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Rhythm and Rapture

What would you do if a simple date turned out to be the date from hell? Jade Louis was happily living her dream as a Broadway dancer in … Read More


The Long Way Home

Sent from Chicago to the Kansas Flint Hills on family business, Jaxton Anderson finds himself in conflict with Ami Martin from their very … Read More


Free: Beyond the Eyes

Seventeen-year-old Paige Reed knows evil exists in this world but she never imagined it would want something from her. After a ghostly … Read More


Fatal Rhythm

“Best of 2014” - Suspense Magazine In the pre-dawn hours of the graveyard shift, the ICU at the Houston Heart Institute is quiet, and … Read More


Horror: “Phobia”

Riddled with phobias, Dana finds herself trapped inside her only sanctuary - her home. Haunted by nightmares and terrifying experiences … Read More


Free: “Dog Gone: Did you miss me?”

The sequel to the much lauded Dogstar, Dog Gone follows the protagonist, Amy, and her struggles against the outbreak of grease in the … Read More


ALPHA (Non-Fiction)

Alpha sets out to examine the growth in human knowledge throughout history and how it affects the way we view the world today. The ancients … Read More


Free: The Cagney Man

The four short stories with each have a twist. You think twice about sleeping after reading these tales of suspense. Free on Kindle. … Read More


Shades of Domination: Billionaire Romance Box Set

Let a whole new set of hot alpha males steam up your eReader. They will get what they want. Passionate, unrelenting, and insatiable, these … Read More


Bound by Fire

The powerful draasin – elemental creatures of fire not seen for a thousand years – have returned. Not all are convinced they should have … Read More


Kiss a Cowboy

Andi Stevens drives away from her home town of Seattle to begin a new life with her fiancé in Buffalo, New York. When her car breaks down in … Read More


Mystery and Misadventure

Meet Samuel Prite, an inoffensive old man, with a strange walking stick, and in possession of a pristine Morris Minor. What could possibly … Read More

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