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Enter & Delete

Saul Poliakov is caught in an unsalvageable marriage that is slowly dragging him, his wife Fay, and their daughter into a morass of … Read More


Free: MoonFall

It’s been twenty years since the world came to an end. The day Earth’s moon exploded, the dark of night took on a whole new meaning and … Read More


A Familiar Problem

Natalia Stokes is a loner, a demon loner with some strange ideas about life and, well, death. Banished from Hell for being a trouble maker, … Read More


Free: Iluminati

Aedan's life is forever changed one fateful morning when masked soldiers arrive in his medieval English village and lay waste to everything … Read More


Becoming One: A Story of Triumph Over Dissociative Identity Disorder

Two little girls, the author and her sister, were routinely terrorized and assaulted over a period of years by a family friend. One grew up … Read More


Free: 90 Things That Irritate The Sh** Out Of Me…Or At least Make Me Frown

What is this book about? Well, it's about irritations. And sex. Race. Shopping carts. Izod shirts with skinny leather ties. Let's not forget … Read More


Free: Writing Resumes, Making Money

People are always looking for jobs and that means they need resumes. Writing resumes for job seekers is a great way to make money. Whether … Read More


Free: Dead Secret

Hard-nosed Investigative journalist Tony Gabriel doesn’t believe in the paranormal - until he meets Eve Canning and discovers a world he … Read More


Passover with a TWIST

What happens when parents use words to mean one thing – but kids imagine something completely different? “The wicked, stubborn Pharaoh had … Read More


The Seeker (Five Book Set)

Ember Wells knows the meaning of terror. A reporter by day, her nights are spent hiding from a serial killer known as The Seeker. He's … Read More


Winging It!: Confessions of an Angel in Training

Archangel Michael isn’t happy about Angel in Training, Grace Lightbourne's, special assignment, but Grace is convinced she’s on a fast track … Read More


Fluency Secrets

"Fluency Secrets" is a book for students of English. As you may have guessed it from the title, it contains the top tips to becoming a … Read More

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