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Free: Not Mine to Love

Friendship. Sexual desire. Surrender. When Matt and Jane are cast to play a loving couple on-screen, passion sizzles between the two actors, and the professional and personal … [Read More...]

Free: Dear Employee: What Your Boss Wishes You Knew

In Dear Employee: What Your Boss Wishes You Knew, you’ll discover what is going in the mind of your boss. By reading this book and applying what you learn, you will become … [Read More...]

Free: HyperTurnaround!: Transforming a Tech Company on the Brink of Collapse into a World Class Global Leader

This book provides a rare insight into how you can rapidly turnaround a tech company on the brink of oblivion and then turn defense into attack by changing its growth trajectory … [Read More...]

Far Away Home: Aislynn’s Story (Book 1)

In post-Civil War New York City, sixteen-year-old Aislynn Denehy cannot find a job, she has no place to live and no family to help her. Some might think this is a problem; Aislynn … [Read More...]

The Secret Tale of a Cupboard Gnome

Norman was a cupboard gnome, and he lived in his happy cupboard home, until his world was shaken by a sinister magical squirrelnapping. A powerful bad bandito gnome has entered the … [Read More...]

Dark Obsession

I’m the kind of guy that takes without asking. Until beautiful Jenna Web shows up. But my partner in crime isn’t too thrilled with my new girl. With one foot in the light and … [Read More...]

BRAT and the Kids of Warriors

In the aftermath of World War II military brats Jack, Queenie, and Rabbit find adventure everywhere they go. This time, it's an overseas voyage to West Germany for their father's … [Read More...]

Free: Abuse

Bonjour, my name is André Chevalier. It has been my joy and my great honor to help those who have lost their way. Not long after I began my journey, I met two such wounded … [Read More...]

Free: Mummy and Daddy Have Matching Tattoos

A little girl discovers all the weird and wonderful tattoos in her family. Where is Aunt Sue's secret tattoo? Why does the little girl end up with her own tattoo? A fun rhyming … [Read More...]

Devitt Fae Shifters (Book 1)

Best friends must find a way to release hidden passions, save a true mate, and expose the evil that threatens true love and an entire Fae realm. When Devitt St. Clair discovers … [Read More...]

Free: Escape to Osprey Cove

The mystery begins with an unusual find in the secret compartment of Doug's new Corvette. It will change his and Catherine's life forever, forcing her to find escape at The Osprey … [Read More...]

Free: Switch of Fate Prequel

Love follows no rules... Growler and Anna begin their lives at the cosh, a place with only one rule: A switch may not favor only one shifter, because it makes her weak. This is … [Read More...]

Free: Always On My Mind

David Dawson is the oldest brother of the rowdy Dawson boys, and the one his father depends on most to help run the family farm. Unfortunately, he’s far more interested in playing … [Read More...]

Free: Hell in a Head Gasket

When Sere Mal-Laurette escaped hell, she thought she'd left her demons behind her. But now that one has found his way through hell's gate, others are sure to follow. Then all hell … [Read More...]

Sherlock Holmes Never Dies: Complete Collection to Date

You love Sherlock Holmes stories and you subscribe to Amazon Prime but you can only ‘borrow’ one book a month. This is you. All 36 New Sherlock Holmes Mystery novellas are now … [Read More...]


"Rarely does a written story gave me pause as this novel has." Conviction takes us into the world of innocence to prejudice, discrimination, and pride, love and loss, to the … [Read More...]

My Father’s Truth

The man that raised me was as self-driven, self-disciplined, strong-minded and proud as they come. He believed in self-reliance and personal responsibility. His life was a series … [Read More...]

Free: The Full Moon’s Slumber

Cinnamon is in the process of picking up her life and starting over, searching for something that means more to her than her mundane existence. Then a fairy drips down out of her … [Read More...]

Saving Jenna

Jenna knew it was Ian Riley the second she saw him, but she refused to get her hopes up. He had left once before, and nothing would stop him from leaving again. Coming back to … [Read More...]

And The Forecast Called For Rain

Detective Jose Ramirez and the Sierra Hills Police Department are scrambling for leads on a killer who has already struck five times, each time leaving his signature trademark: … [Read More...]

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