Natural Relief for Anxiety and Stress: A Practical Guide

Are you looking for natural options to use for anxiety and stress but don’t know what they are or what dosage is safe and effective? Now there’s a quick consult self-help book that goes beyond describing which herbs, vitamins, and nutrients help specific ailments. In this book, you’ll find the best ways to take these […]

Free: FSMA Compliant in One Week: Be the FSMA Expert in Your Organization

This book helps the reader to effectively understand all the necessary details of the USA Food Safety Modernization Act. Next to giving a comprehensible overview of the requirements imposed by FSMA, the book also shows the reader how to come to an effective implementation of these requirements. The book contains a wealth of useful links […]

Physician: How Science Transformed the Art of Medicine

Physician explores the transformation of the healing tradition from a spiritual practice to a scientific one. This book interweaves moving personal patient stories with a historical overview that reveals untold details of the profession’s past, showing readers how we made the modern doctor. A must-read in today’s healthcare climate and for anyone interested in what […]

Fat Girl Funeral

We go from diet to diet to nourish our bodies and control our weight, but we fail to address our minds as a way of setting us up for success. Losing weight is NOT a diet problem, it’s a mindset problem. A problem that can be fixed. We put so much effort into getting the […]

Free: Think Differently

A simple method of lowering and maintaining a stable blood sugar level. Learn how to: – Gradually avoiding medication for diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol and their side effects. – Reducing bodily weight and with time reach a desired weight without suffering. – Living a healthy and even healthier life than non-diabetic days. Free on Kindle.

Enough Already! Overcoming the Stigmas of Alopecia

Enough Already! Overcoming the Stigmas of Alopecia is written with utmost boldness and honesty as she invites all readers to walk alongside her as she tells her story of living with the incurable condition of Alopecia, in which the immune system mistakenly attacks the hair follicles, thus causing the hair to fall out. This book […]

Free: Stem Cells – The Healing Revolution

Bringing new hope to chronic pain and chronic condition sufferers! This book is about you and getting your life back. If you or a loved one is suffering from chronic degenerative knee, shoulder, or hip pain due to arthritis; or you have chronic inflammation or autoimmune issues, you owe it to yourself to see how […]

Free: Your Body Talks to You – Learn to Listen to Your Body

The body has a simple language that children and adults can understand. Many adults and children experience some kind of discomfort in their bodies at some point in time. Many of these discomforts is not quite understood. These discomforts is the bodies way of talking to us telling us that something is not quite right […]

Free: Unleash the Supernatural

Motivational speaker, success and transformation coach, Lenka Koloma, demystifies the world of self-help. She shows a clear path to realize the hidden powers within each human being and she offers a path to a life of miracles. Lenka bares her soul and shares how she went against the entire world and recovered from her congenital […]

Smart Muscle: The Real Secrets of Building a Better Body

The author reveals the secrets beneath the surface of common resistance training knowledge. More than just a restatement of what you have heard or read before, Smart Muscle digs deeper into what works and what does not. Most important is the why and how. This book will give you a new understanding of exactly why […]

Free: The Keys to Health, Fitness and a Lifetime of Happiness

The Keys to Health, Fitness and a Lifetime of Happiness is your complete guide to living a healthy and fulfilling life. Author, Bruce Bromberg, outlines several tips, techniques, and recipes that you can implement in your own life to drastically change your physical and mental health for the better. Free on Kindle.

Your Diet Is Bullsh*t: A Simple Guide to Losing Weight

Your Diet is Bullsh*t will tell you the truth about weight loss. The weight loss industry is full of lies and misinformation. In this refreshingly honest guide, you will learn the simple truth on how to lose weight. No fad diets, no paid programs, no bullsh*t. It’s time to start over in your understanding of […]

Free: The Healing Point

Looking for more energy, less brain fog, a faster recovery, or tools to help you overcome chronic sickness? Congratulations, you came to the right place. Some of this information will surprise you, some of it will shock you to the core! Discover what’s secretly making you and your loved ones sick. Now imagine being able […]

