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Challenge Your Fear Empower Johnny Cavazos MD

Free: Challenge Your Fear, Empower Your Spirit: Transform From Worrier to Warrior In the Power of the Authentic Self (Authentic Self Series Book 3)

Crush the Fear and Anxiety that holds you down, while developing the Confidence and Boldness that you have always wanted. We are not only living in the Covid pandemic, we are … [Read More...]

A Defender Rises TR Cameron

Free: A Defender Rises

Ruby Achera just wanted a nice, quiet drink at her family’s casino in Magic City. It sits above a kemana with an interior that would make a ghost feel right at home. Back from U … [Read More...]

Bondage Buddies Golden Angel

Bondage Buddies

It's friends-with-benefits, but with rope... When Master Mitch proposes becoming friends-with-benefits, Domi can't find any downsides to such an arrangement. As a single mom … [Read More...]

Time Capsule Connie Lacy

The Time Capsule

An unlikely journey through time brings Hannah Myers face to face with a man like no other. Except she doesn't belong in 1918 with a killer flu epidemic raging and the KKK … [Read More...]

Julia Street Series Tina Jones Williams

The Julia Street Series

A segregated train ride from the Southside of Chicago to South Berkeley, California is only the beginning. Old-time trains and train travel are often romanticized, but Sara’s c … [Read More...]

Just Like Heaven Trilina Pucci

Just Like Heaven

He’s a criminal—an abomination. We’re wrong in every way. If only I could’ve convinced my heart. His lips whispered promises of all the stars in the sky. I dreamt of a love that … [Read More...]

From the Painted Tomb Brenda  Hill

From the Painted Tomb: Something Ancient is on its Way

2021 Readers' Favorite Silver Medal Award An Immortal Egyptian Prince, A Monstrous Shapeshifter, An Impossible Romance? Blends magical realism, horror, and romance, layering … [Read More...]

Discover Your Passion Release Johnny Cavazos MD

Free: Discover Your Passion, Release Your Power: How To Fulfill Your Purpose In the Power of the Authentic Self (Authentic Self Series Book 2)

Unleash the POWER, SPARK, and DRIVE that is burning deep within you. Imagine waking up in the morning and wanting to get out of bed so you can start your day. Picture yourself … [Read More...]

Journeyman Michael Alan Peck

Free: The Journeyman

Winner of the Illinois state libraries' Soon to Be Famous Illinois Author Project “Paul Reid died in the snow at seventeen. The day of his death, he told a lie—and for the rest o … [Read More...]

Earth Cat Zero Last Gary Starta

Earth Cat Zero: Last Cat Meowing

Cat + Teen + Strange Quantum Physics incident = ? It is the limitations of our existence which make us love life and the beings we meet along the way. When teenager Miranda … [Read More...]

Valley of Embers Steven Kelliher

Valley of Embers

Tolkien meets Miyazaki in a new breed of epic fantasy, where elemental warriors clash with immortal wizards and ancient gods. The Landkist Saga has long been compared to … [Read More...]

Wheelboys Dd Jaseron


Wheelboys is an emotional, action-packed novel that follows a summer for three Alabama families entangled in youth racing – a winner of the 2020 Readers’ Favorite awards and the 202 … [Read More...]

Sisters of the Storm Guy Estes

Sisters of the Storm

The Chosen. Gifted by the gods with uncommon beauty and skill, they are but seldom born, and for more than one to live at the same time was unheard of - until now. Aleena Kurrin … [Read More...]

Get Up&Fight Memoir of Jean Kanokogi

Get Up & Fight: The Memoir of Rena “Rusty” Kanokogi, The Mother of Women’s Judo

“Rusty has that special quality that made you feel like you could fly…that you could do anything, because she was right there with you.” — Billie Jean King, Tennis Champion & Ad … [Read More...]

