The Mirror in Room Five Zero Five

For decades children have gone missing from The Royal Hotel at Crinkley by the Sea, never to be seen again. Brother and sister Jack and Charlotte find themselves among the the missing children they had heard stories about after being whisked through a mirror which was a time portal to another place. They must survive […]

Free: Choopick – A Tale of a Little Snail

When Choopick goes out to observe the wonderful world around him, some thoughts pop up and he asks himself a big question; will he find the answer? Beautifully illustrated by the author. Free on Kindle.

The First Ride: The Real Story of Santa Claus

Forget Kris Kringle, Sinterklaas, and St. Nick. It’s about time you learned the truth. In the 1870’s in rural Hopeville, Connecticut, the Clauses came to work Max Pepin’s farm. Christmas hasn’t been the same since. This is a Christmas story you’ve been waiting for. $0.99 on Kindle.

Free: Dynomike: Magical Space

Dynomike’s day is off to a rough start, and it only seems to be getting worse by the minute. A series of early-morning mishaps and nearly being late for school leaves him stressed and worried that the entire day will be a disaster. Luckily, the bus driver senses Dynomike’s distress and gives him a magic […]

Free: Hey, Honey: Honey Comes Home

When Honey’s owner can no longer take care of her, she goes to live in a rescue center to be adopted. Meanwhile, a nice woman in the same town is looking everywhere to adopt an English bulldog, but can’t seem to find one. The woman visits the rescue center and meets a number of interesting […]

Free: Floofy Drives America Crazy

Floofy, a little dog from Jerusalem, travels to America. There she meets a proud cat who rides a motorcycle and a beautiful cat in a toy store. But she misses Dan, her friend at home, and magically returns for the virtual wedding of the two cats. Free on Kindle.

Tales of Mr. Snuggywhiskers: The Winter Tales

In Hallie and Cory’s second set of adventures with Mr. Snuggywhiskers, the friendly, well-spoken mouse who lives in the tallest tree in their backyard, they discover that mice celebrate Christmas, that Squirrel’s mechanical genius extends further than they had imagined, and that Mr. Snuggywhiskers traveled the world with their grandmother, bringing back magical gifts that […]

Free: Children’s book: Moshe Comes to Visit

Night after night Ethan wakes up with “noises of monsters.” Until one night his father finds a creative way to calm his fears. However, when Moshe comes to visit their home, Ethan discovers that his mother is afraid of Moshe. Despite her fear, Ethan actually likes Moshe. This book deals with coping with fear, and […]

Free: Poop

It’s not what you think. This book actually tells the story of Liam, a boy with Celiac disease, and his journey to find strength in his weakness with the help of the titular character, and substitute father figure, Poop. Free on Kindle.

The Sunday Sloth

When a little boy refuses to eat, his Mother invites some curious creatures for Sunday tea. Let the hilarity commence with the Sunday sloth. A very funny rhyming picture book that will have the whole family giggling and children begging for it to be read over and over. This is published with Kid Literature books […]

Free: The Monster That Ate My Socks

What happens to all of your socks? Monsters eat them of course! This best-selling book by A.J. Cosmo has already delighted thousands of children and makes a perfect treat for Halloween! Free on Kindle.

Free: The Flying Frog and the Kidnappers

This is the 4th book in “The Flying Frog” series. You probably already know Quack the frog, and its special relationship with the Kids of the Rimon Family. With the help of his friends, Quack is a flying frog! This unique ability helps him solve crimes together with the family kids. However, what happens when […]

Free: Matt, the Green Cat

New Release. Inspirational Children’s Bedtime Picture Book for ages 3-5! On a Lovely Sunny Day a Cute Ginger Cat Suddenly Turns a New Color! Matt is walking down the street and tells his fascinating and breathtaking story… Enjoy and Have Fun!  $3.99 on Kindle.

