Darkly witty and compulsively readable, Barbara de la Cuesta’s novella lets us into the private life and secret thoughts of Rosa, an undocumented home health aide grappling with menopause and her unruly body, as she moves her life out of the margins and into the sun with the power of confession. $1.99 on Kindle.

Dial 323 Love

AJ Brooks is a young man with morals, waiting tables and attending college in his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee, with the hopes of one day breaking into the entertainment industry as a screenwriter. However, when a woman dangling his dreams in front of him lures him to Los Angeles, he is quickly reeled into a […]

Hollywood Daze

“A delightful book, fun, edgy, unforgettable.” -Mary Kennedy, Best-Selling Author of the Dream Club Mysteries A seventeen-year-old high school dropout with a hidden talent, Mona, is sitting at the counter of the Fountain Coffee Room, trying not to attract the attention of Maddy Miller, a feisty, unfiltered, hotshot producer, who’ll decide if her brother Joost […]

A Kiss for a Dead Film Star and Other Stories

Karen Vaughn’s capacious imagination and remarkable voice glitter in this astonishing debut collection of stories that inspire weird love and uncover surprising caches of eroticism. Psycho-medical-magical realism intertwines with old and new New York City, epic love stories, and tales best told in the smoky alleys behind bars or beneath the covers. $1.99 on Kindle.

Bare Lit

A fiction and poetry anthology in support of the Bare Lit Festival, showcasing award-winning British authors of color. $1.99 on Kindle.

Locked Gray / Linked Blue: Stories

Ukwu wields the constraints of the short story as if she had invented them expressly to connect us to each other in this glinting and razor-sharp collection of linked short stories. Family dynamics, bad romance, work, and money haunt the New Yorkers in these stories as they nevertheless triumph. $1.99 on Kindle.

A Bloody Day in Destiny

Four exciting stories of the old west: The past comes calling with a six-gun and a score to settle, and there’s no place to hide in “A Bloody Day in Destiny.” An unwelcome sleeping companion holds the key to survival when two vengeful brothers catch up to the man who shot their brother in “I […]

The Bluejay Trail

Joe was eighteen when he saddled up his horse and left the side-hill farm in Tennessee for points west. He started the long trek of finding his brother’s killer. Somewhere out yonder where the long grass grew he would find the mate to the gun which hung low on his hip; the one with the […]

When The Well Runs Dry

In a country divided by civil war, one city stands above the chaos. Since the system collapsed, citizens are struggling to survive. Marauders are destroying what little is left. However, not everyone is quite ready to surrender. The Alder and her loyal supporters find themselves caught in a life or death struggle to save, not […]

Remembering Eternity: The Game Begins

Skylar had it all – riches, success, and fame – until he traded it all for Enlightenment. After losing everything dear to him, Skylar vows to rediscover the timeless bliss he knew as a child. As he visits the California paradise of his glory days, he finds shaggy surfers, washed-up hippies, and a deranged Vietnam […]

Free: The Amazing Adventures of 4¢ Ned – Coinworld: Book One

The world has a new hero, but he’s short a penny. After meeting a sagacious Indian nickel, 4¢ Ned discovers within himself a million buck’s of e pluribus awesome. Teaming up with a luckless Lincoln penny, the three intrepid coins set out to save Coinworld from a worthless future and become the champions of small […]

The Real Truth

Derek Severs is a popular talk radio host beloved by millions for his fiery opinions and unflinching moral judgments. When a scandal threatens to bring down everything he’s built for himself, a past he’s tried to forget returns, bringing with it the biggest regrets of his life. Then Derek is visited by a series of […]

The Pontency!

In a world turned upside down by the God of Potency’s prancing dickishness – Queen Elizabeth II in orbit, the Dalai Lama partially digested, unforgivable uses for tofu – two heroes set out to restore natural order, overcome crippling dandruff and escape the pull of the Mongolian Illuminati. Chul, a self-righteous South Korean salaryman, vows […]

Free: Polk, Harper & Who

A contemporary story of complicated friendships and family relationships, and ultimately of the triumph of imperfect London love within imperfect London lives. “Relieved, complicated, and strengthened by its trenchant observations of horrible people, along with black humor.” (Kirkus Reviews) Free on Kindle.

