A Dream

There’s a new addition to the family- it’s a baby boy! All seemed well and perfect but Mum is feeling rather on edge… Baby is healthy and normal like any other newborn, except that he’s way too small! Day after day, Baby’s (small) size became Mum’s only obsession. Then one night, she had a strange […]

Free: Snore Songs

Enjoy the colorful animal illustrations as you read this whimsical storybook rhyme. Do you have a Papa who snores? Snoring generally gets a bad rap, but not in this story. Free on Kindle.

Free: Bunny Blue, Where Are You?

Sing along with Banjo Bear using the melody of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star,” as you help Emma and her cuddly friends search for her lost bunny. Beautiful illustrations. Soft cover available to add to your young child’s Easter basket. Free on Kindle.

Free: My Truly Most Favorite Fluffy Friend

This beautifully illustrated story warmly describes a young child’s need for the comfort of cuddly toys, with a message of friendship for everyone. Wonderful bedtime story. Free on Kindle.

Artania: The Pharaoh’s Cry

When two young artists meet, they have no idea that their shared passion for creating will lead them into an art-created world that only they can save from destruction. Likened as a cross between Percy Jackson and The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, this book’s compelling characters join mythical creatures that help the heroes […]

Free: Born to Be Different

Ollie has a big problem. Ollie isn’t like all the other kids. Ollie was born to be Different – and so were you! Born to Be Different is a beautifully illustrated love letter from a grandfather to a grandson – for all the special little kids in the world. Free on Kindle.

Free: Snore Songs

Enjoy the value of a sense of humor in this whimsical rhyming story. Cute animals illustrations. Free on Kindle.

Free: Nobody Loves Mustard

Poor Mustard just wants to find someone — anyone — who loves him, but nobody loves Mustard. Kids of all ages will love this charming story written and illustrated by author Jeremy Ross. Both funny and touching, this tale reminds us of the remarkable feeling of being loved and the struggle we sometimes endure to […]

Free: Louis Joseph’s OOH RAH

Imagine being a lonely little bear with a big imagination and just one dream to become a soldier. It takes a friend to enter a lopsided little kitten with a wobbly eye and a plan to dig a foxhole in the forest to set into motion an adventure that culminates in a dramatic rescue mission […]

Ronan and the Alien Pumpkin

Wild little Ronan helps plant pumpkin seeds and what a surprise he gets in the end! He learns that something “different” can be very special. Come along as he saves the alien pumpkin. $0.99 on Kindle.

Free: My Truly Most Favorite Fluffy Friend

Do you have a little one who loves their stuffed animal friends? Read this beautifully illustrated story to find out how Emma’s fluffy friends help her. Will she lose her friends? What does she learn from Bunny Blue? Read to learn the answers from this sweet story of friendship. Free on Kindle.

The Frights of Fiji

A girl is kidnapped to Fiji by a sorcerer. She must fight against perilous beasts and the warlock in order to be freed. But magic and enchanted technology get in her way. $0.99 on Kindle.

I Do Not Like Bugs!

Humorous and entertaining story about a little girl who is very much afraid of bugs. What happens as she and her truly most favorite fluffy friends are having fun pretending to be pirates? The story takes some unexpected turns! $0.99 on Kindle.

Free: Bunny Blue, Where Are You?

A beautifully illustrated children’s picture book to add to your young child’s Easter basket. Emma has all of her other “truly most favorite fluffy friends” to help her as she searches for her lost Bunny. You and your child can help too. Sing along with Banjo Bear, using the melody of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star,” […]

Free: A Vegetable Garden Adventure

As they moved with parents to their new house, a sister and a brother found a silkworm inside a garden’s shed that was trapped inside a pendant of a necklace, together with a brief saying: Read this saying in a single breath to become small and set free the silkworm by blowing through the hole […]

“I” before “E” except after “Me,” Jazz Berry Lime Juice

Introducing a new series for young readers featuring the Wrigley family. Illustrated chapter books makes reading fun for ages 5-8. “Jazz Berry Lime Juice” is a great read out-loud! Johnny was in a bad mood. He was tired of being a twin. Being a big brother to a three-year old was hard enough, but being […]

Pippin and the River of Wonders: A Voice for Wildlife

Nobody knows the stories of the animals like Pippin— a girl on a mission to protect the baby animals on her favorite river. Snappy and endearing characters and well-informed wildlife will leave you cheering for nature throughout Pippin’s adventures to protect the cove. Join in the fun as this bold superhero in training for a […]

Free: My Truly Most Favorite Fluffy Friend

You will appreciate the vibrant illustrations in this beautiful picture book. Your child will love Emma’s collection of adorable stuffed animals. There is a bunny, a seal, a puppy, a bear, a monkey, and a kitten. How do they help Emma with her fears? What does Emma learn about friendship? Read today and find out! […]

Sleepyheads: Why You Need Not Fear the Dark

For big and small, for everyone who fears the darkness. Because, let me tell you, a room cloaked in night is much alike as when there’s burning light. This is a collection of songs and puzzles, written rhythmically, instructively, gently and with a sense for fun, as gentle children’s souls are so sensitive to words. […]

Free: What Happened to Stephan?

An exciting adventure filled with mystery and wondering for Stephan to discover what happened to him. Three friends are involved in this mysterious incident. They have a role in everything that happens to him. This story sheds light on the issue of bullying among friends in a neighborhood or school and presents different views to […]

The Monster Friend

The Award Winning “Mindful Mia” Children Empowering Book Series MONSTERS ARE REAL! It’s time to stop denying their existence and start getting to know them and why they came to pay you a visit. Whether you’re a parent or a child – we all have something we are afraid or scared of which might cause […]

Free: Mommy and Daddy Like Books About Farts

Ethan likes reading all kinds of books, but he is dismayed that his parents only like humorous books about farts. A fun rhyming book with lots of facts about science, music, art and animals. Free on Kindle.

ABC Does it! The Joy of ABC’s of Animals

-Wendy walrus wants walnuts! -Eva elephant eats eggs! Be prepared for giggles as you read this book to your littles. Funny sentences with each word the same as the featured word brings the animal to life. Funny phrases help a child learn and remember the letters in the alphabet. They also learn various animals. Littles […]

The Secret Tale of a Cupboard Gnome

Norman was a cupboard gnome, and he lived in his happy cupboard home, until his world was shaken by a sinister magical squirrelnapping. A powerful bad bandito gnome has entered the woods and he means trouble. With his happy world blown apart, Norman and his fantastical friends, must take on a challenge well above his […]

BRAT and the Kids of Warriors

In the aftermath of World War II military brats Jack, Queenie, and Rabbit find adventure everywhere they go. This time, it’s an overseas voyage to West Germany for their father’s new assignment. Making new friends along the way, discovering a spy they can’t prove exists, and seeing the wreckage of a world freshly out of […]

Free: Mummy and Daddy Have Matching Tattoos

A little girl discovers all the weird and wonderful tattoos in her family. Where is Aunt Sue’s secret tattoo? Why does the little girl end up with her own tattoo? A fun rhyming book for the under eights. Free on Kindle.

Free: The Fake Cake

This year the test would be sweet chocolate cake Where one cake was real and the others all fake Only one cake was delicious to eat The rest made of mud and they tasted like feet. Free on Kindle.

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