Religion Books on Kindle

Enlighten yourself with these inspirational words from all kinds of religions and spiritual practices to center your life and focus on the things that matter most to you. Find calmness and create new daily habits by learning about the teachings of spiritual leaders, religious texts, and modern church ministers.

Free: Chaos In The Blink Of An Eye

Patrick Higgins

As the football was kicked into the snow-filled sky, long-foretold Bible prophecy came to pass, causing many inside Michigan Stadium to vanish into thin air without a trace. It was just the beginning of things to come, as life as humanity had known it was forever changed in the blink of an eye…Free to $0.99 ... Read more



Thurman Faison

This book is about “forgiveness”. It is filled with many occasions of forgiveness in the lives of notable biblical characters and even many who were quite unknown. There is a flow of forgiveness throughout the scriptures and it is truly the most important gift that we have ever received. It is the foundation of our ... Read more


A Witch’s Guide to Spellcraft

Althaea Sebastiani

While there is more to witchcraft than casting spells, it’s hard to deny that spellcraft still plays a key part and is often how many of us start out in the magickal arts. But like most aspects of witchcraft, spellcraft is not easy. Lighting a thousand candles and reciting just as many beautifully rhyming words ... Read more


Free: Bible Answers Curious Children Need: God’s Truth is in Every Child’s Heart

Eric Demaree

Our Children Need Help Tragically, many “killjoy” religions intimidate children into abandoning their conscience and replacing it with religious rules. Morally intelligent children then become confused. These children need the information in this book so that they will know that their childhood joy is the pathfinder for what God wants them to do. Free on Kindle.... Read more


Free: God Is Not A God Of Religion

Lorenzo Brunetti

God is not a God of Religion is Gods word for this next decade. Having a relationship with everything and everyone else we have lost sight of our most important relationship which is with our creator. This book has been inspired by God to show that there is a distinct difference between religion and relationship. ... Read more


God’s letters: 132 Capital Letters Came During a Vision in 2001

Athanasio Celia

In 2001 a man recorded a vision, which contained 132 capital letters of the Greek alphabet that created a quadrangular shape 11 to 12. A study revealed that the text is readable in 115 different ways in the ancient Greek language and parallel it encloses depictions and symbols. The vision-text turned out to be God’s ... Read more


Angelology: Understanding Angels

Gregory Brown

In Angelology, we will consider many questions about angels, including who they are, their creation, types of angels, specific angels, their ministry, their future, and much more. The study of angels is not just speculative; we can learn a great deal from them, as they are fellow servants and worshipers of God (Rev 22:9). Let’s study ... Read more


Sura Flow: 3 Steps to Effortless Meditation & Unexpected Miracles


By surrendering, you can experience the magic of synchronicity and allow it to guide you on your own, unique life path. Sura Flow provides a clear perspective on how to develop your own practice so you can live your true self. It offers a contemporary approach to meditation so that you can experience greater healing, ... Read more


Missing Peace

N. K. Holt

Every war has losses: Family. Friends. Love. Faith. Can a prophecy of peace survive? “Highly recommended.” Midwest Book Review. “Complex, compelling, fast-paced.” Goodreads Review. $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


The Wild Woman’s Book of Shadows: A Magical Guide of Rituals + Practices for Living an Enchanted Life

Melissa Kim Corter

The magic of nature, the moon, and the seasons had a profound effect on Melissa Kim Corter growing up. Mystical experiences unfolded in the simplest of moments. Rocks and trees were animated with life; the moon listened to her stories while the Earth held her as she stumbled through life as an empath (feeling everything ... Read more


Fulfillment: A Journey Through a Spiritual Life

Mihail Militaru (ICA)

In Fulfillment, the author tells the story of his own reintroduction to God and takes readers on a spiritual journey that will leave them breathless. This book covers the pathway to life’s plan, manifestations, money, understanding truth, and so much more. The mark of a great writer is when they can take their readers on ... Read more


God’s letters: 132 Capital Letters came during a Vision in 2001

Athanasio Celia

The publication (“God’s letters”) is about a man who in 2001 recorded a vision, which contained 132 capital letters of the Greek alphabet that created a quadrangular shape 11 to 12. A study revealed that the text is readable in 115 different ways in the ancient Greek language and parallel it encloses depictions and symbols. ... Read more


Free: In God We Trust; The Dollar We Worship

Donald Galade

The purpose of this book is to show the will of the Lord to unlock the blessings in our lives, as long as we do our part with what we are given by God. We learn in the Word that much is required of us in order to be in covenant blessings and abundance with ... Read more


