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Women's fiction is a massive umbrella term that simply focuses on a woman as the main character of the story, and the books are usually marketed towards women. The woman is usually someone who is just beginning a new part of their life following a major event such as a promotion, death of a loved one, or another significant occurrence. The reader will watch as the character grows, matures, and learns more about herself and those around her throughout the emotionally-fulfilling journey.

The Hundredth Time Around

Stacy Lee

If walls could talk the Anderson cottage on Long Sands Beach would have stories to tell. Cassidy Quinn is an attorney living in Boston who comes close to making the biggest mistake of her life. Picking up the pieces and retreating back to a town that holds her heart, Cassidy reunites with a summer fling ... Read more


Sydney’s Promise

David R. McKay

As a child, Sydney Regan promised her elderly neighbour that, one day, she would find her destiny. However, one question always remained. How will she know when she has found it? Growing up impoverished with an alcoholic mother burdened by declining mental health made Sydney believe her upbringing defined her. Other adversities caused her to ... Read more


Free: Adjustment Year

Melina Druga

The war is over, but the healing has just begun. 1919. The promise of better days slips away as the optimism everyone experienced on Armistice Day fades. Hettie Taylor returns home to Canada married to Alfred, a man she barely knows, and without having had an opportunity in the nursing service to properly mourn her ... Read more


Emily’s New Everything

Elizabeth Allison

Overworked and under-appreciated Emily Esposito thinks wrestling her young son Dante into his Halloween costume is her biggest worry-until her husband shows up with his new girlfriend and tells her their marriage is over. In her heart, Emily never stops dreaming of a man to grow old with and a true love to call her ... Read more


When Goodbye Begins: Life Takes Over

Geeta Lal Sahai

Inspired by true events: the love story of a bipolar in this pandemic; estranged wife accepting the reality and coming to terms with husband’s Alzheimer’s; an ‘out of love’ woman fighting for her sanity and respect; violence survivor trying to find her true identity and love. The themes are contemporary and the women characters fight ... Read more


The Last Summer Sister

Rachel Cullen

Jen, Lynn, and Courtney have little in common other than shared DNA. But when their father’s untimely death reveals an earth-shattering secret, everything they thought they knew about their family — and their future — changes overnight. Although this tragedy should bring the sisters together, the depth of their father’s betrayal coupled with their tumultuous ... Read more


Blue Lady’s DÉJÀ VU on the Seas

Stephany Tullis

In her latest installment of the Angelica Mason Series, USA Bestselling Author Stephany Tullis takes Angelica Mason and the BLUE LADY to another place and time. ‘If one could sleep one’s self to death…’ Déjà Vu on the Seas is a story of an emotional journey of personal exploration and search for self. It explores ... Read more


Whispers Of Home

Grace Meyers

*** Amazon #1 Best Selling Author *** Three siblings from different worlds. Can this small town heal their scars? When estranged siblings Lily, Mason and Hannah are brought face-to-face after the passing of their beloved aunt, they’re forced to reconcile with their pasts and rebuild their relationship in the quiet seaside town of Virginia Beach. ... Read more


Asymmetrical Woman

Aliza Ross

A woman in a disintegrating marriage, on the brink of having an affair, develops Bell’s Palsy, paralyzing her face, and forcing her to reexamine her marriage and ambitions. Asymmetrical Woman explores the inherent contradictions and dilemmas of contemporary women—the disappointments, compromises and anguish of marriage, motherhood and work. $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Free: Inside Isla

Liz Breen

Isla Featherby, writer, wife and mother lives an enviable life in the English countryside. During a summer, as she writes her latest novel, she realizes that her book’s character, Gem, doesn’t have all the problems of the world, Isla has her fair share too. As secrets spill and the past is unearthed, both women face ... Read more


Entitled —  A Novel

Cookie Boyle

Life isn’t easy when you’re a book. This humorous, debut novel captures the extraordinary adventures of an extraordinary book. Entitled takes us on the journey of a book seeking to find a home as it is passed from one Reader to another. Along the way, our book tells its own story, “The Serendipity of Snow” ... Read more


Free: The Truth About Unspeakable Things

Emily A. Myers

In an emotional, thought-provoking journey filled with secrets and regret, a young woman has a second chance at love after abuse. Emma Marshall is haunted by the trauma of her past. The night she ended her engagement to cheating fiancé, Beaux, was meant to be the night she took back control, but it was only ... Read more


