Free: Charlock’s Secret

Leah Moyes

Desperate to hide, Kat flees. Now, trapped in time, her survival and return are threatened by her fractured heart. Discover why Historical Romance readers can’t put this heart-warming novel down. Free on Kindle... Read more


Forgotten Proxy Bride

Margaret Tanner

Years after being left at the altar, Nathan McPhee’s broken heart has still not mended. Will Nathan let Sophie warm his cold heart? And will Sophie be able to forget her dead husband and find happiness with the sheriff? They will if little Georgie’s plan succeeds. $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Free: Last Dance in London

Sydney Jane Baily

From USA Today bestselling author comes a dashing rogue and a female “Robin Hood” in a sparkling, steamy Regency tale. It’s enough to make a cocky rake wish he were safely married! Who will tame whom? Free on Kindle.... Read more


The Future Bride: A MacLeod Time-Travel Rom Com

J.G. MacLeod

Brigid MacDonald is a coffee barista with a black belt who’s been transported to 15th-century Scotland in the middle of a clan feud. She knows how to fight, but these groomsmen are relentless! Will her karate skills be enough to ensure her survival in medieval Skye, or must she trust her life to a mysterious ... Read more


Kurt: (Cupids & Cowboys, Book 11)

Hebby Roman

Clementine Campbell is trapped in a gilded world as a headliner in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. But her real-life doesn’t measure up to the glamour. She’s enslaved, controlled by a murderous uncle, and a dangerous blackmailer, George Byrnes, who acts as her manager. When she meets Kurt Armstrong, a kind and handsome cowboy from ... Read more


Secret Proxy Bride

Margaret Tanner

Dying on the battlefield, Robert pleads with his friend, Dyson, to marry the woman he loves, and to give her and his son the protection of marriage. Dyson, a confirmed bachelor, agrees to a proxy marriage on the proviso that his bride never tries to contact him. When Miranda and her child are left homeless ... Read more


The Imperial Orchid

Nicola Italia

When Frances Wakefield, a gifted illustrator, is handpicked by Lord Holloway to travel to Ceylon as a member of the expedition team, she is thrilled. When she arrives in Egypt to meet the other members of the team, she comes face-to-face with Miles St. Clair, Lord Holloway’s son and heir. He is the arrogant, handsome, ... Read more


The Battle of Baltimore

Samuel Brown

As the War of 1812 rages on between England and America, another war is waged in the streets of Baltimore. Caleb Smith is thrilled to learn that his longtime friend and love interest, Libby Anderson, returned from England. However, Caleb learns that Libby is betrothed to British aristocrat Harold Edgerton III through an arranged marriage ... Read more


All Things That Deserve to Perish: A Novel of Wilhelmine Germany

Dana Mack

The year is 1896, and Elisabeth (‘Lisi’) von Schwabacher, the gifted daughter of a Jewish banker, returns home to Berlin from piano study in Vienna. Though her thoughts are far from matrimony, she is pursued by two noblemen impressed as much by her stunning wealth as by her prodigious intellect and musical talent. Awakened to ... Read more


The Lady in the Veil

Allie Cresswell

What secrets hide beneath the veil? When her mother departs for a tour of the continent, Georgina is sent from the rural backwaters to stay with her cousin, George Talbot, in London. The 1835 season is at its height, but Georgina is determined to attend neither balls nor plays, and to eschew Society. She hides ... Read more


Free: Jalopy

Wes Verde

New Jersey, 1928. All her life, Etta Wozniak has toiled on her family’s small farm. Life has fallen into a rut of drudgery and predictability. That is, until the day she discovers something in an unlikely place; an old car. Art Adams, a recent college man, is to marry a woman he has never met ... Read more


Love and Chivalry

Lindsay Townsend

Four determined and resourceful young women. Four warriors, sworn to protect others. All four full-length medieval historical romance novels, still available singly, now also together in one volume. Novels: A Knight’s Vow, A Knight’s Captive, A Knight’s Enchantment, A Knight’s Prize. $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Finding Home

Christy Cooper-Burnett

An exiled prisoner. A desperate woman. A time travel agent willing to break the rules. Malcolm and Hannah are exiled prisoners starting over in 1868, Oklahoma. There’s just one problem–they time-traveled there from 2071. Strangers in their own homeland facing unimaginable hardships, now all they have to do is survive. See price on Kindle.... Read more


