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Literature is often referred to books that are able to stand the test of time through their unique, creative elements and resounding messages. Classic stories by authors like Charles Dickens and Jane Austen make up just a small sampling of the literature available to readers today.

Lying and Making a Living: Fiction with Footnotes

William Dunlap

“Lying and Making a Living”– a collection of short stories, contains more of the irreverent, hard-hitting, exhilarating, ironic, and emblematic prose we’ve come to expect from the writer and painter William Dunlap. His stories, some as short as a single page, leave the reader gasping for breath and wanting more. $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Truth From the Bathroom

Bob Whire

Scott is frustrated with his marriage. He’s being pushed around by his wife. Then he finds an unused notebook in the bathroom. Sitting and journaling his problems seems to help. But how will he face the overwhelming changes coming in his life? $1.99 on Kindle... Read more


Pianist in a Bordello

Mike C. Erickson

“Pianist in aBordello is so well crafted it compels readers to surrender and enjoy this irreverent, madcap portrait of a politician. A steady flow historic nuggets, shrewd insights, passionate encounters, and all-out hilarious moments, make it difficult to stop reading.” $2.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Whippoorwill Chronicles

Timothy Strong

Sam and George are childhood friends, sharing a deep loyalty that is cemented when George saves Sam from drowning. When the consequences of their choices unfold, Sam faces the frailty of relationships. Returning home again, Sam begins a long journey to regain a sense of what is real, what is true and what is his ... Read more


RISEN: The accession and devolution of Yahweh Ben Yahweh: Miami’s Urban Chronicles Volume 1

Thomas Barr Jr.

The growth of “Mega churches” has risen considerably in the 21st century as compared to the past. Miami Urban Chronicles Volume I: Risen, seeks to set forth a fictional biopic of the rise of spiritual leader Yahweh Ben Yahweh of the Liberty City based movement the Nation of Yahweh, “Ben Yahweh’s.” Chauncey Miller, the main ... Read more


NORVEL: An American Hero

Kenneth F. Conklin

FINALIST: 2021 Next Generation Book Awards Norvel Lee won gold in the Olympics, but he was so much more than just an Olympian! On a September morning in 1948, a member of the U.S. Olympic team and a Howard University student was arrested for taking a seat in the white section of a segregated train ... Read more


The Accidental Suffragist

Galia Gichon

It’s 1912, and protagonist Helen Fox is a factory worker living in New York’s tenements. When tragedy strikes in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire, Helen is seduced by the Suffragist cause and is soon immersed, working alongside famous activists. $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more



Regina Felty

A BURDENED WIDOW. A RECLUSIVE BACHELOR. A COLLISION OF FATES THAT TRANSFORM THEIR LIVES FOREVER. After tragically losing her only child when he was just a boy, then facing her husband’s death two years ago from Alzheimer’s, 72-year-old Mazie questions why God doesn’t take her too. Her overwhelming grief leaves her aching to escape her ... Read more


The Legend of Naughty Cleopatra, Egypt’s Last and Most Glorious Queen: As Related by Herself and Others, Chief Among Them Rome’s Mark Antony

Tom Andersson

A literary-deep-irreverent take on the story of Cleopatra. For lovers of ancient Egypt and Rome looking for an unconventional perspective on their favorite civilizations, with plenty of comedy and philosophy. $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


All Things Small

Norman Schwartz

In the back streets of Old Rome, near the famous Bernini monument, The Fountain of the Four Rivers, La Dolce Vita turns from sweet…to sour. A naïve American tourist gets involved with poets, the Mafia, an opera singer, a movie star, and a film being shot at Cinecittà. In the grand tradition of Mark Twain, ... Read more


Free: OOF: An Online Outrage Fiesta for the Ages

Strobe Witherspoon

Award-winning novelist and cultural critic Strobe Witherspoon interrogates his own profession. It goes terribly. OOF explores the role of satire in a society lurching from one ridiculous crisis to the next, where media outlets rely on clicks to stay alive and everything is filtered through a lens of anger and misinformation. Free on Kindle.... Read more


Free: Baker’s Dozen

Lori R. Taylor

Her bakery is going to the dogs! Abused and abandoned by her former owners, the unadoptable boxer, Baker, finds a safe haven at Pretty Paws, the only no-kill shelter in town. But when she’s scared, she can’t help defending herself, even from the people who want to help her. Dumped by her cheating fiancé and ... Read more


