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Welcome to our selection of featured sci-fi books. The science fiction genre includes alien, alternative history, cyberpunk, dystopian, first contact, post-apocalyptic, space opera, steampunk and other sub-genres.

Sentinel (Deadmen’s War Book 1)

Anthony Melchiorri

Born on a forsaken desert planet, Cole Shaw has two options – perish from starvation and disease, or enlist in the New World Republic’s armed forces. He chooses the military. For the first time, he thinks he has a shot at a better life. But survival is not guaranteed. $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


The Price of Safety

Michael C.Bland

A surveillance-heavy future in the U.S. blurs lines between utopia and dystopia in “The Price of Safety” – For fans of Minority Report and Michael Crichton. $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Primordial Earth (Book 1)

Baileigh Higgins

This is their world, and we are the prey. After an unexplained event shifted entire cities millions of years into the past, life has become a daily struggle for survival. Rogue, tenacious and fierce, has never known anything except a harsh life on the streets of Prime City until she finds herself on the wrong ... Read more


Free: The Invitation: A Journey into Mankind’s Future

Michael Mckinney

This book can be described as a “first contact”, “climate fiction”, “political thriller” and is in essence a cautionary tale about the dangers of unchecked global warming as told and shown through the perspective of an alien being. It contains no “over the top” Star Wars” style battle scenes or planet ripping mayhem common to ... Read more


Free: American Tower

Chris Gibson

After the fires and radiation dissipated in New York following the devastating civil war, the rich built an enormous tower. They live in luxury in this tower, but the poor are forced to live in the cramped subterranean basement. Paul, a poor young man, takes note of the mistreatment he and his comrades face at ... Read more


Free: Wings of Earth – Scatter the Winds

Eric Michael Craig

On the run and betrayed. Kylla Torrance is an Augment. Her mission? Establish a sanctuary where the genetically engineered can live in peace, beyond the reach of those who hunt them. With the help of a rebellious starship officer, she has one chance to give her people a future, but to succeed they must risk ... Read more



K. Leigh

Some people believe in reincarnation. Others believe humans will eventually become robots. Why not both? That’s how Alex wakes up—aboard CONSTELIS VOSS, humanity’s very own planet-sized ship. He soon realizes that he’s a bit of an anomaly; he’s the only android who’s ever remembered a past life. Now he needs to know why he’s remembering ... Read more


Cold War Legends

Jason Belcher

Step inside a Cold War nuclear missile base in 1986 under a terrifying attack by alien mercenaries, and learn the real reason why they were sent. Learn the secrets of a pair of Soviet spies who create the a popular television channel which Americans can’t stop watching. Come with Lady Negato, an opera singer who ... Read more



George Ellis

Bill Remis was supposed to die the second he turned 40 years old. Just like everyone has for millennia. Then the whole world changed. Three weeks ahead of his expiration date, Bill is your typical senior citizen. His hair has flecks of gray. His family is long gone. And his usefulness to society has waned. ... Read more


Skylight Dying

Rahul Johari

SKYLIGHT DYING chronicles the history of an extra-terrestrial virus, ‘AE1’, through the eyes of Samantha Hayes, a member of the CDC’s Rapid Response Team. From an unprecedented Asteroid Event celebrated across the planet, to the emergence of a mysterious illness growing into a worldwide pandemic, unravel the science and medical mysteries behind this highly contagious ... Read more


Rise Ionis

Leo Cabral

After a great apocalyptic war of Supreme Beings, one immortal Life Blood sought peace only to find absence of hope. Life Blood’s last effort released a great light across the universe finding itself in the hands of a chosen human mortal. Now this chosen one deemed Ionis shows Earth a new hope while great darkness ... Read more


The Second Dark Ages Boxed Set: The Complete Series

Ell Leigh Clarke

Michael returns to fulfill a promise to his love, but the world isn’t the same place. Michael, the Archangel himself, has returned after a hundred and fifty years rejuvenating in the Etheric Dimension. Now, the most powerful male Vampire the world had ever known is back. Grab your copy of the Second Dark Ages Boxed ... Read more


Free: The Cyborg Savior Chronicles

Kyle Robertson

A Teen Post-apocalyptic Action Adventure It all began with personal voice-activated assistants in the 21st century. It took millennia to evolve, but Humanity finally accomplished their quest for convenience by creating Circumscriber, The first true artificial intelligence for humans in computers. This program was the proverbial “wolf in sheep’s clothing”. The Program aided Humanity for ... Read more


