Free: The Bear Who Loved Chocolate

Chocolate Bear is a children’s books about a bear cub who only wants to eat chocolate. Chocolate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! When he runs out of his favorite food, he just cries and cries. What will Chocolate Bear do? Where will he find more chocolate? Will he ever learn to eat other foods? Read […]

Sophie Washington: Hurricane

A hurricane’s coming and Sophie’s typical middle school life of cheerleading, homework and friends is about to make a major change in this exciting and entertaining, illustrated chapter book. Her family has to leave her home to escape rising waters and Sophie learns that she is stronger than she ever imagined. $0.99 on Kindle.

Toby Tales: The Miserable Move

Remember you’re best friend from grade school? They’re waiting for you! Meet Toby, a ten-year-old newcomer who just made his first friend. The only problem—she’s a girl. As the new school year approaches, Toby can’t wait meet other boys, only to realize they aren’t quite the same. Join these two BFF”s on their funny and […]

Free: The Story of Blue Sheep

The story of Blue Sheep and unique that is inside of each one of us. The story is illustrated through simple illustrations using special technique of highlighting the main storyline of the story which helps children to focus on the particular part of the story. Free on Kindle.

Free: Snow Flower And The Panther

Deep in the forests of Cameroon in the heart of Western Africa, a young girl named Snow Flower lives with her grandmother. One day, when Snow Flower is exploring she and her friend, Remi stumble across an injured panther cub who follows them back to her house. What will Snow Flower do when she learns […]

The Zoo

A beautifully illustrated book essential for every child’s library. A day at the zoo may seem like fun, but something’s going on, and the animals can’t seem to get along with each other. So what happen when an argument breaks out between the lion and the zebra, the lynx and the monkey, the bear and […]

My Robot Bot

Robot and his little friend play discover that we all are unique and perfect just the way we are. This adorable duo will win the hearts of all little Robot lovers out there. $0.99 on Kindle.

Free: Little Bear Dover’s Adventure in the Sky

Can your kids overcome their fears and have a wonderful adventure? This storybook helps you develop your child’s reading skills in a fun and exciting adventure. Free on Kindle.

Free: Andy’s Red Hair Series Four-Book Collection

Teach your children to be proud of who they are. Teach your child the importance of sharing and being kind. Free on Kindle.

Free: The Torch of Peace

Within the story of an everyday child’s game is entwined one of the most important messages of life: the benefits in conducting pleasant dialogue. The Torch of Peace is a charming and valuable tool for all children…and perhaps for adults too! Free on Kindle.

Free: To Curious Heights

All young Harold wants is to return home and tell his friend Sally about his feelings for her before she leaves on a three year trip with her family. But with three hundred miles between them, a stolen police laptop in his hands, a shadowy gang of kids on his tail, and his four best […]

Toby Tales (3-Book Set)

Get the Toby Tales Series in one set! Read the complete story of Toby Perkins, a ten-year-old newcomer to Washington, D.C. A long, boring summer lies ahead before he makes his new friend, Hailey. The only problem—she’s a girl. As this newcomer adjusts, he finds himself passing the days with this bothersome neighbor only to […]

Wally Raccoon’s 4-Book Collection

Collection of Leela Hope best-selling children’s books! A beautiful collection of kids’ bestsellers. Teach them, entertain them and have loads of fun with this collection of shorts, rhymes and much more! $2.99 on Kindle.

Free: A Dog Called Keith

Helmets and goggles on! It’s time to join a dog called Keith with his human companion and best friend – Bob, as they set off on their biggest travel adventure ever! With Bob on his motorbike and loyal pup Keith in the sidecar, they set their sights for Australia. They’ve carefully planned the whole trip, […]

Toby Tales the Series

Toby Tales the Series in one set! Read the complete story of Toby Perkins, a ten-year-old newcomer to Washington, D.C. A long, boring summer lies ahead before he makes his new friend, Hailey. The only problem—she’s a girl. As this newcomer adjusts, he finds himself passing the days with this bothersome neighbor only to see […]

