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JACK KNIFED Jack Stratton Mystery kindle greyson

Mystery: “Jack Knifed”

Handsome Police Officer Jack Stratton is a hometown cop with a heart of gold. Constant nightmares have forced him to seek answers about his … Read More

All Good Deeds

All Good Deeds

Packed with suspense, All Good Deeds is a dark psychological thriller with a finely crafted mystery that takes readers into the deepest … Read More

The Great Darkening

The Great Darkening

Fans of Narnia and Middle Earth might like the Epic of Haven! For thousands of generations, the reaches of Aiénor's borders have been lit … Read More

How to Live Stress-Free

How to Live Stress-Free

Stressors are everywhere. Each and every day, we run into situations that constantly test us, rob us of our patience, strip us of our … Read More

teenage zombie

Free: “Turning Grace” (Zombie Alert!)

For Grace Watkins, a typical teenage girl, life was going smoothly...attending her final year of high school, crushing on the popular boy in … Read More

Praying For The Surgeon A Biopunk Noir Novel

Praying For The Surgeon: A Biopunk Noir Novel by Frank D. Lawrence

  Rhys Faulkner has a pretty bad day. While the sun was up he was still working for the police to prevent smugglers from … Read More

The Infidel Soldiers by Jams Roses

Free: “The Infidel Soldiers”

What would the world be like if followers of an extreme ideology crept into power? In the year 2020, Britain isn't as great as it was once … Read More


Random Acts of Hope

  Liam is the guitar player in the band, Random Acts of Crazy. Five years ago he was deeply in love with his girlfriend Charlotte. … Read More

Dissension Chronicles of the Uprising

Dissension: Chronicles of the Uprising

The great cataclysm wiped almost all life from the face of planet Earth, but tiny pockets of survivors crawled from the ashes, with only one … Read More

A Boy and His Corpse by Richard Knight

Free: “A Boy and His Corpse”

Like any fifteen-year-old, Alan Chandler has to deal with the horrors of adolescence—social awkwardness, joblessness, and a father who … Read More

A Match Made in Mystery Matchmaker Mystery JB Lynn

“A Match Made in Mystery”

As Brady and Amy attempt to unravel a mystery together, they can’t deny their mutual attraction despite the fact they live in different … Read More

5 Minute Financial Makeover

Free: 5 Minute Financial Makeover

In this book I break down the steps needed for someone to get control over their financial life. Almost every step is broken down into 5 … Read More

Ginger the cat book

Kid’s Book: “Ginger the Gangster Cat”

When fat, scruffy Ginger meets poor little woebegone Sparky - the cutest cat in the universe - he sees his chance for glory. "Nobody gives … Read More

In The Rearview by Maria Ann Green

“In The Rearview” by Maria Ann Green

"In The Rearview" tells Meagan's story of depression and self-harm through poetry, journals, and narrative. It is a story of heartbreak. … Read More

By the Light of the Moon Laila Blake

By the Light of the Moon

At 19 years of age, Lady Moira has never been in love. She is a strange thing, and rumors about her are whispered throughout the realm. But … Read More

GONE by Karen Fenech

Romantic Suspense: “Gone”

FBI Special Agent Clare Marshall was separated from her sister Beth in childhood when their mother tried to kill them. Now Clare learns that … Read More

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