Free: The Destroyer of Worlds

Steven Seril

Named “Fiction Book of the Year!” It is a 2x award-winning & 17x award-nominated novel that blends sci-fi, fantasy, and mythological elements. Gods, goddesses, angels, and demons from every mythology take sides in a war between ALIEN DINOSAURS and SPACE DRAGONS! Meanwhile, a superpowered T-Rex pieces together the history of the cosmos along with his ... Read more


The Year Before the End

Vidar Hokstad

Forty years ago humanity found out we were not alone. The Centauri offered us the galaxy. With one year to go before the gate is ready, Captain Zara Ortega learns of a conspiracy between Mars separatists and the Centauri to split the solar system between them. The crew of the ship Black Rain goes on ... Read more


Seven Rules of Time Travel

Roy Huff

What if you could rewrite the past? Quinn Black is having the worst day ever….over and over again. The same car blocking his driveway, the same horrific accident he witnesses, the same cop that keeps preventing him from saving his boss from dying in it, and the same memory of a girl from his past ... Read more


Reclaimer: Dark Sector

Waldo Rodriguez

Left for dead in the wastes, Gabriel embarks on a desperate march. Surviving the journey may be more of a curse than a blessing. High casualties forge a jagged alliance and tensions run high as dark secrets rise to the surface. Locked in a battle for survival, the body count climbs, and Gabriel’s running out ... Read more


Free: Eye of the Matrix

A. Nation

Teens copy an ancient stone map not realizing someone would murder for it.. Discover episodes of mystery as Nathan and his friends travel across space to a distant alien planet. They endure a journey, a clash of cultures, and a test of survival into the mountains to discover an unknown secret about the planet’s past. ... Read more


RobotWorld: No Final Victories

Ray Verola

The year is 2075. A relatively small percentage of the Earth’s population has survived World War III, which ended in 2035. Most of the former USA is now a vast, unpopulated wasteland except for the Northeast Sector, an area around former Washington, DC. Although it’s against the law for robots to hold positions of power ... Read more


The Travel Agency

I.D. Martin

THE TRAVEL AGENCY Adventure holidays are big business; very big in some quarters. In these circumstances, things can get out of hand so someone has to step up and regulate these complex enterprises. Darren and Peter do that job…here on EARTH! $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Forgotten Colony: Tau Ceti

Rodzil LaBraun

A colony reclaim mission gone awry. Separated from his crew, Kenzo balances honor with his need for companionship as his adventure begins in a strange alien world with incredible creatures and unexplained magic. Tau Ceti is book one of the Forgotten Colony series, and epic science fiction story in an immersive fantasy world. $4.99 on ... Read more


Free: Expedition

Alexander Elliott

An alien S.O.S. awakens the crew of Expedition, but the newly formed alliance is quickly challenged by another aggressive species. Only the victor will be free to spread their influence throughout the galaxy. (Book 1 of the Galactic Neighborhood). Free on Kindle.... Read more


The Azophi Academy Complete Series Boxed Set: Unique Military Education

TR Cameron

Jackson Reese deals with aliens on a daily basis. As a Special Forces captain, he’s at the top of his game. He can rise no higher. Or so he thought. Pick up this complete series boxed set to join Jackson Reese as he learns everything Azophi Academy has to teach him and his teammates. One ... Read more


Free: Deception: A Dystopian Thriller

DJ cooper

A THRILLING TALE OF INTRIGUE IN A TRULY DYSTOPIAN WORLD —Raw and sometimes brutal this story shines with the spirit of rebellion— Brother and sister, Kael and Zyla struggle against the harsh confines of their society. A life after the apocalypse, where servitude is second nature. Comply or face the Arena. The two struggle to ... Read more


Lt. Reilly 2321

Matthew Duncan

Jack Reilly’s luck ran out just before the war did. Resigning his commission in the Alliance shortly after the end of the war with the Serkens, he went out into the galaxy looking for a job. Signing onto the Glacier Runner 17, an old and rundown cargo ship, Reilly finds himself working for a clueless ... Read more


New Moons: The Seed Songs: Book One

Nancy Ashmead

What if your dreams were psychic instruction sending you on an epic journey that might prevent the collapse of your entire civilization? This is what happens to Mellinar, a reluctant teenager, who subsequently is sent back from another solar system to Earth to fulfill an ancient, enigmatic prophecy. $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Echoes of Silence

