Different Lee

Abandoned by his parents the moment he was born, DL did his best to reinvent himself. However, his past isn’t so easily buried. Haunted by weird dreams and hunted by weirder strangers, DL must face who he really is–or die trying! $0.99 on Kindle.

Poison and Potions

Pretty Poison or Deadly Draught? You decide!Read the never before seen collaboration from today’s top voices in Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance. This highly-curated collection contains fourteen exclusive stories from today’s NYT and USAT bestselling authors, bringing you tales of magic, madness, malevolence, and so much more, including a majority of brand new material!In this […]

Nominate Rebirth & You Could Win A Copy Of It

Hidden deep beneath the waves of the ocean moon GX-30B is a medieval city, a playground for the ultra-rich of the United Earth Empire. However, this city has a secret, it is not just a theme park, but a prison built to hold the God of Evil, Kita. Her mind shackled, an encounter with her […]

Demon Child

The Demon Child’s the cutest kid I’ve ever seen, and he’s a vampire with an insatiable appetite for blood. I have to stop him but my main weapon is my sexual thrall. I can’t use that on a child! This time I have to rely on my wits, my skill and worst of all, teamwork! […]

Fate’s Fables Special Edition

Fate Floyd is trapped within a darkly enchanted fairy tale world bound by the Book of Fables. Her only means of escape is to travel through the book’s eight unfortunate fairy tales and change them into happily-ever-afters. Can she survive and make it all the way to the book’s bitter end to create her own […]

The Second Universe in Flames Trilogy

Powers Unlocked. An Alliance is Born. Ten thousand years ago, the Furies nearly exterminated all life in the universe before being defeated by a coalition of worlds led by the Olympians. Or so everyone thought. Now they’re back, and a new reign of terror has begun. $0.99 on Kindle.

The Last Warrior of Unigaea

Mad Max meets online gaming and epic fantasy in this action-packed LitRPG trilogy! $2.99 on Kindle.

Democracy’s Thief

After a friend is shot in the head during a political break-in, PI Eric Beckman discovers that the presidential candidate behind the burglary has a paranormal ability: He can compel people to support him. Beckman must overcome his aversion to politics and stop this man from being elected. If he fails, millions will die. $0.99 on […]

Free: Future Fortune

The job title “theoretical physicist” conjures up images of old men, disheveled hair, and brown orthopedic shoes. Professor Steve West though, is different. With his cinematic good looks, genius IQ, and obsession with history, it’s easy to understand why the federal government chose him to lead their top-secret time travel project, which for some unknown […]

Age of the Ashers

What if all the ancient myths are true? Eighteen-year-old Chloe Zacharias is perfectly content being an outsider. But an ancient prophecy has different plans, plans to catapult her into the middle of an ages-old war between beings she only thought were mythical. Filled with magic, mystery, and sprinklings of Greek mythology, Age of the Ashers […]

The Off-Worlders

Terra is a convenient, out of the way place for dirty deals and a little peace and quiet away from the Galactic Federation… There are a lot of people who don’t belong here. $0.99 on Kindle.

Nominate this fantasy for publication & you could get a free copy of it

Sixteen-year-old Tessa, a locksmith’s apprentice, embarks on a quest to bring back her father from the dead by stealing the most prized magical artifact of the wicked conjurer, Fellstone. She’s joined by Calder, seeking his lost love, and Ash, whose growing attraction to Tessa distracts from his plan to avenge his murdered twin. Faced with […]

A Kingdom of Shadow

Ellyn Cromwell did not expect much from anyone. Upon the death of her father, she took over as the primary caretaker of her family. The fight for survival was an endless battle for her. After saving the life of a man she found in the woods, her home is attacked and she is ripped away […]

Free: Reflection, The Stranger in the Mirror

An Heiress, an ancient prophecy, and a masquerade… Nerissa, the Heiress of Chiyo, prepares for the masquerade celebrating the twentieth anniversary of a thwarted assassination attempt on her family. Longing to be admired for herself and not her title, she arranges to switch costumes and enjoy the ball in blissful anonymity. But, when the fateful […]

