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Solve Finding Forrest Fenn’s Anthony Michael

Free: The Solve: Finding Forrest Fenn’s Fortune and Leaking the Lie That Endangered His Legacy

A thrilling outdoor adventure, searching for Forrest Fenn's treasure (valued at $2 million) found on June 6, 2020. Having found that which has been long sought after, the author … [Read More...]

Boy Meets Demon Jay H.D.

Free: Boy Meets Demon

A tale of teenage lust and bloody revenge. Sixteen-year-old, Jay, summons a demon to take revenge on the homophobic, school bullies who are making his life miserable. In … [Read More...]

Called by the Vampire V. Vaughn

Free: Called by the Vampire (Book 1)

A new heart, a new life and two new loves... When Maggie Evans had a heart transplant, she received more than a new organ from her donor. She also got a piece of the woman’s soul a … [Read More...]

Real Estate Investor Manuals Gabrielle  Dahms

The Real Estate Investor Manuals

Book series covering all aspects of real estate investing. The first three books in the series detail how trends affect real estate and real estate investing, what real estate … [Read More...]

From the Painted Tomb Brenda Hill

From the Painted Tomb: Something Ancient is on its Way

FROM THE PAINTED TOMB, a dark fantasy layers the story of a contemporary woman who vows to never trust again, and an immortal Egyptian prince from the 18th Dynasty. In his desire … [Read More...]

'Tis the Season Mimi Barbour

Free: ‘Tis the Season

What's better than a truly beautiful Christmas romance? Three of them! Loveable Christmas Angel - Aloha! Sweet romance, lovable angel & a prickly little boy’s Christmas w … [Read More...]

Wrath D.R. Roquemore

Free: Wrath

Very difficult times are coming for Christians everywhere. As we approach the Tribulation Period, you need to prepare your family for what’s ahead. Free on Kindle. … [Read More...]

Papa Can Fix It Pamela Tomlin

Free: Papa Can Fix It

The wonder of the holiday season is magically illustrated on every page of this heartwarming Christmas story. Emma and her friends enjoy the celebration of family Christmas … [Read More...]

Nearly Drowned TR Moore Ede

Nearly Drowned

Malissa Crop always thought she would live a normal human life. She will soon discover she is wrong; in more ways than one. Maybe normal was always a bit of a stretch, but what … [Read More...]

Second Chance Soul Ella J. Smyth

Second Chance Soul

I witnessed a brutal kidnapping at the academy. But when I report it to the head witch, she fobs me off. Soon, dark powers are coming for my lovers and me. Only united can we … [Read More...]

Unforgettable Christmas Joy Mimi Barbour

Unforgettable Christmas Joy

Nine New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Authors have crafted stories of love and joy, ranging from sweet to spicy, the perfect box set to read with your favorite holiday … [Read More...]

Mesmerized Garnet Wells


Not only is Kosby Matthews mesmerized by Deion Richardson’s royal blue eyes, but the two are deemed the perfect correlation. Their fusion is reminiscent of Ying and Yang until they … [Read More...]

Murder and Mozzarella Carole Fowkes

Free: Murder and Mozzarella

Claire DeNardo finally has her own private detective agency, DeNardo & Son. The son is her beloved dog, Charlie. Her first client is the wife of a Cleveland power broker who … [Read More...]

Vaant Layla Nash

Free: Vaant

Isla Lennox is the best interpreter aboard an Alliance ship, until she and the female crew are traded to an alien ship. The giant Xaravian warriors are intimidating, covered in … [Read More...]

Breaking Up With My Alexis Winter

Breaking Up With My Boss

Okay, so taking a golf club to my boss’s precious sports car was probably an overreaction—but damn did it feel good. However, him showing up to my house to blackmail me into mar … [Read More...]

Shop Your Wardrobe Jill Chivers

Shop Your Wardrobe

For any woman who has ever stood in front of a full wardrobe and lamented she has “nothing to wear”, the idea that you can shop too much isn’t too much of a stretch. Jill Chive … [Read More...]

Deadweight Paul Forster


When a medical breakthrough goes wrong, ordinary people begin turning into ravenous monsters. And as terror spreads across the globe, a handful of survivors in England confront the … [Read More...]

Heinous Crimes of Sara ST Branton

The Heinous Crimes of Sara Slick Boxed Set

I was innocent, and they called me a monster. Maybe a monster is exactly what the earth needs. My name is Sara Slick, and I was an average teenager. I worked hard. Followed … [Read More...]

A Small Town Christmas Audrey Rich

A Small Town Christmas

Enchanted Quill Press are delighted to present the small-town Christmas romance boxset. This heart-warming collection is filled with bold heroes, spirited heroines and … [Read More...]

Sunsets Never Wait Jonathan  Cullen

Sunsets Never Wait

  From the Amazon bestselling author of The Storm Beyond The Tides comes the personal saga of two people whose troubled lives intersect on the remote west coast of … [Read More...]

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