The Birthday Girl: Explicit First-Time Lesbian Erotica (Curiously Broken Book 1)

Young 20-something housewife Jenn is bored with her life. In fact, she’s beyond bored—she’s downright starved for change. Domesticity has lost its luster. Friends are nowhere to be found. And today is her birthday. Refusing to celebrate yet another year of life passing her by, Jenn breaks routine and gives in to her whims… some […]

Second Chance Earth

A devastated Earth is home to a smattering of sick and starving old men. Rescued by an alien entity named the Cloud, Scott Hayes awakens to an altered planet and a young body, capable of bearing children. Named as Ambassador, and with a new love at his side, Scott embraces the Cloud and their vision […]


Two men haunted by the same ghost… Falling for “the other man” in my marriage was never part of the plan. Then again, according to Nicolae Ursache, I am the other man, and human wedding vows don’t apply. Not to werewolves. Nicolae is a smug, arrogant alpha male stereotype–and I do mean alpha in the […]

His American Detective

The sole survivor of his family’s gruesome murder years earlier, “Poor Little Ned Lawton” has struggled to put the dark events behind him. So when a brash New York detective darkens his doorway demanding an interview, the gentleman is uninterested. But a rash of murders in America are mirroring of the London killings, and Patrick […]

Saving the Omega

Would you risk your life for the one person who could make you whole? Angus is an Alpha wolf shifter, living under the rule of a powerful Vampire coven. He hates the conditions his pack lives under but has no choice when the lives of his people are at stake. But all of that changes […]

The Charmer: Sin City Sentries – Book 1

“You’re not a nice man, Zane Anderson.” Zane: At only twenty-nine years old, I’m the head of PR at a Sin City casino I own with my three best friends. I got this far by being ruthless, but my warm personality will make you think otherwise. I know how to play my best assets. My […]

Leather Head

He’s easy on the eyes, but deadly to the touch. Gable is just playing dress up for San Francisco’s leather S&M fair, but Leather Head isn’t playing. His friend Shawn warns him to be careful what he’s advertising for since the community has been rocked by four brutal murders. Gable still thinks it’s all in […]


After transitioning, programmer Nic Montero struggles to join gay culture… until he runs into the green-haired, gartered force of nature that is Kyle Everett. Loud, loving, and too much for most men to handle, Kyle spends his precious spare moments with his son. Can two men who feel like they’re not enough and too much […]

Guarding His Jewels

Ryan, a naive young security guard, becomes intimately entangled with professional fighters in the days before their world championship grudge match. More is at stake than the title belt, valuable rings, prize money, glory, and fame. The reigning champ has been threatened with losing body parts — his natural treasures — by his arch nemesis. […]


Rae has a broken marriage behind her and best friend Lindsay is drowning in a sea of debt. When Rae meets a charismatic stranger; Callum, it seems her life is about to get better. Desperate to have a child, Rae asks Lindsay to be a surrogate for a fee. It seems the perfect solution: But […]

Free: The Ugly Post – A Love Story

Charlie and Bryce have been together seven years. They don’t have it all, but they have all they want—each other. When Charlie stumbles into a secret Bryce has kept for years, he’s devastated, but Bryce swears Charlie is wrong. Blindsided by lies, mistrust, and shattered faith, the two are swallowed into a vortex spinning so […]

Strong Side

Jason has one chance to impress NFL recruiters, and Derek is the teammate he can always count on. When they grow even closer off the field, can they win the game… and find a happily ever after? $0.99 on Kindle.

Claiming His Mate

The scent of forever… Alpha, Tate Hunter’s job as a bouncer at the shifter-only nightclub, The Love Knot, is pretty routine – tossing out drunks, breaking up fights – but when he saves an Omega from a hungry pack of alphas, he catches a scent that will change his life forever. $2.99 on Kindle.