Free: Oliver Griffon and the Witch’s Curse

After poking around in a spooky old mansion, Oliver Griffon and his friends are cursed to die on Halloween by the town witch. To remove the curse in time, they’ll need to learn a little household magic. But how? The answers come from a place called the Mysterious World. Free on Kindle.

Tales of Mr. Snuggywhiskers: The Autumn Tales

When Hallie and Cory cross a magic branch that shrinks them to mouse size, they make the acquaintance of Mr. Snuggywhiskers–the friendly, well-spoken mouse who lives in the tallest tree in their backyard. From the day that Hallie discovers his tiny red door to the moment that Hallie and Cory realize their mysterious connection with […]

Free: Bowie Finds a Doll

Meet Bowie, and her dog pals. One day, Bowie finds a doll in the bushes and pulls it out. The owner of the doll shows up and thanks all the dogs for finding it. But Bowie is desperate to get all the credit… With wonderful illustrations and insights into friendship and love ,the book teaches […]

Free: The Happy Hollisters

The adventures for the Hollisters begin as soon as they move into their new house on the shore on Pine Lake in Shoreham. First, the moving van carrying their toys and their father’s important new invention disappears. Next, they learn that their house may be haunted, with a treasure hidden somewhere inside! Free on Kindle.

Free: Molly the Mole

Do you have a very good friend? Molly the Mole is a story about an unusual friendship between a white, big mole and a small, grey mouse. Though laughed by other field animals, they had all kind of events together and remained good friends. One may learn from their story that true friendship can last […]

Free: Penny’s First Day At School

Penny is excited to be starting her first day of school, but all the other children think that she’s too tall and tease her for it. Will the children accept her for being a little bit different?Perfect for early readers, this children’s storybook teaches your children: to be nice, to be proud of who they […]

Have Book – Will Travel

Max fears that his family will disapprove of his friendship with Darla, a common girl from the village outside his uncle’s fortress walls. That’s why they meet secretly to read together from an old book, which she has found in a dusty room near the fortress laundry where she works. The old book turns out […]

Free: The Flying Frog and the Bank Robbers

“The Flying Frog and the Bank Robbers” is the third book in the “Flying Frog” series. Quack is a talking frog! Yes, he talks in a special language which only children understand, especially the Rimon family children. He also has a dream – to fly like a bird. Join Quack and his friends in another […]

The Mirror in Room Five Zero Five

Jack and Charlotte, aged ten and twelve, are on a vacation with their parents and their dog, Robbo. When they arrive at the Royal Hotel at Crinkly-by-the-Sea, they sense that something is amiss. An old, lifelong guest of the hotel regales them with stories of children who have gone missing throughout the decades. They all […]

The Lost Property Office

Mystery, history, and magic converge when Jack Buckles stumbles upon a world of secret societies and ancient artifacts. But his arrival at the Lost Property Office is no accident. Jack must discover his true identity if he is to have any hope of rescuing his father—and all of London—from the evil Clockmaker. $1.99 on Kindle.

Free: The 49 Series

Get the first four books of THE 49 SERIES in one eBook. Need a good chuckle? Enjoy this hilarious cartoon BOX SET for kids, teens, students, hungry people, and ALL children everywhere (and even curious parents). Free on Kindle.

Free: Little Bear Dover’s Train Adventure

Show your children the excitement of adventures. Little Bear Dover loves adventures but can be shy and nervous about going on them. Will an adventure-filled day help him overcome his timidness? Free on Kindle.

Free: Andy And His New Shirt

Teach your children the importance of being clean. When Andy’s grandma gives him a new T-shirt, Andy wants to wear it everywhere and doesn’t want to take it off to clean it. Will Andy learn that he needs to wash his clothes regularly? Free on Kindle.

Ralphy the Rabbit Finds Himself

Join Ralphy the Rabbit on his journey of self-discovery where he learns what he thought was a flaw in himself is actually something that makes him unique and special. As stated by other readers, if you like great bedtime stories that promote friendship and acceptance, then you’ll love David L Wallace’s debut children’s story Ralphy […]

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