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You've landed on our featured fantasy novels page. Fantasy books often take place in a world very similar to our own but with magic or other elements. The genre employs tropes and settings such as: arthurian knights, coming of age stories, dragons, epics, fairy tale retellings, myths, urban fantasy, sorcery and quests to save the world.

The Never Ending War Complete Series Boxed Set

Martha Carr

Girl meets dragon. Girl works to befriend dragon. A large, red, dangerous dragon. From bestselling authors Martha Carr and Michael Anderle, get this 8-book complete fantasy series today! Raven Alby will have to train her new ride and save the dragon’s life or die trying. Mix in starting at Fowler Academy as a first year, ... Read more


Free: Shadow Theatre

Justin Pritchard

“My tale is one of divine power, mortal betrayal, and the most magnificent vengeance. Yet I am no actor in this play, but the director. This is the story of my puppets – the shadows cast by my holy light. They dance on a paper screen by the grace of my guiding hand. I am ... Read more


The Realm Series

Dakota McElhinny

The Realm – After a failed rebellion, an ambitious prince sets out to conquer the Seven Great Plains. With four unlikely companions: Dar Caine the Malobathron Giant, Leda the Dwarf, Troy the Elf, and Lars the Leprechaun, Telezzar the Wizard is charged with stopping this fallen prince. Between meeting Odie the Gneiss, battling spidermites, and ... Read more


Courage, Cunning, and Craft – A Classic Fantasy Trilogy

Karina McRoberts

Galla Jenari is sickened by racism, cruelty, stupidity, and greed; she’s more than determined to make a difference. Once ridiculed by the dashing, headstrong Prince Shiran, he finds he’s lost without her astounding ingenuity and enlists her aid in a battle against a fierce enemy. Meanwhile, evil lurks beneath the city, certain to rise. Will ... Read more


Free: The Hound of Hell (Book 3)

Rory D Nelson

He wants to escape his ruthless past. Can he evade the hitman hellbent on destroying his future? Renault accepted that defeating his tormentors would come at a great cost. But with the fallout from his escape endangering his loved ones, he finds himself in an even deadlier predicament-with the land’s greatest bounty hunter out for ... Read more


The Crimson Legacies

Missy De Graff

On the eve of the blood moon, Eden will fall. When the King and Queen don’t believe the plea for help from a young boy, Princess Sabina is forced to take action on her own. Venturing into the wastelands, she discovers a vast army unnaturally approaching the fortress. Lead by the Pale Rider, the wicked ... Read more


Free: Journey to Jumbalot

Ryan Wakefield

A glowing doorway. A lost friend. Will one loyal pet turn out to be the hero of the hour? Alby the housecat has no desire for adventure. Rescued from the street by the kindly Professor Wizoom, he’s grateful to be safe and lazy. But when his master vanishes through a magical door, the scaredy cat ... Read more


Free: The Blue Sirens

Kfir Luzzatto

Dan is excited to find little, telepathic penguin-like creatures in his garden’s tool shed. They understand him so well and know how much he misses his mother, who passed away the year before. They are cute and vulnerable, and to keep them safe Dan hides them from his father. But when he learns that their ... Read more


Free: The Spirit Child

Alison Naomi Holt

An orphan, a duchess, and a diverse cast of Animal Spirit Guides join forces in this epic fantasy where love, grit, and determination not only heal a wounded heart but also lay a foundation for a battle against a black evil lurking within the Seven Realms of Ar’rothi. Bree—a warrior who, in times of need, ... Read more


How to Kill a Dragon

J.A. Culican

The dragons are gathering, which can only mean one thing. Death. Minx, a royal Fae has been tasked with saving her people. Problem is, the only way to do that is by slaying a dragon and bringing their hide back to Paddling Grounds. The magic that resides inside dragons is strong and without it her ... Read more


Free: Obsidian Wraith

Nathan Wilson

As samurai clans feud over the Imperial Throne, a temple scribe named Shindara is plunged into the fire and ashes of Japan’s Genpei War. Torn from his home, he unwittingly falls in with a group of bandits who may end up teaching him more about life and death than his high priests ever did. While ... Read more



Abigail Drake

Michael is a Traveller, part of an ancient line of mercenary gypsies who protect the world from vicious monsters. When Emerson Shaw, Former Junior Miss Kentucky gets attacked, she has no choice but to accept Michael’s offer of protection or face certain death. $2.99 on Kindle.... Read more



