Featured Children's Books on Kindle

This lovely collection features books suitable for every stage of a child’s life. Toddlers will be sure to enjoy picture books and fairy tales, while elementary-aged children will love the easy-to-read chapter books specifically created with them in mind. Iconic stories, such as The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and A Wrinkle in Time, are just a few examples of the enthralling books within this genre.

The Amazing Bees

Yoel Silber

“The Amazing Bees is a must read for all children, their parents, teachers and others.” – Dr. Renai Jonas Follow the exciting adventure of Princess Debbee, a honeybee who sets out to save her hive from destruction by thoughtless humans. This engaging story teaches children how their actions impact the environment and provides a powerful ... Read more


WHAT IF… All the Hippos Got Loose And Came To Live With Us?

M. Dalton King

This delightful little book asks the question “What If… All The Hippos Got Loose And Came to Live With Us?” and answers that very question with charming illustrations and rhyming words. It could be awkward, no question, but oh so hilarious and truly worth it! $3.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Pablito Bandito #2 the Case of the Missing Chickens

Tomi Hall

The neighbor’s chickens have gone missing. The humans think it is coyotes, but Pablo and his team know the truth. Izzy is up to her usual shenanigans with a surprising outcome. When I got to her, I yelled, “Izzy, did you hear what I said?” as I watched her twirling around. “Well, no, you were ... Read more


Joey Finds His Jump!: A Dance-It-Out Creative Movement Story for Young Movers

Once Upon a Dance

“A beautifully illustrated story about the power of persistence…Breathtaking colored pencil illustrations bring Joey’s world to life…This delightful first installment of the Dance-It-Out series by Once Upon a Dance is sure to please readers of all ages.” ~Reedsy $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Free: What Good Luck Bad Luck

Alex Horner

This book about self-esteem and appreciation is fun to read. It is a good message for all children and well worth discussing with them. It is important to teach children about character building, and to reinforce the concept of acceptance of self and others, and of self worth. It is a profound topic that is ... Read more


Free: Shine On, My Bright Little Star

Pamela Tomlin

Magical! Captivating! Mesmerizing! Each tiny baby is born with a gift. Whether their gift is great or small, it matters not at all. Each tiny baby is a star. Free on Kindle.... Read more


Outdoor Ted and Friends

Stacey Howard

Turn the pages of OutDoor Ted and Friends and join the world of Outdoor Education in an adventurous story that you can follow and even act out in the woods, your back garden, or in your home. Follow the Ted family on their quest to find a new home while making new friends who all ... Read more


Free: Song of the Redwing

Tish McFadden

Through the eyes of the lively Red-winged Blackbird, children explore a very real, yet dreamlike, landscape that teems with texture, color, and light. Here in the marsh, where bog meets sky, readers encounter the varied creatures that thrive on the land, in the air, and in the water of this rich and diverse environment. Free on ... Read more


Barely Bears

Jaimie Teindl

Hey, if only Gus and his delinquent friends knew that subversively raiding the local campground for food of questionable nutritional value would have serious repercussions one day. No, not the threat of being permanent outcasts, something much worse. The discovery that they will have to summon what little courage they possess and save the day! ... Read more


Bedtime Stories for Children

Clyde Morris

You’ll be taken through the worlds of curious dragons, loud locomotives, and quarreling twin sisters in this volume of short works. Suited to an audience of children and adults alike, there are whimsical stories that take place in both the real world and in expansive magical kingdoms. You and your child can look forward to ... Read more


Susie Strickland, Sizzling Striker

Kalenga Mulenga

Susie Strickland has been kicking a ball around ever since the day she could walk. It is her favorite thing in the whole wide world to do! Susie practices every chance she gets and because she practices so much, she is the best striker in her whole school! One day, Susie is on her way ... Read more


Animal Jokes For Kids

Kids Rule

This collection of silly animal jokes will keep kids laughing like hyenas as they share them with family & friends. Each chapter features jokes centered around different animal groups including: Birds, Fish & Sea Creatures, Reptiles & Insects, Cats & Dogs, Farm Animals, Wild Animals & more! Telling jokes & laughing together is always a ... Read more


Free: Stories of 20 Mighty Muslim Heroes

Tamara Haque

A beautiful children’s book promoting diversity and changing misconceptions, one hero at a time. Did you know that the first nurse was Muslim? The Father of Modern Algebra was a Muslim? This book hopes to inspire you with stories of twenty such inspirational Muslim heroes. Free on Kindle.... Read more


Free: A Day of Pride: A Children’s Book that Celebrates Diversity, Equality and Tolerance!

