Free: Of Night and Dark Obscurity

Nicola Italia

Detective Chief Inspector Valentine Pierce is the second son of an Earl who has had to make his way in the world by joining the Metropolitan Police in London. He is respected and well regarded until a series of murders thrusts him into the spotlight. Nicknamed the Primrose Strangler, a killer is running loose on ... Read more


The Official Insider Report On The American NeeGrow

Malcolm Luther King

Is he right in the head? Is he right for the bed? What does he really want with African American women? Is it safe for Black women to get involved with the men of her own ethnicity? In this official TELL-ALL report, you’ll discover the REAL answers to these questions and many more, as Malcolm ... Read more


Free: Taken from Love: Book 3 in the Taylor Series

D.M. Porters

“Has you on the edge of your seat, yet also sighing in delight.” – Romance4thebeach Beautiful Gabriella Taylor dreamt of adventure but got more than she bargained for. Taken by pirates, she would need all her courage and that of a gorgeous sailor to return to the home she so loves. Free on Kindle.... Read more


Dark Gothic

Eve Silver

For fans of historical romance with mystery and a touch of horror, the Dark Gothic series is a favorite! The six books in the series are stand-alone, complete novels that can be read in any order. No cliffhangers. The young governess at an isolated castle and must decide if the castle’s dark lord is worthy ... Read more


Free: The Fall of Camelot

Lavinia Collins

A tale of love, jealousy, passion and loss that is steeped in folklore and legend but written for contemporary women. King Arthur’s power hangs on the brink as his half-sister Morgan reaps her revenge, and his illegitimate son Mordred battles against him. If you like Game of Thrones you’ll love this fantastic finale of the ... Read more


When Valleys Bloom Again

Pat Jeanne Davis

After fleeing impending war in England, nineteen-year-old Abby Stapleton works to correct her stammer and to become a teacher in America, only to discover this conflict has no boundaries and that a rejected suitor is intent on destroying her name, fiancé, and fragile faith. $1.99 on Kindle on Kindle.... Read more


Daybreak – A Viking Romance

Alexis Kincaid

When your world burns and there’s nothing left but the flame, what choice do you have but to rise from the ashes? When Fortress Vysala fell to Northmen and Lady Aada was driven from her home, the sea seemed to welcome her with open arms. Aada, is thrown into a world of legend, treasure and ... Read more


One Kiss From Ruin

Nancy Yeager

Once upon a time, they were in love… Now he’s a gentleman marked by a scandal and she’s a lady haunted by a secret. A respectable match between them is impossible. But they can’t resist the forces pulling them together, even though each stolen moment brings them to the brink of passion, and every forbidden ... Read more


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