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Free: Pianist in a Bordello

Are voters really ready for the whole truth? Are you? Pianist in a Bordello is a hilarious political romp through the last four decades of American history, from a narrator who … Read More

Free: My Uncle Jack’s Off

Hot dogs, pimps, elephants and crime. These things have absolutely nothing to do with this epic twisted tale, but you have to admit they're pretty attention grabbing, right?!? … Read More

Free: American Z

"The new era of Zombie Fiction has finally arrived." -From the creative mind of J.G. Fletcher. American Z is the debut novel of American author, J.G. Fletcher. Set in the … Read More

Free: Called by the Bear

I’m Carly Cutler and my dreams predict the future. So why am I dreaming about a sexy beast of a guy, a bear, and a paw print design? I don’t know. A force I can’t fight wants me to … Read More

A Forest Full of Roses

Some people are so haunted by the past, they choose to recreate it down to the last creepy detail. When Teresa Rose and her twin daughters move to an enchanted forest, they meet … Read More

Well-Oiled Mechanic

When Olivia’s stranded with a broken down Jeep and no way to pay for repairs, I know we can work something out. I offer her a filthy deal. She wants it. We both do. Olivia can’t … Read More

The Queen

"I have one chance at a new life. A college education. A future outside of Tanglewood’s dark walls. For a breathless moment it seems like I might actually escape. Then I get a … Read More

Feral King

Severin Leduc is only thirty. He’s also a dominant, tattooed brute who needs someone to break through the walls he’s built. The exiled son of a wealthy family, he’s … Read More

Free: Doctor-Patient Confidentiality

Two very different people. One scandalous proposition. Endless possibilities... Free on Kindle. … Read More


A millionaire MMA fighter, a hungry journalist and a whirlwind tour around the country... Sports Journalist Natalie lands the opportunity of a lifetime when she not only secures … Read More

Free: Prequel

It’s true… love is where you find it. This short prequel introduces you to five women who have recently suffered personal loss. As they work to save their dying town, each finds … Read More

Free: The Art & Science of Happiness

Meet Dr. Zeev Gilkis, former Israeli Army senior special intelligence officer and virtuoso of life transformations. Trained as a mathematician, he went on to lead a successful, … Read More

Free: The Coach’s Boys (Books 1 & 2)

Book 1: When his brother murders a groom, Dan Mulholland comes to the rescue of his pregnant widow in The Daddy Pact. Book 2: It looks like Sam Jensen might get the woman of his … Read More

The Cedar

From settling in the newly founded colonies in the 17th century through the pinnacle of the Civil War, The Cedar is an endearing tale that introduces us to generations of the Bodes … Read More

Eternal Flame

16-year-old Julia Olsen’s world is falling apart. Her quarterback boyfriend broke up with her. Her family’s new home under renovation is a mess. Her high school counselor won't … Read More

Free: Hope(less)

In a world filled with people, Gabby is uniquely alone. The tiny sparks she sees represent the people around her, but she doesn't know why she sees them. A chance encounter leads … Read More

Machine Planet

The Final Weapon to Rule the Galaxy… The Ultimate Weapon to Conquer All Space… The Machine Planet! Mercurian Empire invades Starfire Nation with thousands of starships and … Read More

Free: Move or Improve? The Baby Boomers’ Guide to Housing Options

Baby Boomers who feel overwhelmed trying to decide where to live will appreciate the information found in this book. Should you stay in your home and age in place by making … Read More

Free: Harris Rules: A Real Estate Agents Guide to Becoming Rich and Free

It's the question every agent asks, but few have a truthful answer for: Where does business come from? In an industry constantly selling the 'easy button' and overrun with shiny … Read More

Free: Resist the Machine

A genetically engineered girl teams up with a rugged soldier to resist the technology controlling their lives. Spine-tingling suspense for fans of 1984, Person of Interest, and … Read More

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