Women's Fiction on Kindle

Women's fiction is a massive umbrella term that simply focuses on a woman as the main character of the story, and the books are usually marketed towards women. The woman is usually someone who is just beginning a new part of their life following a major event such as a promotion, death of a loved one, or another significant occurrence. The reader will watch as the character grows, matures, and learns more about herself and those around her throughout the emotionally-fulfilling journey.

Free: Can’t Buy Me Love

Martin Humphries

London is swinging, but not for our girl Edith, who has no hope in sight until her gay cousin Ronnie comes to her rescue. In thoroughly unconventional style, he transforms her into the sort of sixties woman he knew she deserved to be. And so begins her remarkable new life because, sometimes, a girl’s just ... Read more


All’s Well That Ends: Disarmed by Dreams

1943, Chicago. A segregated train ride is only the beginning to a bittersweet story of loss, courage, starting over, and the pursuit of dreams. Sara Jameson had known in an instant she’d made a terrible mistake when she discouraged everyone from coming to the train station to see them off. Standing on the platform with ... Read more


All’s Well That Ends

Tina Jones Williams

A segregated train ride is only the beginning. All’s Well That Ends, the prequel to the Julia Street Series joins Sara Jameson and family as they say goodbye to the Southside of Chicago, leaving behind all the people and places they know and love. Would Berkeley, California provide the new start Sara dreams of? Or ... Read more


Friends In High Places

Toni DeMaio

When model Angelica Donovan wakes up dead as a spirit guide in training her greatest adventure begins. Will she face down the same evil that shattered her own chance at happiness and lead three souls to the happiness she never found? And will she finally heal her troubled soul and be closer to earning her ... Read more


Forgotten Journey, Every Man’s Dream-Every Wife’s Nightmare

Nan Prodan

MEET TOM AND MEG TRUMBO, a vibrant fifty-something couple. Next on Tom Trumbo’s bucket list is a four hundred fifty mile trip on the sport fishing boat, Tori’s Seacret, out of Key West, Florida. The journey takes them into the ocean in the darkest hour of the morning on a fourteen-hour cruise to Mexico. When ... Read more


The Julia Street Series

Tina Jones Williams

A segregated train ride is only the beginning. The Julia Street Series spans the early 1940’s through today, and takes the reader down memory lane as Sara and Ben Jameson move their young family from the south side of Chicago to Berkeley, California. The family lands in red-lined South Berkeley, the only part of town ... Read more


A Dickens of a Crime

Phyllis H. Moore

Meg Miller, a retired librarian, discovers a dead body during her preparations for a historic homes tour. She’s a suspect, but that doesn’t stop her from visiting the widower with a covered dish and attending the elaborate funeral in the community’s megachurch. Will she be a witness or the prosecuted in the trial of the ... Read more


Complicated Truths

Monika Mendez

She knew that relationships were complicated, but when she found the courage to confront him nothing could prepare her for his reality. She knew that spirituality was complicated, but when she turned to Osun to find guidance in her darkest moments nothing could prepare her for the depth of her loneliness. She knew that the ... Read more


Spirit Bond: Fact or Fiction

D.R. Meyers

Do you believe in ghosts? Energies of the dead? Do you believe in Heaven and Hell? Have you ever gone to a funeral and felt like the deceased was with you. Lights flicker. Cool air rushing towards you. Things being knocked off your counter. A tv remote that is buried under a stack of papers ... Read more


Free: Amiga

Matthew Arnold Stern

In 1985, a young Laura Rodriguez goes to Silicon Valley to start a career as a computer programmer. She finds a job at a quirky startup run by a family with secrets. Laura must seek solutions from a past she wants to forget. She may find them in the computer that changed her life, the ... Read more


Papa Dont Preach

Meshon Bowens

Find out how young shy Diamond ends up trapped in a world she was never exposed to. She abandoned the voice of her father and tried to find her own. $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Justina: Daughter of Spartacus

