Free: Papa Can Fix It

Pamela Tomlin

The wonder of the holiday season is magically illustrated on every page of this heartwarming Christmas story. Emma and her friends enjoy the celebration of family Christmas traditions during a day with her Nana and Papa. They share a sleigh ride together in the soft and powdery snow, bake sugar cookies, and even build a ... Read more


Free: ‘Tis the Season

Mimi Barbour

What’s better than a truly beautiful Christmas romance? Three of them! Loveable Christmas Angel – Aloha! Sweet romance, lovable angel & a prickly little boy’s Christmas wish! Together For Christmas – Is her spirit strong enough to win over the workaholic she’s invaded? She’s Not You – An Elvis story about a child, a puppy ... Read more


Free: Wrath

D.R. Roquemore

Very difficult times are coming for Christians everywhere. As we approach the Tribulation Period, you need to prepare your family for what’s ahead. Free on Kindle.... Read more


Free: The Nurse’s Dilemma

RM Danney

The Nurse’s Dilemma is a passionate story of love and identity. Alice and Jenna have something special, but it takes openness, honesty, and courage to follow your heart. Lose yourself in desire with Alice and Jenna. Sometimes, passion is too great to ignore. Free on Kindle.... Read more


Free: The Hangry Caterpillar: A Parody for People Who Hate Diets

Susan Albers

For anyone who HATES dieting comes a parody of the children’s classic, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, called The Very HANGRY Caterpillar. A little caterpillar shows what happens when you go on a fad diet for five days straight! The caterpillar isn’t just hungry, she is downright hangry–that combination of hungry and angry that makes you ... Read more


Free: Monsters & Mayhem #1

Daniel Decker

Monsters & Mayhem #1 features two full novels, a novella, and two short stories: Dead Man’s Game, War of the Fathers, Monster Country: Recruit, Nameless Man, & Red Survivor. Free on Kindle.... Read more


Free: The Message in the Painted Rock (An Arthur and Marya Mystery Book 1)

Tom Blanton

Summer vacation for Arthur and Marya takes a very strange turn when a weird old man with a long white beard draws the two friends into an ancient mystery that they must solve in order to recover a magical artifact from the distant past. They soon learn that they are not the only ones who ... Read more


Free: Take A Chance On Me

Weston Parker

Not all alpha males are assholes. But the guy that messed up Tiffany’s self-image sure as hell was. This beautiful, curvy woman has held my imagination captive since the day she started working with me. She has no idea how gorgeous, powerful, and intelligent she is. But that ruse is up. I’m going to tell ... Read more


Free: The Gopher King

Gojan Nikolich

A suicidal former platoon sergeant, sole survivor of a Vietnam War jungle ambush, is haunted by what he perceives as his cowardly past. Debilitated by guilt and mourning the death of his wife, small-town newspaper publisher Stan Przewalski lives in a PTSD-fueled world where it is impossible to distinguish reality from fantasy. Free on Kindle.... Read more


Free: Copycat Recipes

Amber Hawkins

Do you love home-cooked meals but with the flavor and taste of the dishes from the most famous restaurants? Are you looking for tasty and easy restaurant recipes to prepare? If yes, the “Copycat Recipes” book is your next cooking buddy in the kitchen. This book covers more than 100 accurate and tasty recipes from ... Read more


Free: Red and Black

Nancy O'Toole Meservier

Dawn Takahashi’s been a fan of superheroes for years. So when granted powers of her own, she dives right in. Her first challenge is Faultline. He’s powerful, smart, and standing in her way. But under the mask, Faultline is Alex Gage. And Dawn and Alex have a date next week. What’s a fangirl to do ... Read more


Free: Dead and Butter

A. Gardner

A supernatural experiment has thrown the peaceful community of Misty Key, Alabama into turmoil. Now psychic Ember Greene must return home to her family’s bakery to track down her missing sister – and stop a killer! Free on Kindle.... Read more


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