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Free: Chasing Rabbits

As a driven fourth-year medical student, Rudy Dell is all about numbers and school standing. But in an unexpected turn of events, he finds himself assigned to the Oncology unit of the University Pediatric Hospital, in unfamiliar territory and answering to a demanding attending physician. Unbe[Read More...]

Free: The Bachelor Kings: Jaeger (Book 1)

Prince Jaeger's island kingdom is threatened by modern-day pirates when the mysterious Adriana enters his life. Is she a spy for his enemies? Can he trust the feelings he has for her and will she discover his dark secrets? Free on Kindle. [Read More...]

At Peace In Life

Imagery collection of reflections to calm and nurture the goodness and beauty in life. This is a good read at the end of day to decompress from the day's negativity and a great read to start a new day refreshed. In this book, there are no weapons, good or bad, no despair, evil, political message[Read More...]

Space Cowgirl: Houston, All System Go

NASA astronaut Julie Starr knows nothing is earned without blood, sweat, and frizzy hair. Recently returned from orbit, Jules is on her way to becoming the youngest Flight Commander ever. So she isn't about to let a creepy stalker derail her goals. Or a chivalrous, wealthy rancher either, for[Read More...]

Changing World: Origin

With only weeks remaining before he loses access to the project and the vivid senses he’s finally gained, Dave teams up with a young archer and a clever shapeshifter. The trio quests for a magical stone. But while battling madness in a bizarre fairy forest where killer spirits want his head, he [Read More...]

Red Death

Aaliss is a Guardian tasked to protect Eden by eliminating all who stray too close to the secretive enclave. When her younger brother discovers a cure to the Red Death, their world turns upside down. Branded as traitors, they flee to the land of the Soulless—a medieval world of magic, witches and [Read More...]

Guilford Crossing Brides

1870’s Guilford Crossing, Texas. The Guilford sisters, Freddie, Alfie and Alex have been brought up by their tyrannical father to run his freight carrying business in Guilford Crossing, because the son he had hoped would take it over has returned from war wounded in body and mind. The girls can[Read More...]

How to Be the Woman Men Want!: And Women Want to Be

We’ve all seen her. She enters the room and all eyes are on her. The men can’t take their eyes off of her and neither can the women. There’s something about her that everyone notices. She’s got that “IT” factor. Men want her and women want to be her. What is this “thing” that she has and how can t[Read More...]

My Demons

College is ending and it is time to hit the road, to start their new lives. One problem, an ex-boyfriend is making it his life's mission to make her never forget him, Car troubles has both Lexi and Dakota stranded in a small town, and love is the last thing both of them need. $1.99 on Kindle. [Read More...]

Dig the Search for Dinosaurs

While there are many dinosaur books for kids, Dig, the Search for Dinosaurs is unique. It is not a 12-page picture book for very young children, nor is it an adult textbook. It fits perfectly between them. It is not so much about the dinosaurs themselves, but what it’s like to be out in the field.[Read More...]

Free: Without a Hitch

Grace is a wedding planner whose idea of a perfect day is the exact opposite of what her own day held. She knows exactly what she wants--and doesn't want--for her clients. But wanting things to go Without a Hitch, and pulling it off are two separate things, especially with a kookie mother, brot[Read More...]

Free: Awareness and Gratitude

Awareness and Gratitude is a two-book combination written from the point of view of God speaking directly to you. It is about living in the awareness of God’s presence and being thankful in all circumstances. Free on Kindle.   [Read More...]

Free: Maybe Lovers

Can a hot doctor with his own troubles convince a cynical bartender that it's okay to dream of love? Free on Kindle. [Read More...]

Free: Starlady: The True Story of Valerie and Mr Dickens: and other lifetimes spent with John Barrow

Valérie is a Starlady. Her mission is to speak of the sacred Aborigine Alcheringa Stone, the seven sisters of the Pleiades, the early evolution of Planet Earth and creation of the first humans. She also reveals hidden aspects of her and John’s story, such as the Egyptian Pyramids, Jesus’ family, T[Read More...]

Free: A Mackenzie Witch Collection 2: Jingle Purrs, Potion Heist and The Power of Two and a Half

Paranormal mystery with humor, magic, a witch in training, her chatty feline companion and their new companion, Rebel. Jingle Purrs: It’s Lexie and Luna’s first Christmas together and they are investigating the case of a missing cat. Potion Heist: There’s a breakout of infidelity and people are fa[Read More...]
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