The Taste of Air

Mary Reilly’s had a secret lakeside cottage in Vermont for forty years. Nell and Bridget stumble across their mother’s hideaway when she turns up in the hospital, far from home. Clues lead back to the Vietnam War, when Mary was a nurse in Saigon. Her retreat is a vault of family secrets never suspected, and […]

Free: Growing Season

Melinda comes to a crossroads after her soaring career takes a downward turn. When she moves back to rural Iowa for the summer, can she find a way to thrive? Free on Kindle.

The Sea Prayers

A waitress, a megastar, and an ex-addict wage war for the heart of a young girl. Thirteen years ago, a spiked drink left Agnes with a permanent reminder of the man who date-raped her. Her daughter looks like him, sounds like him, and even listens to his platinum records (of course, the dude’s a megastar […]

Free: Snake Oil

Welcome to New York City dreamer! Join Elle transplanted in Brooklyn in 2003 from Austin, Texas. Her enlightenment through escapades as she starts a new life. Meeting some of the most creative and unusual people in the beauty industry. Free on Kindle.

She’ll Stitch You Up

Velma and Ethel are at it again… After her unintentional donation for park benches, Velma gets invited to a charity dinner. It’s great until a storm takes out a tree and a bridge, and the girls are trapped with two dead bodies, one handsome mailman, and a vicious killer. That’s when the fun begins. $0.99 […]

Follow: Akashic Dreaming Through Time

Follow: Akashic Dreaming Through Time captures the essence of life and its difficulties in continuing to pursue our beliefs even though they might no longer serve us throughout our lives. Researching and accumulating information for these lifetimes is an exciting and immensely educational experience. Every stanza emulates the traveling soul. The individuals’ experiences from anger […]

Birdie & Jude

A serendipitous meeting of two strangers results in a friendship neither of them understands, and crooks a finger at Birdie that will summon her back decades to allow her to face the forgiveness she has longed to give herself and her family. It’s a story of reflection, acceptance, and chance. A chance to live our […]

A Cross of Crocuses

The story of the disintegration of a family as it breaks apart during the parents’ illnesses. Siblings show their true colors when help is needed, and the outcome is very different from what any one of the children expects. A sad, but true to life tale that will resonate with many readers. Compelling reading from […]

Playing it Dirty: A Bad Boy Sports Romance

My job is my life and I take my responsibility very seriously. It’s a calling and not just something I do to make ends meet. I want to help people. I thought I could be professional. How is that possible when his body is begging for the touch of a woman? He wasn’t married and […]

A Promise of Fireflies

A blood-stained journal. A mysterious stranger. A family secret that will challenge everything Ryleigh Collins believes. Questions never asked don’t always remain unanswered. $0.99 on Kindle.

The Secret Life of Charlotte Dodd

Charlotte Dodd is a blond, pint-sized office worker who loves movies, her boyfriend, and wearing her Birkenstocks. She thinks she might be a spy. What other reason is there for Charlotte being able to best two thugs with only a rolled up magazine? Or shoot out the window of a speeding car? Or drive her […]

Unsung Odysseys

‘Unsung Odysseys’ re-tells the story of Odysseus’ journey home from Troy through the voices of women. Included is the voice of Odysseus’ mother, wife, nurse, the love-struck princess, the benevolent witch, and the possessive nymph. Their stories provide a long-silenced female perspective on events. This work will appeal to those interested in hearing women’s voices […]

Ann: Irresistible Spirit

A boy and girl who are neighbours in the back streets of Leeds, England, begin a love affair in the 1960s. They discover love, sex, marriage and children, before separating after a costly mistake. Time does not kill their love. Through disasters and ill health they keep in touch until she returns to be close […]

Bayou Whispers

Part mystery, part romance, all small-town drama. Finally, Enza has the family she always wanted—but a holiday dinner brings disaster when it reveals dark truths about her new family. Haunted by her mother’s disappearance and lured deeper into the mystery by a guest, she and her best friend take a trip to the darkest part […]

My Agent’s Son: A Bad Boy Christmas Romance

Alicia is one of the many struggling artists in New York, using her chance to prove herself every chance she got. One night at a gallery wouldn’t only be the start of her career but the start of an all-consuming attraction that would be hard to shake. It was too bad that the man was […]

Reckless Beginnings

What would you do if you lost your way in life? If the turmoil around you prevents you from looking for your missing runaway sister. Would you be able to conquer the challenges that you must face in order to win your battles? Tammy Mellows is determined to come out of top. $0.99 on Kindle.

To Everything A Season

Taylor Loden, a Philadelphia media heiress, has never examined her breakneck work pace or her empty life. Then tragedy strikes one night on a dark country road, and her wealthy, privileged world collides with the modest, plain world of an Old Order Amish family, ultimately leading both to question the lives they lead. $2.99 on […]

Free: A Song In Time

Do you wish you could go back in time and redo your life? Well, that’s what Heather gets to do when she finds a charm bracelet with magical powers. Will she change her past for a brighter future? Free on Kindle.

Painting Deception

Painting Deception is the story of Lily Clarke, the elderly mother of three dysfunctional and distant daughters. She makes life-altering discoveries regarding her new found wealth and other dark secrets after she receives a diagnosis that she has a terminal illness. The challenges and decisions she must face in her final months will test her […]

Free: Leaves of the Linden Tree

Corrie Holden opens a bookstore in Linden Grove and begins living the dream of her 30-something years——-independence and her enthusiasm for books. But the unacknowledged presence of xenophobia and racism in this idyllic Illinois farm town eventually has a devastating effect on the new bookstore. Free on Kindle.

After All Is Said And Done: A Novel of Infidelity, Healing, & Forgiveness

How do you tell your husband that the son he loves isn’t his? Jessica’s breath quivered as she drew it in. The man who had once walked a mile in the rain to find her lost cell phone had surprised her with a dozen pink roses on her last birthday and had whisked her away […]

Pictures in the Sky

She gave up on romance years ago. He’s going through the motions. Their lives change forever when he makes contact out of the blue.  With her daughter leaving the nest, Michelle Cameron would rather spend her time with good friends, a glass of fizzy and a box set, than with another idiot bloke chipping away […]

Solve the World: Part One

17-year-old Jennifer Dash leaves her Louisiana home in search of the key to life. Her quest begins humbly enough amidst the swamps of the Pelican state, but forces beyond her control will propel her past many nations, oceans, cultures, and fairy tales… to the very limits of reason and myth itself. $0.99 on Kindle.

Someone Close to Home

Megan and Gideon are in love but her manipulative mother comes between them in ways that destroy Megan’s happiness and eventually put her life in jeopardy. The book also highlights the vulnerability of people in care homes. $0.99 on Kindle.

Enlightened Relations: The Life in a Day

Love itself is amazing. Love in Enlightenment is otherworldly! Even an Enlightened couple can share intimate moments. $0.99 on Kindle.

Mountain Men in Love

Mountain Man’s Virgin He was gorgeous and rough around the edges. A Mountain Man. Every moment that I spent with him, I grew more addicted. Once I gave in to him, I wasn’t sure if I’d ever be able to walk away. Would he be worth the risk? Could I walk away from this stunning […]

The Witch’s Portal

If you had the chance at Utopia, would you take it? Lily Rose might. Since the death of her mom, Lily feels lost. It’s only through the family legends of the witch Sandrine, and the tales of her magical Portal into a perfect life, that Lily has finally found a glimmer of hope. The Witch’s […]

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