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Vampires and angels are locked in a deadly war. But first, they want their daughter back. Half vampire/half angel, Violet, was abandoned amongst the humans in London as a baby. … Read More

Organizing Your Home with Sort and Succeed

The only home organizing solution you need to help you declutter, downsize, and purge unwanted stuff from your home. This master plan from an experienced Certified Professional … Read More

The Rebel

I'm untouchable. I stopped giving a f*ck about anything years ago. Not my father's money or his expectations. Rock hard and reckless, nothing ever gets to me. Until I met … Read More

Free: Baby Zeke: The Diary of a Chicken Jockey

Zeke was spawned as a baby Minecraft zombie, and everyone made fun of him because of his size. But after meeting Zeb, his full-sized zombie mentor, Zeke learns that he has special … Read More

Free: Bowl of Fruit (1907)

A mysterious ghostwriter helps Leon find love in a past full of secrets and lies… “A magically original story about two strangers and enticing secrets.” – IndieReader (5 Star … Read More

In the Black

A Hero's Scars Former Navy SEAL, Quentin Zane, was battle-scarred long before he joined the military. As a child, his father put him through hell. One terrible night, he lost … Read More

Free: Impala (Thriller)

After four years on the straight and narrow, Russell Fitzpatrick has a boring job, the wrong woman, and an itch for something more. All he needs to get his life going again is a … Read More

Free: Betrayed

He believes in the power of peace. But when a gang lord threatens his love, he'll wake the tiger within. Noah Reid thought he had his whole future planned out. The son of … Read More

Free: Sentinel

Blood-bonds with angels. Surreal mental abilities. Elemental gods. Star Wars meets The Mortal Instruments in this adrenaline-laced urban fantasy. Free on Kindle. … Read More

A Gambler’s Heart (Romance)

Is Love Worth the Gamble? Fiona is tired of the London society, where status and looks are the most important traits a man is looking for in a woman. Wanting a chance at a new … Read More

The King’s Secret Bride

I'm the bad boy king. Infamous the world over. And now my family tells me this. The only way to fix my image, Is to find a queen...$0.99 on Kindle. … Read More

Old Gold Mountain

Justin Vincent is a San Francisco based artist who leads a secret double life as a cat burglar. When a valuable painting is stolen from his lover Valerie, Justin agrees to use his … Read More

Free: Treasure Me, Cowboy

Rancher Seth Turner isn’t happy about his brother meddling in his life by hiring the pretty history teacher to dig into their past. But when Melody Chandler discovers a treasure … Read More

Free: The Garment Maker’s Daughter

In the early 20th century, three immigrants stand aboard a ship sailing into Ellis Island, each with their own dreams about what coming to America will mean for them. Together, … Read More


On the eve of her eighteenth birthday, Aurora Valente goes through disturbing changes. She purrs and craves raw meat. Most alarming of all, she’s taken to chasing wildlife. Her … Read More

Accidentally Royal

Six-foot-four. Cocky as hell. Dangerously handsome. Christian Hesse. Every woman's fantasy. And he turned my world upside down... I should have resisted. He was too dangerous to … Read More

Sangre: Night Rebels MC Romance

With a crazed fan stalking her, lead singer of Iris Blue needs Sangre's protection and nothing more. But she can't stop him from invading her thoughts. Sangre thinks his new … Read More

The Event

The ships came at dawn. Dean’s wife is dead. Her last words: When the ships come...wear the necklace. Then the ships arrived. Cities all around the world reported strange … Read More


A baffling mystery begins when the Wells Fargo Stagecoach arrives in Abilene - on time but minus the driver, guard and passengers. Skullduggery is afoot, in more ways than meets … Read More

Free: Leftover Girl

Found on a dark highway at four. Jes wants a normal life more than anything, but learning the truth about her real parents always stands in the way. Could the mysterious new guy … Read More

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