Free: The Destruction of Jerusalem

Christ linked the destruction of Jerusalem to end-times in Matthew 24. The destruction of Jerusalem is a sign of impending judgment on the US for our moral decay as in Roe v Wade and the Supreme Court’s redefining of marriage. God executed judgment on Egypt and took Israel to a covenant marriage. That’s the overlooked […]

Free: Love and Blackmail

Annie Michaels hates her life. Can falling in love (and some light blackmail) help her turn it around? Great for fans of JoJo Moyes and Helen Fielding! Free on Kindle.

Fractured Lives

Her heart left reeling from yet another disastrous relationship, Nora Renault yearns for a man who can love her despite her half-breed, fox-shifter and kitsune heritages. But time after time, she ends up alone. Once a single, astral-projecting spy, Alexander Dimorus was slammed with a Fae curse, ripping him into two people. As a result, […]

Bayou Beckons

Southern party-girl Camilla’s sordid past stands to ruin her future and crush her hopes of love. Wyoming rancher Jared never expects to fall in love after his ex cheated on him. Camilla’s got him rethinking all his relationship rules. As a hurricane races Camilla home to the gulf coast, will Jared go after her and […]

Pretending He’s Mine

Get the book USA Today calls “a must-read!” He knows his best friend’s younger sister is off-limits, but when she shows up on his doorstep, needing a place to crash. Suddenly his greatest temptation is sleeping down the hall. Includes steamy interludes “so hot they seem liable to set your sheets on fire.” (Entertainment Weekly) […]

Glaive: Blade of a Flower

You can live forever in the world of Zem’Alam…depending on who you kill. Glaive Grimstone was ready to quit the cycle and embrace his own death until he found something, or rather someone, to live for again. $3.99 on Kindle.

30 Days (Morgan Family Series: Book One)

I had a plan when I was nineteen. I would strip only until the bills were paid and I knew my sister and I wouldn’t be thrown out on the street. We would be financially stable. That was my plan. That was also three years ago. I’m still stripping. I keep telling myself my life […]

Financial Analysis for Everyone

This book targets not only the specialists but anyone interested in understanding the philosophy behind the financial analysis. Written in a language accessible to everyone, the book offers more than 50 examples and case studies inspired from reality, based on the personal experience of the author. The Author takes the opportunity to describe uncompromisingly not […]

Free: Stalking Jack

In August of 1888, one of the most notorious murderers of all time made his mark known to the world through the heinous slaying of five women in the slums of Whitechapel, England. Madeline Donovan is about to arrive in London just as Jack the Ripper’s first victim appears, mutilated with her throat sliced clear […]

Heartbreak Warfare: Let Me In (Book 1)

A business trip to Vegas offers Jenna a sexy one-week stand, in this strong debut novel from Jessica Marin. The last thing Jenna Pruitt has time for is the sinfully gorgeous movie star, Cal Harrington. Meeting him in first class should have ended there on the plane, but after a failed marriage, she finds herself […]

Hocking Hills

There was one thing I knew for sure when I arrived in Hocking Hills. I was determined to find my birth mother. But then two things happened that I didn’t see coming: I didn’t expect to fall for a guy who thought I was too young for him and I didn’t expect that someone would […]

Dial 323 Love

AJ Brooks is a young man with morals, waiting tables and attending college in his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee, with the hopes of one day breaking into the entertainment industry as a screenwriter. However, when a woman dangling his dreams in front of him lures him to Los Angeles, he is quickly reeled into a […]

The Time Miracle

The probability that you are alive today is one in 400 quadrillion. You won the Lottery of Life by just being born! The prize is a certain number of seconds, hours, days that you are given to live. How are you going to spend your ‘time winnings’? How much time do you spend on sleeping, […]

Free: The Jefferson Legacy

Meriwether Lewis was murdered because he knew a secret. …A deadly secret. From the author that brought you the best-selling Harvey Bennett Thrillers series, The Jefferson Legacy is the newest installment in the series, and the first featuring the fully formed “Civilian Special Operations” team. Harvey Bennett is back. Ben and his new team are […]

