Free: Two Princes and a Queen

Alan’s dying father begs him to find out what became of his first love, Inge. In this historical novel and touching love story, Alan slowly uncovers the harrowing story of the voyage of Hundreds down the Danube River attempting to flee the Nazis.  Free on Kindle.

Free: Saint James Infirmary

As the crow flies and the Ford woodie ambles, it is a thousand miles and more on the road. One passenger is living and the other is dead and they are both talking. In July, 1978, Jim Logan, a second string 60’s folksinger is in New Orleans for the birthday of Tom Parrish. Tom’s sudden […]

The Munich Girl

What secrets is a portrait of Eva Braun hiding? A novel of the legacies of love that always outlast war. $0.99 on Kindle.

A Wave From Mama

What do Weeksville, Irishtown, and the Draft Riots all have in common? A common place in American history or the setting for a socially awkward former slave determined to meet the challenges of the day? All of this action set in the backdrop of the building of the Brooklyn Bridge. $0.99 on Kindle.

Prize of War

Acsah is the only daughter of the mighty Caleb, Israel’s most famous spy. When Acsah can’t seem to choose a husband, Caleb feels he must step in, and she soon finds herself betrothed to a warrior. That’s the last thing she wants, however. Soldiers are never home…. Othniel has loved Acsah for as long as […]

Western Fiction 10 Pack

Ten classic westerns from arguably the top western writers of our time: Robert Vaughan, John Legg, Terry Grosz, Linell Jeppsen, L.J. Martin, Chet Cunningham, Gary McCarthy, Douglas Hirt, Frank Roderus, Michael Newton. $0.99 on Kindle.

Free: Young Harry: The Scroll of Spera

In this historical suspense-fantasy can: the USA overcome the Oil-Nordic-supremacy conspiracy, Armenians and Jews be saved in refuge cities, moderates transform an Islam-centric empire into United Ottoman States? Young Harry salvage the house of Jacob? Free on Kindle.

Orphans, Assassins & The Existential Eggplant

This award-winning novel takes you on a fun, madcap medieval adventure with a gorgeous alchemist, teenage genius and a 600-year-old shrunken eggplant that speaks to whoever wears it. You’ll cross Europe with the Children’s Crusade, hijack a caravan in the Sahara Desert, touch the petrified body of Adam, and rediscover paradise on the island of […]

War Remains

Robert “Bobby” Washkowiak battles his way through the bitter first winter of the Korean War, longing for home, his wife, and newborn son. Fifty years later, his son and grandson come across his wartime letters and together, they try to find out what really happened to him on one of the battlefields of that “forgotten […]

The Munich Girl

Anna Dahlberg grew up eating dinner under her father’s war-trophy portrait of Hitler’s mistress. 50 years after the war, she discovers just what secrets it’s been hiding. “Historical fiction that reads like memoir.” – Philadelphia Inquirer. $0.99 on Kindle.

The Munich Girl

Anna Dahlberg grew up eating dinner under her father’s war-trophy portrait of Hitler’s mistress. 50 years after the war, she discovers just what secrets it’s been hiding. “Historical fiction that reads like memoir.” – Philadelphia Inquirer. $2.99 on Kindle.

Surviving the Fatherland: A True Coming-of-age Love Story Set in WWII Germany

***Winner 2017 ‘National Indie Excellence Award’*** ***Finalist 2017 ‘Kindle Book Award’*** ***An IWIC ‘Hall of Fame Novel’*** Spanning thirteen years from 1940 to 1953 and set against the epic panorama of WWII, author Annette Oppenlander’s SURVIVING THE FATHERLAND is a sweeping saga of family, love, and betrayal that illuminates an intimate part of history seldom […]

Free: Long Road to Abilene

LONG ROAD TO ABILENE, is a classic hero’s journey, a western adventure that exemplifies the struggles, the defeats, and the victories that personify the history of the American West. Free on Kindle.

