Free and Discounted Literature on Kindle

Literature is often referred to books that are able to stand the test of time through their unique, creative elements and resounding messages. Classic stories by authors like Charles Dickens and Jane Austen make up just a small sampling of the literature available to readers today.

Free: Sweet Jane

Joanne Kukanza Easley

After a broken childhood, Jane runs away at sixteen; returning for Mama’s funeral seventeen years later catapults Jane back to the events that made her the woman she is. She faces down her past and the ghosts that shaped her family. A stunning discovery helps Jane see her problems through a new lens. Free on Kindle.... Read more


Sins in Blue

Brian Kaufman

A young man on a mission. An aging musician with a dream. Society perched over a racial divide. Sins in Blue is a novel about lost dreams, crippling grief, and the healing power of an unlikely friendship. It’s an engaging tale about two music lovers trying to set the historical record straight. $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Free: Red as Apple

Steven Simon

1986. Rural America. What’s buried beneath the loose straw and settled dirt of the barn is the only thing that could bring Keenan Butler back to this small town. His brother’s quiet and his sister’s optimism. His motel room neighbor under the buzzing lights. Her truck stop clientele. A country drive to set the past ... Read more


A Cobra’s Bite Doesn’t Hurt

Anil Nijhawan

Abandoned at birth – brought up in an orphanage – kidnapped by pick-pocketing gangsters – will 14-year-old Kalu Cobra escape from the clutches of his ruthless gang masters? This evocative and beautifully written novel presents life in contemporary India with vivid realism. $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


The Silver Baron’s Wife

Donna Baier Stein

The Silver Baron’s Wife traces the rags-to-riches-to-rags life of Baby Doe Tabor (Lizzie). After her second husband’s death, she moved to a one-room shack at the Matchless Mine in Leadville. She lived the last 35 years of her life there, writing down thousands of her dreams and noting visitations of spirits on her calendar. $0.99 ... Read more


Then Like The Blind Man: ORBIE’S STORY

Freddie Owens Wegela

While fiction about the 1950s Civil Rights era is far from rare, few capture the period and struggles from the perspective of a white child. Then Like The Blind Man: ORBIE’S STORY is an electrifying porthole to the South of the ‘50s, where, though inane prejudice may have dominated, kindness and justice also had a ... Read more


I Wrote This for Me

Vino Venitas

A poetry book based on what the writer saw as he looked inside himself. Each poem is a reflection of the emotions that drove his actions. Each word carefully crafted to find a better understanding of himself. He shares this work in the hopes that it will help you find yourself as well. Free on ... Read more


The Revolving Heart

Chuck Augello

On a beautiful summer morning at the Jersey Shore, 4-year-old Sarah Carpenter wanders toward the ocean and never returns. The police think she drowned, but her babysitter Amy claims Sarah was abducted. The only other witness, 17-year-old Donnie Marcino, didn’t see a thing. A narcoleptic since birth, he was fast asleep. $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


McCabe’s Luck

Patrick Lindsay

Jake McCabe is no stranger to trouble. Between serving in the army during the Civil War and being involved in a long-running feud in his home state of Kentucky, Jake has known some hard times. Luckily, Jake knows how to fight for what is his. $2.99 on Kindle... Read more


Free: The White Piano

Uvi Poznansky

Coming back to his childhood home after years of absence, Ben is unprepared for the secret, which is now revealed to him: his mother, Natasha, who used to be a brilliant pianist, is losing herself to mysterious disease, which turns the way her mind works into a riddle. His father’s new wife, Anita, looks remarkably ... Read more


The Opium Lord’s Daughter

Robert Wang

The Opium Lord’s Daughter is a historical drama told from the perspectives of Chinese and British—about the First Opium War, a tragic, love gone wrong, and history-altering conflict. Winner of The Independent Press Award 2020 for Multi-Cultural Fiction. Also, a finalist for The Book Excellence Awards, SPR Book Awards, and the Readers Choice Awards. $0.99 ... Read more