Ryan Lew

While Julius Caesar builds his power in Rome, weaving a web of spies and alliances, one young girl’s fate is on a collision course with his own. Rome’s biggest challenge of the past 20 years came from a man known as Spartacus. Now, his unknown daughter threatens all that Rome has built. Justina, a name ... Read more


Promises Fulfilled

Traci Wooden-Carlisle

Promises Fulfilled is the much anticipated fifth and final installment of the Promises to Zion Christian Women’s Fiction Romance series surrounding Paige Morganson. A year and a half ago Paige Morganson’s world went sideways. Within the span of a few months, she learned that everything she’d been told about her life was a lie. Still, ... Read more


Other Side

Ray Hollar-Gregory

O ther Side is a riveting psychological tale set in the New York City metropolitan area. The themes are viewed through the experiences of Jordan Baros a young African American attorney. The title Other Side is an attempt to explore the duality of personality, character and actions of people. Jordan faces his conflicts and value ... Read more


Fresh off the Starship

Ann Crawford

Readers’ Favorite book-award winner: A friendly, bewildered alien aims to land in Washington DC where she could help humanity on a grand geopolitical scale, but ends up in…Kansas! Wrong place, right time? Laugh through and be inspired by this fun, feel-good, moving and captivating tale that reminds us how truly awesome life on Earth and ... Read more


Through the Open Door

Joanne Parsons

Boston, MA 1880…A sequel to award-winning, Kitchen Canary, Through the Open Door is narrated by the person who, in an act of desperation, murdered Charles Brennan. The killer recounts the abuse inflicted by Brennan and describes the final acts of cruelty that led to his murder. We find the characters seven years later, free of ... Read more


Water is Wider

Marie Green McKeon

A young girl runs away, searching for her father. A woman who never ventured beyond the confines of home and work sees her world-shattering. Her mother dies, the company falls on hard times, and she faces losing her house. This contemporary woman’s novel tells how these two lives intersect, and how strangers’ bonds can be ... Read more


Free: Living Lies (Agent Ward Novels Book 1)

Kate Mathis

The adventure begins with Living Lies. Meet secret agent Melanie Ward, who quits the spy game, after 10 years, when a justly earned promotion is snatched away by her nemesis, the arrogant and smug, Son-of-a-Senator. After moving back home to live with her parents, Melanie quickly learns that is easier living a life of danger ... Read more


Reckless Beginnings

Tina Hogan Grant

Tammy Mellows wanted the white picket fence family lifestyle but instead, she got a nightmare. How will she survive and protect her child? Tammy’s had a plan. Move to the U.S. and follow the white picket fence dreams she’d always had. Steven seemed nice, but there were clues she’d missed. He became abusive. After she ... Read more


Shadow of the Taj

Lara Bernhardt

When Leslie Matthews travels to India with her husband, she doesn’t expect her life to change. But then she meets Raveena, an orphan desperate for help. Haunted by the secrets she harbors, Leslie fights to rescue the girl from a sordid underworld that exploits women and girls. Through her struggles to save another, Leslie makes ... Read more


A Dog’s Hope

Casey Wilson

Nothing Toby did was ever good enough for his father, but he never expected his father to abandon him. He loses hope, until golden retriever, Buddy, follows him home from school. From that day, Buddy never leaves Toby’s side, showing loyalty and love. But when disaster strikes and Toby’s life changes, will Buddy be able ... Read more


The Traveler of Truth (Sojourner Truth) America’s First Superhero

Gee Monte

A slave woman escapes with her infant daughter in the dead of winter then returns to the town she had escaped from to legally outwit her former master, winning freedom for her abused son. She then went on to fight for women’s rights and laid the groundwork for allowing women to vote. All the while, ... Read more


Birdie & Jude

Phyllis H. Moore

  A chance meeting, as a hurricane barrels toward Galveston Island, melts two lives together in the present. However, something from the past is responsible for their undeniable connection. Their histories in a recognizable sphere couldn’t be any different, but Birdie’s never moved in recognizable spheres. Her past is all contained on the island and ... Read more


