Amazon Follower Boost

The Amazon Follower Boost drives active readers to “follow you” on Amazon. Here’s how the promotion works:

1) You create a giveaway for your Kindle book on Amazon
2) Submit your giveaway link to us
3) We promote your giveaway to readers in your genre
4) Each person who enters becomes one of your followers

Already running an Amazon Giveaway? Submit an Amazon Follower Boost now.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s an Amazon Follower and why do I want them?
Amazon allows readers to “follow” you as an author.  There’s an orange follow button under your photograph on your Author page that looks like this:

You want readers to click that button on your page! The big benefit of having followers is that Amazon sends automated emails to all of your followers each time you release a new book. This automated email tends to drive significant sales of your new book. Getting followers now helps to set-up your next book for success.

With our Amazon Follower Boost promotion, readers enter to win a copy your book by following you. This means your book gets noticed by all these readers. Typically, about 10% of entrants will go on to visit your book’s detail page or request a sample of your book. Some even buy the book if they do not win it.

As an author with followers, Amazon allows you to send personalized email to all your followers. Amazon does not give you the email addresses of your followers, but they do allow you to email them from time to time. After you release a new book, Amazon may send you an email with the subject line “A Question about Your Book…” Follow the instructions in this email to send a note to all your followers.

How does this promotion work?
First, you will need to create a giveaway for your book. It’s simple. Go to your book’s page on Amazon, scroll down to the bottom and click “Set up an Amazon Giveaway.”

Next submit your giveaway link to us, here: submit an Amazon Follower Boost.

We’ll market your giveaway to avid readers in your book’s genre. These readers enter to win by following you on Amazon. At the end of the giveaway you’ll have hundreds of new followers or thousands of new followers depending on how many books you decide to giveaway.

What is the price of this promotion?
For a limited time this promotion is only $5. However, the price will go up soon.

How should I set up my Amazon Giveaway?
Go to your book’s page on Amazon, scroll down to the bottom and click “Set up an Amazon Giveaway.”

You will see a number of settings options when creating the giveaway on Amazon. You can set up your promotion anyway that you like. We recommend the following settings:
Number of prizes: We recommend 5 to 100 (Some notes: You pay for each book you plan to giveaway, but you will get royalties back on them and each book given away does count as a sale towards your sales rank. Amazon will refund you for any books that are not given away. The more you giveaway, the more followers you will get!)
Giveaway Type: Choose Lucky Number Instant Win
Rule for Winning: Set this so that every lucky 50th or 100th entrant wins a book.
Require entrants to: Set this to Follow Author on Amazon
Giveaway expires after: Choose 7 days or more
Include your sales promotion: Set to “Don’t include” (this option is only for Amazon Sellers who have created a coupon for a physical product that they sell)
Make contest public or private: Choose Public

Where do I submit my Amazon Follower Boost promotion?
Once you have Amazon Giveaway set up, then submit an Amazon Follower Boost here.

How should I price my book at during my book giveaway?
Your book cannot be free during your giveaway. We recommend $0.99, $1.99 or $2.99.

How can I see my current number of Amazon followers?
Amazon does not release this information, not even to the author.

How can I tell how many followers I get from this promotion?
At the end of your giveaway Amazon will send you an email with the number of people who entered the giveaway and how many copies of your books were given away. Also, Amazon tracks in real time how many readers entered for a chance to win your book. Each of those entrants is a new follower for you. To see the real time results of your current or past Amazon giveaways visit the Amazon Giveaway Dashboard.

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