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Free: Leadership Lessons From Mom

Learn the impact that a mother makes in the lessons taught through childhood and adults … Read More

Free: The 5 Foundations of Remarkably Healthy People

If avoiding medications and surgery in the future is a top priority for you, then this is … Read More

So Much More

He needs a woman to play the perfect wife—sex included, no emotions attached. She needs to … Read More

Don’t Look Back

From #1 bestselling author Wendy Vella comes another outstanding read!“I want to live in … Read More

Wicked of the Christmas Past

Deck the halls with wows of wicked! A romantic getaway to a posh spa with her … Read More

iSin: Upgrade to Life Version 2.0

Ready to live your life to the fullest with no regrets? Want to be the best version of … Read More


Sarah Jaffers is a successful doctor who’s seen enough broken hearts in the ER—she doesn’t … Read More

Secret Revenge: Jack

She was the most exasperating woman I have ever met. She was also a beautiful, pain in the … Read More

5 Essential Dimensions

This book unveils an amazing theory. Our lives have five dimensions that are essential for … Read More

The Sword Brothers

An exciting, fast-paced story set in the Baltic Crusade in the 13th century that revolves … Read More

The Slim habit

"We have never come across such an all-encompassing, holistic approach to weight loss" GQ … Read More

American Emerald

American Emerald; A coming of age story of love and war in the modern era, combined with … Read More

Free: My Delicate Destruction

Katerina used to be a regular college girl, but now she’s a fugitive on the run from the … Read More

Free: Ramatel’s Vow

Seventy generations ago, the angel Ramatel was cast into hell for sleeping with human … Read More

Free: The Letter

When Jill Hunter, an ex-homicide detective turned freelance investigator receives an … Read More

Free: Good Investigations

A ridiculously beautiful blonde, a serial blackmailer and a woman's lifeless body. Life's … Read More

Free: Restless Hearts

Sparks fly when Sarah Howard and Jamie Thompson meet on board a schooner bound for the San … Read More

Free: Escaping Europe

Jon Hewson has more money than he can spend, but he is a romantic failure. His family … Read More

7th Street Crew Series

You will never guess the ending! Am I pretty? Imagine being asked that question standing … Read More

Our Lady of Kibeho and The Malignant Cockroach

A country is warned by a premonition of death on a scale previously unheard of. No one … Read More

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