Ethan Fox and the E. L. Seer

Ethan Fox and the Eyes of the Desert Sand

After barely escaping abduction at the hands of Grimleaver vampires, thirteen-year-old Ethan Fox encounters a girl he is deeply drawn to. The two young strangers discover that they … [Read More...]

Munchkin Battles a Minotaur Don Malott Jr.

The Munchkin Battles a Minotaur

The Munchkin is in big trouble. Kids are being eaten and she has only two weeks to stop it. Outshooting Centaurs and battling an unkillable Minotaur are just part of her … [Read More...]

Collision June Leung

The Collision

When a meteorite crashed down to the city, monsters were unleashed. The only way to stop them is to collect each piece before the monsters can get their nasty claws on the magical … [Read More...]

Mine to Guard Kennedy Mitchell

Mine to Guard

Being ripped from her mundane life by a swarm of police officers is not what Rae Chapin expected when she woke up this morning. Accused of a series of murders she didn’t commit, R … [Read More...]

Bear's Edge Christina Lynn Lambert

Bear’s Edge

A boss can't date her employee—simple as that. No matter how much Shayla wants to unravel a few of Grant's mysteries and take her friendship with the shy, sarcastic man to the next … [Read More...]

Toxic Thinking - 5 K.C. Myler

Toxic Thinking – 5 Simple Ways To Take Control of Your Thoughts & Emotions

According to the National Science Foundation, the average person can have anywhere between 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day, and about 80% of those are negative. While … [Read More...]

Starting Over in Maple Brittney Joy

Free: Starting Over in Maple Bay

Welcome to Maple Bay, a small Midwestern town with heaps of heart—where family dinner is a must, and someone will always leave the light on for you. A new series perfect for fans o … [Read More...]

Ring of Eman Vath Hal Emerson

Free: The Ring of Eman Vath

The story of three young heroes, the discovery of a lost artifact, and the invasion of an ancient enemy. Epic fantasy for fans of Jordan, Sanderson, and Tolkien; the first book in … [Read More...]

Judas Indignant Few MC Deja Voss

Free: Judas: Indignant Few MC (Book 1)

Letting her go was the worst decision I ever made. Now that she's back in town, I'm going to do whatever it takes to keep her. Come take a ride with the bad boy alpha bikers of the … [Read More...]

Brave Wave Discover and Johnny Cavazos MD

Brave The Wave: Discover and Fully Realize Your Authentic Self (Authentic Self Series Book 1)

Anxious? Stressed? Confused? Looking for Solutions? As a practicing physician for twenty years, that is exactly the situation that Johnny Cavazos was in. What stunned and … [Read More...]

Once Awakened Kfir Luzzatto

Once Awakened

A suspenseful SciFi mystery from the author of "Exodus '95," "Chipless," and "The Evelyn Project". $0.99 on Kindle. … [Read More...]

In the Hall of R. S.  Cobb

In the Hall of Mirrors

A collection of short poems that are reflective of life, love, society, circumstances, and understanding. The concept of the book is that every page is like walking up to a new … [Read More...]

A Dangerous Longing TM Perkins

A Dangerous Longing

It's been almost a year, but Avery hasn't gotten over her father's death in a tragic accident. He was the only one who understood her special abilities, which he instructed her to … [Read More...]

Sacred Trust Christine Roberts

Free: Sacred Trust

On the eve of her 21st birthday, Maisie St. John discovers she is to be wed to the son of a royal family in fulfillment of a marriage contract. Unaware of the groom’s identity and o … [Read More...]

Remmy and Booth (It livhuwani vincent

Free: Remmy and Booth: (It Was Never Yours Booth)

Remmy and Booth (it was never your's booth) This book is about two kids(Remmy and Booth) who were neighbors. So one of the days Booth and his parents took a vacation to a … [Read More...]

Phantom Masquerade A.L. Hawke

Phantom Masquerade

Mina Daaé dreams of performing like her ancestor, Christine Daaé. Her close friend Toni Vollini surprises her by offering her a role in his play mixing Mozart with clowns. There T … [Read More...]

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