The Gift Counselor

Sheila Cronin

It’s “Christmas in July”; there’s holly in your heart. Meet a young woman who helps people choose good gifts, her ten-year-old son who wants a dog she won’t let him have, and the man who enters and changes their lives. Family drama, romance, spiritual and psychological insights wrapped up in humor. So, grab your jingle ... Read more


All Men Love Leah

Ksenija Nikolova

All Enzo wants is a reason to believe it’s all worthwhile. Stuck in a world that doesn’t fulfill him, he meanders through his days feeling empty, lost and left out of the real world that is moving by without him. He is cynical but gifted, and when he meets the beautiful and enigmatic Leah she ... Read more


Finbar Lovely at the Crossroads

John McNamara

This is a piece of literary fiction which tells the tale of a man who receives a terminal diagnosis that prompts him to re-examine his life choices. At several figurative “crossroads,” he contemplates how his life might have changed had he chosen a different path at crucial moments in his life. First love. The military ... Read more


Free: The Unorthodox Ox

Thomas Morison

A dystopian novel that examines the issue of environmental destruction: the collapse of the natural world. There is the protagonist, the anti-hero who has married the wrong person. The spouse, the antagonist, a difficult and habitual fault-finder. She has been undermining his and her own sanity for years. The story deals with the untangling of ... Read more


Free: Reckless Beginnings

Tina Hogan Grant

  Based on true events, women of all ages will relate to Tammy’s coming-of-age experience. A raw, emotional account of one woman’s life’s lessons. A book that will stay with you long after you have read it. Free on Kindle.... Read more


Free: A Rainy Day In Melbourne

David Thomas

In Melbourne for a friend’s birthday party, Henry is desperate to escape the stresses of his day-to-day life in Sydney. Spirits soar but events take a turn for the worse and Henry is forced to confront his personal struggles as well as those of his four friends. Can Henry keep it together and overcome his ... Read more


Everything and Nothing

Nala Emme

When prophetic dreams and poems collaborate to thrust Idris, Navin, Michael, and Layla together out of the shadows of secrecy, one fateful event shows them how interconnected they have truly been all along. Through both prose and verse, Everything and Nothing tells the multi-narrative story of one pivotal summer during the lives of these four ... Read more


A Whisper of Angels

Lourdes Florido

Kept apart by society, two lovestruck mariners face the forces of time, death, and the afterlife in order to reunite. $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Free: No Going Back

D. T. Adams

Brian’s paranoid about becoming famous. He’s a successful novelist who’s always stayed clear of the limelight. However, when a single photo threatens his anonymity, how will he cope? Free on Kindle.... Read more


godless children have no heroes

LB Akles

Her world had been perfect and then it wasn’t. Faced with impending devastation and loss of control, Lex begins to spiral into survival mode, making risky choices bound for consequence, whatever it would take to not lose what was hers, whatever it would take to escape the emptiness of old demons. This life she existed ... Read more


Free: Days of Ascent

Mike Ring

Forty years ago Rory Beaumont’s New Zealand was not an easy place for protests against racism, enjoying home-grown music or finding a place like home. Rory’s journey passes through forgotten history, poetry, romance and there are always more apples to pick. Not a light-weight novel but worth it for the reader prepared to go the ... Read more


Free: Nutshell

John Albedo

During Dust Bowl days in west Texas, a country doctor with shaky credentials delivers a baby, a so-called “monster.” A surgeon-in-training periodically rotates at a hospital within a mental institution, his story of emotional decline merges with that of an inmate who unwittingly finds herself becoming his guardian angel. Free on Kindle.... Read more


Free: The Other Hamlet Brother

Luke Swanson

Meet Tim Hamlet, the identical twin brother of the famously melancholy Danish prince. Tim has abandoned royal life and is trying (and failing) to make it as a playwright in London. But then, tragedy rears its ugly head—King Hamlet dies, Claudius takes the throne, and young Hamlet dons an “antic disposition.” Free on Kindle.... Read more


They Make Movies

George Thomas Clark

These stories blend fiction and history to portray the stimulating but often troubled lives and careers of noted actors, actresses, and directors. Humphrey Bogart, Clark Gable, Chadwick Boseman, Bette Davis, Marilyn Monroe, Halle Berry, Alfred Hitchcock, Clint Eastwood, and Spike Lee are among the stars who face challenges real and imaginary. Lesser known but talented ... Read more


Free: Rain City Lights

Marissa Harrison

One part Coming of Age Story. One part Murder Mystery. As they navigate their way through Seattle’s Underground, Monti & Sasha will break and warm your heart! In the summer of 1981, a serial killer preys on black, teenage prostitutes working Seattle’s arterial highways. But the eyes of youth are blind to danger, and Montgomery ... Read more