Northern Wolf (Northern Wolf Series Book 1)

Daniel Greene

Wolf’s rookie cavalry unit is thrust into the crucible of battle near a small town named Gettysburg. Can they survive against JEB Stuart’s elite horsemen? Or will they fall beneath screaming bullets and sweeping blades, becoming more bloody fodder for a lost cause? Start the Civil War adventure from award-winning Military Fiction author, Daniel Greene! ... Read more


Beyond The Utmost Bound

Joseph Clinton

A fictional adventure novel about a lost young man, the universe, a sacred road, and a quest for the way back. $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Pianist in a Bordello

Mike C. Erickson Erickson

Are voters really ready for the whole truth? Are you? Pianist in a Bordello is a hilarious political romp through the last four decades of American history, from a narrator who is full of surprises. $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


The Last Bar In NYC

Brian Michels

Thank heaven for New York City bartenders. They satisfy your boozy thirst in a strife-filled life, and a good one will listen to anything on your mind when no one else will. Our barman/narrator is one of the good ones. He’s been disposed under chins and elbows and cocktail napkins and ashtrays and spilled drinks ... Read more


Only Our Destiny

A.G. Russo

The Mezzogiorno (Southern Italy). Up to 85 percent of Italian Americans have their roots in this region. The story of the Coriello family begins in the fictional fishing village of Punto Roccioso along the Amalfi Coast. Alta Italia (Northern Italy) looks down on their southern countrymen as uneducated peasants. With limited opportunities available, many southern ... Read more


Eastbound from Flagstaff

Annette Valentine

This first installment in an epic trilogy that begins in the 1920s, unique in its purposeful illumination of the human condition and its ideological indifference to God, asks the question: “Why was God silent when I needed him?” Simon’s return to the notion of forgiveness is the catalyst for a new beginning as it reunites ... Read more


Free: The Pigeon Hole

Oliver Page

When a curiously violent crime strikes the suburbs, society’s attentions shift towards unearthing the villainous perpetrators. However, upon closer inspection, things aren’t entirely what they seem. A microscopic examination of the suspects results in a search considerably closer to home… A neoteric take on the stereotypical crime novel, The Pigeon Hole will compel you to ... Read more


The Last Day of Paradise

Kiki Denis

Winner of the 2005 Gival Press Novel Award. “Reading this novel is like watching ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ with commentary by Roseanne Barr.”–Thaddeus Rutkowski, author of “Tetched” $2.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Snatch 2 & 20

Luke Fellows

Would you sell your soul to a hedge fund titan for tens of millions in dirty cash? Snatch 2&20 is a no-holds-barred lampoon on key components of today’s America: the corruption of the financial elites and the system that enables them, the ludicrous hype surrounding technology companies and their founders, and the blatant hypocrisy of ... Read more


Arnold Falls

Charlie Suisman

Spend time in the funny, oddball village of Arnold Falls, where larger-than-life characters deal with the smallest of problems. Somehow, it all comes out right in the end. Arnold Falls is a novel that tips its hat to Armistead Maupin and P. G. Wodehouse, creating a world in which food, music, friendship, love, and tending ... Read more


Voyage in Rhyme (A poetry collection)

Earl White

A poetry collection, ranging from philosophical observations, gripping “micro-stories”, to humorous limericks and beautiful Haikus. This collection of poetry is truly a rollercoaster of emotions, and will take you through unchartered waters and safely back home again. $0.99 on Kindle... Read more


The Paths They Walked

Tony Varnis

Graduating from High School two friends, one male and one female, face life in the late 1960s. While Susan rushes forward moving to New York City, embracing the world eagerly, Dan, indecisive and unsure of himself, stays in their hometown where he sullenly muddles his way forward with no plan. The paths they head down ... Read more


