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Free: Follow You Anywhere

My new boss is so hot, it hurts. I needed a job, but working as this guy’s personal assistant is going to get me into trouble. I’ve never in my life given into a man the way I wan … [Read More...]

Free: Midnight Marriage: A Georgian Historical Romance (Roxton Family Saga Book 1)

One of the 20 Most Romantic Books Ever, According to BookBub Members. Inspired by real events, a secretly arranged marriage establishes a dynasty. Julian returns from exile to … [Read More...]

Free: The Untouchable Mind: Identifying the Inner Workings of Self and Moving Toward Success

No one or nothing should control your mind but you. The power lies within you. An untouchable mind is the greatest power that everyone should poses. A strong mind leads to … [Read More...]

Free: Vision Is the Way: Love Is the Destination

In her thirties, Diana began seeing visions of a life where love was calling. At a critical time, she miraculously created money out of nothing, generating immediate cash to … [Read More...]


Life as he knew it has come to an end. His battle for survival has only just begun. Tom Woodford can’t believe he’s humanity’s only hope. Awakening from a decade-long coma, he’s … [Read More...]

Enemy Immortal

Honor Harrington meets Jabba the Hutt: in 2206 an alien starship arrives at Earth with a portal to the stars. A distant colony vanishes without a trace, and Lt Jade Mahelona must … [Read More...]

Mental Toughness Training: How to be Emotionally Strong, Overcome Adversity and Start Controlling Your Life

The Secret To Mastering Your Emotions Is Finally Out There: Are You Ready To Take Control Of Your Emotions? Did you know that your social, business, and romantic life are … [Read More...]


The first story is an Erotic Lesbian encounter between Mei Ling and Aqua Blue. It takes place at Aqua Blue's two-bedroom condo in Mission Hills, California. She picks Mei Ling and … [Read More...]

Shayah & Aaron

What if the wrong man is really the right man, and the ‘right man’ isn’t everything you thought he was? Shayah Santana is a high-flyer in the world of PR. Engaged to Grant, CEO o … [Read More...]

You Are Invited

Five influencers head to Transylvania and live-stream their stay in a haunted monastery. Irene, the model; Nathan, the gamer; Jules, the blogger; Daniel, the fitness guru; and … [Read More...]

Neanderthal Next Door

"This mountain isn't big enough for the two of us, Princess." Hunter is a Neanderthal. Mr. Crabby pants neighbor. Totally NOT even close to my type. Okay, fine. That last one … [Read More...]

Free: Finger of an Angel

After a romp in a North London wood, 60-odd-year-old Lily drives off and takes a wrong turn. As she follows the meandering road in a state of dehydration, she experiences a series … [Read More...]

Free: The First Ride: The Real Story of Santa Claus

Forget Kris Kringle, Sinterklaas, and St. Nick. It’s about time you learned the truth. In the 1870s in rural Hopeville, Connecticut, the Clauses came to work at Max Pepin’s farm. Ch … [Read More...]

Free: The D.E.W Files (Volume 1)

Enter the world of the D.E.W Files, a version of Earth where superhumans exist and walk among us. The D.E.W Files volume 1 contains the first six stories in the series and includes … [Read More...]

The Seahorse Cottage (Cape May Series Book 1)

The Wellington family is ready for another sun-kissed summer at their treasured beachside cottage. That is until the family's world is turned upside down following the unexpected … [Read More...]

Free: The Friday Cage

Stalked by enemies she doesn't know for reasons she doesn't understand, a woman finds herself caught up in a dark criminal conspiracy. Free on Kindle. … [Read More...]

Free: A Mackenzie Coven Mystery

Lexie’s heritage has caught up with her. It’s time to face her obligations to the coven and take on a job she didn’t even apply for, one which leads her straight to danger where she … [Read More...]

Free: 3:00 a.m.

* JUST OPTIONED BY SONY PICTURES FOR TV DEVELOPMENT * WHAT IF YOU WERE ONLY AWAKE ONE HOUR A DAY? Henry Bins has Henry Bins. A sleeping disorder, named after him. He is … [Read More...]

Free: Reluctantly Matched

She came to Florence to look at art, not fall in love. Now she's falling for both the city and the man she met on the plane. But is a 10-day trip enough to change your life? … [Read More...]

Ghost Galaxy Omnibus

Kill the bad guys. Save the galaxy. All in a hard day's work. Get both the Completed Omnibus of Ghost Squadron and Precious Galaxy series in one GIANT omnibus for a stellar … [Read More...]

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