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Pixies Ralph Burton

Free: The Pixies

Lily last saw the dreaded pixies when they killed her father and confined her to this orphanage, a castle buried in the middle of the woods. Now, nine years later, when a regiment … [Read More...]



Desire to find your Authentic Voice? Learn the process to participate more authentically in the project we call humanity. Rare are the spaces in which we can look inwardly at … [Read More...]

How To Get Rich A. B. Stanley

How To Get Rich Before 30: Investing Guide for Teens and Young Adults to Achieve Financial Freedom as Early as Possible

Discover the proven path to wealth that anyone can follow... no matter how young you are. If you want to become rich and financially secure, investments are the only way to get … [Read More...]

Sentinel (Deadmen's War Book Anthony Melchiorri

Sentinel (Deadmen’s War Book 1)

Born on a forsaken desert planet, Cole Shaw has two options - perish from starvation and disease, or enlist in the New World Republic’s armed forces. He chooses the military. For t … [Read More...]

Lying and Making a William Dunlap

Lying and Making a Living: Fiction with Footnotes

"Lying and Making a Living"– a collection of short stories, contains more of the irreverent, hard-hitting, exhilarating, ironic, and emblematic prose we’ve come to expect from the w … [Read More...]

Into the Suffering City Bill LeFurgy

Into the Suffering City

Baltimore, 1909. The city is jumping with danger and excitement. Cars, cocaine, ragtime music, and moving pictures are new. But some things are as old as the city itself: murder, … [Read More...]

Adventures on the Road K.D. Van Brunt

Adventures on the Road to Me

With her mom as her partner, 17-year-old West lies and cons her way through life, ruthlessly taking advantage of one naïve and trusting victim after another. It’s yawn, rinse, and r … [Read More...]

Summer Island Sisters Ciara Knight

Summer Island Sisters

Ocean activist, Trace Latimer has fought for over twenty-five years for the sea otters, penguins, and all sea life, but she’s exhausted and angry at the big shots who always win. B … [Read More...]

Tillbridge Stables Series Nina Crespo

Tillbridge Stables Series

  Tillbridge Horse Stable and Guesthouse is Tristan, Rina, and Zurie's family legacy. As they negotiate family saga drama, the filming of a Hollywood movie, and a fake … [Read More...]

Soldiers of Freedom Samuel Marquis

Soldiers of Freedom

SOLDIERS OF FREEDOM is the true story of the 1944-1945 War in Western Europe and the final Allied struggle to conquer Nazi Germany. The story is told through the eyes of William … [Read More...]

Once Upon a Duchy Rachel Rossano

Once Upon a Duchy

Romantic medieval novels inspired by fairytales and reimagined, the Once Upon a Duchy series is set in the seven duchies, a place of complicated histories and politics. Each duke … [Read More...]

Truth From the Bathroom Bob Whire

Truth From the Bathroom

Scott is frustrated with his marriage. He's being pushed around by his wife. Then he finds an unused notebook in the bathroom. Sitting and journaling his problems seems to help. … [Read More...]

Profit Wise Jeff Morrill

Profit Wise

Using the principles in this book, Jeff Morrill built businesses from scratch in automotive retail, real estate, telecommunications, and insurance that generate over $100,000,000 … [Read More...]

Enchanted Garden Cafe Abigail Drake

The Enchanted Garden Cafe

Fiona Campbell steps in with a more non-fantastical approach to save her mother's Enchanted cafe until a new love interest comes along. Do you believe in magic? $0.99 on Kindle. … [Read More...]

Expectant Moon Alexander Elliott

Free: Expectant Moon

Gay Alpha, Ben Blair, leads the charge for equality and ignites a divisive controversy. While forces are at work to silence them, the Gladstone shifters find love, acceptance, and … [Read More...]

For Pete's Sake Caitlyn Coakley

For Pete’s Sake

Ethan needs a wife. Stephanie wants a baby. It was only supposed to be physical. It was only supposed to be temporary. Until it wasn't. $2.99 on Kindle. … [Read More...]

Skyscraper Cinderella K Webster

Skyscraper Cinderella

The fairy tale you know and love...With a scorching hot twist! This is the complete modern Cinderella trilogy in one collection. Winston Constantine isn’t a lover, he’s a business v … [Read More...]

Whiskey Wild Jessica Mills

Whiskey Wild

My twin brother got himself into an impossible situation and who saves his bacon? Me. I go into an interview pretending to be him and the most beautiful girl in the world is the … [Read More...]

Wild Wolf Shifter Academy Lisa Daniels

Wild Wolf Shifter Academy 4 Book Box Set

I’m a human in a wolf-focused academy. The principal assigns a teacher to look after me – Zane Wartooth. Possibly the hottest teacher in the school. Not all werewolves in the aca … [Read More...]

Jacob's Judgement T.Y.  Ryan

Jacob’s Judgement

Prospectors are mysteriously dying in South Dakota. Bounty hunter Jacob Brock lives for seeking justice on corrupt outlaws. After bringing down a notorious outlaw in Wyoming, he … [Read More...]

Awakening Your Taste A Duran Torrez

Free: Awakening Your Taste: A Journey Into The Art Of Healthy Eating

If you’d like to NEVER have to worry about traditional dieting again…and still become healthier than you’ve ever been in your life, then this is the most important book you will eve … [Read More...]

Red Kitchen A Memoir Barbara Clarke

The Red Kitchen: A Memoir

At the age of seven, Barbara witnesses a frightening incident between her parents. She goes on to spend much of her childhood toggling between the happy family she longs for and … [Read More...]

Price of Safety Michael C.Bland

The Price of Safety

A surveillance-heavy future in the U.S. blurs lines between utopia and dystopia in “The Price of Safety” – For fans of Minority Report and Michael Crichton. $0.99 on Kindle. … [Read More...]

Lost on a Page David E. Sharp

Lost on a Page

Some genres were never meant to cross. Joe Slade is a detective with a hot lead and a warm gun. He no longer believes in happy-ever-afters, but his faith in plot twists is … [Read More...]

DNA of Democracy Richard Lyons

The DNA of Democracy

Historical vignettes discerning the future of our democracy by rediscovering the fascinating past of tyranny & democracy. Just as DNA is interwoven in every aspect of the human … [Read More...]

Three Dogs And A Kit James

Free: Three Dogs And A Wedding: A Rescue Dog’s Funny Story

The best day to be Best Dog is Valentine’s Day Like all dogs, Elliott understands about love, and he’s already helped rescue Paul and Adriana’s romance, but it seems that Adman J … [Read More...]

Primordial Earth (Book 1) Baileigh Higgins

Primordial Earth (Book 1)

This is their world, and we are the prey. After an unexplained event shifted entire cities millions of years into the past, life has become a daily struggle for survival. Rogue, … [Read More...]

Big Billionaire Boss Ali Parker

Big Billionaire Boss

y brother offered me $100 to behave, and that’s the day handsome returned. My brother’s BFF. But he’s a big shot now, working for a billionaire who's on the hunt for the girl next d … [Read More...]

Waiting on Christmas Katie Bachand

Waiting on Christmas

Finley and Jackson didn't know it then, but a kiss and a promise made twenty years earlier sparked an innocent love that neither of them could forget. But now, after years have … [Read More...]

Hate Notes A Sweet Gracie Graham

Hate Notes: A Sweet Enemies to Lovers Young Adult Romance (Lakeview Prep Book 1)

Topher Elliot is high school royalty. The king of Lakeview prep. You know the type. Disgustingly rich. Blond-haired. Eyes the color of a clear, blue sky. And muscles for days. He … [Read More...]

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