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Free: The Bootlegger’s Legacy

A mysterious letter with a strange key hinting at a Bootlegger’s criminal past and referencing ill-gotten hidden treasure in the millions send the Bootlegger’s son and his pal on … [Read More...]

Free: Killed

Someone is targeting current and past members of the college football team for murder, and it is up to Detective Jake Walker to figure out why. Free on Kindle. … [Read More...]

Free: Winter Romance Box Set

A clean wholesome romance collection that's touching and tender. Seven sweet, clean romance novels in this gripping box set. A collection of heartwarming stories with enough twists … [Read More...]

Torn Asunder

Katie Maddison never wanted to learn how to kick a demon's ass, all she was doing was helping a fellow university student with his Chem homework. She just trusted people too … [Read More...]

Long Shot (Criminal Passions Book One)

An indecent proposal from a billionaire. A secret promise to a crime lord. Caught between the two, Willa Osgoode has to choose between the love she wasn't looking for and saving … [Read More...]

Lately Lesbian

Good Southern girls follow the rules and walk down predictable paths. Jenna predictably married Paul and believed in happily ever after. Although Jenna played by all the rules, she … [Read More...]

Upside Down

Jordan O’Neill isn’t a fan of labels, considering he has a few. Gay, geek, librarian, socially awkward, a nervous rambler, an introvert, an outsider. The last thing he needs is one … [Read More...]

Precious Galaxy Boxed Set (Books 1-4)

After an explosion, the crew of a battlecruiser mysteriously disappears. Bailey and Lewis, complete strangers, find themselves suddenly onboard the damaged ship. Lewis hasn’t … [Read More...]

Running from Demons

When Pillar Beccon travels to learn more about her dead mother's mysterious past, she is chased across Andor by demons, who seek to destroy her. Running from Demons tells the story … [Read More...]

Spirit of Gettysburg: Soulmates Across Time

Can ghosts die twice? Apparently so. To prevent her husband's untimely death at the hands of his mortal enemy, Washington D.C. psychic Maureen McAlister must time travel back to … [Read More...]

Free: Love on the Half Shell

Eligible men are scarcer than hen’s teeth on the oyster farm… Harry McPherson is on a mission: find a husband for her mother. Writing to a Boston restaurant critic seemed like a … [Read More...]

Free: Claude Monet, Private Eye: The Pilfered Paintings

Claude Monet, weary of painting haystacks and cathedrals and lily ponds, finally pursues his real passion: criminal investigation. And after two long months of waiting, he finally … [Read More...]

Free: Rescue Bear: Cortez

Bear shifter Cortez is a thrill-seeker who lives life on a risky edge until an accident padlocks his heart. Then he meets Haley, the fascinating human woman who challenges him to … [Read More...]

Free: MILF Attack – A Cougar at the Beach

Two entire weeks without sex. Laila is used to pleasing herself in such situations, but she knows she's free to enjoy other men if she wants. After all, her husband has already … [Read More...]

Free: Hungry for Life: A Memoir Unlocking the Truth Inside an Anorexic Mind

In this painfully moving memoir, take a firsthand look at anorexia through the eyes of a young girl. Even in kindergarten, Rachel Richards knows something isn't right. By leading … [Read More...]

Deadly Reality TV Series Book #1: Easy Money

What would you do to earn 'Easy Money'? There's a new reality TV game show that pays contestants to hurt themselves. How much pain would you endure to make some quick … [Read More...]

Easiest Short/Long Term Plan For Saving Money

Pay yourself first. Easiest money savings plan anyone can do regardless of job, income, & location. My plan has only two steps. You choose which step applies to your Pay … [Read More...]

Ronan and the Alien Pumpkin

Wild little Ronan helps plant pumpkin seeds and what a surprise he gets in the end! He learns that something “different” can be very special. Come along as he saves the alien … [Read More...]

Free: Snow in Love

Brent and Tara must navigate some dangerous waters to sort through the mess of Tara’s life. Will their love conquer the difficult times they are forced to endure? Or will the … [Read More...]

Vex: Mythical Ink Series 1: A Paranormal Demon Romance

When no good deed goes unpunished, Vex finds himself cast out of Netherworld. The demon's desire to return ends with a beautiful fairy that captures his heart, but Hell has other … [Read More...]

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