Free: Divine Comfort: A Collection of Three Books

This bundle of spiritual wisdom reminds us that God loves each of us unconditionally and that, regardless of our circumstances, we can live in joy and peace. Free on Kindle.  

Faith to Move Mountains: Stirring Our Faith to Believe for Movements among the Unreached

Need encouragement in making disciples? Thousands of local church planters were greatly helped by this book! Get your copy now of this great mission focused devotional. 30 days of inspiring devotionals will encourage your heart and build your faith. $0.99 on Kindle.

Faith to Move Mountains

Need encouragement in making disciples among the unreached? Thousands of local church planters were greatly helped by this book’s print copy! Get your copy now of the best mission focused devotional ever. 30 days of inspiring devotionals will encourage your heart and build your faith. The authors share a scripture, a story and a challenge […]

Free: Forever More: A Love Story from the Edge of Eternity

Ever wonder what comes after? This novel is based on hundreds of true accounts of Near Death Experiences and the miraculous changes that occur in the lives of those who have them. The story is set in Lily Dale, a real life spiritualist community in Western New York, where residents talk to the dead and […]

Free: Secular Jewish Culture

Do secular Jews believe? A Secular Jewish Culture defines the majority of Jews in Israel and around the world. Ever since the integration of Jews into Western democratic societies, Jews have undergone profound changes in their way of life and the ways in which they have chosen to raise their children. Authors who participate in […]

Immovable: Standing Firm in the Last Days

The Bible teaches that Jesus is returning, but before He returns, we can expect increasing difficulty as well as great opportunities. While it will be a season of evangelism and ministry, we will also encounter unparalleled spiritual warfare. Are you ready to stand firm? Immovable is offered as a guide to help Christians prepare for […]

The Missing Day

In this fast-paced Christian novel, Italian pastor Marco Montorsi crosses the International Date Line on a flight from LA to New Zealand and finds himself face to face with 24 hours that are not supposed to be there. Seated next to Marco on the flight is a young man who is running from a crime. […]

Centering Prayer

Centering Prayer opens our whole being, body and soul, to God. As we let go of our prevailing thoughts, we go beyond them—where the Divine is present. There we encounter God, and the Spirit anoints the soul and heals our deepest wounds. And that is only beginning. Come with me as we enter on this […]

Free: Coming To Jesus: One Man’s Search for Truth and Life Purpose

Did you know the Bible contains hundreds of fulfilled prophecies made centuries in advance? And did you know that no other book in the world can make that claim? Britt Gillette didn’t. At age 14, he found himself struggling with the universal questions of life. Questions such as: Who am I? What’s the purpose of […]

The Jesus Prayer

The Jesus Prayer is one of the most elegant prayers ever spoken. It is brief, authentic, and heartfelt. It has been tested across the globe and through the centuries and proven humbling and powerful. This elegant but powerful prayer will lead you to an incredible place—the high point of heaven and the restoration of all […]

Better Days Ahead

Are you ready to live out your dreams? Are you ready to see the deep desires of your heart come to fruition? If you’ve ever had a dream; if you’ve ever felt stuck or restless; if you’ve ever experienced the discouragement of feeling like you’re not good enough; If you have the desire to maximize […]

The Shift

You can only resist God’s call for so long. Ask Moses, ask Paul… ask MaryAnne Connor. This is a memoir of overcoming pain, fear and doubt, and allowing faith to lead the way to a miraculous life. Walk in MaryAnne’s footsteps and take a remarkable journey to a place of love, hope & purpose. $0.99 […]

I’m 25, Now What?

Have you found yourself wondering, “Why am I here”? “Is there more to life than what I am experiencing right now?.” “What’s next?” As you look around, it seems everyone else’s life is moving forward but you’re still stagnant. No matter how you try to shake it, you just cannot get rid of these feelings. […]

Living Love the Yoga of Yama & Niyama

Living Love gives simple practices that can resolve, solve, clarify, heal, purify, fend off confusion, dispel error and light your way into developing a deeper connection with your true divine nature. It is a practical guide to living a deep and fulfilling life that will move you towards awakening to the deepest love within you. […]

Coveted Conversations

This book invites you into the conversations of everyday women with everyday problems, joys, challenges, and victories. Women from all walks of life will enjoy these authentic stories. So join us in a Coveted Conversation, and be encouraged to live your life more abundantly. $4.99 on Kindle.

