Free: Solitude’s End – Book 1 of ‘Echo’s Way’

What would you do if you suddenly found yourself alone, the only human remaining on an alien occupied planet. Could you cope? Would you survive? How would you deal with the loneliness, and the knowledge that you were the only human being within forty light years. Free on Kindle.


Since we first looked at the stars, there has been a silence, no signs of alien life, no one who has tried to speak to us, a mystery that a long dead scientist called the Fermi Paradox. “Where are they?” In 2118 the first daring mission to another star, Tau Ceti, twelve light years away […]


In a world of vast cities and ruined kingdoms, new threats of desperate armies creep the horizon. Two unlikely heroes rise in the form of an outcast of the lords named Exa, who can walk through walls, and Attle, a troubled young man recruited by a society of masked vigilantes. Their plan? To oppose the […]

Solar Reboot

When the solar flares first erupt, Cameron tries to rationalize the disaster away. The electrical grid will come back up. The government will reassure the panicked populace. The hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes will abate. Most importantly, Cameron’s husband, Alex, and daughter, Piper, will get home safely from New York City. Instead, Cameron finds herself alone […]

Fantasy Online Hyperborea

Discover what a gaseous goblin, a famous Swedish gamer, a half-woman half-dragon, and a Japanese youth with ties to the Yakuza have in this LitRPG fantasy series from best-selling author Harmon Cooper! Book Two is out now. $0.99 on Kindle.

Free: Stiger: Tales of the Seventh

Bestselling, award-winning author of STIGERS TIGERS, Marc Alan Edelheit, delivers a new action-packed fantasy epic filled with gods and magic. Free on Kindle.

American Z

“The new era of Zombie Fiction has finally arrived.” What if everything we were made to believe about Zombies and the American way of life was all just one big cover-up? Set in the present, American Z is centered around a deeply rooted and disturbing evolution of the Zombie in America, and the scientific T.S.O.M.B.I.E. […]

The Witches of Hant Hollow: Jonathan’s Curse

Wickedly thrilling fast-paced tale of a family of witches power struggles over light and dark magic, and how one mortal man gets caught in the crosshairs of the feud causing upheaval in not only Jasmine’s love life but rife within the American Mage Alliance.Will Jasmine save Jonathan at the risk of losing the one she […]

The Fall of Lilith

The Fall of Lilith is a dark and epic fantasy about the origin of angels, demons, and other supernatural beings. The new spins on heaven and earth and angels and demons make this a unique and fascinating read. “A well-written, descriptive, and dark creation story.”––Kirkus Reviews. $0.99 on Kindle.


He has no name. His past is a mystery. His future is etched in blood… Brutal is an action-packed grimdark fantasy in the vein of classic pulp fiction and Sergio Leone spaghetti westerns. If you like gory battles, larger-than-life characters, and witty humor, then you’ll love James Alderice’s gritty tale. $0.99 on Kindle.

Explorations War

Join many of today’s top indie science fiction authors as they each write a story about the battle for Sol in the most ambitious shared-universe collection to date. Featuring: Jay Allan, Richard Fox, Ralph Kern, C Gockel, CC Ekeke, Scott Moon, Josh Hayes, Robert M Campbell, Nathan Hystad, Scarlett R Algee, and Scott McGlasson. $0.99 on […]

Free: Embers

A tortured prince. A snarky assassin. An assignment that’s about to land them in a world of trouble. Free on Kindle.

The Cave Maze, Wizard Warrior Quest

After losing the questing university scholarship, sword whiz Raff takes drastic measures to earn tuition. With the help of his hustling cousin Dread and a party of rag-tag locals…he heads into the cave maze as a newbie. ***FINALIST!*** 2017 San Diego Book Awards – Best Published Sci-Fi/Fantasy Novel. $0.99 on Kindle.

Free: Stronger Than Magic

When Tarian Xannon is blindsided by a demon-like creature who steals her blood, it launches a chain of events that marks the beginning of change for her family and the world. As Tarian struggles to contain the chaos, her world unravels, and every step she takes makes things worse. In her quest to save her family, […]

Explorations: Colony

The bestselling anthology series continues with 12 brand new, never before seen stories! Become an Explorer today! The war is over, Earth all but decimated, the Sun dying. But there is still hope. Colony ships leave, taking the lucky ones across the galaxy in search of new worlds to call home. Among the stars they […]

Incite Insight

While investigating a death where the victim’s brain has melted, a Detective uncovers an intelligence raising program that transforms his thinking. He joins a secret society and finds himself becoming a crucial part of their plan to change how the world is run. $0.99 on Kindle.

Free: Marking Time

“A rich, satisfying mix of romance, horror, and time travel.” – Kirkus Reviews Saira is a young woman who has no idea she’s “special”. No one has explained to her that she is descended from a unique family, and if she were to trace one of the strange spirals she finds, she could end up […]

Blood and Roses

Seven organized crime Families, known as the Seven Blessed Families, rule the World of Exodus and its people with the use of their mysterious magical artifacts, called Relics. Relics give powers to the Blessed members of the Families, and they use those powers for corruption and control of everything in Exodus. Maretto Rose, the patriarch […]

American Z

“The new era of Zombie Fiction has finally arrived.” -From the creative mind of J.G. Fletcher. Set in the present, American Z is centered around a deeply rooted and disturbing evolution of the Zombie in America, and the scientific T.S.O.M.B.I.E. [zom – bie] project. A powerful group of elitists, known as The Society, has been […]


For the price of a truce, Yseult is sent from Ireland to Britian, a world on the brink of war where magic is dying – to marry the father of the man she loves. $0.99 on Kindle.

The Matriarch Matrix

Love and death. Zara’s destiny as foretold by her ancient matriarch. But Peter’s destiny is to save her. The fate of the world depends on their union as man and woman together. $0.99 on Kindle.

The Clay Queen

  With her armies defeated, Queen Nouei’s enemies march north to condemn her. Her only hope is to change history before they arrive. Nouei, an earth god, restarts her divine journey by reincarnating as Bridget Blade. Nouei is strengthened if Bridget accepts her divine destiny. Nouei is weakened if Bridget rejects the path laid before […]

Jack of Thorns

When Laurence Riley accidentally summons a Pagan god to fix his rotting life, he unleashes a chain of events which will lead to him learning to use his own untapped powers, going toe to toe with an ancient deity, and finding love. All he has to do is survive! $0.99 on Kindle.

Stone Bound

Three children with the powers of Stone, Sea and Sky… Fen has the power of Stone, but he fears it and tries to hide it. The Sea is in Aislin’s veins, but she lives in her own world, remote and uncaring. Karliss controls the power of the Sky, but every use risks madness. They are […]

City of Magic

Where do your favorite characters go after their stories are over? The last thing Kadie remembers is getting dumped by the man she thought was the love of her life. Then, without warning, she finds herself somewhere impossible, surrounded by everything from magical kingdoms to futuristic cities. Her life before was merely fiction, but her […]

The Black Lily

Across the Kingdom of Arestea, the shadowy league of professional killers known simply as the Guild has long since earned its terrifying reputation. And none of its current members are more infamous than the Black Lily. Now Lily herself is about to discover if her reputation has been inflated or not, for she has just […]


In 1960 an alien object crashes from space to a remote rural farm in a sparsely populated town of Yarrawonga, Australia. Strange and macabre unexplained incidents begin occurring amongst the town’s population— murders, humans undergoing alien mutations, and zombie attacks are frequent, then the incidents abruptly stop! Decades later the macabre murders and alien mutations […]

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