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Free: Sons of the Cavern

Kaito was once a baseball prodigy destined to bring fame and fortune to his family. But that was before a gambling ring forced him to quit his dream. His misfortunes have led him … [Read More...]

The Fall of El Pantera

The Fall of El Pantera is a ripping yarn that looks at Irish society in an absolutely honest, absolutely merciless way. Revenge, murder, corruption and the destructive power of … [Read More...]

The Decision – A Vow To Tell The Truth

When Melissa wakes up one morning, she knows her life will never be the same again. Today is the day that most women dream about, but not Melissa. Having been in a relationship … [Read More...]

The Healer and the Warrior

Hated in her village, healer Zianya forges on living a lonely existence. That is until she heals a warrior and wakes on a horse, kidnapped. However, Torric doesn't need her for … [Read More...]

Wild Obsession

Desperate to keep a roof over her head, Jill Carter takes up a job as personal assistant to world-famous race car driver, Drake. She’s prepared to do almost anything to keep … [Read More...]

Born of Water

A mysterious shipwreck could unlock ancient powers… or send her to a watery grave. Targa MacAuley feels more at home on dry land than in the watery realm of her mermaid … [Read More...]

Walk-in Investigations, Streaming Sarah

Doppelgänger teaches Detective to stream the dead. It's like "Ghost Whisperer" meets "Fringe." In 2035 Portland, Oregon, a Homicide Detective awakens from a coma after a near … [Read More...]

Remember Last Summer

How would you spend the last summer of your life? Given only a year to live, a single mother takes her two daughters on an unforgettable summer vacation, hoping to reconnect her … [Read More...]

Adrian Preskott and the Lost Prince of Corinthia

Abracadabra! Does anyone believe in magic? You should ask Adrian! Adrian Preskott was just like you and me, living a mundane life with his two twin little brothers and his … [Read More...]

Heart in Hiding

Hecate Ridlington has flown the family nest and landed at a small country estate in Devon. It’s a brutal year, weather-wise, so when she finds a man lost and ill in the forest, she … [Read More...]

Free: The Heart of Aleppo: A Story of the Syrian Civil War

Once just a normal boy, 13-year-old Zaid Kadir is now caught in the crossfires of the Syrian Civil War. Separated from his family during the night the rebels attacked the city … [Read More...]

Free: Moments That Define Us (A Gray Ghost Prequel)

Every day Jack spends with his girlfriend Jenni, feels like it could be the last. Homeless, Jack lives in an abandoned warehouse with five guys who’ve somehow morphed into more … [Read More...]

Free: Time for Surprises

When Miranda's father dies, his children inherit his new hotel. Problems keep piling up even before the grand opening, and Miranda’s husband has devious plans. Can Miranda … [Read More...]

Have We Met

Has anyone told you that you look like someone else? Piper's life is lost to her. She depends on her wits, looks, and intelligence to figure out what has happened to her lost life. … [Read More...]

Goat in the Meze

A hapless American couple who are stranded in a backwater fishing village observe the outrageous antics of the quirky villagers. A feel-good read for lovers of Greece in this … [Read More...]

Once Accused, Forever Tarnished

Small town murder. Local cop in love with prime suspect. What could go wrong? You will be guessing right up to the end in this clean suspense story. $0.99 on Kindle. … [Read More...]

Waters and the Wild

Amy’s heard the voices all her life. The doctors insist they’re in her mind. Her mother believes they are fae. Amy knows they have turned deadly. While attending a wedding … [Read More...]

Free: The Sorcerer

He's an imperial sorcerer. She's a rebel spy. Two sworn enemies torn between duty and desire. Free on Kindle. … [Read More...]

Free: If Kisses Cured Cancer

If Kisses Cured Cancer is a story about life in a growing coastal town, falling in love and stealing shopping trolleys. Matt Pearce is depressed, working an uninspiring job and … [Read More...]

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