D. B. Goodin

She knows her humanity is more than skin-deep. Now she has to prove it—and risk losing everything. Betrayed, injured, and alone in an unfamiliar city, newly awakened cyborg Treeka needs to escape her captors. They left Meeka, her wounded twin sister, to die in the streets. Treeka will do anything to prevent that outcome… even ... Read more


The Woman in Purple Armor

Bryan DeMinico

Captain Mike Casey, Land Warfare Exploration Corps, signed up for a chance of a lifetime – first human boots on Mars. The mission – explore, scout the land and take notes for future colonization, and get home safe. The thing is, he never got home. Instead, he found the planet’s hidden evil – the dark ... Read more


Pax Machina

Greg Sorber

Pax Machina is first book of the exciting new Mechhaven series. It’s the Transformers meets Braveheart. Fans of space opera, sci-fi adventure, and anime will love it! Mechhaven, a desolate planetoid far from the center of galactic civilization, was home to sentient mechs decommissioned after the brutal Mechanai War. When a highly advanced mech crashes ... Read more


The Complete Havoc in Wyoming Series: A Ten-Book Box Set

Millie Copper

When a series of coordinated attacks devastate the United States, the people of Bakerville, Wyoming, must come together to survive. Unfortunately, not everyone has the town’s best interest at heart. Longtime preppers Jake and Mollie Caldwell have created the perfect escape to keep their large family safe from harm—or so they thought. When disaster strikes, ... Read more


…Fools of Us All: The Spheres of Odin

a Saint

200 years after humanity faced a global catastrophe, rendering the Earth inhabitable. The last surviving remnants continued to live on in what few cities still stood across the dying planet. Technologies, sciences, and history were all lost to time as man was forced to rebuild. Kept safe from the scourging radiation of the Sun by ... Read more


Free: Exploration

Alexander Elliott

Exploration’s search for a colony world ends with destruction and captivity, but the ship hasn’t been forgotten. An audacious rescue is launched to reunite the scattered remnants of her crew and bring them safely home. (Book 3 of 3) Free on Kindle.... Read more


Trencher’s Bunker

Shane Noble

Marcus Trencher’s bunker becomes nothing short of a subterranean palace. His life underground was to be one of comfort. Those who receive bids elsewhere are not so lucky. They subsist on soy-based protein drinks, mine coal, and fight off misery. It becomes a tale of two bunkers – one for the haves, and one for ... Read more


The Last Noah

David Cuff

Robin and Miranda go to bed in their separate rooms, but wake up somewhere else. Somewhere that is alien and way outside their comfort zone. However, as they discover more about their new surroundings and have several unusual and action-packed adventures, they begin to suspect that all may not be as it first seemed. As ... Read more


In Vino

Francis Porretto

Clement XV, the first American to become Pope, is under pressure to resign the papacy. Hidden enemies have accused him of lechery and venality. To survive, he will need a miracle—and a young miracle worker named Fountain is available to assist him. They must defeat a unique form of clerical corruption. But the price may ... Read more


Free: The Eyes of Courage

James Fisher

AN AMERICA THAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN. In 1976, Tom Hathaway left his house in Virginia Beach only to find himself in a mysterious foreign land where the US does not exist, and modern English is spoken by no one. An inspiring tale of human survival and adventure, The Eyes of Courage will keep you thinking ... Read more


Journey to the Hopewell Star

Hannah State

A mysterious star could bring stability to her world…or lead her to a blistering end. Quiet and introverted twelve-year-old Sam Sanderson is comfortable living a simple life on her family’s peaceful farm. That is, until a mysterious visitor arrives one night, thrusting her on a formidable and dangerous journey across galaxies. $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more



Abigail Drake

Former Junior Miss Kentucky Emerson Shaw won pageants using martial arts as her talent and Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” as her guide, but a painful secret leads her to the University of York, and puts her in the path of tattooed and pierced bad boy, Michael Nightingale. Michael is a Traveller, part of ... Read more


The Price of Safety

Michael Bland

By 2047, no crime in America goes unsolved. No wrongdoing goes unseen. When Dray Quintero learns his nineteen-year-old daughter Raven committed a heinous act, he covers it up to save her life. This pits him against the police he’s respected since he was a child and places him in the crosshairs of Kieran, a ruthless ... Read more


Free: Deflection – A Race Against Time

A. Nation

Crime in the 25th century has a different twist as Alex tracks his suspect to Mars. He takes his witness to a safe place while he investigates three connecting murders. Unable to save her from Mars when a rogue satellite is set to destroy, his partner searches for a key. The alien’s past comes to ... Read more


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