Free: Shatter the Yoyo: A Definitive Guide to Losing Weight and Gaining Self Control While Ending Your Dependence on Diets

Do you wake up every morning desperate to do something about your weight but also desperately aware that dieting has never worked for you? Are you tired of working so hard only to gain back every pound you lost and them some? If you answered yes to these questions, then the Shatter the Yoyo program […]

Free: Building Healthy Humans: Your Guide to a Balanced and Beautiful Pregnancy

  “Building Healthy Humans” or The Balanced and Beautiful Pregnancy is a simple and straightforward reality based wellness guide for pregnant or soon to be pregnant moms and dads who want a balanced and beautiful pregnancy and happy healthy baby. Free on Kindle.

Free: Female Pelvic Alchemy (Secrets For Energizing Your Sex Life, Enhancing Your Orgasms, and Loving Your Lady Parts)

With “Female Pelvic Alchemy: Trade Secrets for Energizing Your Sex Life, Enhancing Your Orgasms, and Loving Your Lady Parts,” physical therapist, educator, and author Isa Herrera continues to empower women to achieve lifelong health and wellness. This comprehensive but easy-to-read manual is brimming with tools, exercises and techniques that she has developed and used to […]

Free: The Ancient Chinese Art Of Anti-Aging

Although looking young, longer, is a byproduct of this Chinese art, its main purpose is to extend quality of life into old age (EQOL), i.e., good health and fitness into your latter years. Everything you did for fun, enjoyment and sports in your forties, you should be able to do in your seventies and beyond. […]

Free: Smart Health

How Important is Your Health? The older we get, the more concern we have for our health, as it should be! In today’s fast paced Health Care world, patients are not taught how to be healthy. In the US almost 70% of us are on prescription medications, and almost 70% of us are considered medically […]

Free: Heart Disease Prevention and Reversal

The information in this guide has been compiled from the research of 50 world renowned leading heart doctors and scientists. Free on Kindle.

Perfect Fit No Excuses

Ever felt completely drained at the end of your workday and would rather walk across hot coals than go to the gym? Ever been held up at the office during your lunch break—a.k.a. your workout time—and lost every ounce of willpower you were counting on to get you to go out for a jog instead […]

Free: Pregnancy Nutrition

Here is what you will find in this book: Healthy Eating During Pregnancy. Foods to Avoid. A Balanced Diet. Protein. Fruits and Vegetables. Foods rich in Iron. Foods high in salt. Water and other fluids. Carbohydrates.Foods Rich in Calcium. Fatty Foods. Free on Kindle.

Free: Heartburn Acid Reflux And GERD

Heartburn Acid Reflux And GERD Is Not Caused By Excessive Stomach Acid. That might come as shock to you but it is true. Taking antacid tablets is not going to cure your condition. In fact the use of proton pump inhibitors and antacids can cause a number of serious side effects and health issues for […]

Free: Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Learn the Best Anxiety and Panic Attack Management Techniques. Why you should try to avoid conventional drug treatments. Why the natural anxiety management techniques are better. 5 Natural substances for anxiety management – no side-effects. 8 Methods to calm the mind and body to prevent anxiety and panic attacks. Free on Kindle.

Free: Arthritis

Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and gout are the most common types. This disease, regardless of the type, is very painful and can render you unable to perform even the most menial tasks. Researchers and medical professionals agree that arthritis can have a considerable impact on the systemic health and lifestyle of those suffering from it, even […]

Free: Allergy Free

Understand The Causes And Types Of Allergies. Learn How To Prevent Allergies. Read About The Natural And Gentle Treatment Solution. No Drugs No Side Effects. Free on Kindle.

Free: Yoga Nashit

Yoga Nashit is an exercise approach which adapts the traditional yoga poses to the female body. The exercise’s character has been adapted to the cyclic nature of a woman’s life and to the changes which occur in her body during the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, childbirth, the postpartum phase and menopause. The book presents the reader […]

Free: The Cholesterol Myth

There is a lot of talk about cholesterol these days, but what does it actually mean? Free on Kindle.

