Tasty Friends

Tanya is frustrated and struggles to find sexual satisfaction on her own, so she turns to friends she sees in the schoolyard when they take their kids to school. She gets more than she ever dreamed of, and in a week of sexual experimentation she finds out exactly what turns her on. $1.27 on Kindle.


“Our greatest hit is a love song I wrote for my bandmate. And he has no idea.” Messy-haired, soulful-eyed, off-kilter lyricist Les Graves holds tight to the hedonist’s credo of consumption in every avenue of life. He has trouble staying still, trouble staying sober, trouble turning down a good time—but put a pen in his […]

Feast for the Incubus (Book 1)

The Keep, a place for paranormals to explore their every sexual desire, should never have allowed entrance to human Ian. But The Keep sees something in him, something desperately needed. Sorinu and Kit, owners of The Keep, had lost hope of finding Sorinu’s second mate, a human to keep his incubus hunger in check. Yet […]

Morning Madison Series Box Set (Books 1-4)

I don’t have a boyfriend, but I have to pretend I do. When my boss’s son starts hitting on me at work, I have to figure a way out. I lie and tell him I have a boyfriend. So now I need a fake boyfriend. The only person who comes to mind is my neighbor. […]

Free: The 4th

When Cambridge went to her best friend’s 4th of July barbecue, she was excited and looking forward to the day. But, things get really complicated when her best friend drops the news that she’s invited Cambridge’s ex. In a mad rush to leave, she bumps into her ex and panic sets in. What will Cambridge […]

Cargo: Akar Chronicles Book One

Phoenix spots the tall, dark and dangerously sexy man in line behind him at the club immediately. He thinks he’s found a dance partner for the night, but the stranger has other plans. Jax has worked his entire life to become the best sourcer on Akar, maybe even in all of Zila Galaxy. He specializes […]

Opposing Briefs

He’s my opponent in the courtroom, defending the same scumbag criminals I’m trying to put away. He’s my rival in training for the New York City Marathon, in a competition between our firms. And, unlike me, he’s straight and he’s married. So, why do I find myself so damn attracted to him? His cocky swagger […]

Free: Sing for Me

Elijah As head of King Broadcasting Corporation, the largest in the country, I have everything I could ever want… except for Alexander Tucker. I’ve known Alex since middle school choir when I used to stare at him from afar, but he never picked up on my hints. Now, he owns Tucker Broadcasting Corporation, my biggest […]

The Dinner Party

When recent divorcee Jade seeks to broaden her sexual horizons, she’s invited to a private dinner event which promises to stimulate all of her senses. Wearing nothing but masquerade masks, dinner guests receive extra special service while their fellow diners voyeuristically look on. During the feast, she watches with increasing arousal as an exotic mix […]

Buckle Up

Buckle Up is the first book in a gay romance series by Karen Botha and a story of unlikely love. Passion, lust and desire are the fuel that drives us. So, buckle up for the ride of your life. Elliott Judd is a superstar race car driver and hotter than hell. Men and women fall […]

Elf Bound

After years a prisoner in Otherworld, Takeshi doesn’t have the first clue about love or desire. Aindreas loves it all but can’t find the one person who can love him for all his contradictions. When the BDSM club slut is matched with the warrior virgin, both tempers and desires flare. $2.99 on Kindle.

Frank: Daddy Bear 3

Frank is Forty-Five, He wasn’t looking for another relationship having recently escaped his previous one. But then he never knew he was going to meet Carter. Carter is Twenty-Two, Immature and Insecure he is desperate for a boyfriend someone to make him feel loved. He wants a Daddy to take care of him. A hot […]

Twenty-One Arrow Salute

An archer’s heart is a hard target to hit… Fortunately, the Queen’s Guards are excellent shots! One gobby, slutty Highlander. One shy, ginger outsider. Hot, long-haired Elves handling massive…bows! What can go wrong? $0.99 on Kindle.

