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The young adult (YA) genre consists of books that are written to appeal to pre-teens and teenagers. There is no clear age range for this genre’s audience, but most agree that the standard reading age is for those between the ages of 12 and 18 (although even older adults may love these stories, too!). These books may include fiction and non-fiction titles with themes and plots that are likely to be extremely relevant to the young people in your life.


Summer McGaha

When the charismatic Rudy set Janette up with his friend Dane, he never bargained for it working too well. The last thing he expected was the Unfinished business that would ensue. The Unfolding series of DizzGo’s takes you through the passions, woes, fears and hopes of Rudy, Janette, Dane, their friends, and families. $2.99 each on ... Read more


After Anderson

Jamila Mikhail

The day that Anderson brought a gun to school was the day Aly’s life changed forever. Her fellow classmates were murdered right before her eyes as her former best friend embarked on the deadliest high school massacre since Columbine. Now, nearly two years later, Aly sets foot in the halls that nearly cost her her ... Read more


Free: Loving Rosenfeld

Leighann Hart

It’s four minutes to closing time at The Roast, and all Peter Rosenfeld wants is a steaming cappuccino as he rushes off to an assignment. But they’ve closed early. So, he does what any level-headed, mature adult would do: pounds on the windows and demands his caffeine fix. He boycotts the shop upon their refusal ... Read more


Runestaff Chronicles: The Awakening

Helen Row Toews

When Kayden discovers an ancient portal to a world beyond his own, his life will change forever. Destiny marked him as defender of an enchanted jewel – an emerald possessing immense power. With the rise of a deadly legion, thirsting for dominance, Kayden must face unspeakable creatures and their master puppeteer, intent on his destruction. ... Read more


American Brush-Off

Max Willi Fischer

It’s 1942, and Lud Mueller is an All-American boy. He’s got it all—looks, athletic ability, popularity and the sweetest girl between Chicago and New York. Now, the only country he’s ever known has a plan to tear his life to pieces without giving him a fighting chance. “Dangerous enemy alien”—not a label Lud expected for ... Read more


Free: Alone With The Bad Boy

Suzana Thompson

Alone overnight at the store with the school bad boy. That’s not what I planned on when I hid in the bathroom until well after closing. I thought I was by myself, which was why I started trying on clothes outside the dressing room. I wasn’t expecting to be caught in my underwear by anyone. ... Read more


Some Laneys Died

Brooke Skipstone

1st Place Pencraft Award in YA Fantasy/Sci-Fi Finalist in Cygnus Science Fiction Category–Chanticleer International Book Award Laney’s world collapsed when she caught her dad cheating. He begged her not to tell, but she did. Her family fell apart and regret consumes her, especially when she learns every decision she makes spawns a new universe for ... Read more


Free: Leftover Girl

C.C. Bolick

Abandoned as a child, but where is she from – first in a series packed with secrets, powers, and a sci-fi twist. Free on Kindle.... Read more


Free: First Howl

Ralph Burton

1296, England — a land torn apart by plague, enemy invasions and monsters. When Sylvia is bitten by a wolf, once a month she finds herself undergoing a brutal transformation. As the full moons come and go, she faces increasing terror as she navigates life through her medieval village. First Howl chronicles Sylvia’s journey as ... Read more


The Perfect Steal

Britney Mills

He’s got charm for miles. She’s got him in the rearview mirror. At Rosemont High, Nate Everton is the top of the food chain when it comes to girls. At least he thought so until a school assignment pairs him with Brynn Miller—the one girl who seems immune to his charisma. Brynn Miller is determined ... Read more


Everything, Somewhere

David Kummer

The power of memories. Little Rush is a sleepy town on the Ohio River. Bruce Michaels is a renowned Hollywood actor. The two should never cross paths, yet one summer everything changes. The actor, haunted by demons, chasing a ghost. The town, unaware. Until the two collide. Hudson, Willow, and Mason are high school seniors ... Read more


Beyond the Wall: A Young Adult Dystopian Novel

Kate L. Mary

In the Society, everyone is happy. Drea Young has grown up living in the shadow of the wall. She knows it’s there to protect the citizens of the United Society of the Reestablishment, but that doesn’t stop her from feeling trapped. Why? Everything in her world is perfect. There’s no more struggle, no war or ... Read more


Charlie (Zombie Slayer Book 1)