The Unannounced Christmas Visitor

What if angels really did come from the most unlikely of places? That’s exactly what happens in this heartwarming story, set in a homeless community in Anywhere USA. Sent to Planet Earth by his Maker, disguised as a homeless person, Enoch was on a mission: to rescue a man whose life was slowly but steadily […]

Free: Telos – From Theory To Practice: A Voyage on the Way to Ascension

The path to Telos , city of light, requires absolute faith. Only delicate vibrations of love and harmony, and our connection to each other and the common cause, will enliven the light entities. Join on a journey of true awakening through the heart! Free on Kindle.

The Touch – A Supernatural Story – Part I

The old beast is up to something out of character here. Gabriel appears autistic because he hears a voice. The voice is real, but it is a supernatural presence. This voice gives him a power that he can transfer by touch. Gabriel does not trust this presence, though he finds that the wonder of what […]

Verses In The Key Of Solitude: A Journey Through The Mind In Verses

Poetry afforded me an opportunity to wander away from the confines of my bedroom, my dorm room, and my office. Idealistic as some of my early works may seem, the world hasn’t changed much in my view, save for the jaded truths that have become of most of my assertions here. My hope is that […]

Songs from the Heart: Meeting with God in the Psalms

Have you longed to know God and experience His presence? Best-selling and award winning author Dr. Tim Riordan will help you find hope and encouragement through a study of the Psalms. Enjoy it as a Bible study or a daily devotional. “Songs from the Heart” was chosen by the Christian Small Publishers Association as the […]

The Gospel According to Todd

Todd Heller is an arrogant ER physician who stubbornly denies the existence of God. A ministering angel forces him back in time to the harsh, primitive culture of ancient Palestine so he can witness the miracles of Jesus with his own eyes. Meticulously researched for historical accuracy, this plot is woven into the gospel account […]

Wounding the Church: Psychopaths Among Us

With the prevalence of psychopaths in society the church must be aware, they worship with us too. From counterfeits, false prophets and others join me in a Bible search for those who could have been psychopaths. Do not hesitate to gain the knowledge needed from Wounding the Church: Psychopaths Among Us. $2.99 on Kindle.

What is the Woman Saying – Lessons Learnt from Biblical Women

A woman’s voice is one of the most powerful voices that anyone can listen to. For years some societies and even in the Christian realm they have been marginalized. However, their role is far from ordinary and even saying it is extraordinary is just the starting point to the depth of their value. As a […]

The Published Pastor

Have you ever considered writing or publishing a book? Would you like to expand your influence by sharing your message with people around the world? Whether you are a pastor, a Bible teacher, or simply someone with something important to say, this series will help you become a published author. $0.99 on Kindle.

The Lost Gospel of Barabbas: The Thirteenth Apostle

A historical fiction with a supernatural twist. An epic and gripping saga of the most notorious man in the Bible. Rome is at the height of its power and cruelty. Insurrection is punishable by death. While the Jews hope for their long-awaited messiah, a zealot hides in the belly of a ship, his hand forced […]

Free: The Great Darkening

Fans of Narnia and Middle Earth will love the Epic of Haven! The once-shining city of Haven is slowly and painfully losing the only source of light left in the world: a tree which has perpetually burned for hundreds of years. As Haven grows darker with each fallen branch of the tree, many turn to […]

Free: Why Are We Losing the Kids?

As Christian women, there is probably nothing more heartbreaking than seeing our children turn from God. We spend thousands of dollars, and sacrifice countless hours to VBS, Bible clubs, Youth outings, Church camp, and children’s parties every year. We build elaborate stage sets, plan fantastic carnivals, and youth extravaganzas and bus in all the children […]

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