Hollywood Daze

“A delightful book, fun, edgy, unforgettable.” -Mary Kennedy, Best-Selling Author of the Dream Club Mysteries A seventeen-year-old high school dropout with a hidden talent, Mona, is sitting at the counter of the Fountain Coffee Room, trying not to attract the attention of Maddy Miller, a feisty, unfiltered, hotshot producer, who’ll decide if her brother Joost […]

US Tax Reform For Hipsters

The biggest overhaul of the American tax system in over 30 years happened just months ago and will impact us for years to come! Wondering how tax reform will affect you and your business? Get the inside scoop from this cool easy to read book covering all the key changes! Don’t think a tax book […]

Free: Mystic Falls

Cozy mystery with a side of chocolate. Emotionally reeling after the death of her grandmother, Gemma Channing is settling into Coyote Wells, the hometown where she grew up, after a ten-year absence. While coming to terms with the loss of her Gram, disturbing things begin to happen. Women are disappearing. Just when she begins to […]

In Over Her Head

Designer Marly West has one reason for taking the job at Draconia Fashions and it’s not to come up with the latest clothing trends. But when she blurts out a good idea in a corporate meeting, she gets exactly what she didn’t want – an opportunity of a lifetime. $0.99 on Kindle.

Angel: Lords of Carnage MC

Even the toughest Angels can fall…Lords of Carnage is mine. My club, My life, My family, And I protect my family at any cost. Rival clubs, gangs, enemies don’t scare me, can’t stop me. Only one thing scares me, stops me, m akes me long for more, and it’s her. Sexy, feisty, strong, everything I want, […]

The Little Spanish Girl

Spain, the fifties. The daughter of a local gangster vanishes without a trace and it’s up to the famous detective Emmanuel Klauder and his appointed police associate to get to the bottom of things. Yet the truth lays buried under layer upon layer of conspiracy, and when the two start breathing down the necks of […]

Earth II – Julius the First

Earth II – Julius the First The fifth book in the Virus/Earth II Series In this post-apocalyptic story, Earth has survived an alien virus which was used to cleanse the planet before harvesting. As war reparations from their first alien contact, humanity was given thousands of spaceships and robots. The few survivors know they must […]

When The Well Runs Dry

In a country divided by civil war, one city stands above the chaos. Since the system collapsed, citizens are struggling to survive. Marauders are destroying what little is left. However, not everyone is quite ready to surrender. The Alder and her loyal supporters find themselves caught in a life or death struggle to save, not […]

Billion Dollar Man

I never wanted wealth, power, or the responsibility that goes with it. Making a difference by fighting fires was my dream. That and a pretty girl to love at night. But life didn’t ask me. After struggling through the business world, I finally have a chance to return home to chase my dreams. The girl […]

Free: Gates of Power: Actualize Your True Self (2nd Edition)

GATES OF POWER: Actualize Your True Self is an inspirational, informative, and practical guide for all who are passionate about living up to their potential and maximizing their life. The book is based on the Gates of Power® Method created by Nomi Bachar. In the book, Nomi offers wisdom gathered through her own spiritual and […]

Free: Escapement

Set in the Romantic era, the androgynous housekeeper of a famed composer covertly assists her employer with his work and falls in love with the alluring wife of his most significant patron—putting all their lives at risk—and forcing her to choose between duty and the desires of her own heart. Free on Kindle.

The Divinity Complex

Jack was the most prolific serial killer in history. The nation was being held hostage by fear as each victim met a horrible death. The crime scenes were punctuated by posed bodies and cryptic messages written in blood. But Jack didn’t just kill at random. They were people who in Jack’s eyes deserved to die. […]

Ten Times Guilty

A serial rapist stalks Tracy Michaels, a struggling single mother whose only goal is to provide for her baby son. Finally, one tragic evening, he sees his chance. $0.99 on Kindle.

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