The Garment Maker’s Daughter Paperback – November 23, 2016

The Garment Maker’s Daughter is a multigenerational saga of immigrant dreams and sweatshop realities, labor strikes and women’s rights. It is the story of Lena Rothman, a shirtwaist-maker and active suffragette whose plans get derailed when she falls in love with her best friend’s boyfriend; Jake Brenner, a passionate labor organizer determined to lead the […]

Free: The Garment Maker’s Daughter

In the early 20th century, two immigrants are aboard a ship sailing into Ellis Island, each with their own dreams about what coming to America will mean for them: Daniel, a Polish boy with a love of language and law, and Lena, a passionate suffragette and hopeless romantic. They are about to meet New Yorkers […]

A Dream of Daring

In 1859 Louisiana, a cotton-planter’s son develops a new way of farming that threatens the slave system of the town’s plantation owners. His scandalous preference for a beautiful slave woman over a senator’s daughter further uproots the town. A shocking murder, a forbidden love, and questions of freedom and human dignity unfold in a haunting […]

Free: Unlikely Soldiers Book One (Civvy to Squaddie)

A Welsh girl and an English boy. Nineteen Seventies Britain. The Army. In a small Welsh village, naïve Michelle Warbutton is devastated by a shocking family secret. Forced to rethink her future, she longs to see the world. In Yorkshire and already world-weary, Guy Halfpenny is desperate to escape his miserable life. Both have limited […]

Hymns of the West: The Complete Series

God’s providence brings two families with two different worldviews of living together in ways only He could have planned. $0.99 on Kindle.

The Munich Girl

Anna Dahlberg grew up eating dinner under her father’s war-trophy portrait of Hitler’s mistress. 50 years after the war, she discovers just what secrets it’s been hiding. $2.99 on Kindle.

Rich Man’s Folly

A rich man’s folly leaves a devastating legacy. As the world teeters on the brink of World War II, Paul Ashfield travels to Australia in search of the mother who deserted him. He falls in love with Daphne Clarke and they decide to marry, but Paul discovers a long held family secret that rips them […]

Free: Those Who Dare

This is the first book in the epic WWII Raiding Forces Series. Meticulously researched (the author was an instructor at the Army Ranger School) the series begin with the birth of special operations—as seen through the eyes of a young American officer who has volunteered to serve with British Forces. Free on Kindle.

Son of the Moon

Alexander the Great journeys to India, where he and his time travelling wife, Ashley, are welcomed with feasts and treachery. With their son, Paul, being worshiped as the Son of the Moon, and Alexander’s looming death, Ashley considers the unthinkable: how to save them and whether she dares to cheat Fate. $3.99 on Kindle.

Eternal Flame

16-year-old Julia Olsen’s world is falling apart. Her quarterback boyfriend broke up with her. Her family’s new home under renovation is a mess. Her high school counselor won’t stop harping on about her grades. A time-traveling WW2 soldier crashing into her room is the last thing she needs. In 1944, 18-year-old Edmond Ferris answered the […]

Free: A Peek at Bathsheba

When Bathsheba becomes pregnant, David attempts to cover up the ensuing scandal. He sends her husband, Uriah—who serves him faithfully in his army—to his death. And for the rest of his life, David is tormented by the memory of that moment. Can he muster the strength to keep his promise to her and protect their […]

Free: Loves in the Shadows, Historical Holocaust Novel

Amazing in its intensity, Loves In The Shadows is a historical novel embracing scores of real events that occurred during the Holocaust and the Second World War. Because of the important message that the author transmits to readers around the world, and because of the fascinating plot and the thrilling stories that fill each page, […]

Free: Compromise with Sin

When her newborn daughter’s eyesight is stolen by infection, civic leader Louise Morissey, believes it’s punishment for straying into the arms of a handsome Doctor and will stop at nothing to maintain a veneer of Victorian respectability. Free on Kindle.

Legends of Persia

After winning a prestigious award, Ashley is chosen to travel through time and interview a historical figure. Choosing her childhood hero Alexander the Great, she is sent back in time for less than a day. He mistakes her for Persephone, goddess of the dead, and kidnaps her, stranding her in his own time. What follows, […]

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