How My Wife Pretty Much Turned Herself Into A Skinny Bleep Right In Front of My Eyes

This slim volume uses an interview format to detail my wife’s conquest of her unwanted weight. The value of this entertaining book (in addition to it being entertaining) is that it provides clear steps that anyone can take to get skinny. A major insight for me, gained from the interviews, is the mental aspect of […]

The Body Whisperer

This book describes how to use the Integrative Body Conditioning Method: Remove Irritant, Replace Nutrients and Practice Weightlifting and Conditioning to have a strong, healthy body for life! This book includes a brief explanation on how I practice the method on a daily basis and homework at the end of each section to help readers […]

Free: Easy Juicing Recipes

Swimmers, footballers, runners, and cyclists use juice to gain the energy they need to compete against their rivals while increasing their endurance. Juices will not necessarily make you faster, but they will help you maintain peak performance for longer. Sports Energy drinks are beverages specially formulated to help you as an athlete rehydrate during or […]

Parasites, The Truth Behind The Myth

So many people struggle with illnesses that do not respond to conventional treatments. Physical or mental fatigue, weight control issues, aches and pains—problems that seem simple but just will not go away. While medical solutions offer expensive and often temporary treatments, a change in lifestyle can provide a natural and long-lasting solution to these everyday […]

DIY Homemade Beauty Products Bundle

More than 500 natural organic beauty recipes for the whole body! Universal face masks for all skin types, lotions and cremes for oily, dry, and mature skin,anti-aging and rejuvenating serums for the face and eye contour, natural remedies for acne, pimples, blackheads, and much more… $0.99 on Kindle.

Free: Mudras for Weight Loss

Mudras for Weight Loss is all about shedding those excess pounds effortlessly, without even lifting a pound or spending a minute in the gym or without any freaky diet plan, by simply using ‘Ancient Vedic Secrets of Weight Loss’. This book details a variety of Simple Hand Gestures called as Mudras, that when performed regularly […]

Free: Low Carb High Fat

Start a new sustainable healthy lifestyle today with the help of Low Carb High Fat (LCHF). LCHF is more than just a diet. It provides a route map toward an ongoing lifestyle that is both sustainable over the long term whilst improving you health overall. Most regular diets fail over time because they demand a […]

Free: Exposed

A quick glance at the contents of this book usually raises a few eyebrows. “How are these conditions related?” To put it bluntly, these are conditions for the most part are difficult to diagnose and considered by many invisible illnesses. These conditions are the most widespread but mis-managed conditions treated by the conventional healthcare model. […]

Free: Pathways to Health

Pathways to Health–An Integral Guidebook presents a more comprehensive conceptual framework from which to view health and provides readers with tools and techniques to achieve a state of greater wellness. Dr. Acquista takes self help to a whole new level using an easy to follow approach that goes beyond traditional and integrative methods. The intent […]

Free: The 5 Foundations of Remarkably Healthy People

If avoiding medications and surgery in the future is a top priority for you, then this is a must read! This book gives you an easy guide to restore your health, lose weight, feel great, and help assist you in preventing and overcoming chronic disease. Dr. Chris gives you easy action steps to implement into […]

The Slim habit

“We have never come across such an all-encompassing, holistic approach to weight loss” GQ Magazine. Don’t watch your weight, manage it. The Slim Habit is a simple solution to a problem no diet has been able to solve. This is more than a way to lose weight, it is a new, radical approach to weight […]

21 Days to Beautiful Legs

This book is a very practical way to thin and sculpt your thighs and calves in 21 days. The model used is non-intimidating as well as the exercises. There are snack tips and motivational quotes to go with each day of exercise. You can do them in about 20 minutes a day. No gym equipment, […]

Free: Health is Wealth

Health is Wealth is about how to live a healthy life without Cancer, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Obesity, Heart Disease, and feel good all the time with plenty of Energy. Wealth is nothing without your health; Health is Wealth will show you how to get good health and how to keep it. The author James […]

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