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Soulless at Sunset (Last Deanna Chase

Free: Soulless at Sunset (Last Witch Standing, Book 1)

Trouble is brewing in New Orleans. Shifters are moving in and vampires are being picked off in record numbers, and vampire hunter Phoebe Kilsen, a witch, is right in the middle of … [Read More...]

Demystifying Enlightenment Messages Signs Dennis Macy

Demystifying Enlightenment: Messages, Signs, and Predictions From The Spiritual World

If you are seeking straight answers to confusing questions, guidance from beyond and comforting advice then you will adore this illuminating book. Learn to connect with your dearly … [Read More...]

Finding Home Christy Cooper-Burnett

Finding Home

An exiled prisoner. A desperate woman. A time travel agent willing to break the rules. Malcolm and Hannah are exiled prisoners starting over in 1868, Oklahoma. There's just one … [Read More...]

Summer Escape Grace Meyers

The Summer Escape

A mysterious inheritance, a huge mansion, and a family filled with secrets. Struggling with the untimely death of her late husband and unsure what to do with her life, when Maggie … [Read More...]

Corfu Capers Joy Skye

Corfu Capers

Five people, three secrets, one planned proposal. What could possibly go wrong? Kate Delaney doesn't need a man in her life and is organising the perfect vacation with her son … [Read More...]

One Must Tell Bees J Lawrence Matthews

One Must Tell The Bees

When those harrowing words ring out during a children’s entertainment in Washington on the evening of April 14, 1865, a quick-thinking young chemist from England named Johnnie H … [Read More...]

Last Roman Exile B.K.  Greenwood

The Last Roman: Exile

Marcus realizes he cannot be killed—but that won’t stop him from dying time and again over the next 2,000 years. Seasoned imperial officer Marcus Sempronius Gracchus leads the 9t … [Read More...]

Dragon Slayers and Other L. M Roth

Free: Dragon Slayers and Other Tales From the Perilous Forest

Many are the tales and legends that emanate from the Perilous Forest, a place said to be haunted by some, enchanted by others. But which tales are true and which are only legends? … [Read More...]

Sexy Stranger JA Low

The Sexy Stranger

Lilly This is not how I saw my life panning out. Flying halfway across the world, leaving my dream job behind me all because my fiancé couldn’t keep it in his pants. Coming home … [Read More...]

I call him HIM Scott Kimak

I call him HIM

A post-apocalyptic future. A quest for vengeance. Will his thirst for blood cost him his soul? $2.99 on Kindle. … [Read More...]

This Love Kills Me A.B.  Whelan

This Love Kills Me

Impersonating your best friend can be deadly. A dangerously addictive domestic thriller of a missing millionaire author and a friend obsessed with finding out the truth for fans of … [Read More...]

Secret of Azuron J.R. Kearney

Free: The Secret of Azuron

What if your boy was the only one who could stop the greatest evil the world has ever known? Eleven-year old Landau discovers a treasure that will have every creature of myth and … [Read More...]

My Second Chance Secret C. Morgan

Free: My Second Chance Secret Baby

It’s no secret that every woman wants me. Charming, wealthy, and I have an empire for my legacy. Unfortunately for most, I’m not the family kind of man. You might call me a lone … [Read More...]

Awakening (Book 1) Lisa M. Lilly

Free: The Awakening (Book 1)

After her mysterious pregnancy drives away Tara's family and boyfriend, she faces a powerful religious cult convinced she and her future child, a girl, will trigger the Apocalypse. … [Read More...]

Her Mother’s Pendant Michael Anderle

Free: Her Mother’s Pendant

Where mystery happens, John Chambers can exist: ex-soldier, gritty realist, detective. It's whispered that John “Dick” Chambers is the man you go to when you need someone who can't … [Read More...]

Devil and the Deep Amelia Wilde

Free: The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

He's beautiful. Calculating. Cruel. And he's taken me hostage. When pirates board my boyfriend's yacht, I jump overboard to save myself. Drifting asea. Until one man rescues me … [Read More...]

Happy With Baby Essential Catherine  O'Brien

Free: Happy With Baby: Essential Relationship Advice When Partners Become Parents

Great Father's Day gift! "The book I wish I had when I became a parent for the first time. The perfect gift for any new parent." RedefiningMom.com. LMFT Catherine O’Brien and h … [Read More...]

It Happened in Silence Karla Jay

Free: It Happened in Silence

Set in a world where women of the KKK betray their neighbors, where horrors of unscrupulous foundling homes come to light, and buried mysteries are not all that hidden. It's … [Read More...]

Price of Safety Michael  Bland

The Price of Safety

By 2047, no crime in America goes unsolved. No wrongdoing goes unseen. When Dray Quintero learns his nineteen-year-old daughter Raven committed a heinous act, he covers it up to … [Read More...]

Fulfillment A Journey Through Mihail Militaru (ICA)

Fulfillment: A Journey Through a Spiritual Life

In Fulfillment, the author tells the story of his own reintroduction to God and takes readers on a spiritual journey that will leave them breathless. This book covers the pathway … [Read More...]

GrimFaerie Chronicles Whit McClendon

The GrimFaerie Chronicles

Keeping the eternal balance between Good and Evil is a rough job, but GrimFaeries love dirty work. Hidden from mortal eyes, they walk quietly among us, delivering an instant death … [Read More...]

One That Got Away Dina Kates

The One That Got Away

Ten years ago, Melanie kicked her high-school sweetheart out of her life, knowing it was the only way to force him follow his dreams. Now she's an award-winning author, but she's … [Read More...]

Once Removed Tina Gallagher

Once Removed

Cal The thing about perfect lives is that there’s only one way for them to go—downhill. I learned that after my first love broke my heart and an injury sacked my pro baseball … [Read More...]

Carbon-14 Shroud of Turin R.A. Williams

Carbon-14: The Shroud of Turin

The Shroud of Turin is the most studied relic in history. More than 99 percent of the evidence suggests the Shroud is the authentic burial cloth of Jesus Christ. Only one test says … [Read More...]

Ghosted Treason House Trilogy Baye  Hartshorne

Ghosted: Treason House Trilogy

Can you fall for a dead dude? That's what 21st Century writer Julia wants to know as she falls for Victorian chick magnet, Knight at the Jersey shore's super haunted Treason House. … [Read More...]

Level Zero Dan McDowell

Level Zero

A radio producer opens a horror hotline in a troubled hotel, while a manic depressive stockbroker recovers from a coma, fighting unfamiliar memories with 53 others held captive. … [Read More...]

Garkain Anna J Walner


A vague text and a life-long search for her biological family, sends Amelia on a quest to discover the story behind her heritage. But the family she finds is far from what she ever … [Read More...]

More Than a Threat Kennedy L.  Mitchell

Free: More Than a Threat

Book 1 in a steamy action-packed bodyguard romance series. My rules keep clients safe. Stay close and don’t fall for me. It’s never been an issue… until her. Now I’m reminding m … [Read More...]

Stories of 20 Mighty Tamara Haque

Free: Stories of 20 Mighty Muslim Heroes

A beautiful children's book promoting diversity and changing misconceptions, one hero at a time. Did you know that the first nurse was Muslim? The Father of Modern Algebra was a … [Read More...]

Club Sex Book Eight Tatumn Dixon

Free: Club Sex: Book Eight

Lita Reyes and her husband, Dylan, have a dirty little secret. They love a good threesome. But tonight, at Club Sex, they’re hoping to add another sexy player—and indulge in their f … [Read More...]

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