JD Goldsky

Jonathan Libonsky (Jny) read and dreamed a lot and he was afraid that he was different from the others, he was afraid that he would be chosen one but not like Harry Potter, but like a ridiculous clumsy boy. Jny was a 13-year-old boy, student in elementary education in the Scientiws School was known as ... Read more


Grotto of Chaos: The Exploits of Clarence Griffin (Book 1)

Christopher Knox

13-year old Clarence Griffin was on a weekend camping trip with his family and friends. His excursion turned out to be more than he bargained for when he was plunged into a world of deep peril filled with unworldly predators and dangers unseen within the darkest depths. Armed with only his slingshot and the equipment ... Read more


Stories from Anotherworld: Volume 1

Levi Judson Harris

This book is a fundraising project. All proceeds will go to support films with actors on the autism spectrum. So… about a year ago I received a very strange package of notes from a (supposedly) long-dead ancestor. He was searching for “Anotherworld.” Well… I turned those notes into stories – trees that walk, homemade pirate ... Read more


Book Stolen From A Demon

Johnathan David Goldsky

Jonathan Libonsky (Jny) read and dreamed a lot and he was afraid that he was different from the others, he was afraid that he would be chosen one but not like Harry Potter, but like a ridiculous clumsy boy. Jny was a 13-year-old boy, student in elementary education in the Scientiws School was known as ... Read more


The Sentinel of Cassendar Book One: The High Captain

Carissa Tarkington

The Sentinel of Cassendar has stood strong for over two thousand years protecting the kingdom of Lanoxan and the royal family. An elite group of fighters and users of Mystics, the Sentinel is legendary for its strength, honor, and bravery. No members of the Sentinel are ever so revered as the men who have served ... Read more


Realm of Dragons: Fight for the Crown

L.C. Conn

Teagan Loinsigh, long ago banished from her magical home of dragons now lives on Earth. Her dreams and memories of the great creatures are put down to fantasies and an overactive imagination. Until one day she comes across a creature so unlike any other in the land she lives in. A baby dragon. $0.99 on ... Read more


Free: Darkbeam Part 1

Adrienne Woods

Dark Beam Part 1 is the first book in the series of the Rubicon Blake Leaf’s life. He is the alpha of the Dragons roaming in Paegeia and fights his darkness on a daily basis. When Elena Watkins showed up at Dragonia Academy Blake needs to fight more than just his darkness. Finding out who ... Read more


Free: City of Masks

Ashley Capes

When a royal conspiracy topples the noble House Falco, Sofia must take up the burden of her father’s mantle and assume guardianship of his Greatmask. Yet the sentient bone mask, powerful enough to Compel those around her, will not speak, and Sofia, the first female Protector in a hundred years, is left defenseless. Free on Kindle.... Read more


The Red Oasis

Joseph Kozak

This exciting tale full of emotion stirring events is an absolute must read for young adults. With millennial inspirations they will be sure to immerse themselves in the depth of. Through an epic journey filled laughter, hardship and magic, the bonds of friendship are tested in this ultimate adventure through space and time to save ... Read more


The Dread Lord Icon

Dalton Lewis

In The Dread Lord icon two young men go to the University of Iowa by day and visit a fantasy world by night. One shines as a knight, a paragon of goodness and faith. The other, Icon, is a necromancer and an outcast, but he wants desperately to do the right thing. Their friendship gradually ... Read more


Immortal Divorce Court

Kirk Zurosky

Welcome to a world where mythological creatures mess up their relationships just like we do. With a forever ex, the drama never goes away! $4.99 each on Kindle. Learn More... Read more


Julian Fox, The Dream Guardian

EJ Miranda

Dreamers can receive eternal wisdom that has inspired the creativity of great innovators throughout the ages. Sometimes, Defilers, destroyers of dreams, is the one who tries to appear before the dreamer. They allow their pain and desire for revenge to take over and seek the same miserable fate for the one who dreams. Dream Guardians ... Read more


Free: Dungeon Crafting Series Books 1 through 3: A Dungeon Core Novel

Jonathan Brooks

Contains the first three books in the Dungeon Crafting series! The Crafter’s Dungeon The Crafter’s Defense The Crafter’s Dilemma What happens when a knowledgeable crafter becomes a Dungeon Core? Sandra had been a merchant traveling through the human lands of Muriel, though that wouldn’t have been her chosen profession. What she would’ve loved to become ... Read more


Free: Shadowborn

Moira Katson

Friendship and loyalty, secrets and intrigue, prophecy and illusion… I was four hours old when I was cast out by my mother. I was cursed, she said. Kinder to let me die in the snow and the wind than let me live, only to be betrayed. I was twelve when the Duke found me and ... Read more