Straight from the Heart (Wilde Love Book 1)

Alex is drawn to Liam when the man saves him from a mugging. Liam wants Alex enough to jeopardize his career, maybe even his life. Will they find their happy ending, or will the secrets that brought them together tear them apart? A light-hearted romance that believes everyone has a shot at love. $0.99 on Kindle.

Jagged Edge

I don’t want Jason Vega. Not at all. It’s the worst idea ever. Ah hell… Jason is handsome. Smart. Dangerous. Hot. He’s goddamn gorgeous—but he’s also sleeping on the street, hanging out with the local biker gang and selling his body for a living. Our lives, our paths couldn’t be further apart. I’m crawling toward […]

Green’s Thumb

Mitch Graham and Karl Hartman are meant for each other – they just don’t know it yet. They’re both gay, middle aged, single, and hoping to meet that special someone. When Mitch decides on a whim to visit a new dog park, Karl’s greyhound takes a shine to him, bringing the men together. After Karl […]

Remaking Josh

Josh takes a trip to his cabin on the edge of Tidewater, hoping to find a way to move on from his husband’s death. He doesn’t expect to rescue someone else. A dead truck battery and an incoming storm drive Eli to Josh’s door Tidewater’s winter storm just needs to snow the two damaged men […]

Room for Rent

Can two dreamers shed their old lives in order to find ultimate bliss together? Join Caleb and Mason as their worlds collide and naughty sparks fly, defying everything that is expected of them in the name of true love in this steamy story for the ages! $0.99 on Kindle.

Free: Photoshoot Wanted

Jamie was looking for men to take sexy photos of him which to use for a dating site. Read about the responses Jamie had from horny men, such as a mature man wanting to film Jamie having sex with men in a sauna, and a man trying to help Jamie find a job as a […]

Dawn Patrol

Elias lives for the waves. He’s been surfing off the Tidewater coast since he could crawl, and the connection he’s forged with the ocean is fundamental. Theo’s art has helped him move mountains. He’s ready for more. $2.99 on Kindle.

The Lesbian Billionaire Collection

Brown, Debbie Brown just wanted to do good things for people, for her country. After graduating from Dartmouth College, becoming a secret Navy Seal, and spending time with the CIA she found that the world was not the picture that had been painted for her as a child. What was she to do? Harriet Rothman’s […]

The House of Romance

Grace and Claudia own a deluxe, lesbian, hotel resort on a nude beach, 30 from Barcelona Spain. For our description purposes, we will call it, “The Hotel of Romance.” It took years years for Grace and Claudia to find their own true lesbian sexuality. It came naturally. But then they were both introduced to affluent […]

Photoshoot Wanted

Jamie is a stunning looking 19 year old student who has just moved to London to start university. He placed a classified ad asking if any men could take some sexy photos of him which he could then use for a Gaydar profile so he could meet men for sexual experiences In Photoshoot Wanted, Jamie […]

Burning Rubbers

Life gets interesting for friends – or enemies – who rise to the occasion and find that their feelings for the other guy are… complicated. Burning Rubbers delivers delicious suspense and dangerous romance. Guns are blazing, enemies are scheming, and both cars and lives spin out of control – and our intrepid heroes still fall […]

Blood in the Water

Kyros is carrying a torch for a fellow pirate. Rumors say the man has killed hundreds. Eric has a creature inked into his chest. He knows it gives him a cursed reputation and he wants to trap it inside a spelled puzzle jar. The spirit of vengeance that lives in Eric’s skin has no intention […]

Free: Be Safe

The worst of the AIDS epidemic has passed with the discovery of new medications. But not everyone rejoices. Certain groups of gay men rebel when they find it impossible to embrace the notion that they’re suddenly expected to slough off their “end dates” and become useful, vibrant members of society. Free on Kindle.

Free: The First Omega (Gay Romance)

Gay Shifter MPreg Romance! Darius is a top student and the star athlete of the human football team. From the outside looking in he seems to have it all. But below the surface there is something different about him. He knows he’s not like the other guys on the football team but he’s deeply confused […]

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