Stella and Sol (Boxed Set)

She’s a crown princess running for her life. He’s desperately trying to save his kingdom from annihilation. After being enemies for so long, they must depend on one another or risk a war that could kill them all. Enter a world where some never see the light of day and others cannot fathom the dark […]

This is the Way the World Ends

After a decade of waiting, the next World War Z is finally here. In the aftermath of the zombie pandemic Keith Taylor, noted author of post apocalyptic fiction, traveled the world to gather the first hand accounts of survivors from every walk of life, culture and strata of society, ranging from American political leaders to […]


On war-torn Earth, I’m stuck raising my four sisters. It’s okay, I love them dearly. But there are days I long to be free. I always look straight ahead, never up at the stars. Earth holds so many wondrous sights. I want to see them all. But I can’t. Not only have aliens invaded, but […]

Free: 2036 The Proof

A mysterious link is detected among seemingly unrelated, grave scientific discoveries. While the President tries to use this top-secret knowledge to secure world peace, aggressive extremists threaten human society. Can a mysterious ancient sect save the day? Free on Kindle.

Dominion Rising

Find the Science Fiction and Fantasy reads you’ve been craving! Whether it’s alien invasion or dark fairytales, heart-pounding galactic adventures or cyberpunk romance, Dominion Rising will satisfy with a thrilling mix of 22 all-new full-length novels set in fantastical realms. Sword and sorcery, far-flung galactic empires, alternative history, epic magic, slipstream futures: this collection of […]

Spinning Time

A thrilling and mesmerizing time travel adventure! Julia slips from Burkett Falls trapped in a natural time portal that spins her seventy years into the future. $0.99 on Kindle.

Shattered Worlds (Boxed Set)

Escape into twenty-three epic worlds that will leave you breathless. From dystopian nightmares to gorgeous steampunk and fantasy settings to fairy-tale retellings and beyond, Shattered Worlds has every story you’ve been dying to get your hands on! This unique Young Adult/New Adult collection, inspired by the creative minds of today’s New York Times, USA Today, […]

Free: Lone Survivor

I’m Ian O’Rourke, and I’ve never cracked anybody’s skull who didn’t deserve it. I once was a peaceful farmer, but two sorcerers just slaughtered my closest kin. Nothing will keep me from paying them back, blood for blood. Free on Kindle.

The Last Time Traveler

Robert is the last time traveler. That’s because his predecessors actually managed to break the future. It’s his job to go back and undo what they did. As one can imagine, that’s no easy task. Fortunately, he’s assembled the greatest team in history to help him do it. He’s also picked up Morgan for some […]


I’ll be honest; I’ve made some terrible choices in my life. Decisions that I knew were wrong, but I made them anyway. My most recent transgression, however, was by far my worst and also the reason I was burying my face in alcohol on a night when I should’ve been happily celebrating. What did I […]

Retaliation (Earth Reclamation Force Book 1)

When Earth is invaded by creatures from another world, the fallout leaves a world dead from nuclear fallout, human survivors flee to space for survival looking for haven to re-group, re-arm and retaliate against their aggressors. These surviving humans call themselves the Earth Reclamation Force (ERF), a militarized space force working hard to survive and […]

As We Rise, Rogue

It’s been 48 days since Jo Cygni’s father died, leaving her the CS Kismet and its crew of space-born misfits. Despite a lifetime of preparation, Jo never thought she would captain her own ship before her 21st birthday. Broke and determined to prove she is worthy of command, Jo pushes aside her political concerns and […]


Carl runs. His life of luxury is ripped away. Forced beyond the city limits, Carl sees a land bereft of life. Traveling in search of answers, his quest comes to a sudden halt when he collapses. As darkness shrouds him, a figure hovers from above. Interpretation is a dystopian fiction that explores hope and happiness […]

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