Free: Learning How to Fly

This gripping young adult adventure explores the search for identity that plagues so many ambitious young adults. The stories of a corporate associate from Baltimore, a journalist from New York City, and a police officer from South Carolina collide in the nation’s capital where tragedy reminds us that many struggle to fly when pushed over […]

Free: Where Do The Children Play?

A coming-of-age story of twin boys who finally get adopted after having lived in foster homes for most of their lives. While things are not perfect at their new home they are very grateful to have one. His brother Rory prefers to stick his head in the sand at all cost until a little boy’s […]

Free: The Other Side

Finn and Eric’s lives are changed forever overnight when they are chased from their home to a land they had no idea existed. A land full of deadly Elf and Fairy warriors and powerful witches, all trying to get their hands on the boys. Separated and unsure who to trust, can the boys survive in […]

The Jracon’s Burden

A Dragonfly scribe with wanderlust. A deadly Ranger. Thrown together to keep the secret of the Chama Fogo Spell Book safe from the tyrannical Hawker Clan. A vividly-described fantasy adventure by Tom Simmons that received the Gold BGS Quality Mark and reviews such as “words seem to flow effortlessly”, and “strong visuals and excellent worldbuilding.” […]

The Swann Series (Books 1 – 3)

A missing girl, illegal human experiments, the darkest secret in US history. The school geneticist said he could fix my problems at the DNA level. He doesn’t tell me this place has some wicked secrets, or that I’m about to become one of them. Perhaps its darkest secret. I am now the thing of dark […]

The Search for Alice

When Kallie Bennett, a jaded teenage girl plagued by her alcoholic mother and her peers molded out of sheer bubblegum perfection, chases after Alice in Wonderland herself, she ends up lost in her own version of Wonderland, which forces her to face her utmost fears and introduces her to familiar characters with a dark twist. […]

Fear Not the Dark

Following her Uncle Max’s mysterious death, freelance journalist Marley McCormick inherits more than his house and rare bookstore, she also finds herself embroiled in a mystery involving a missing book, a gypsy fortune-teller, time travelers and a ghost. $0.99 on Kindle.

The Harry Potter Spellbook Unofficial Guide

In your hands you hold the Spell Book of Harry Potter, containing all of the spells that Harry Potter and other great wizards and witches of the Wizarding World have used in the Harry Potter series. This book contains all the spells, what the spells do, and how they are pronounced as well as special […]

Free: Elizabeth’s Legacy (Royal Institute of Magic, book 1)

Like most normal people, Ben hadn’t the faintest idea there was an Institute of Magic… Until two years after the mysterious disappearance of his parents, a cryptic letter from The Royal Institute of Magic appeared. To find his parents, Ben will have to navigate a world filled with fantastical creatures and magic that can be […]

The Everlast: The Complete Series

Her gift will bring light to a world of darkness… In 2047, the world exists in permanent darkness. Nineteen-year-old Nadine, a student at NYU, works hard to better her family’s life in the harsh conditions. When she starts having strange visions of someone named Victor, she tries to ignore the flashes, afraid she might be […]

Enchantress Sacrifice

Would you fight a Beast and sacrifice your life? Elandra is an Enchantress, born to save an uncharted island and its people. She breathes light instead of air and experiences everyone’s feelings. Hidden underground and raised by a monster and a secretive healer, Elandra receives her full powers at sixteen. She is expected to fulfill […]

The Life Group

It’s been two weeks since Leah disappeared. The police may have given up the search, but Rachel can’t; she’s determined to find her sister. So she returns to the radical church in which Leah was last seen to search for clues. Today could be the day. Today she could find her. Today could change Rachel’s […]

The Change Series: Volume 1 (Books 1 – 3)

    Described as “Harry Potter meets Avatar” and “Thor meets Mission Impossible”, this is a fast-paced book series with a first installment that will keep you guessing until you read the sequel, Change of Edict! Then the third book, Change of Darkness, is sure to have you up late as you devour the surprising […]