Free: A Journey of Souls

michael mckinney

Ten people die and open their eyes again, from a faithful wife to a sex addict, from an innocent child to a serial killer. This book is a powerful glimpse into what waits after death. Free on Kindle.... Read more


This Mysterious Journey

Scott Curran

These diverse vignettes and fables delve into various aspects of this mysterious journey in which we are all participating. $2.99 on Kindle.... Read more


The Truth About Enlightenment: How to Find Egolessness, Nonduality, and Wisdom on the Buddhist Path

Fred H. Meyer MD

If you’ve ever wanted to know what egolessness, emptiness, or nonduality really mean, how they differ from one another, and how to attain these and other core insights, The Truth about Enlightenment is a practical guidebook, written from direct personal experience, that will help these experiences come alive for you. $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Taking a Bath with Quartz Crystals: Using Gemstones in Your Tub for Radiant Energy

Elizabeth Garzarelli

Crystals are part of ancient wisdom and they have been used as tools of protection, growth, and healing for a long time. Although a crystal does not create energy, it amplifies it. Nor does a crystal heal, but it conducts healing energies that are being channeled to you by the Earth or by your spirit ... Read more


Amping Your Abilities: 77 Ways to Awaken, Explore, and Ignite Your Intuition

Cynthia Singleton

Build a nurturing foundation for your abilities to flourish, then ignite your miraculousness! $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


A Wedding to Cherish

Evangeline Kelly

He’s about to marry the wrong woman until he meets the wedding planner, and now he has a decision to make. A whirlwind romance might be just what Daisy and Logan need, but are they ready to deal with the consequences? Will they realize they’ve moved the relationship forward too quickly, or will they hold ... Read more


Buddha is a Greeter at Walmart: Using Zen in Everyday Life

Kris Neely

A #1 Amazon Best Seller in Zen Buddhism! — The idea is simple: everyday items and situations as sources of Zen insight. From a junk drawer to a butterfly. From Ginger Rogers to Colonel Mustard. We’re surrounded by items and situations which teach Zen—if we just take the time to see. Zen is a perfect ... Read more


Your Destiny is Inside You

Ana Pat

Every so often, you read a book that knocks you completely off of your feet – Pacific Book Review The book is a deeply spiritual manifesto that emanates with undeniable truth, wisdom and spiritual strength. It’s an inspiring story about self-discovery. It teaches the wisdom of listening to your own heart. It helps to get ... Read more


Desire of My Heart

Heidi Gray McGill

When trouble comes, it comes in a big way. Rachel searches for the desire of her heart only to realize God had bigger plans than she ever imagined. Embark on a journey to Missouri in 1858 with characters who quickly become family, adventures that become real, and hope that becomes a promise. An uplifting, wholesome, ... Read more


One Truth, One Law: I Am, I Create

Erin Werley

At the Forefront of Spiritual Awakening, One Truth, One Law is your roadmap to oneness, manifestation and the universe. You are God. It’s time to wake up. You’re being activated. WELCOME TO THE EXPANSION! $1.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Free: Natural Health Warrior Devotionals

Tirzah Hawkins

Struggling with time in this busy world for studying the Scriptures? Inside is 60 days of devotionals that can be completed in just 10 minutes a day. Dive deep into the Word for guidance on how to improve physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial health. The Bible is the ultimate health book for all areas of ... Read more


Free: The Little Book of Magical Stories: Finding Traces of the Divine in Daily Life

Stephanie Vaccaro

If God were leaving you messages, what would He say, and where would He leave them? The author shares with you 85 delightfully brief, true stories of how the Divine has left messages for her. Some of them were quite serious and some of them were pretty insightful. And some of them were downright funny. ... Read more


Free: TRUTH SEEKER: Spiritual Knowledge Shared by a Gifted Psychic and Her Guardian Angel

Todd Knight

100+ Questions answered by renowned psychic and spiritual coach Dee Dee Lincoln Dee Dee Lincoln is an extremely gifted psychic who has been featured on such shows as Sally Jessie Rafael. She has assisted local law enforcement for years to help solve cold cases and is considered by many to be one of America’s most ... Read more


Larger than Life: Principles of Transformation

Dr Ernrich Basson

Larger than life is the story of Joseph’s life. He experienced the worst of all times but were able to transform the worst into the best. We can’t always help for what happens to us but can take responsibility for how we respond. In this book I help you to learn the precious life lessons ... Read more