Free: Toby Tales the Miserable Move vol 1

Meet Toby, A ten-year-old who’s new to Washington, D.C. A long, boring summer lies ahead before he makes his first friend, Hailey. The only problem—she’s a girl. As this newcomer adjusts, he finds himself passing the days with his bothersome neighbor on her annoying summer adventures. When the school year begins, nothing sounds more exciting […]

Free: The Beach House Mystery

What’s the truth behind the odd family renting the cabin next-door? Is the tale of a sea creature and haunted lighthouse just a myth? The girls can’t solve this puzzle on their own, so they turn to their brothers for help. Free on Kindle.

Free: Chevalier the Queen’s Mouseketeer

Pledging himself before the High Queen of the Far, Far Away, Chevalier the mouse and his nephew/squire Tom-Tom go on a hero’s quest to return the kidnapped Princess Faere before she is stolen away by the sea in order to stop the coming war with the land Ever After–And claim his destiny as a Mouseketeer. […]

Free: We’ve Got Maggots!

Education the way it should be in this hilarious, informative, unforgettable picture book. Laugh while you learn about insect life cycles – in a way you’ll remember forever! Free on Kindle.

Free: Baby Zeke: The Diary of a Chicken Jockey

Zeke was spawned as a baby Minecraft zombie, and everyone made fun of him because of his size. But after meeting Zeb, his full-sized zombie mentor, Zeke learns that he has special powers that will help him survive in his crazy world. When he later meets a chicken named Harold, he becomes a legendary Chicken […]


A boy in Southern Africa learns how the little ways that he helps his family and friends can add up to big rewards and that no matter how small you are, you can accomplish big things. In doing so, Jabulani introduces his culture from the Ndebele tribe of the Republic of South Africa to other […]

Free: Goodnight Monster Jim

Goodnight Monster Jim Is your toddler in need of a positive bedtime story to immerse in a good night sleep? Are you on the lookout for a positive children´s book that will relax, entertain and educate your kid when night comes? Positive, funny, colorful and with eye-catching printing, Goodnight Monster Jim will take your little […]

Free: Great Cape o’ Colors: Capa de colores (English-Spanish with Pronunciation Guide)

A picture book for exploring colors—and daring jobs—with full text & pronunciation guide in Spanish and English (ages 3+ ESL). Count the careers/colors/cultures, try on the costumes. 28-page, 8.5″x8.5″ hard cover, soft, or ebook; (English, Spanish, or bilingual) with black & Hispanic superhero characters. 100 words in dyslexic-friendly font by award-winning author Karl Beckstrand, illustrated […]

The Anti-Socialites Diary 1: The Awkward Beginnings

Meet the most socially awkward twins in the world, Asia and Tasia McKinley, in the first book of The Anti-Socialites Diaries . It all begins with their tenth birthday party where none of the invited guests bother to show up. Asia and Tasia fear their luck is about to change in fifth grade at Whitlock […]

The Duck Who Flew Upside Down

Wilbur Mallard is a very odd duck. He is bright orange with purple spots and a great big bright purple thing-a-ma-jig on top of his head. Every time Wilbur tries to fly, that thing-a-ma-jig spins him upside down! When he tries to land, he always ends up bouncing, somersaulting, and finally crashing or splashing in […]

Tales of Mr. Snuggywhiskers: The Spring Tales

Third book in the award-winning Tales of Mr. Snuggywhiskers series. Hallie and Cory are determined to figure out Mr. Snuggywhiskers’s connection to their family, but adventures keep getting in the way. Slowly they unravel the mysterious past of Mr. Snuggywhiskers, the dapper, well-spoken mouse who lives in the tallest tree in their backyard. They are […]

Free: Mind-Swapping Madness

Would you kiss a toad? Or build a machine using plans from the internet? Or have a go in a cat’s body? Find out what might happen in Mind-Swapping Madness; a hilarious collection of short stories by award-winning author, Tom E. Moffatt. Free on Kindle.

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