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Free: Premium Mixed Nuts

A detective, a priest, and a murder in New Orleans. Dad’s mountain camp gets a lot more interesting when a neighbor blows himself up. She got her train ticket and left her h … [Read More...]

Free: The Power of a Love Song

“Fans of sassy southern characters and irresistibly sticky romances will love “The Power of a Love Song.” Alison Evans is pretty sure her guardian angel is getting stoned. Her hu … [Read More...]

Free: Kiss of a Dragon (Fallen Immortals 1)

Lucian has to find a mate… or he dies. But bearing a child for an immortal dragon prince could kill any woman foolish enough to love him. Free on Kindle. … [Read More...]

Free: Rosalee’s Punishment

From a state of mourning to the depths of sexual depravity, Mike narrates the story of his survival after his partner is killed in an automobile accident. But why is Catherine's … [Read More...]

Free: Pacific Northwest Bears: Volume 1 Collection

The Rochon brothers proudly run a timber company in the Pacific Northwest. A business that is also the shelter for their family of bear shifters. Cage, Wyatt, and Conner have … [Read More...]

The Girl Who Looked Beyond the Stars

Sheena Meyer is the girl that brings an extra sandwich to school each day just in case someone doesn’t have lunch. She’s also the girl that questions and investigates everything, dr … [Read More...]

Divided We Fall

Magnus is a Viking who has lost the taste for war and raiding. But when he's savagely split apart from his family, he must embark on a perilous quest to reunite with them. He dusts … [Read More...]

All Systems Down

24 hours. That's all it takes. A new kind of war has begun. For fans of Tom Clancy, ALL SYSTEMS DOWN is a riveting cyber war thriller which presents a threat so credible you'll … [Read More...]

Mustang River

Two heart-pounding romances where rugged alpha protectors collide with strong unforgettable women. Don't miss this special edition of the Mustang River Ranch suspense series! $0.99 … [Read More...]

How to Buy Your Perfect First Home

This easy-to-read guide efficiently answers all the questions every first-time homebuyer should ask: How to start the home buying process How long does the home buying process … [Read More...]

Free: The Baby Doctor

Single OBGYN doctor Morgan adores her work, her pregnant foster daughter, her messy house filled with pets. She'd loud, exuberant, and loving. Life is good--until she gets tangled … [Read More...]

Free: SpeakDog!: 100% Obedience, 100% of the Time

If, when you train your dog, you want to establish the best possible relationship you can with your dog—to actually be able to understand and speak its language, it only makes s … [Read More...]

Free: Heroic Potential: Bringing Your True Self to Work for Higher Earnings, Increased Satisfaction, and Greater Well-being

Within each of us lies the hero we’ve all been waiting for and want to become—our true self. Bringing this hero to work unleashes our greatest potential, resulting in higher ear … [Read More...]

Free: The Ultimate Guide – Twenty-First-Century Patrol Officers Tactical Field Manual: Skills, Tactics, and Techniques

This is a 21st century Patrol Officers Guide that provides tactical information to law enforcement officers, military, security and professionals with a need to know. This guide … [Read More...]

The Transformation: How to Use Digital Transformation Technology to Reduce Costs, Accelerate Delivery Times, and Provide Exceptional Value

How to transform and compete in the digital age is on every leaders’ mind and the race is on for companies of all sizes to utilize data and technology. To what extent an o … [Read More...]

The School Choice Roadmap: 7 Steps to Finding the Right School for Your Child

Every parent wants their child to receive a quality education. But with more school choice options than ever before, how can parents find the right school for their daughter or … [Read More...]

Free: Killer Cruise

Cruises, killers and laughter! On her very first cruise, Adrienne is dealt with a few shocks - from an over-the-top cruise director, to VIP passengers who think too highly of … [Read More...]

Free: The Flight of The Starling, A Fairy Tale

When two fairies ask Princess Lily for help, she runs away with them to Queen Persephone's halfway castle for Lost Girls. Lily follows the cryptic advice of a magical Book, … [Read More...]

Mariah: Blood of the New Moon

When Mariah Lansing moves to a new job, she tries to side-step being framed for drug smuggling by a local police detective while dealing with Phillip Ortiz’s unexpected love for h … [Read More...]

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