Free: The Tortilla Star

Abbey Carpenter

Bette finds that love can come in different forms – one that unlike her professional work as an accountant, she doesn’t control, that isn’t orderly, and is highly unpredictable. Though she’s six inches taller and hasn’t gotten past Spanish 101, she relishes being drawn into a rich, passionate adventure with Marco, an undocumented immigrant. Free on ... Read more


Free: Erasing the Past

Geri Dreiling

The Time Traveler’s Wife meets The Notebook. It all began with a laugh. In 1968, as chemistry major Joe Holly headed to class, it was the sound of Kate Taylor’s laugh that caused him to fall for her, even before he glimpsed her face. And once he found her, he knew he would do anything ... Read more


Free: Jane Doe – Scarlett

Kris Calvert

Left as a newborn to die in a dumpster, she has no name. Tossed from state-run orphanages to a string of foster homes, she has no family. Growing up hard, fast and street smart, she’s accomplished in hand to hand combat and accurate with a gun. With no money for college, she enlisted in the ... Read more


Dancing Between the Beats

Lynn Nicholas

What happens when expectations clash with reality? At Desert DanceSport Ballroom Studio, misunderstood intentions and ego-driven altercations turn everyone’s lives upside down: Katherine Carrington, narcissistic studio owner; Marcos Stephanos, silver-fox dance master; Paige Russell, the newest and youngest dance instructor who’s hiding a life-changing secret. $8.99 on Kindle.... Read more


One Daughter at a Time

Deb Graham

Weak-willed Julie finds herself alone with four daughters and one on the way. She panics and moves to Glyth House, an old mansion in Minnesota. She’d always relied on Dan, but he’s gone, leaving her to raise their daughters alone. With the help of their new community, can Julie conquer a crisis, grow a backbone ... Read more


City in a Forest

Ginger Pinholster

Hidden in the heart of Atlanta, a pristine forest shimmers with magic, but an unscrupulous developer plans to flatten Silver Park—unless two brave women can stop him. Arden Collier risks losing her home. Parker Gozer owns most of Arden’s secret forest, which is rooted in Atlanta’s rich African-American history. $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Free: Elmwood

Rebecca DiMaio

Arriving in Elmwood, Nicole expects to have a fun week with her friends in the atmospheric town, but things take a turn when she starts having visions from a past life. A pragmatist at heart, she’s convinced there is a logical explanation, but soon is faced with more questions than answers. Unbeknownst to her, Elmwood ... Read more


Free: The Power of a Love Song

Laurie Lail

“Fans of sassy southern characters and irresistibly sticky romances will love “The Power of a Love Song.” Alison Evans is pretty sure her guardian angel is getting stoned. Her husband is divorcing her, her past is haunting her, her future is terrifying her, her mother is infuriating her, a mystical realtor is casting spells for ... Read more


Free: Rooms Need Doors

Sisi Meir

Tiki and her family left Iran and immigrated to Israel in order to start a new life. But life in a new state is hard and the dysfunctional family struggles. When she leaves home, Tiki finds out new details about her family that might change her life. Free on Kindle.... Read more


The White Rose Rent

J.P. Reedman

The Tudor Era has dawned. Richard III lies in a shallow grave in Leicester and Henry Tudor sits upon an uneasy throne. Richard’s illegitimate daughter, Katherine Plantagenet, wife of one year to William Herbert, Earl of Huntingdon, struggles to find her path in the strange new world of Tudor England. Only fifteen years old, she ... Read more


Blend 37 – Pippa Bow

Natalie Hush

A contemporary story about love, romance, relationship, and crime. Two neighbors in London’s Belgravia, Tess a woman in her 40s, a successful lawyer who just had a break-up from her long time relationship and who is now back on the dating market and her twenty-something-year-old neighbor Pippa, a young digital media student use their talent ... Read more


Reckless Beginnings

Tina Grant

Tammy Mellows wanted the American dream with the white picket fence but instead entered a nightmare where she found her life being dictated. Thrown into a life of drugs and violence, she became the silent and forgotten one who struggled to support her son. Determined to win back her life she knows she must make ... Read more


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