You Gotta Have Heart

Orphaned at a young age, all Alan Michaels wants is a place to belong. But the independent, street-smart kid, who lacks self-confidence, has no clue how to deal with disappointment – or a formidable bully who won’t back down. And New York City is a tough town to grow up in if you are a […]

The TruthSeer Archives

Everyone lies. But what if you knew when they did? And what if this knowledge caused you immense physical pain? The TruthSeer Archives is an epic fantasy story spanning six kingdoms, rare stones of power, mighty wizards, that will leave you thinking hard about the next time you hear or tell a lie. $0.99 on […]

Free: A.U.R.A

What would you do if everything you knew was a lie? Kaya Bruentis is a normal sixteen year old with a normal life in a normal town. When she meets Zaire and Cahir, resurrections of a past that she can’t remember, Kaya finds herself running for her life from Abbadons who are determined to capture […]

The Girl Without Magic

Death would have been easier, but the Siren wasn’t through with her. Seventeen-year-old Maggie Trent fell out of a battle and into the Siren’s Realm, a land of magic where secrets hide in the shadows and pleasure comes at a price Maggie is unwilling to pay. Journey with Maggie in this adventure that blends Doctor […]

Free: Infiltration

2120: A world ravaged by a devastating virus. Those healthy enough to live in New Nation lead a sanitized, orderly life where everything is tightly guarded by a brutal government. Lives, thoughts, information and emotions are all strictly controlled. Now: Seventeen-year-old elite soldier Nicola Gray is sent back in time for an important assignment. She […]

Spirits of the Dead (Christopher Daring Adventures)

Two twelve-year-old boys go on an adventure of a lifetime. With time travel, trapped spirits, puzzles and more it is a night of whirlwind adventure. Can they free the trapped souls before daybreak or will they be trapped forever themselves? $0.99 on Kindle.

The Seclusion

A Kirkus Reviews Best Science Fiction Book of September 2018! In the year 2090, America has walled itself off from the rest of the world. While on a routine assignment scouting the country’s dwindling natural resources, Patricia “Patch” and her best friend, Rexx, discover a cache of dangerous contraband— printed books from before the Seclusion. […]

The Year of Four

Phoebe Pope is juggling her classes at a supernatural school, her crush on the popular new boy and a powerful secret—but life takes a terrifying turn when officials discover a kill list with her name on it. Can Phoebe outrun assassins determined to suppress the truth about her? $0.99 on Kindle.

Jake, Lucid Dreamer

What happens when a 12-year-old boy suppressing heartbreak over the loss of his mother escapes into his dreams only to confront his deepest fear? Find out in this magical yet honest exploration of emotional healing. First Place winner 2018 Purple Dragonfly Book Award and Silver Medal winner 2018 International Book Award Readers’ Favorite (Coming of […]

Free: Leftover Girl

Found on a dark highway at four – high school is tough enough without being the girl who can’t remember her past. After moving to a new town, Jes makes a friend with an amazing secret. He’s from another planet and searching for a missing girl who might be her. Could she be on Earth […]

The Blood Secrets and Lies (Book 1)

When cool, sassy new senior, Madison Janey first locked eyes with Landing High’ s resident heartthrob,super sexy Dylan Croft, it was destined not only to rock their world but also to unleash a 500 year old curse which would set two powerful families on a deadly collision course and ultimately demand their blood. $0.99 on […]

The Ashen Queen

Sofia is destined to be Queen but when secrets of the past are revealed, her future is changed forever. Does Sofia have what it takes to save her people? $0.99 on Kindle.

In Between

I have 67 days to leave this hospital room, and my body, behind forever. There’s only one way out. I don’t know if I can reach it alone. $0.99 on Kindle.

Fate’s Fables Box Set Collection

Fate can hardly tell what’s real and what’s not. She’s been spelled and mysteriously trapped within the deadly fairytale world bound by the Book of Fables. Her only way home is to travel through the book’s 8 unfortunate fairy tales and change each one into a happily-ever-after. Lose yourself in this darkly enchanting fantasy adventure, […]

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