The Life and prayers of Saint Jude the Apostle

One part biography, one part prayer book, The Life and Prayers of Saint Jude the Apostle is an essential book for any Christian. The Life and Prayers of Saint Jude the Apostle is the tenth book in this wonderful series.

Also known as Saint Jude Thaddeous, Saint Jude is known as the most powerful Patron Saint of Desperate Cases. Christians turn to Saint Jude for hope in what often seem like hopeless circumstances. Whether it an illness in the family, a dissolving marriage, or financial struggles, Saint Jude answers our calls when we are at our darkest hour.

God rewarded Saint Jude with the incredible power to help the desperate. Saint Jude is a true friend, who we can look to when feeling hopeless and alone.

During a time in our world when resources are few and families find themselves in desperate times, calls to Saint Jude are louder than ever.

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