Free: Immigrant Bride

Jean Dunstan

Can an unconventional marriage lead to love? In the early 1900’s, destitute, Sophia’s parents had no choice but to force their beloved sixteen-year-old daughter, Sophia, to marry a stranger. She must leave her sheltered life in Italy and become an immigrant bride in New York City. Can she overcome her fears and learn to love? ... Read more


Rose Cottage: Shimla, 1802

Puja Miri Yajnik

A fictional historical romance, recounting the tale of a young woman from London named Emerald Dawson who journeys to India for the first time. After a brief stay in Bombay, she relocates to the titular cottage in Shimla. She then quickly settles into a routine and makes numerous friends and acquaintances. However, things are soon ... Read more



Sandra Cox

Coop Malloy has a big heart and a quick temper. He’s taken in his ten year old niece and her companion, and there’s nothing he won’t do to protect them. $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Temptations of a Duke’s Daughter

Samantha Holt

Lady Chastity will not stand idly by while her sister is suspected of murder. Since no one wants to help, she’ll take matters into her own hands. The plan? Simple. She’ll disguise herself as a servant and investigate. But when her ruse leads her to the enigmatic Lord Kendall, Chastity soon realizes nothing in her ... Read more


Lucifer’s Mail-Order Bride

Margaret Tanner

Lucifer Jones is a tormented man. Under sufferance, he agrees to meet his unscrupulous brother’s mail-order-bride. Belinda Potter is a mail-order bride who waits in vain for her would-be groom. She is desperate enough to accept Lucifer’s offer of marriage. What will Lucifer do when he discovers Belinda’s family caused his torment? $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


The Marshall and the Thief

Lynn Landes

A woman desperate to escape… Paige is on the run from her family and the U.S. Marshall hunting them. No one says denies her father. The plan was simple, escape during the train robbery and make a fresh start. Her plans go awry when an impulsive decision drops her into the arms of the Marshall. ... Read more


Free: Seductive Silence

Larissa Lyons

Pestered by a persistent stammer, a regency lord must find a way to woo his new mistress without words. For fans of Mary Balogh’s emotional, character-driven stories, Tessa Dare’s humor, and Jess Michaels’ heat. What reviewers are saying about the series: “Highly recommended reads and definitely keepers!” “These three books are definitely worth reading again. ... Read more


Free: Sinners Take All

K. R. Richards

Francis Nightshade’s assignment is to travel to Scotland, find a shroud brought to Scotland by the Templars in the 14th century, and discover who is murdering scholars also looking for the shroud. It’s not in his plans to marry and bring a wife along with him, but when he meets Violet Frost, that’s exactly what ... Read more


Free: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Kathleen Lawless

Deception and desire clash in the Old West where seven brothers are united in a single cause. Brothers by choice, not by blood, the seven Mason men could not be more different from one another, yet they share a common goal, an oath sworn in blood to avenge the hanging of one of their own. ... Read more


Free: Love Contract

Jean Dunstan

Stunned by her parents’ death, Graciella inherits their multi-million-dollar estate. However, if she can’t fulfill the requirements of their Will, she risks losing everything. Can this heartbroken cowgirl find true love, or will those plotting against her cause her to lose everything? Free on Kindle.... Read more


Free: Crumpets and Cowpies

Shanna Hatfield

Lady Jemma Bryan has no desire to spend a single minute in Thane Jordan’s intolerable presence much less live under the same roof with the handsome, arrogant American. Forced to choose between poverty or marriage to the man, she travels to his ranch in Oregon. Will their marriage of convenience lead to something more? Free on ... Read more


The Messenger’s Mischief

Julia David

When Calls the Heart just collided with Bonanza! The Messenger’s Mischief, a winning combination of humor, hope, her-oics, history, and heart-hugging romance. The plucky Miss Elaine Balderhoff’s life is hanging by a thread as the Wells Fargo stage races across the Nevada desert. Bandits have attacked the stage, and the shotgun messenger sworn to protect ... Read more


If There Hadn’t Been You

J.R. Zimmer

Jacqueline Grymes took something her stepbrother wants back. If he finds her, will he kill her? Secret Service agent Colten Fisher is sent to protect Jacqueline but who will protect her heart from this assigned guardian. Pick up your copy of this historical North Dakota Romance! $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Viking Glory Complete Collection Books 1-5: A Steamy Viking Romance Box Set