Gayle Katz

Zombies are real, but Charlie wishes they weren’t. She wants to live a normal life, but the zombies have other plans. $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Goddess Revealed: Chronicles of an Elemental Witch

Kenzie Harrte

Magic disappeared from the lands after Myomi, the water goddess, abandoned her people for an offense that has been lost to time, but now her vengeance is ready to be unleashed. Eighteen-year-old Leilani is far from pious, but she relinquishes her freedom in order to raise her family’s societal status and increase the coin in ... Read more


Free: Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter

Nikki Jefford

Thanks to her rare blood type, Aurora Sky is forced to hunt vampires for a government agency in Alaska while juggling school, dating, and secret missions. With the help of an undercover informant, an overzealous partner, and Mr. Tall, Dark, and Maddening, Aurora takes on the underworld and the deceitful man running the agency. Free on ... Read more


Free: Juvenile X – Rise of the Serial Savior

The Brothers Rodemeyer

In post-grunge era Seattle, the rain-swept streets ran red with the blood of the innocent and vigilante justice was served by a troubled comic book artist turned self-proclaimed superhero. Genre-bending, in the vein of Dean Koontz, Joe Hill, and Neil Gaiman, Juvenile X is a supernatural serial killer crime thriller for pulp noir fans of ... Read more


A Beast so Beautiful

Carlyle Labuschagne

A darkness falls over the land when the Queen of Rurith dies. Consumed with grief, King Ivar blames their son, Prince Leif, for her demise, and locks him away in the castle. The Prince is left in total despair, until a girl, with hair the colour of a red sunset and green eyes shows him ... Read more


Kingdom of the Star Queen

S. L. Harpel

Chi must live her life in hiding. Now she must choose if she will risk everything–her life and the lives of her family–for a chance to be free of their Anunnaki overlords. However, just as she starts to break free, she learns that her life is headed on a far greater path. Vampire aliens, romance, ... Read more



Nicole Conway

“This fantasy delivers a bright tsunami of hormones and heroism.” — Kirkus Reviews Transformed into a storm-summoning dragon warrior, a comic-obsessed teen misfit finds himself caught up in a world of ancient powers, secret identities, and colossal monsters threatening to destroy his new home. $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Chin Music Rhubarb

Eamon Loingsigh

An inspiring tale of friendship, teenage love and fistfighting from an acclaimed, shortlisted author. When Layton O’Her’s sick mother gives him her dying wish, he becomes so focused that he believes that all the trouble he’s gotten into has come to an end. But as he embarks on his dream of making the high school ... Read more


Stay Strong

Brianna North

When ten-year-old Ryan Wheldon’s little brother Cody is diagnosed with leukemia, his world is turned upside. Faced with moving to a new town and watching his brother fight for his life, he and his family can only learn to stay strong. $2.99 on Kindle.... Read more


The Loser: A Dark High School Romance (Book 1)

Thom Young

Peyton, the school rebel, has a major problem. His crush doesn’t know he exists. All he lacks is the self-confidence to ask her out. The hottest girl in school, Amber Wilson, is the one he desires. Is true love possible when you’re your own worst enemy? $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Free: The Fairy Tale Thief

Katie Tate

Fairy tales can come true. But it’s terrifying when it happens to you. Grace James thinks having to wear a hand-me-down uniform while trying to fit into her posh new school in glitzy Orange County is bad, but being followed to class by seven little angry men is worse. The dwarfs believe that Grace has ... Read more


Shatter the Roses

Shawn Luther

The pieces are harder to pick up when you’ve been broken before. A poignant love story as well as an intimate coming-of-age drama, Shatter the Roses examines the lives of two college students way beyond their years, but still bound by the painful memories of the past. $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Crowning Keys

Catherine Downen

Sentenced to death, a future is something Adaline never dreamed of. On Dather, an island once known as Oahu, Hawaii, King Renon enslaves the gifted and kills off the useless. When the day of her mother’s execution arrives, Adaline discovers she’s been a gifted in hiding all this time. Now it’s not a matter of ... Read more



Austin Geiger

Prosthesis – Human beings are, by their very nature, fragile. The slightest bump to the wrong place in a bone, or eating, or drinking the smallest amount of something that you’re not supposed to, can lead to months of recovery, or even death. But what if it didn’t? What if a broken bone or failed ... Read more


Free: Amethyst (#1 of the Guardian series)

