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Free: Kymiera: Purity

Episode 1 of KYMIERA - a six-part TV mini-series in book form. In a broken future of genetic corruption and crumbling civilization, CHLOE DARK wants to save the world from … Read More


A failed heist earned Kara a death sentence. Her only chance is a ruthless enforcer who makes her body tingle with dread ... or is it heat? Davien will do anything to get back … Read More


I had chosen the mountains for a reason. I was convinced that any human connection was a black hole. Yet, this girl made me want to take that leap all over again and I couldn’t … Read More

Seashells, Spells & Caramels

When Imogen enters a mysterious baking contest off the coast of France, she discovers an enchanting world and her own magical powers. But when a competitor drops dead in the big … Read More

Passage: Book I of The Akasha Series

In Passage: Book I of the Akasha Series, enjoy deciphering chapter title meanings as you weave your way through two minds and two timelines. Stop over for some family drama, only … Read More

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Art, love and mistaken identity collide. Lily Machara has never been one for glitz or drama. But when Hunter Carlisle, a commercial artist on the rise, adopts Lily as his muse … Read More

The Pastor’s Admin

Daphne ‘Dee’ Gary used to love being an admin … until Joseph Thornton. She has been his administrative assistant for ten years and each year, she has to decide whether it will … Read More

Inn the Spirit of Legends

From the author of The Sisters, Texas Mystery Series and Forgotten Boxes. When Hannah’s uncle gifts her a ‘town’ for her birthday, she discovers a historic inn, a handsome … Read More

Free: Claimed

A forbidden love. Sexual attraction on steroids. A brave alpha warrior. A feisty heroine he's sworn not to have. When they meet it's explosive chemistry But, can they save … Read More

The Color of Tears

A boy asks “What is the color of tears?” He plays with creative descriptions. Maybe brown ones are like mud on his face. His mother shares an important message: No matter what … Read More

Seven’s Deadly Sins

While at her exhibition, artist Kaya meets the alluring Seven Prescott, the billionaire heir to the LX Energy dynasty in Houston. The chemistry is impossible for Kaya to ignore and … Read More

An Actual Conversation Between God and Satan

Have you ever read a book about God and Satan actually having a conversation? Wouldn’t you like to know how they communicate? Do they debate, argue, fuss, or even fight? Do they … Read More

Free: Lord and Master (Lord and Master Trilogy, Book 1)

Quiet English beauty Luna Gregory has created a perfect life for herself working on the 500-year-old Arborage Estate, a life based on maintaining control and keeping her past in … Read More

Free: Altered Reality

The world is changing. Alters – rare beings, blessed with incredible, supernatural abilities – are being hunted. Giant corporations, with unlimited resources and small armies at … Read More

Free: A Tiger’s Fury: How to Start Overcoming Your Fears Right Now!

My life's story. A Soldier, Entrepreneur, Cop, Husband, and Father's life. The trials and tribulations of life, and how to conquer your fears. Free on Kindle. … Read More

Free: The Making of A Well – Designed Business: Turn Inspiration into Action

The Making of A Well-Designed Business is no-nonsense advice for the entrepreneur who is ready to take action. Gleaned from over 30 years of co-running their family-owned business, … Read More

Free: The Beale Treasure: A Frank Vito Bounty Hunter Series

#1 Bestselling story that is inspired by true events, The Beale Treasure: A Frank Vito Bounty Hunter Series, is a gun-blasting Western, full of grit and spirit, that will keep your … Read More

Where Good Girls Go to Die

It was a bad idea from the beginning. He was my brother's best friend and the definition of unavailable. But I didn't care. I had loved him for as long as I could … Read More

Free: My Love is Blind

They say that love is blind and marriage is a real eye opener, but what happens when you are forced to open your eyes before the marriage? Will your love survive the test? Free on … Read More

Handmade Candies

This book contains 45 recipes for handmade candies with unique textures and flavors, and no gluten, preservatives, or artificial flavors or colors: hard and soft candies, … Read More

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