Intermittent Fasting 101

Intermittent Fasting 101 is the right book for you as we will show you how to adopt proven intermittent fasting methods so you can lose weight 10x faster and burn those belly fats effectively. Also included in the book are diet ideas as well so you know what you can eat or cannot. Follow the […]

Healing from Asthma

Do you lay awake at night struggling to breathe? Does just a hint of wheezing bring about panic and unease? Do you avoid certain sports and recreational activities to avoid possible asthma attacks? If you’re tired of living your life under the restraints and restrictions of asthma and wish to better your respiratory health and […]

After Namaste: Off-the-Mat Musings of a Modern Yogini

Ever wonder what yoga can do for you off the mat? Whether you’re at the beginning of your yoga journey or way down the path, you will find this book full of inspiring, encouraging, and often humorous lessons learned from someone who has walked the yoga walk, both as a teacher and dedicated practitioner, for […]

18 Steps to Own Your Life

Do you need a guidebook for life? With easy, actionable tips on everything from getting a better night’s sleep to connecting instantly with others, 18 Steps to Own Your Life is a concise but comprehensive instruction manual for a healthier, happier you. “If you buy just one self-improvement guide this year then this is the […]

Long Term Weight loss…It’s A Head Job

Are you ready to stop sabotaging your own weight loss? In my book, I’ll show you how to reset your mind and align your thought processes so you can finally achieve that long-term weight management success. Learn to recognize your emotional triggers and finally gain control. $1.99 on Kindle.

CBD Oil for Health: Relieving Pain, Reducing Stress, and Restoring Health the Natural Way

This book was written for those looking for answers to the question: What is CBD oil, and how is it good for me? CBD oil (Cannabidiol) is a legalized element of the cannabis plant. It is truly one of the most remarkable natural healing compounds in the world and it has been known to benefit […]

Free: The Art Of Health Hacking

The Art of Health Hacking is a self-coaching guide for the modern-day health-conscious consumer who wants to build their All-Star healthcare team, rely less on a poorly designed sick-care system and instead, build their own “health hacker” approach rooted in prevention and high performance. In his book, TJ Anderson profiles what’s he’s learned as a […]

Free: What to Eat to Lose Weight (Healthy Lifestyle Book 1)

What to Eat to Lose Weight is the first book in the series Healthy Lifestyle. This is an easy start into a new life, accessible to everyone, without extra pounds and without a headache, only natural beauty, living energy, and the way forward. The author generously shares her knowledge, clearly and on business, without superfluous […]

Lose Weight Fast!

Lose Weight Fast is the hilarious telling of how Charles Jackson lost 80 pounds in less than 60 days, with a detailed guide as to how you will do the same. This little 99-page book is a super fun read, and will give you the secrets and tools you’ll need to achieve incredible weight loss, […]

The Diggy Diggy Guide to “D-I-Y” Anti-Aging and Clear Skin

Wrinkles and aging are caused by what skin loses as we age. This book covers how to put it back, and to prompt your skin to behave in the way it did when it was younger. The ingredients and your commitment are important; the name brands are not! Creating my own regimen for 15 years, […]

In Cold Blood (Vampire Hunter Book 1)

A boarding school steeped in tradition. A killer cloaked in darkness. A campus soaked in blood. For Detective Forrest, evil has a distinctive smell. He’s spent centuries concealing his fangs and exposing those of his kind who surrender to their thirst for blood. When a dead girl’s severed organs are found strung from a tree, […]

StyleWORD: Fashion Quotes For Real Style

Whether you want to succeed in business, light up a room, or feel confident – your style speaks volumes. In this book of fashion quotes, beauty tips and style snippets, stylist Sharon Haver shares high-impact style + quick fashion advice to elevate your everyday style. This book includes a FREE bonus for an Advanced Style […]

Free: 3X Weight Loss

3X Weight Loss is a handbook that will guide, educate, and empower you with the knowledge you need to not only get the body you want, but make it so that you never have to diet again. When you implement the strategies of this book, you will have set of powerful habits that reliably lead […]

Free: Chronologically Gifted–Aging with Gusto: A Practical Guide for Healthy Living to Age 123

This is a book for any and all ages. It’s a practical guide for living an energetic life that will keep you healthy, well past 100. Free on Kindle.  

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