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Free: The Key to Erebus

Thrown headlong into a world of mythical creatures that she knows nothing about, Jéhenne seeks to learn the truth about herself, uncovering shocking secrets and finding that she is … Read More

Free: Mail Order Bride: Westward Winds

With over 400 five-star Amazon reviews: Craving adventure, Tessa becomes a mail-order bride to Montana rancher and widowed father Dean. Can this pair — as different as night and … Read More


A sexy, emotional college romance about a cocky guy who seemingly has everything until a girl shows up and spins his world on its axis. The problem? She's not interested...and he's … Read More

Saving Grace

Saving Grace, based on a true story, an Amazon Hot 100 New Release. The courtroom drama of the Victorian Age, everyone had an opinion on who poisoned wealthy banker Charles … Read More

A Bird in a Hurricane

In Louisiana, the prison per capita capital of the world, prisoners are worth $25 a day in a system where mass incarceration lines the pockets of justice officials. When Paul … Read More


Halorum is a holy kingdom. Long ago the message of their gods, the Halorum Knights, passed unto them; live for them and they shall be guided by the Light. However, shadow and decay … Read More

The Devil Between Us

An epic story of murder, survival, deception, and forbidden love. In 1853, a young girl escapes a harrowing scene and flees for her life in the untamed wildernesses of northern … Read More

Free: The Nostradamus Equation

In 1562, Michel de Nostradamus led a small party on an expedition deep into the hostile Desert of Barbary, now known as the Sahara. Without any knowledge of what they might find, … Read More

The Billionaire Love Match

Does love stand a chance on reality TV? Colt and Casey had a chance meeting that sparked an instant connection. But now she's competing for this billionaire bachelor on a reality … Read More

Free: The Book of the Lord

YOU WILL NEVER SEE THE WORLD IN THE SAME WAY. Two thousand years of waiting is over. The great revelation of the Lord is here to answer all fundamental questions of the … Read More

Free: The NYC Werewolf: Tales, Book Two

A gorgeous, sprawling Victorian ocean estate faces the Atlantic Ocean & holds mysterious relics from centuries ago. It is here that James finally begins to realize the … Read More

Free: Behold Ellowee

Muriel was shipped off to her grandparent's house every summer. She enjoyed the break from school and loved her grandparents dearly, but would describe these months as … Read More

Just For You

They sent me away. No time to say goodbye I didn’t know if I loved her. I didn’t know she was carrying my child. But when I saw her again I knew she still possessed me. I was … Read More

Still Not Over You: An Enemies to Lovers Romance

Landon Strauss owned my heart until the day I peeked at his journal. The shock of a lifetime tore us apart. My hero-turned-villain-turned-amnesia. Five years later, I don't … Read More

Airliner Down

A holiday season flight to paradise turns into a nightmare when a one-man sleeper cell ignites his plan for revenge. Can a hand full of passengers come through and save the day? … Read More

Free: Yesterday Makers A Story from a Time Machine

Nothing's as it seems in this world, and the next layer up might not be any better. It might be a lot worse. An easy to read but unsettling psychological time travel story from the … Read More

Free: The Irish Flapper

The Irish Flapper, is a novel set in Manhattan during the exciting Roaring Twenties about a young Irish woman’s journey to America to fulfill her contrasting dreams of wealth and … Read More

Free: A Forever Kind of Love

If Charlie had known that ranchers came in such a delicious package, she’d have visited her aunt a long time ago. Jason’s last girlfriend went back to the city, leaving him … Read More

Free: Outsider

After a woman is kidnapped in broad daylight, Det. Nate Hansen begrudgingly agrees to work with the elusive Maggie Evans, a suspected criminal in his eyes. As they follow the trail … Read More

Void Strikers

Josh was top dog at the Space League training facility on Creston, now he will have to test his metal against some of the best pilots in the galaxy; friends and foes, in an area … Read More

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