Spurr Morgan: A Western Double

Peter Brandvold

Federal Deputy Marshal Spurr Morgan may be an old dog in the business of tracking down desperados‚ but his instincts remain unmatched. Spurr has his sights set on Clell Stanhope‚ the notorious leader of a gang called the Vultures. Not only has Clell lured every last tin star into his bloody trap‚ but he’s littered ... Read more


The Axe

Vaughn Ashby

Time doesn’t work the way you think it does. 2018 After a successful social justice hack and a sexy night of celebrating, Micah arrives home to a gift left outside his apartment door. An Axe, that when touched causes Micah to lose time and allow other people to use his body. After one of such ... Read more


Free: Unplugged

Joe Barrett

Thirty-two-year-old Dan Johnson has it all; a nine-digit net worth, a gorgeous fiancé and a luxury riverside brownstone. The only problem is, he doesn’t want any of it. Dark, offbeat and laugh-out-loud funny, Unplugged is a coming of middle-age story about finding authentic connections and meaning in today’s hyper-digitized society. Free on Kindle.... Read more


Mildred In Disguise with Diamonds

Toni Kief

Mildred Petrie expected a comfortable retirement after years as a meter maid. Her husband dies, and his secrets change everything. At the age of 71, broke, and desperate, she walks to the Ivory Winds Casino, and takes the first job they offer-undercover security. Mildred takes on the hidden secrets with sass, courage, and elastic waist ... Read more


Free: Gangsta Fever

Skynova .

Shantel’s hands clutch tight to her bible but her fiancé Logan’s hands stay close to his gun. She’s happy to leave the street life alone and relocate to Baltimore City but Logan sees the move as a golden opportunity to rebuild. Love and loyalty go hand and hand for this couple but will it eventually ... Read more


Wyandotte Bound

George T Arnold

Wyandotte Bound chronicles a 25-year struggle for power, wealth, passionate love, and a more meaningful way of life, pitting the town’s dominant family against a deranged and violently corrupt rival during the fading years of the Western Frontier. Bound, like many other strong words, finds its meaning in the perceptions of those it affects. To ... Read more


The Hanging

Linda Thackeray

  An innocent woman fearing for her life. Six mismatched lawmen trying to prevent crime. The beginning of an unusual family…or an end for them all? After his wife and children were murdered, all that Kris Jensen wanted was to die and join them. Saved by a sacrificed friendship, he travels from one Territory town ... Read more


Cucina Tipica

Andrew Cotto

Cucina Tipica: An Italian Adventure is the story of Jacoby Pines, a disheartened American who arrives in Italy on holiday, and decides he never wants to leave. What follows is a wine-soaked, food-filled, travel-laden adventure about one man’s quest for an antiquated existence in the modern world. $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


The Silver Baron’s Wife

Donna Baier Stein

The Silver Baron’s Wife traces the rags-to-riches-to-rags life of Colorado’s Baby Doe Tabor (Lizzie). This fascinating heroine worked in the silver mines and had two scandalous marriages. Hers is the tale of a fiercely independent woman who bucked all 19th-century social expectations. $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Free: Love Contract

Jean Dunstan

Following the death of her parents, Graciella inherits their multi-million dollar estate. Unfortunately, their Will states Graciella has three years to find a husband and have a child, or she risks losing everything. Can Graciella find true love? Or will those plotting against her cause her to lose everything? Free on Kindle.... Read more


Free: The Disharmony of Silence

Linda Rosen

A truly emotional and heartfelt story, author Linda Rosen does an amazing job of delving into the theme of family, how we define it and how family secrets can change the dynamic of future generations as a whole. Two families who once considered themselves one take diverging paths, waiting to discover the truth of the ... Read more


The Boys of Summer

Ciarán West

A nostalgic, fast-paced coming of age tale, set in Limerick, Ireland, in 1989. Follow young Richie South and his four friends, as they try to solve the mystery of who murdered little Tommy Kelly, and they learn about life, love, and death along the way. $2.99 on Kindle.... Read more


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