Celeste Barclay

FROM POPULAR HISTORICAL ROMANCE AUTHOR CELESTE BARCLAY COMES A COLLECTION OF STEAMY VIKING NOVELS. Welcome to the Norse world of Viking Glory. Return to the days of adventure and honor, with brave but flawed warriors and the women who challenge them. Love Romance and Alpha-Males? Discover the heroes within these pages. Over 1600 pages of ... Read more


Farewell My Life

Cynthia Haggard

From the award-winning author of Thwarted Queen. In the spirit of classic novels grappling with gender and class, Farewell My Life, a historical romance novel in three parts, spins an operatic tale of dangerous love, obsession and loss; of crumbling, dissolving and nothingness. “A Masterpiece” – San Francisco Book Review. $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


In the Shadow of the Hawthorn

D.M. Porters

NEW RELEASE! Instead of begging on London’s streets, illegitimate Emma Mason grows up as part of the family in Lord and Lady Drake’s lavish manor. Surrounded by love, she is never made to feel like a lesser person. That is until she meets Theo Barnett, the son of a wealthy landowner and friend to the ... Read more


Lipstick and Lead Box Set (Books 1-4)

Sylvia McDaniel

In 1880 Zenith, Texas, the McKenzie sisters, Meg, Annabelle and Ruby must find a way to support themselves after the death of their father. They have three options; marriage, women’s work or…following in their papa’s footsteps at bounty hunters. $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Aislynn’s Story

Susan Denning

In post-Civil War New York City, sixteen-year-old Aislynn Denehy cannot find a job, she has no place to live and no family to help her. Some might think this is a problem; Aislynn believes it is an opportunity, but she has a lot to learn. The series Aislynn’s Story follows her journey across the frontier ... Read more


Rose and Thorn: Possession of The King


Betrothed to the future king that enslaved her father, Ressa Gabriella Rose must play her part perfectly to save her father’s life. Twenty-year-old Ressa Gabriella Rose infiltrates the castle, impersonates one of the prince’s mistresses, and finds herself betrothed to the future king; all in an effort to save her father. Her father’s wrongful accusation ... Read more


The Tantalizing of a Scandalous Rake

Samantha Holt

Adam only intended to lay low but somehow ended up under the care of renowned beauty and innkeeper Miss Rosie Seymour–and he’s struggling to resist giving up his rakish lifestyle all for her. $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Braxton’s Century: An Epic Novel Spanning The Globe And The Greatest Century

JR Strayve JR

Prince Braxton spans the globe, chasing his dreams. Only one thing stands in his way, winning the exotically beautiful duchess’s uncompromising heart. $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


The Tender Kiss of Fate

Vlad Kahany

Unspoken words, betrayal, feelings so deep they scare, and the second chance for love in this steamy Victorian romance. $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


The Lion and the Leopard (The Knights of England Series, Book 1)

Mary Ellen Johnson

Lady Maria Rendell is torn between two men: a loving but absent husband and the illegitimate half-brother of Edward II. When civil war breaks out against the feckless Edward, Maria must pay the price for her scandalous affair with his half-brother. Personal love, duty, and loyalty collide with larger events—ending in the deposition and death ... Read more


Sister to Beauty

Roxanne McNeil

What if Beauty tricked her ordinary, near-sighted sister into taking her place with the beast? Set in the lavender farms of Provence, Sister to Beauty is a sweet, chemistry-driven retelling of the classic fairy tale. If you’re looking for delicious kisses, a strong-minded heroine, and a swoony romance, this is the book for you. $0.99 ... Read more


Free: Gage (RIdge), Cupids & Cowboys Book 7

Charlene Raddon

An old-fashioned marshal who yearns to be a bounty hunter… A modern woman who wears bloomers and writes dime novels… An orphaned little girl willing to play cupid to gain a new mama and papa… Can the three form a new family, or will the villain who killed little Bibi’s parents manage to kill her ... Read more


Earl of Keyworth

Collette Cameron

Their aversion was instant and mutual. Or so it would seem… Celestia Tolman will never forgive Landry, Earl of Keyworth, for trying to ruin her father’s livelihood. She will, however, teach the arrogant lord a lesson he won’t soon forget. The task should be simple—if she can ignore her untimely and entirely unwanted attraction to ... Read more


Blood of the Rook

Jules Harvey

Magic, myth, true love, and murder turn Regency London into a city of passion and high fantasy. Sebastian, the Earl of Redsayle returns to London after a seven year absence. He returns as an assassin and spy known as Rook and he is deep undercover. He wants nothing more than to win back the love ... Read more


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