Heather Bowhay

Premonitions compel Lexi Adams to rescue strangers day & night – until she ignores one and someone dies. Overwhelmed with guilt, Lexi feels undeserving of her special ability. Then a series of unexplained murders rock her small town, and Lexi has a chance at redemption by stopping the sadistic Ray-pacs who are preying on human ... Read more



Susan Cady Allred

Seventeen-year-old Aleasha’s family is dead, and she blames herself. After being attacked during an early-morning run, she discovers her father had secretly trained her to be a spy. Now Drew, an employee from the AGENCY has come to collect her. Hoping to learn more about her father’s covert life, Aleasha joins the AGENCY, but on ... Read more


The Killing Spell

Shane Ulrrein

Edward Peach is a fourteen-year-old wizard who receives a letter that he has been accepted into the prestigious Prymoutekhny Wizards Academy for Boys in the faraway land of Aradia. His parents are overjoyed, but he feels reluctant to leave his family, friends, and comfy cottage in the English coastal village of Manley. As term begins, ... Read more


Natalie’s Choices

Linda Robinson

Natalie’s Choices depicts family relationships, teenage angst, and the consequences of both right and wrong choices. Is it possible for two teen-aged girls from completely different backgrounds to forge a lasting friendship—a relationship strong enough to endure endless trials and life-altering events without devastating consequences? This Faith and Family series is a must read by ... Read more


Free: My Alien

Robin Martin

What do you do when you’re connected to an alien – for life? Zoe Brennan thought she had everything sorted until one disastrous data the beach she becomes host to Rion, an alien entity who has ideas of his own as to how she should live her life. But the trouble starts when he turns ... Read more


The Old House By The Woods

Soma Kar

A haunted house, paranormal events, the last words of a dying man, a killer on the loose…Plenty of twists and turns for every mystery lover…A fun read with colored illustrations for middle graders, teens, and young adults. $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Free: An Italian Obsession

Kfir Luzzatto

Roberto never really got over the crush he had on Alessandra in school and when, years later, they meet again and fall in love, tragedy strikes and all seems lost. Free on Kindle.... Read more


Free: Intent – In the Shadows

Krista Wagner

It’s hard to enjoy high school when someone is stalking you… Raylee, a pastor’s daughter, just wants to get through the last two years of high school. But it’s not easy when you’re an outsider. Or when the most popular girl in school’s goal is to make your life miserable. Or when someone starts to ... Read more


The Ballerina’s Guide to Boxing

Abby Rosmarin

After losing both her neighbor to suicide and her friend to a drunk driving accident, Lily — a talented ballerina on the verge of going pro — stuns everyone and quits ballet. Ostracized from her family and grappling with emotions that she can barely understand, Lily starts wandering her city — and stumbles upon a ... Read more


Red Blood

Kaitlyn Legaspi

In the fifty-two domains, there exists two groups of people: The bound and unbound, those without powers and those with them. Only the unbound can hold the highest positions in the government: The Card Holders. When her domain’s Card Holder dies, seventeen-year-old Neela Blydes is forced to participate in a tournament to find the unbound ... Read more


Illusions: Ravens of Darkness

Elle Preston

Imagine your crush can read your mind. Evie Willow drifts away from the life she knows when the charming telepath, Talon Renwyck, suddenly turns his affections toward her. Caught in a supernatural addiction and tied to the mysterious raven cult, Talon is crying out for help. Can Evie save him from himself? Is their love ... Read more


Free: The Last Days of Childhood

Ken Ross

Lucy sees herself as overweight, unattractive, unloved. She worries about her forthcoming exams, is sexually confused and has been self-harming. What’s more, the coronavirus is sweeping across England and the UK seems certain to enter a period of lockdown. If the transition to adulthood isn’t difficult enough. Will she ever resolve her problems and find ... Read more


Last Star Standing

Spaulding Taylor

2094 – and the ambitious, volatile Aiden is part of the underground resistance against the alien Xirfell takeover of Earth. His ambition riles the rebel leadership, and he triumphs in freeing ‘the Creature’, only to be confronted by betrayal after betrayal, some going back years. Gifted with a crucial mission, he and his two friends ... Read more


Mr Roberts’ House

Catherine Blackmore

Ann knows her uncle’s house is haunted. Things move by themselves, figures manifest in the dark, and voices whisper in her ear whenever she treads on the attic stairs. A bloody tragedy left its mark upon this place. Two spirits-a malicious poltergeist and a forlorn soul-are bound by what happened here, locked in the conflict ... Read more


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