Featured Books Of The Day


Love Is A Battlefield

He’s ready to admit she’s all grown up… After two tours of duty, former Army Ranger Jack Hunter is back in the US, working to keep DreamMakers a brilliant success. Now that his best friend’s little sister is home from college, it’s time to retire his … [Read More...]


Jockeys and Jewels

SURPRISINGLY EDGY, DELIGHTFULLY ENTERTAINING, TOTALLY SATISFYING! Ex-cop Kurt MacKinnon resents leaving his training stable to dive back into undercover work. He's seen enough sordidness to last a lifetime. But when his former partner is murdered, … [Read More...]


Lady Justice and the Pharaoh’s Curse

An artifact is stolen from the King Tut exhibit, setting in motion a string of bizarre murders that baffle the Kansas City Police Department. A local author simultaneously releases his novel, The Curse of the Pharaohs, attributing the deaths to an … [Read More...]


Fable Maker

A life less significant perhaps? But a life very much significant in fact in knowing what you really want, and finding out who you really are in the end. The unnatural against the natural, the arrogant and rude against the kind and polite, and the … [Read More...]


Rocky Mountain Heat

He’s the one who taught her to ride. Now all he wants is to ride her. Six Pack Ranch, Book 1 Blake Coleman is old enough to know that acting on impulse causes nothing but a heap of trouble. But when trouble’s a western-hat-wearing blonde with slim … [Read More...]


Maggie’s Story

Women Wanted: Must have a sense of adventure and be open to new experiences. Must also be willing to relocate. Please contact...Intergalactic Matchmaking Services. Maggie Cline decides to investigate her romantic possibilities after she becomes a … [Read More...]


Sinful Rewards 1: A Billionaires and Bikers Novella

Belinda "Bee" Carter is a good girl; at least, that's what she tells herself. And a good girl deserves a nice guy—just like the gorgeous and moody billionaire Nicolas Rainer. He is everything she wants in a man. Or so she thinks, until she takes a … [Read More...]


The Phoenix Project

A thought provoking and compelling dystopian world that will change the way you view justice... In prisons across the country, inmates are forced to fight to the death in a weekly bloodbath while the nation cheers them on. Raven Kennedy, a bitterly … [Read More...]


The Extraction List

"One of my teachers used to say the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Trust me, I knew all about it. I called that road mother. No one ever said what the road back was paved with. For me, it began on the twinkling edge of a switchblade … [Read More...]


Someone Like You

Stacy Williams is bold, confident, and adventurous. One of the best teachers in the church school system where she teaches, she is staggered to find out that despite her competence and excellent teaching skills, she is expendable in the game of … [Read More...]


First Wave: A Post-Apocalyptic Thriller, Book One

Special Forces veteran Travis Combs just wanted to forget his weary years of leading combat missions while taking an extended rafting trip through the Grand Canyon. As he and his group complete a 22-day trip on the Colorado River, they find the world … [Read More...]


The Philadelphia Series

SALE!!! 4 Books For the Price of 1!  The entire series for only $2.99! The Sale Ends 7/13!Amazon Bestselling Series!This complete collection of The Philadelphia Series includes:In My ArmsA Part of MeOut of My ElementLearning to Live Again … [Read More...]


The Devils’ Cradle

On Australia’s island state, more than one species of Tasmanian Devil exists... Beneath the surface of Nina Holt’s perfect marriage lurks a life of terror inflicted upon her by her politically powerful husband Michael and his brother Greg, a sadistic … [Read More...]


In Due Season

“Home is where we were before we had issues.” In Due Season is the sequel to Pickin' Ground, and it follows after the murder mystery is solved. Lottie returns to her rural hometown, Union City, Alabama, to help her mother and to improve the … [Read More...]


Rocky Ride

He’s got a touch that’s hotter than hot It took a hell of a lot of fast-talking and more than a few speeding tickets before Mitch Thompson convinced Constable Anna Coleman to take him for a ride. Only now that she’s loosened off her stiff RCMP … [Read More...]


The Platinum Retriever: The Story of Earth’s Unexpected Savior

Daedalus Platinum is a private investigator for neglected children because he never got the privilege of growing up with his parents. There's an insidious force planning to conquer the planet, and Daedalus gets drawn in on the case with the help of … [Read More...]