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A Destiny to Die For (Book I)

Angelita grabs at a chance to get out of the favelas when she finds a huge cache of heroin. Money becomes no object, so much so, it seems too good to be true. It is! The … [Read More...]

The Last Alignment: Cry of the Scorpions

"The Last Alignment: Cry of the Scorpions" is the start of a Young/New Adult Urban Fantasy series that follows the journeys of five different and mystical teenagers as they are … [Read More...]

The Virgin’s Awakening

Sarah was excited about going away to college. Her one regret was that she had yet to lose her virginity to Joshua, the only boy she'd ever loved. When Sarah agreed to go away with … [Read More...]

Crime Beat Girl

A girl is dead. A boy is locked up. Can Debbie Bradley discover the truth before more lives are lost...maybe even her own? A series of deadly shootings. An outbreak of stolen … [Read More...]

Free: New Beginnings: Hollow Crest Wolf Pack (Book 1)

n a desperate bid to escape the fate that her pack has planned for her, Lori makes a run for freedom the night of her 18th birthday. But she has no idea just how high the cost of … [Read More...]

Free: Eddie The World’s Greatest Creature

In his quest to become the world’s greatest creature, can Eddie learn to be himself? A charming picture book with an important message, full of fun rhymes and delightful i … [Read More...]


From best selling author R.C. Stephens comes a compelling story of sacrifice, heartbreak and a test of true love. One soldier who left her behind. Another put her broken pieces … [Read More...]

Free: The Evelyn Project

If the present can change the past, what will happen to us if we make a mistake? Well, you are about to find out. "Luzzatto has spun a fast-paced tale that keeps the reader … [Read More...]

Free: Double Image

A politician's kidnapped child is returned unharmed, but Executive Protection Officer Kenna Devlin discovers information suggesting the child who was found is not the same child … [Read More...]

Free: The Side Hustle

Hard work is murder! Is a big real estate deal behind the death of a personal finance blogger? Two homicide detectives work to uncover the truth. Free on Kindle. … [Read More...]

Free: Good Day or Bad Day – I Love You Anyway!

Good Day or Bad Day – I Love You Anyway! The poor little thing, woke up very upset, thinking: “how much worse can it get?” But mom was in a hurry and made it clear: “We have t … [Read More...]

Didn’t Expect You

The right life is the one you never see coming. I had it all. The luxury apartment, hot dates, and the big office to go with long nights at work. Life was perfect. But after a … [Read More...]

The Princess Trials

Thirty young women. A handsome prince. A battle to the death. The Princess Trials is perfect for fans of The Hunger Games and The Selection. This exciting tale of courage, … [Read More...]

Without: Body, Name, Country

"Pick up this book and eat it, I mean love it, I mean eat it.” —Daniel Handler (a.k.a. Lemony Snicket) "...we see that perfect world crumble with her diagnosis of Guillam-Barre s … [Read More...]

The DNA of Democracy

Historical vignettes discerning the future of our democracy by rediscovering the fascinating past of tyranny and democracy. Just as DNA is interwoven in every aspect of the human … [Read More...]

The Remote Work Blueprint

Prepare yourself to join the remote revolution with this comprehensive guide! Thanks to the advantages of technology, and also, unfortunately, the far-reaching effects of a … [Read More...]

Free: Similar But Not the Same

Contact with aliens was the last thing on Alice's mind when she heads for Mars with her cat. She worked hard for this position and had to work harder to prove herself to the Major. … [Read More...]

Free: Molly Unplanned

Molly had a plan. But when her almost-fiance opts for a surprise Plan B, she’s left with no boyfriend, no money, and nowhere to live. Accepting an offer for freebie rent on a s … [Read More...]

Free: The Japanese Part of Me

Through six essays describing the lives and careers of globally active Japanese public figures Yoko Ono, Shinya Yamanaka, Hiroshi "Mickey" Mikitani, Yoshiki, Yoky Matsuoka, and … [Read More...]

The Sacking of Triolux North

A peaceful and successful planet is invaded and brutalized. The people of that planet, Triolux North, must decide if they retaliate or forgive and forget. What they ultimately plan … [Read More...]

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