The Lord Shiva Narrative

Shiv Mahalingham

Lord Shiva is The Destroyer, The Lord of Animals, The King of The Dance and The Primeval Sage. Readers are invited on a journey through thousands years of scriptures to discover the characteristics of this popular deity. The book has four parts, each relevant for readers at one of the four “Ashrama” stages of life: ... Read more


Beyond Placebo


Awaken the ability to Communicate in Universal Healing Energies with Beyond Placebo. This book shares a unique healing system with simple words and 60+ Powerful healing activations to heal Body-Mind-Spirit, release effects of Trauma and Abuse, Activate Healing abilities, Channel your Healing system, and Grow in the Path of Self Realizations. $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Free: The Mystic’s Gift

Skip Johnson

  A #1 Amazon New Release in six categories! What if an exotic, alluring stranger freely offered you six ancient, secret keys to putting away all doubt, fear, and regret? What could you do if you had unlimited, unquestioning belief… If you trusted you would succeed at anything you truly wanted to do… If you’re ... Read more


No Pit So Deep, The Cody Musket Story

James Miller

As seen on NBC and CBS – Top Pick Mystery/Thriller of summer 2020. 2017 Readers Favorite Int. Book Award. Former Kindle #1 BestSeller. Tragic, gut-wrenching, humorous, heartwarming – a story of honor, courageous love, and finding faith. Book 1 of the Cody Musket Series $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


The Power of 1440

Tim Timberlake

A thirty-day story-driven manual to celebrate the importance and blessing of each of the 1,440 minutes we are given every day, written by popular thought leader, Tim Timberlake $9.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Best of Pastor’s Ponderings: 40 Reflections for Your Spiritual Journey

Steve Wilmot

The spiritual journey Christ-followers trek is scattered with difficulties, disappointments, and set-backs. This book will be a valuable companion through the difficulties and trials, victories and defeats, gains and losses pilgrims encounter on their pilgrimage toward Home. It will encourage you and inspire you to finish your spiritual journey strong. $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Past Present Rectangle: Tarot & Divination for the Spiritually Clumsy

Mike Costaney

This book is meant to be a jovial take on modern spirituality as well as instructions/interpretations of Tarot practice. It’s light-hearted, a little self-deprecating, but overall should command knowledge of Tarot in hopes of relieving those who define themselves as “spiritual” to the point of feeling absent of humor. $0.99 on Kindle... Read more


Empath Secrets: How to Awaken Your Superpower, Protect Yourself Against Emotional Overload, and Live an Empowered Life

Amy White

From “Curse” to SUPERPOWER: Let Empath Secrets Help You Uncover Your Blessing & Transform Your Life $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


How To Keep The Sabbath Day A Bond Between You and God

Dettranay Harris

If you are a beginner in the faith or looking to gain and understand on keeping the Sabbath Day, you will enjoy the information found inside. You’ll get a glimpse and understanding of the Sabbath day. How to prepare for it, why it’s important, and keeping it holy. Scripture’s for the reader’s reference can be ... Read more


Save Him

William Hayes

Military scientist Rydel Scott is proud of the hi-tech gear he invents for battlefield heroes. When a secret mission involving one of his inventions goes horribly wrong, Rydel obsessively tries to learn what caused the system failure and accidentally reveals the ability to time travel. Overworked and massively sleep-deprived, he believes he has received a ... Read more


Free: Intertwined: A Story of Forgiveness and Healing

Carole L Curry

Catherine is the first to admit, she didn’t always do the right things in her life. Now in purgatory how will she find the rest of her courage and her kindness to heal her brokenness? Brice was the kind of guy who always went out of his way for his friends and neighbors. Now he ... Read more


Free: Hidden Jewels of Happiness

Skip Johnson

Now, maybe more than ever, we need strength and inspiration to get through our days. In this powerful little book, Skip Johnson (author of The Mystic’s Gift) gives us a lot of both. As you savor each page, you’ll feel more encouraged, more empowered, more confident…and even happier. You’ll find yourself wanting to refer back ... Read more


Free: Ecclesiology: Understanding God’s Church

Gregory Brown

Ecclesiology is the study of the church, which is God’s people throughout the world. God has chosen the church to be his global representative (Matt 28:19) and to glorify him throughout eternity (Eph 3:21). The church is God’s temple (1 Cor 3:16) and his family (Gal 6:10). It is Christ’s body, including various members with ... Read more


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