires omnibus collection, you’ll find over one million words of burning hot fiction from today’s New York […]

Never Again

Blessed with a good life and the perfect love, Sam couldn’t be happier. On vacation with her adoring husband, she is convinced that everything is exactly as it should be…until it’s not. One accident sets off a string of events that forces Sam to watch her life fall apart piece by piece. Loss, grief, betrayal—and […]

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