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Free: Rimrider

Orphan, pirate, spy. Awakened by her father, Jane Benedict is ordered to memorize a … Read More

Free: Medica

Medica isn't just a book; it is a portrayal of possibilities. It takes on the existential … Read More

Beyond the Quiet

An Erotic Romantic Suspense about Second Chances. Lisa thought her marriage of twenty-five … Read More

Clone’s Bride

In a dystopian future where humans have foolishly squandered Earth’s natural resources, … Read More

Free: Edwina

A terrifying nail-biting horror story from the Queen of Scream Novels!Marie-Therese is … Read More

Free: An Olympic Romance

Chloe went to Rio to come home with medals, not men. My Olympic dream: winning a gold … Read More

Worship the Night

Her mother's death freed Lea from a lifetime of sexual repression. Alone in a remote … Read More

The Bride’s Trunk

“A gripping and moving story, with excellent illustrations.” A true story of love and … Read More

The Billionaire’s Challenge

Mia never thought she'd have a chance in hell with hot billionaire Garret Fabel. Not only … Read More

Jigsaw Hearts

Notable entertainment journalist Ren Hayden trained herself to reject her emotions using a … Read More

Never Enough

It’s a simple enough transaction. Marisol needs the money, and I need a nice girl to … Read More

The Stiletto Scandal

Most people call their local law enforcement when a dead body appears in their yard, but … Read More

Free: How to Catch Your Mate

This is the first book of its kind, How to Catch your Mate is a complete breakdown of the … Read More

Free: Satan’s Offspring

Capri Kiernan is beautiful, innocent, naïve, unlucky and ruthless. Circumstance has her … Read More

Hitman’s Secret Love Child

Have you ever had a moment when the entire world seems to stop and you're forced to … Read More

Jocked Up

When Drake’s mom announced her engagement to Bethany’s dad, Drake fled town in the name of … Read More

The Alien Mate’s Abduction

Lainey devotes her entire life to taking care of others. As a cancer researcher, … Read More

No Good Dead

I'll kill you if you touch her. Blood on my hands isn't anything new. I've been killing my … Read More

Free: Self Defense

Five Teenagers prove that with bravery, initiative and belief, even a group of boys can … Read More

Free: Dark Heart

Detective Sergeant Charlie Cooper has been hunting the Adultery Killer for ten years. Now … Read More

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