Free: Dreams for Stones

Ann Warner

A man caught in grief and guilt over his wife’s death and a woman who has learned through a lifetime of separations that letting go is easier than hanging on—it will take the power of love and all the magic of serendipity, old diaries, and a children’s story to begin to heal these two. First ... Read more


Caught in a Cornish Scandal (Harlequin Historical)

Eleanor Webster

Will saving a stranger start a scandal? With her family facing ruin, and desperate to avoid an arranged marriage, Lady Millie Lansdowne must work with smugglers. Millie knows smuggling isn’t going to be plain sailing, but rescuing a mysterious gentleman in a storm embroils her in a thrilling family drama! Helping handsome stranger Sam recover ... Read more


Where There Is Life

Charlene Carr

Autumn forces her eyes open. Blinding light sends stabs of pain through her head. She blinks, trying to remember, to figure out where she is and why she can’t move. But she can’t remember. All she knows is pain, and the fact that her new husband is not by her side. A riveting story about ... Read more


My Last Goodbye

Nikki Caltabellatta

This is a story about two people brought together by fate, Emily is a wife and mother of 2 boys who develops an obsession for the lead singer in the band, Hinged. Emily believes that everyone comes into your life for a reason so, when she meets her crush, Tyler Ashton, before one of their ... Read more


Nowhere Near Goodbye

Barbara Conrey

A mother’s love vs. a doctor’s oath. Oncologist Emma Blake has dedicated her life to finding a cure for a rare brain cancer. Twenty-five years ago, Emma’s childhood friend Kate died of glioblastoma, and Emma vowed to annihilate the deadly disease. Now, Kate’s father, Ned, is pushing her to work harder to fulfill that promise. ... Read more


Secrets of Mackinac Island: The Complete Boxset

Katie Winters

Elise’s life as she knows it is over. Her husband of twenty years had an affair; her children have left the nest; and she hasn’t managed to sell a screenplay in almost ten years. Now, one of the people she loved most in the world—her mother—is dead. “Heartbroken” doesn’t even cover it. She’s never been ... Read more


Lolly’s Wish

M Lee Prescott

Heart shattered, Lolly Rogers vows she’ll never love again. She’s got her work, as partner in Merlin’s Closet, a successful children’s book catalogue, and her daughter Maisie. She does not, I repeat, does not need a man. Besides, even if she wanted a man, where would she find one in tiny little Horseshoe Crab Cove? ... Read more


Laughing Dolphins

Amber Polo

1980s Boston art students follow different road signs for twenty years. Stepping onto parallel paths, chasing art trends and love… from Boston’s Dunkin Donuts to California’s Starbucks…from computer networks to soul networks. $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Becoming Olive W.

S. Lee Fisher

Beautiful, brilliant, wealthy. The world should be Olive’s oyster. Does she want too much? For young women in the early 1900s, sometimes a string of pearls is the closest they will get to owning the world. Without a mother’s guidance, is it possible for this young woman to break social barriers on her own? Can ... Read more


Aloha Also Means Goodbye

Jessica Rosenberg

Aloha Also Means Goodbye is the ultimate friendship fiction escape story. This award winning fun beach read will transport you to Hawaii and beyond as you ride a wave of emotions, romance, and unexpected twists and turns. $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Lost Among the Tide

Tammy B. Tsonis

Rebecca Reid is a successful woman whose perfectly planned life leaves her questioning her romantic relationship and her future. After a visit with her grandmother, Helen Simas, whom she holds a special bond with since childhood, she’s left revisiting her choices and reasons for leaving home. Through Helen’s stories, Rebecca learns about her family history, ... Read more


The Pearl Shore Inn

Grace Meyers

She thought they could rekindle their love. Then he vanished without a trace. When Cade disappeared, Elizabeth Anderson’s life was thrown into chaos. Having thought that their newly inherited beach house would be the perfect place to refresh their marriage, she never believed the last time she would see her husband was the day he ... Read more


Where Flowers Bloom

Nikki Vale

Sometimes the only thing in the way of your happily-ever-after is you. Romance writer Kendyll has been trying to accomplish the impossible her entire life—a fairytale ending. But that has proven easier in her tales of fiction than in her real life. Hoping to refresh a relationship grown stale with her long-term fiancé Vance, Kendyll ... Read more


What’s Left Untold

Sherri Leimkuhler

Every secret has its price. Anna discovers a letter written by her estranged best friend, Lia—a letter that contains a cryptic postscript concealing a devastating truth. With her twenty-year high school reunion approaching, Anna moves closer to uncovering the secret in Lia’s letter and the heartbreaking consequences it set in motion. $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Free: Witching for Grace: A Paranormal Women’s Fiction Novel (Premonition Pointe Book 1)

