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Midnights in Colorado

Lisa Preston’s avoided romance for years. Heartbroken after her boyfriend left town, She’s turned her attention to her salon. Until she rents a cabin from Sam … [Read More...]

Where Dandelions Sway

On a Friday afternoon in the small town of Glen Ridge, three armed men invade the home of Paul and Alexis Hudson. The Hudson’s find themselves in a life or death situation where … [Read More...]

The Storyteller’s Secret

A Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Washington Post and Amazon Charts bestseller. An epic story of the unrelenting force of love, the power of healing, and the invincible desire to … [Read More...]

A Ghost in the Attic

When 5th grader Samson O'Keefe is forced to move from his home in Ohio, he quickly learns that strange things happen in his new home. It is what's living, or not really living at … [Read More...]

White Eagle: Awakening

15-year-old Billy wasn't looking for a fight, but the world desperately needed a hero! Billy and Susie face a terrifying dilemma: Allow the world's greatest evil to escape from its … [Read More...]

Free: A Bear in November

Young Caspian is a black bear who wakes up in late November when he should be hibernating. Unable to get back to sleep, he emerges into a snowy world that's completely different … [Read More...]

Buyer Beware

She's innocence incarnate, and I'm the one who steals it so if she thinks I can't buy her, she's wrong. Ever since the death of my parents, I've been dead inside. But she's soothed … [Read More...]

Primal Creatures

French Quarter private investigator and recovering alcoholic Wyatt Thomas climbs back up on the wagon and accepts a dangerous job from a movie producer to investigate a bizarre and … [Read More...]

The Case of the Dead Dowager (Michaela McPherson Book 2)

Retired homicide detective Michaela McPherson and the aging Countess Dorothy Borghase team up again - this time to match wits with two serial killers stalking children, women and … [Read More...]

Stay for Me

To Owen Collier, a job is a job. He gets paid to save businesses, cuttings costs and people. No mercy. No attachments. No goodbyes. Simple rules to follow, until Addy Walker. She’s … [Read More...]

The Moment Between

The Moment Between is a psychological thriller that brings death to life through the story of Doctor Hackett Metzger, a neurologist who struggles with grief four years after losing … [Read More...]

Free: The Tarot Witches Complete Collection

There are seventy-eight cards in a tarot deck, and each card has been appearing in the mailbox of a different witch. Each one bears a message for the unlucky recipient, and it … [Read More...]

Free: WOLF: A Suspense Thriller (Jessica James Mysteries Book 1)

She wants her degree. But she just became a suspect of first-degree murder… Jessica James is broke and counting down the days until she can defend her philosophy thesis. … [Read More...]

Free: I’ve Never Seen A Bull

How can we teach kids to read? How can we help kids read better? And how can we instill a love of reading in today’s kids so they’ll want to read more and more? Sigal Adler has … [Read More...]

Free: I Can’t Say That!: Going Beyond “The Talk”

Gender Identity. Pornography. Hook-up culture. Same-Sex Attraction. Masturbation. Abuse. These issues are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what our children are being … [Read More...]

The Cost of Love Boxed Set (Books 1-3)

This boxed set contains the first 3 books in the Cost of Love series! The Cost of Hope: Soleil has no delusions of living a grand life. The only thing she wants is safety for … [Read More...]

The Beckoning of Beguiling Things

Dark times shall claim the land. One woman, a bearer of light, shall lead the way. Come on, really? I just want to cut loose in Las Vegas and have a good time. Dark times … [Read More...]

Death on the New Moon

Michael Lindley's captivating and twisting tale of love, betrayal, and murder in the Low Country of South Carolina and the continuing love affair of Hanna Walsh and Alex Frank. … [Read More...]

His Boss’s Daughter

My boss’s daughter crashed into my life…like fireworks. And now, she’s carrying my baby. I am a Navy SEAL, and a single dad to the most beautiful son on the planet. Ethics come … [Read More...]

Into The Game: Dungeon Crawl Quest

When a mysterious package arrives from the recently deceased Dungeon Crawl Quest game developer, college student Riff Jenkins finally gets his reward for being one of the RPG's top … [Read More...]

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