The Cedar

From settling in the newly founded colonies in the 17th century through the pinnacle of the Civil War, The Cedar is an endearing tale that introduces us to generations of the Bodes family and those close to them as they persevere against the elements, foes, and each other. Family tragedy and scandal are abundant as […]

White Monkey Chronicles (Complete Trilogy)

“A break-out literary dazzler!” “Witty & whip-smart!” A rogue Sisterhood. An undocumented deity. A persecution of Cardinals. WARNING: Reincarnation Day is at hand! See price on Kindle.

Free: Second Son

It is the dawn of the Renaissance, a time when new ideas are just beginning to emerge. Alfred — the eponymous second son — comes of age in the enlightened court of his grandfather. Alfred is convinced that his life will be unremarkable, spent in diligent but mundane service to king. His grandfather, however, foresees […]

Free: The Madness of Grief

London 1969. While men are walking on the moon, a series of dramatic events threaten to have lasting repercussions for Jane and the people she loves. “A well-written, richly complicated, and deeply engaging coming-of-age tale.” Kirkus Reviews (starred review) Free on Kindle.

Free: Behold Ellowee

Muriel was shipped off to her grandparent’s house every summer. She enjoyed the break from school and loved her grandparents dearly, but would describe these months as uneventful…even boring. Not this time. Strange changes in Muriel ensured this summer would be different from the very beginning. Grammy’s history lessons hold many answers, but Muriel is […]

Free: The Way

In Kristen Wolf’s extraordinary and timely fiction debut, a spirited young girl living in ancient Palestine escapes her life of oppressive tradition — undertakes an epic and dangerous journey of self-discovery — then seeks the courage to rise and embrace her destiny as one of the world’s most powerful spiritual leaders. Free on Kindle.

Swans Are Fat Too

A heartwarming love story between an overweight pianist and a disinherited prince in Warsaw, containing a history of Poland in a nutshell. “Beautiful,” “thought-provoking”—from reviews. An Amazon bestseller in Eastern European literature. $0.99 on Kindle.

Whispers Among The Prairie

The prairie lands of the American West come alive with adventure, courage, friendship and love. Come and join Black Kettle, the great Southern Cheyenne Chief on his plight to save his tribe from extinction and keep peace with the US army. His adopted daughter Morning Dove befriends US army captain, Clinton McKay. What will happen? […]

Free: Flashlight

In San Bernardino, near the end of the twentieth century, the Fifth Street Crew—who insist they are most certainly not a crew—are bored to tears by their lived reality. The teenagers share a universal thirst for something transformative, something magical to change absolutely everything. For all the gossip about the local gay bakery-owner, crime, smokes, […]

Believe Me: The Story of a Narcissist

Kennedy Kilpatrick was born into the world of privilege. His immigrant parents built an empire from the ground up. By the time their son was born, they had amassed a great fortune. Ken had a tendency to exaggerate everything. Despite this – or maybe because of it – he found himself surrounded by devoted followers. […]

Free: The Dead of August

Life and love on the verge of a nervous breakdown: a bitterly funny, darkly satirical tale of modern-day anxieties and hidden sexual tensions, set across the “fashionable” edges of contemporary London. “A sophisticated, comic novel that brilliantly captures the triumph and folly of art, media, and publishing.” Kirkus Reviews (starred review) Free on Kindle.

Love Trumps All!

Indo-American themed novel around High-Tech Immigration, Love and the Pursuit of Happiness. Fresh new global perspectives in the divisive political debates around immigration. Five friends, five religions, five ideologies, five inseparable interwoven stories of transformation and self-discovery on a global stage. A story that cuts across Y2K opportunities of the late 90s to the current […]

The ’69

A story of second chances for a father and son as they strive to complete a task started a generation before. Family crises, financial woes and life and death struggles hamper they’re way. This is a warm-hearted tale of family bonds and lifelong loves. $0.99 on Kindle.

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