A Taste of Sin

Desiree Nichols is a very good girl. Ask almost any woman in Miami with a taste for pink. She hasn’t left a single one unsatisfied in all the years she’s been prowling the city. But when a bad love affair and her mother’s unexpected illness knocks Dez off her game, it’ll take a very special […]

Not Too Wrong To Make Right

Amber Johnson seems to have it all figured out. She fell in love with her best friend Jennifer Thomas, They moved to a small town Dover, Delaware and they were preparing to build a home and start a family. Shortly following the move Jennifer realizes she lost herself while trying to give Amber everything she […]

Faerie Bound, Matched by Magic (Book 2)

Garrick, Alpha of the Las Vegas Pack wants to find his mate. But how will his pack respond if they discover their Alpha is a closeted sexual submissive? Not the typical faerie prince, Faolan is disobedient, lives in exile and has more piercings than a punk band. He’s also a sexual dominant longing for someone […]

After Dark

Passions run high between mortal enemies, werewolves, and vampires. So what happens when a reluctant immortal finds himself in love with a shifter? $2.99 on Kindle.

Magic, Myths, and Fairytale Romance: A Gay Romance Book Bundle

Five fantastical romance books, all together in one. Whether you’re looking for wizards, enchanted castles, or mysterious forests full of wonder, it’s all here. The Wizard Merlin: A young mage and a band of knights set out on a journey of destiny that will surely end in death. But when a mysterious stranger falls into […]

Forbidden Melody

Emma Harvey is a brilliant and gifted young pianist, accepted into one of the most prestigious music conservatories in the country and prepared to do whatever it takes to accomplish her dreams of playing professionally. With a renowned jazz musician for a father and a world-famous mentor growing up, she is convinced her path is […]

Free: Cursed: Broken (Book 1)

To save his father and brothers from financial ruin, aspiring photographer Nick Fairfax must intern with Lord Bane Dunsaney, a cutthroat yet sensual billionaire. At Bane’s secluded estate, Nick glimpses the mysterious man’s tender side and they grow closer, but Bane has a deadly secret. He is an immortal tiger-shifter, and the beast is hungry […]

The Birthday Girl: Explicit First-Time Lesbian Erotica (Curiously Broken Book 1)

Young 20-something housewife Jenn is bored with her life. In fact, she’s beyond bored—she’s downright starved for change. Domesticity has lost its luster. Friends are nowhere to be found. And today is her birthday. Refusing to celebrate yet another year of life passing her by, Jenn breaks routine and gives in to her whims… some […]

Second Chance Earth

A devastated Earth is home to a smattering of sick and starving old men. Rescued by an alien entity named the Cloud, Scott Hayes awakens to an altered planet and a young body, capable of bearing children. Named as Ambassador, and with a new love at his side, Scott embraces the Cloud and their vision […]


Two men haunted by the same ghost… Falling for “the other man” in my marriage was never part of the plan. Then again, according to Nicolae Ursache, I am the other man, and human wedding vows don’t apply. Not to werewolves. Nicolae is a smug, arrogant alpha male stereotype–and I do mean alpha in the […]

His American Detective

The sole survivor of his family’s gruesome murder years earlier, “Poor Little Ned Lawton” has struggled to put the dark events behind him. So when a brash New York detective darkens his doorway demanding an interview, the gentleman is uninterested. But a rash of murders in America are mirroring of the London killings, and Patrick […]

Saving the Omega

Would you risk your life for the one person who could make you whole? Angus is an Alpha wolf shifter, living under the rule of a powerful Vampire coven. He hates the conditions his pack lives under but has no choice when the lives of his people are at stake. But all of that changes […]

The Charmer: Sin City Sentries – Book 1

“You’re not a nice man, Zane Anderson.” Zane: At only twenty-nine years old, I’m the head of PR at a Sin City casino I own with my three best friends. I got this far by being ruthless, but my warm personality will make you think otherwise. I know how to play my best assets. My […]

Leather Head

He’s easy on the eyes, but deadly to the touch. Gable is just playing dress up for San Francisco’s leather S&M fair, but Leather Head isn’t playing. His friend Shawn warns him to be careful what he’s advertising for since the community has been rocked by four brutal murders. Gable still thinks it’s all in […]

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