Roy Youldous-Raiss

It is a colorful day of celebration. Soon, the streets will be filled with people of all kinds, who will march in the festive Pride Parade. Miss Rainbow is ready to paint the city with her hues and colors, to fill every corner with love and pride. When the Witch of Shame appears, she threatens ... Read more


The Train Rolls On

Jodi Adams

A determined train races the clock to deliver a lively bunch of animals to the zoo for its grand opening. Will the animals arrive in time for their big debut? The train encounters several obstacles along the way, but…The Train Rolls On! $1.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Free: Mum’s Story

Vlora Morina

Mum’s Story is a fun children’s book filled with imaginative humor and featuring an interesting twist a story within a story. Children are drawn into the lives of two sisters, Rose and Lily, as they interact with the mixture of rivalry and friendship. The girls are intrigued when their mum announces she has a special ... Read more


Pablito Bandito #1 Operation Mailman

Tomi Hall

What does an elite troop of dogs and their chihuahua leader do to get revenge after being viciously attacked by their arch enemy, the mailman? Hilarious events arise as General Pablo, and his soldiers work together to get back at the mailman. After all, if he had just brought cookies like all mailmen are supposed ... Read more


Free: The Blomes and The Smooms and the Impossible Bridge

Heather Lyn Davis

The beautiful valley is full of ugly fighting between the Blomes and the Smooms. If they can’t learn to work together, the bridge will never be built. The Blomes and the Smooms think they have nothing in common. The Blomes don’t care how things look. They just love to learn and invent. The Smooms love ... Read more


Free: Wheel Power


Wheel Power Little Wheely rolled round and round, all on his own he spun on the ground. Wheels had a purpose, except for him, which is why he felt sad and so grim. Free on Kindle.... Read more


Daddy Loves You

Kyle Wilson

Why are some good dads not around? Could it be their jobs? Or something more? “Daddy Loves You” explains to children ages 3-8, in their own words, different scenarios why a dad may not physically be present in a kids life. And more importantly to show them that love is never the issue. $4.99 on ... Read more


I Take My Daddy Everywhere!

Kim Hunter

This little boy takes his Daddy to all his favorite places–at least that’s how HE sees it! Accompany the little boy and his Daddy as they enjoy running at the beach, riding a bicycle, playing at the park, and shopping at the market before returning home to sing and read together! This children’s book is ... Read more


Free: Mustard Thinks Twice!

Jeremy Ross

Ketchup is up to his sneaky tricks again, and Mustard is faced with a difficult decision. Will Mustard join Ketchup and Ranch for the worst prank ever, or will he make a tougher choice to save his friendship? Kids of all ages will love Mustard Thinks Twice!, an exciting story about true friendship and the ... Read more


Strike Three, You’re Out!

Mark Gunning

How many strikes does it take? The boys return in their most outrageous book yet. These boys just don’t seem to quit. Follow them on a series of hilarious adventures. So, what happens this time? For starters, they prank their teacher, modify a pitching machine, literally get carried away, and become rock stars overnight. Can ... Read more


Free: Where Do Dinosaurs Go On Vacation?

Kim Ann

These friendly dinosaurs are dreaming of where they can go to get away. And when their dino friends arrive, they begin thinking about all the fun things they want to try. But with the whole world at their feet, where will they go and what will they do? Free on Kindle.... Read more


Free: Egyptian Mythology for Kids and Teens

Monica Roy

How were humans created according to Egyptian culture? How did the ancient Egyptians calculate time? What influence did the Nile have on the development of their civilization? What was the world’s first board game? This captivating picture book answers these and many other questions about the ancient Egyptian civilization, telling fabulous mythological stories of gods, ... Read more


Free: Noah’s Treehouse (Book 2 in the series If Not You, Then Who?)

David & Emberli Pridham

It’s finally treehouse day! And seven-year-old Noah Fairley cannot wait to start building. But as Noah, Dad, and Grandpa get to work, they run into one problem after another. Determined to finish the treehouse in time for the meteor shower, Noah looks for inventions that will solve their problems and imagines helpful tools that he ... Read more


Treat Others The Way You Want to be Treated

Alecia Gordon

Ella was worried about moving into a new school and a new environment. But her new teacher Ms Amy made things easy for her. By the end of her first day she had made new friends and had settled happily. He was a kind boy and helped her with the school work. During recess, he ... Read more


Free: My mom is an ALIEN!