Free: The Reincarnationist Papers – Origins Prequel

D. Eric Maikranz

Discovered in an antique store in Rome at the turn of the millennium, The Reincarnationist Papers – Origins Prequel offers a tantalizing glimpse into the Cognomina, a secret society of people who possess total recall of their past lives. The Reincarnationist Papers is now the Paramount movie INFINITE starring Mark Wahlberg. O – The Oprah ... Read more


Free: The Dragon Wakes

Sarah Dalton

Long ago, the Kingdom of Estala was a place of dragons and sorcerers. Those with magical powers were more than human, they were Menti. But now Menti sorcery is outlawed by the capricious king, and those who wield it are hunted down by the fanatical Order of Insight to be made into slaves, or worse, ... Read more


Black Jadeite Queen

Angel Rosario

Black Jadeite Queen is a suspense filled story of a teenager named Legno who battles an evil spirit during his summer vacation. Family secrets come to the surface shattering his perceptions of his loved one. His journey takes him to an island paradise where he faces this malignant spirit that haunts him daily. In the ... Read more


Free: The Dragon Wakes

Sarah Dalton

A world built on the tales of dragon kings. Powerful brothers at war. An orphan girl sold as a bride. Long ago, the Kingdom of Estala was a place of dragons and sorcerers. Those with magical powers were more than human, they were Menti. But now Menti sorcery is outlawed by the capricious king, and ... Read more


Sarana and the Dark King

Ivy Keating

The Dark King of Bounten ravages his kingdom in search of a rare metal known as tarilium. With a mystical wolf-like creature known as a Valomere by his side he is fearsome. Only one thing can stop his reign of terror—a commoner with a secret past and a powerful Valomere of her own. $3.99 on ... Read more


Free: They Came By Night

Andrew Bathgate

Bathgate’s richly imagined epic fantasy immerses the reader in a vibrant magical world whose peace has been shattered. The struggles of the people of the Ceniac Island are viewed through deeply dimensioned characters with massive battles and epic wizard duels. Victory comes from understanding what magic will allow and what it will punish. While the ... Read more


Possessed by Gods

A.M O'Dair

Getting possessed by an amnesiac God? Check. Revenge for my murdered twin? Pending. My father forced my twin and I to take some experimental shots for money. It killed him: Wonderful. Then it killed my twin… I lived, unfortunately, and now I’m the host to a powerful God named Tenebris. I’m starving for revenge, and ... Read more


Free: The Broken Heart of Arelium


Over 400 years ago, twelve great warriors united the beleaguered armies of men and scoured the war-torn lands of evil, pushing the enemy back into the underground pits and caverns from whence they came. To ensure their legacy, each of the Twelve founded fortress monasteries to impart their unique knowledge of war and politics to ... Read more


Sorceress: Shadow of the Songbird

Gayle Katz

Accused of murder, Mara the sorceress and Lucas the sorcerer stand resolute to bring their rival sects together in the name of peace. But the more they try to mend fences, the more those set on war pull them apart. Can they fight and win and usher in a new dawn of peace, or will ... Read more


Free: The Children of Zion

D.R. Hurley

Branded a traitor to his nation, Leos swears he has nothing to do with the Prince’s kidnapping. However, he cannot prove it as his mind has been completely erased. Desperate to clear his name, he goes on the run. But as visions of his past begin to emerge, Leos starts to fear he may not ... Read more


A New Dawn Complete Series Boxed Set

Amy Hopkins / Michael Anderle

When the greatest horrors exist in the mind, how do you deal with a man who puts them there? Julianne is the strongest mystic of her generation. Her mental magic might even be getting stronger… it’s hard to tell when her practice time is eaten up by paperwork and leading her people. That is, until ... Read more


Free: The Dividing: The Adamic Trilogy (Book 1)

Devin Downing

In Cavernum, only the elite have access to magic, yet status must be earned. One’s class is determined by a single competition: The Dividing. Free on Kindle.... Read more


The Gravedigger’s Son and the Waif Girl

Sam Feuerbach

This is one secret he’s keeping to himself. And anyway – who would believe him? It is different: Sam Feuerbach’s best-selling saga, winner of the well-respected Fantasy Prize 2018 and Kindle Storyteller Finalist in Germany, garnered 20.000 enthusiastic reviews (Amazon/Audible). $2.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Free: Hidden Realm (Legends of Lightning, Book One)

T.R. Slauf

Join Esther on her journey of self-discovery as she travels into a world long forgotten full of monster, magick, danger and heartache. Fall into this dark and twisted fairy tale today! Free on Kindle.... Read more


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