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Free: Inner City

Set in a dystopian future, an idealistic young man suffers a devastating childhood experience that uncovers a secret the leaders of his world are hiding from their people. This traumatic childhood memory compels him, years later, to risk his life and fight his government’s lies and oppressive la[Read More...]

Free: Solitude's End - Book 1 of 'Echo's Way'

What would you do if you suddenly found yourself alone, the only human remaining on an alien occupied planet. Could you cope? Would you survive? How would you deal with the loneliness, and the knowledge that you were the only human being within forty light years. Free on Kindle. [Read More...]

She's Mine

The She's Mine box set includes the complete trilogy: His to Take, His to Keep, and His Forever. Adrian: My father has ordered me to break Brooklyn, to ruin her. If I follow his orders it will destroy me. But if I don't, he will. $0.99 on Kindle. [Read More...]

Free Fall

Liberty, the first orbital city, is having its 10 year anniversary party! Everyone will be there, including the President of the U. S. The terrorist planned for everything, except for sheriff McKenna. Join McKenna and an amazing cast of characters as they fight for Liberty, for each other, and f[Read More...]

A Firm-Handed Man

After a night out with friends, twenty-five-year-old Mikala Black makes an extremely foolish decision that puts her in danger and ultimately results in her being left stranded by the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. When her plight is finally noticed by the driver of a passing car, her[Read More...]

Other Worlds

Journey into a multiverse beyond the boundaries of your imagination… 21 award-winning and best-selling authors bring you the best of PARANORMAL and SCI-FI ROMANCE in this enticing boxed set of exclusive epic adventures. Rogue spaceship captains, dark vampire lords, supernatural hunters, crafty h[Read More...]


Since we first looked at the stars, there has been a silence, no signs of alien life, no one who has tried to speak to us, a mystery that a long dead scientist called the Fermi Paradox. “Where are they?” In 2118 the first daring mission to another star, Tau Ceti, twelve light years away is[Read More...]


In a world of vast cities and ruined kingdoms, new threats of desperate armies creep the horizon. Two unlikely heroes rise in the form of an outcast of the lords named Exa, who can walk through walls, and Attle, a troubled young man recruited by a society of masked vigilantes. Their plan? To opp[Read More...]

Solar Reboot

When the solar flares first erupt, Cameron tries to rationalize the disaster away. The electrical grid will come back up. The government will reassure the panicked populace. The hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes will abate. Most importantly, Cameron’s husband, Alex, and daughter, Piper, wil[Read More...]

Fated Hearts Club (Books 1-3)

True love, forever. Find your fated mate today. Just one trip to the Fated Hearts Club can change your life. This is a boxed set of standalone stories in the Fated Hearts Club world. Expect sexy, shape shifting heroes and curvy beauties, with a dash of complications along the way. $0.99 on Kindl[Read More...]

Fantasy Online Hyperborea

Discover what a gaseous goblin, a famous Swedish gamer, a half-woman half-dragon, and a Japanese youth with ties to the Yakuza have in this LitRPG fantasy series from best-selling author Harmon Cooper! Book Two is out now. $0.99 on Kindle. [Read More...]

Free: Quarter-Life Philosophies

A must-read for millennials, Quarter-Life Philosophies is a collection of guiding ideas for your years in bloom. It is for growing, contributing and searching for all the light in between. It is for climbing out of the cave and into your own self. Weaving personal philosophies into prose a[Read More...]

Free: Shatter the Yoyo: A Definitive Guide to Losing Weight and Gaining Self Control While Ending Your Dependence on Diets

Do you wake up every morning desperate to do something about your weight but also desperately aware that dieting has never worked for you? Are you tired of working so hard only to gain back every pound you lost and them some? If you answered yes to these questions, then the Shatter the Yoyo prog[Read More...]

Free: Beautiful Broken Girl

How far did I get? Who found me? Were they here to take me back? Starting a new life, Kennedy never thought she could find true happiness. Until him. Cole was perfectly content coasting through life with no purpose, no real connections. Until her. "I don't know what you are running from, but [Read More...]

Free: Silent Night

A dead body is found in Central Park, a man who was killed by a deadly virus. Someone out there has more of the substance and is planning to use it. Young NYPD Detective Sam Archer must find where this virus came from and secure it before any more is released. But he is already too late. Free o[Read More...]
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