Even Ninjas Have Nightmares

When a young ninja is confronted by a monster that hides under his bed, the boy must battle his own fears in order to understand that even the strongest people can get scared sometimes. Ready to face your fears? This humorous picture book teaches children that it’s okay to be afraid of the dark…after all, […]

The Dream Pony

Kelpie Harper doesn’t know how she is going to leave her favorite pony behind for seven whole days during a visit to the country. Sent to stay with her whimsical grandmother in a log cabin in the middle of the woods, Kelpie expects to have a lousy time sitting around, painting pictures, and listening to […]

Ralphy the Rabbit Finds Himself

It’s never too early for a child to learn to feel special… Ralphy the Rabbit has never liked his ears because they look like dog ears and Oscar the Cat always teases him. Ralphy goes to see a magician to fix his ears, but he and Oscar wind up stranded on the streets. Will Ralphy […]

Ralphy the Rabbit

It’s never too early for a child to understand that he or she is special and that they should feel happy about who they are. Parents want their children to succeed in life, but sometimes the child develops thoughts that hampers their emotional growth. This entertaining chapter book for early readers, follows Ralphy the Rabbit […]

Free: Kiira the Dragon

Kiira is a dragon who cannot breathe fire, no matter how hard she tries! She learns something special about herself. Kiira learns that not all dragons have to breathe fire, and that some special dragons are meant for something more! Free on Kindle.

Free: The War of the Stories

Shirley found the secret behind stories fighting stories. She is on a mission to figure out why and how stories fight. She finds something about the people behind these stories. What does she found? Why stories fight? What is the secret she found? How she reached there? Grab your copy to start your story and […]

Free: Sean Wants To Be Messi

Sean, an imaginative, soccer-loving second grader, wants to be the great Lionel Messi, and he’s working hard to accomplish his goal. He battles fears, bullies, nagging parents, and tiresome teachers in pursuit of his dream to become the best soccer player in the world. An engaging, relatable children’s book about soccer, practice, and inspiration. Beautiful […]

Free: The Only Albatross

Annette, an albatross, will do anything to fly with the local seagulls! But an albatross can never really be a seagull, no matter how hard they try. Can Annette find the courage to be herself? Free on Kindle.

The Beach That Love Built

This is a true story about what happens to a very sick little girl (the author’s daughter) after she comes home from the hospital and has a great disappointment. A friend saves the day in a most amazing way. It’s about love, magic, friendship, and a very special girl. $0.99 on Kindle.

Ki-Gra’s Really Really Big Day!

“Something REALLY, REALLY BIG!” Ki-Gra Chipmunk dreams of doing something BIG and learns that the way he lives his life every day is the biggest thing of all. Children’s author Russ Towne and Illustrator Josh McGill create magic once again in this delightful full-color beautifully illustrated bedtime/read-to-me book! $1.99 on Kindle.

Clyde and I Help a Hippo to Fly

A lovable green giraffe named Clyde and his friend, Marty McDinkle, are enjoying the day in the shade of a Tickletoe Tree when they meet a very sad stranger. Her name is Hippita Hippo. She has always dreamed of flying. Every time she’s tried to fly, something has always gone terribly wrong. But Clyde has […]

Clyde and Hoozy Whatzadingle

This is the delightful story of a green giraffe named Clyde and his friend Hoozy Whatzadingle. Hoozy is building his house out of cardboard boxes and glue. He refuses Clyde’s offers to help. This leads to some hilarious disasters as Hoozy learns the hard way about the value of friendship, teamwork, listening to the ideas […]

Misty Zebracorn

What do you call a zebra with a great big horn? Why, of course that’s no horse, it’s a Zebracorn! Meet my friend Misty. Amazing things happen to her stripes when she goes to the beach, gets sunburn, and plays in the water. Features cheerful rhymes and full-of-life illustrations. Humorous and heartwarming. Especially perfect for […]