Deanna Chase

Grace Valentine had the perfect marriage and a great career managing her husband’s real estate office. Or so she thought until three months ago when she was served with divorce papers, and thanks to her philandering ex, now she’s out of a job too. At the age of forty-five with the help of her coven, ... Read more


The Nam Legacy

Carole Brungar

You know Jack. He’s the boy next door. Until he goes to Vietnam. She’s the country’s golden girl and she’s been in love with Jack forever. But now he’s a soldier. Will she let his choices destroy her? $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


When She Touches

Sheryl Frazer

Looking for a truly different type of mystery where solving a crime is just a touch away? Genevieve thinks her ability only reaches below the surface, feeling the emotions of others. However, she soon will discover it goes much much deeper! From blindsided family secrets to peculiar crime mysteries, it’s a page-turner you don’t want ... Read more


The Lighthouse

Jessie Newton

After the death of a childhood loved one, 5 best friends reunite in the small coastal town of Five Island Cove. One doesn’t expect to find love with a high school crush. Another isn’t prepared to find the strength she needs to take control of her life. And none of them are ready for the ... Read more


Piña Coladas

Roxanne Rhaman

Months after Shannon and Trevor have separated, both struggle to remain the confident, happy people they’ve always been. Luckily, Shannon has a devious friend, Alexis, who’s determined to make things right. When she convinces Shannon to join an online support group, she conveniently doesn’t mention the man Shannon thinks of as a stranger is actually…Trevor. ... Read more



Susan Sofayov

University of Pittsburgh law student, Maggie Hovis, battles an enemy she cannot escape—her own brain. Her family calls her a drama queen. Her fiancé, Sam, moves out after she throws a shoe at his head. Maggie knows there is only one way to get him back—control her moods. So she takes the step most of ... Read more


Hexes & Hot Flashes

Lisa Manifold

Six months ago, I lost my husband. Six hours ago, I found out that he had a second family. Sixty minutes ago, I found the perfect distraction. And six seconds ago, I became the newest Oracle for the entire magical world. I just hope I live long enough to figure out what it all means. ... Read more


Free: If I Loved You: The Cabin of Love & Magic (Book 1)

Joanne Pence

A nearly bankrupt caterer. An author with writer’s block. Two people. One cabin. And it has ghosts… Both arrive at the cabin at the same time, both need to remain there, and both want to be alone. As they struggle with each other and the bizarre happenings around them, each hopes the other will leave…but ... Read more


The Dragonsong Law Offices

Abigail Drake

Eliza Dragonsong is a lawyer by day and a Wiccan high priestess by night. Her unique skillset comes in handy in the courtroom, and also when she’s asked to guard an ancient cursed stone from the dangerously charming Ivan Rochat. Although he’s a former art thief with a questionable past, Eliza still finds herself drawn ... Read more


The Memory Keeper

Jenny Hale

From the USA Today bestselling author of The Summer House comes a story about finding lost loves, chasing dreams, and the people who show up when they’re needed the most.The Memory Keeper is the perfect escape for fans of Susan Mallery, Debbie Macomber, and Sheila Roberts. Hannah Townsend’s life is just as she’s always wanted ... Read more


Hawksmead Books 1 & 2: Bridge to Eternity & Breaking through the Shadows

Romola Farr

The greatest movie ever is the one in your imagination when you read a phenomenally good novel. We’ve put two brilliant women’s fiction books by Romola Farr in one volume: Hawksmead Books 1 & 2: Bridge to Eternity & Breaking through the Shadows. $3.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Free: Chosen

Marla Meyers

Marissa Dow is recovering from the death of her mother and a recent divorce. When she travels to the farm where she grew up, something extraordinary happens. It’s an event so bizarre that she questions her sanity and confides in her best friend, Becka, who is skeptical about Marissa’s wild tale. When proof presents itself, ... Read more


Blind Trust

A.F. Presson

Pulled from sea, a strong-willed woman wakes with no memories other than the hero who saved her. Suffering brutal nightmares, she is desperate to reclaim her past, but finds herself falling for the man who has sworn to protect her. $2.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Nowhere Near Goodbye

Barbara Conrey

A mother’s love vs. a doctor’s oath. Oncologist Emma Blake has dedicated her life to finding a cure for a rare brain cancer. Twenty-five years ago, Emma’s childhood friend Kate died of glioblastoma, and Emma vowed to annihilate the deadly disease. Now, Kate’s father, Ned, is pushing her to work harder to fulfill that promise. ... Read more


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