Jackson Selby

The evidence is piling up! HOW do parents know what children are doing in another room? Why do they stay up late? As he searches for answers to these age-old questions, the young author concludes there is only one possible explanation…his mom must be an alien! Adults will laugh, yet the questionnaire at the end ... Read more


Monster Files

A.E. Stanfill

The Monster Files series is a kid friendly version of The X-Files. Full of laughs and scares that children of all ages will enjoy. There will be all kinds of Monsters that you can think of and some you can’t making appearances in these books. $2.99 each on Kindle.   Learn More... Read more



Howie Doinn

Wacky, bordering on stark-raving-mad, this FUN page-turner is for kids ages 5-99! You are warned: NEVER EVER put a frog on a zipline or throw a surprise party for a porcupine! Lots more bizarre, yet comical, hand-drawn scenarios will keep you laughing from beginning to end. Free on Kindle.... Read more


Free: Yuka’s Way Home

Abigail Roscoe

Get ready to follow Yuka the caribou on his unexpected adventure as he meets new friends and finds his place in his new Arctic home. Yuka’s Way Home is a story about courage and perseverance, old friends and new ones, as well as fresh beginnings; an educational children’s book that is full of exciting adventures ... Read more


Free: My Name is FRED

Remy Agee

What can you say to a child or grandchild who doesn’t feel good about themselves or may not ‘fit in’? FRED is a purple frog who shares a life lesson perfect for preschoolers-first graders about acceptance of others. Detailed FREE Story Stretchers provide activities across multiple subjects and developmental skills. Free on Kindle.... Read more


Power The Super Dog

Queen Tizo

Power The Super Dog is a fun and exciting hip-hop rhyming book created to help you bond with your child! While helping them love and accept people of all walks of life. Little Bella is visually imparied. She has to see with her heart ! God loves her so much that he sent her a ... Read more


Free: Alessia in Atlantis: The Forbidden Vial

Nathalie Laine

“A book you won’t want to put down.” – Readers’ Favorite When twelve-year-old Alessia is thrust into the magical world of Atlantis, she’s determined to unravel the mystery of how her father disappeared. She’ll have to overcome mythical sea creatures, a tyrannical emperor & betrayal to discover the truth, before old family enemies catch her…Free on ... Read more


Free: Where Do Unicorns Go on Vacation

Kim Ann

The busy birthday party season is over, and now these unicorns want a break. Will they go to a carnival, the wild west, or participate in a fun parade? Kid’s most beloved unicorns are ready for their own vacation. After having fun at birthday parties all around the world, the unicorns can’t wait to prance ... Read more


Blossom Flower and the Enchanted Garden

Delisa Smith

Ages: 2-12 Grades 1st – 4th – (Reading Assessment free for Educators) For all the plants and flowers who live in the Enchanted Garden, every day is full of beauty and wonder. Growing up in this magical garden, young Blossom Flower never has time to get bored! When a hole appears in the ground one ... Read more


A Byte-Size Friend (Hackers #1)

J. R. Rada

Chris Alten was a 13-year-old star athlete until an accident kills his father and leaves him confined to a wheelchair. His world has suddenly shrunk in size until he meets a mysterious new friend in a virtual-reality game. He is surprised to find his friend is a program his father created before he was killed ... Read more


The Incredible Adventures of Kinslee and Kallie: How to Build a Snowman

Joseph Wood

Sisters, Kinslee and Kallie, must work together to build a snowman! Will they be able to unite as one to create a snowman they’ll remember forever? The Incredible Adventures of Kinslee and Kallie: How To Build A Snowman is an adventure that follows two sisters as they work together to build a snowman. Kinslee is ... Read more


Free: Bunny Blue, Where Are You?

Pamela Tomlin

Bunny Blue is lost! Help Emma find him. Enjoy this sweet bunny story with your little one this weekend. It will put a song in your heart! Literally! See to believe. Free on Kindle.... Read more


Free: Ruby the Rainbow Witch Series

Kim Ann

Her world is full of scrumptious sweets. Can she make it even yummier by meeting new pals? Young witch Ruby loves making new friends. So she goes out for a walk in her candy-filled neighborhood. And when she meets Fudge, the friendly frog who gives her a compliment, she happily uses her swirly-whirly wand to ... Read more


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