Clyde and I

You’ll be delighted by the antics of quirky character Clyde the Green Giraffe who has a terrible neck ache from trying to untie a knot in a Tickletoe Tree. Children and adults alike will be charmed and inspired to give and get love while learning the lesson of forming friendships with those who are very […]

V.G. and Dexter Dufflebee

For Dexter Dufflebee, a day of exciting exploration leads to a rather prickly situation when he gets falls into a huge thorn bush! He yells and howls and cries for help, until he hears a squeak. A valiant yet teeny-tiny voice replies, “There’s no need to fear. Help is here. I’ll get you clear.” It’s […]

Free: Danny Is Different

Danny Is Different is a children’s illustrated story for kids of all ages. Vivid art with Spanish and English words on one side make reading easy for grandparents and encourages learning a second language. It teaches values of tenacity, love, and self-worth. Bullying from the community in awkward social situations such as gossip and peer […]

Rusty Bear and Thomas, Too

Thomas and Rusty Bear, two most unusual friends who work together to save a sick mama bird and her three babies who are in danger. Once again, Russ Towne takes us on a colorful journey through the experience, adventures and joys of childhood. Rusty Bear and Thomas, Too shows children the power of persistence, compassion, […]

The Duck Who Flew Upside Down

Wilbur Mallard is a very odd duck. He is bright orange with purple spots and a great big bright purple thing-a-ma-jig on top of his head. Every time Wilbur tries to fly, that thing-a-ma-jig spins him upside down! When he tries to land, he always ends up bouncing, somersaulting, and finally crashing or splashing in […]

The Dream Pony

Kelpie Harper doesn’t know how she is going to leave her favorite pony behind for seven whole days during a visit to the country. Sent to stay with her whimsical grandmother in a cabin in the middle of the woods, Kelpie expects to have a lousy time painting pictures and listening to more of her […]

A Day in the Shade of a Tickletoe Tree

Clyde the Green Giraffe and Marty McDinkle love to sit under the Tickletoe Tree and think how funny the world would be if whales walked on streets, cars traveled on buses that are carried by people, butterflies made butter, jelly beans made jelly, people sat on their heads, boats only floated when full of oats […]

Guppy Butter

A Guppy? But I wanted a puppy? A little girls want for a puppy turns into tragedy and humor as she is given a fish instead! $0.99 on Kindle.

ABC Book for Toddlers

Amazing Alphabets Book for Toddlers between age 1-4 years to have fun while learning about English alphabets, Numbers, Colors and Shapes. With each English alphabets there are five pictures associated and overall it has hundred and thirty (130) colorful real pictures to learn English Alphabets which are perfect for giving toddlers a head start in […]

Free: The Diary of Henry Chimpman

A cross between Forrest Gump and Planet of the Apes, the first book in the Chimpman series is a completely unique story of the triumph and fall of an immigrant chimpanzee family. Henry discovers that growing up can mean learning the truth and that the truth is not always friendly. Now Henry is on a […]

The Adventures of Lola

An exhilarating and heartfelt story of adventure and intrigue, The Adventures of Lola proves you don’t have to stick to the status quo to save the day. Written with wit and gripping insight into what it takes for young individuals to stand up for what is right, The Adventures of Lola is dazzling in its […]

Free: Printer Problems

Middle Grade Chapter Book for ages 8-14. Brian Reed has a new printer for his computer, and it seems to have a mind of its own. Can Brian and his friend break the curse before the unthinkable happens? From bestselling author Beth Wiseman, writing as B.W. Mackey. Free on Kindle.

The Day My Mommy Quit

What would you do if your Mommy quit on you? Beautifully illustrated picture book tells a hilarious tale of a how a family copes when Mom decides to take a break. $0.99 on Kindle.

Free: Magic Kingdom

“Magic Kingdom” is bright colorful educational magazine for preschool children and children of primary school age. On its pages there are lots of activities for the child’s development: an interesting tale with the beautiful illustrations, educational exercises and activities, a board game, a recipe to cook together with Mum, lessons of the home workshop. Welcome […]

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