Free: Mutiny In The Dugout

Rod Kent

Parents send their kids to the newest craze in Little League baseball: military boot camp on a diamond. The kids have had enough of out-of-control parents, coaches, and abusive drill sergeants. After a typical day of coaches cursing and hitting kids, exploding bases, booing from the stands, and parents fighting in the parking lot, the ... Read more


Escape To Simisu

Bernadette Joy

There is a stunning hidden planet…Simisu. It has always been there, close to Earth but in a different dimension. And now they want to try to help us save Earth. Bernadette has been chosen as their final Seeker, and will be given the last chance to help Earth remember what has been lost. If she ... Read more


The Memory of Music

Olive Collins

  The Bestselling Award-Winning Irish historical novel, The Memory of Music One Irish family – 100 turbulent years. 1916: Betty O’Fogarty is proud and clever. Spurred on by her belief in her husband Seamus’s talent as a violin-maker and her desire to escape rural life, they elope to Dublin. She expects life there to fulfil ... Read more


Free: Mothers of Pine Way

Corrine Ardoin

Candelaria’s power lies trapped within her rage. How can she overcome her anger and free her power? Reassured and strengthened by faith and by her grandmother’s stories, one woman strives to overcome tragedy, circumstances, and the mistakes of the past to step into her destiny. Free on Kindle.... Read more


Free: From da Big Island

Bil Hutchinson

A baby boomer coming of age, fish out of water comedy. Her life was in peril, needing solitude and change she leaves the Big Apple for Hawaii. On the Big Island, she deals with the customs of the islands, her unusual neighbors, marijuana, pigs, and more. Free on Kindle.... Read more


Free: Lost Child

Jean Dunstan

A spellbinding tale of abandonment, rejection, and survival. A baby girl abandoned at birth was raised in an orphanage and sent to the mid-west on an orphan train where she was placed out as a farm laborer. Unwanted and unloved, she fought for survival in a lonely, abusive environment. A story of female triumph and ... Read more


Sweet Jane

Joanne Kukanza Easley

After a broken childhood, Jane runs away at sixteen; returning for Mama’s funeral seventeen years later catapults Jane back to the events that made her the woman she is. She faces down her past and the ghosts that shaped her family. A stunning discovery helps Jane see her problems through a new lens. $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


The Candyman’s Tale

Joe Vitulli

The story of the birth of the drug trade in New York City, in two small communities in the Borough of Queens: the very white Cambria Heights, and the very black Saint Albans. Four your men, steeped in poverty, have big dreams, sell weed across the big avenue in Cambria Heights. Their plans skyrocket, the ... Read more


Chase of the Rising Sun

Colin Rink

Immersive, fascinating and with an ending that will quite simply…blow your socks off! Who ever really knows themselves? And if you don’t know yourself, can you ever be truly happy? Mark Rasper is a thirty-year old, man who has always had a fascination with Japan. It started when he played Metal Gear Solid with school ... Read more


Oja and the Parrot’s Curse

Leo Unadike

In the modest but peace-loving village of Umuzura, everyone enjoys the fruits of their colorful culture and ample agriculture. Who would start worrying about any prophecy that their happy lives and freedom is doomed to some disaster – even if it wasn’t the village parrot that said so? As for Obinna, the apple of his ... Read more


Lost Creatures

S.G. Browne

Downtrodden luck poachers, lovelorn chemical elements, obsolete villains, trademarked teenagers, domesticated centaurs, outcast reindeer, victimized zombies, and time-jumping alcoholics are some of the LOST CREATURES who inhabit this collection of short stories that blends fantasy, science fiction, dark comedy, and magical realism. $2.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Living in Cleveland with the Ghost of Joseph Stalin

Marc Sercomb

It’s the summer of 1953. Calvin Jefferson Coolidge is thirteen years old when the ghost of Joseph Stalin appears to him in his Aunt Evelyn’s cluttered Cleveland attic and wants to dictate his memoirs to him. “I want to tell my side of the story,” Uncle Joe tells him. “They’re giving me one year to ... Read more


Sea of Glass

Tricia D. Wagner

How bright and how terrible is dawn on the day we discover our wings. Twelve-year-old Teo spends his days helping his drunken papá hang windows on shanties along Baja’s wild coast. When an old angler presses Teo to seek a goddess—the Sea Angel—for rescue, Teo sets out to test whether help can be found at ... Read more


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