Pianist in a Bordello

Are American voters ready for complete honesty from politicians? The outcome of the 2016 presidential election would indicate that the answer is, NO! In Pianist in a Bordello, author Mike C. Erickson explores this premise in a rollicking adventure featuring Richard Milhous Nixon Youngblood, a man who was born in a commune to a hippie […]

Embrace the Wind: Aislynn’s Story (Book 2)

What is the cost of living life on your own terms? For a young woman on the American Frontier, the price can be high. Aislynn Maher trusted the wrong man. To conceal her disgrace, she abandons her job, her home, her family and friends. She turns to the raw, contentious US marshal of the Wyoming […]

Far Away Home: Aislynn’s Story (Book 1)

FAR AWAY HOME is an Amazon bestseller. For four years, it ranked among the Top 100 in the Historical- US and Romance Western categories. This Enhanced Edition includes a bonus introduction to its new sequel, EMBRACE THE WIND. In post-Civil War New York City, sixteen-year-old Aislynn Denehy cannot find a job, she has no place […]

Past Forward

In Past Forward, author Jill Paulin crafts a beautiful tale about the power of love, forgiveness and the dreams of star-crossed lovers. In this twist-filled love story that alternates between two different eras, there are some things that remain the same: absence makes the heart grow fonder … and love will always find a way. […]

Amadea: One Spring in France

“A quick, entertaining, wonderful story”—Amazon review. Love and unusual friendships develop when Amadea takes a job in a French village and meets a scholarly alcoholic, a thug, and a charming lawyer. This is a bestselling story on the value of saying no. $0.99 on Kindle.

A Dog’s Luck

Ellie, a young woman writing her philosophy dissertation, is disrupted by echoes from her past. The memories of her early years within her extended family reveal three generations of family secrets and insightful perspectives on existential concerns. See price on Kindle.

Kitchen Canary

Kitchen Canary is a 45,000-word historical fiction novel, set in Boston in 1868. Rich in little known historical facts about the post-Civil War era, it follows the journey of two young Irish women who immigrate to work as nannies for the Brennan family. Their lives become entangled in the secrets and lies of their employers. […]

Free: Nature’s Confession

The epic tale of two teens in a fight to save a warming planet, the universe, and their love. A cli-fi quest full of romance, honor, and adventure. When a smart-mouthed, mixed-race teen wonders why the work that needs to be done pays nothing compared to the busywork glorified on holovision news, the search for […]

Daddy 3.0: A Comedy of Errors

2017 Independent Author Network Winner – Best Comedy / Satire Novel What a mess. This was not supposed to happen. This isn’t where Nick Owen thought he would be by this point in life. He used to be a busy web programmer. Now he spends most of his energy trying to stop his three-year-old twins […]

Gaia’s Majesty – Mission Called: Women in Power

Our earth mother, Gaia, foresaw a definitive epoch when the survival of humankind and her precious planet would be an issue. That day is upon us. Earth is enveloped in environmental and social crises. This is the story of the empowered women Gaia reserved in the sea who are dedicated to safeguarding the future of […]

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The urban adventures of a reprehensible Aussie character, who, unexpectedly, must adjust to a new way of life among people even more reprehensible than himself.

Free: Strokes of Deceit

Growing up in war-ravaged Tokyo, Ichiro and Taro were brothers of divergent character. One was filled with the honor and Bushido spirit of a traditional samurai, the other more mercantile and academic. Their hearts fell to the same girl, Sayuri, but her choice could fall to only one love. In the desperate days of the […]

Sorry For So Many Things

Patrick Cane’s father committed suicide when he was six years old by jumping in front of a moving vehicle. Now, twelve years later, he has just been elected student body president of his private high school. His best friend, Henry, is his vice president and he is thrilled. He quickly learns, however, that running the […]

Free: A Favorite Son

A modern twist on an old tale: When her elderly husband lies on his deathbed, Becky plans to take control of the power in the family. She instructs her younger son, Jacob, to cheat the blind old man, so he may become–for that crucial moment–his favorite son. In planning his deception, it is not love […]

The Playground

This semi-autobiographical novel explores the long-term effects of childhood bullying. Rachel Parsons has never forgotten the brutal treatment she received at the hands of her sixth-grade classmates over thirty years ago. Will returning to the playground to confront her past finally put the ghosts of her tormentors to rest? $2.99 on Kindle.

Nominate this book for publication & you could get a free copy of it!

After an amicable divorce, Tamara is ready to start again. She is young, smart, has great friends, and a meaningful job. And yet, instead of moving forward, she feels completely stuck, and that her life seems to be falling apart.

An Ad in the Paper and Demons from the Past

Illana volunteers to document Holocaust survivor’s stories and slowly loses the ability to separate her reality from theirs. Their longing for what they lost become hers, their horrors her nightmares, in this gripping portrayal of survivors’ angst. See price on Kindle.

Pianist in a Bordello

Are voters really ready for the whole truth? Are you? Pianist in a Bordello is a hilarious political romp through the last four decades of American history, from a narrator who is full of surprises. $0.99 on Kindle.

Free: Saving Babe Ruth

An award-winning, Amazon #1 bestseller. Based on a true story, survival is the name of the game when two obsessed men teeter on the cusp of madness in a war over a kids’ baseball field. Tom Stevens, Babe Ruth’s grandson, calls it a “great story and a must-read.” If you liked “Art of Fielding,” you’re […]

Swans Are Fat Too

A heartwarming love story between an overweight pianist and a disinherited prince in Warsaw, containing a history of Poland in a nutshell. “Beautiful,” “thought-provoking”—from reviews. An Amazon bestseller in Eastern European literature. Free with Kindle Unlimited. $0.99 on Kindle.

Free: A Christmas Castle

In this heartwarming novella, Christmas meets the butterfly effect when a young boy’s glance at a shooting star produces surprising results through time. When Jack Mason was eight years old in 1966, he saw a shooting star on Christmas night. Then he tried to follow it, setting off a chain reaction that affected his life, […]

Free: Living with Markus

Forced to choose between cultivating a satisfying life for himself and rescuing his dysfunctional family members from their certain demise causes Marc to question the importance of family. Does Marc save his relatives from their ill-fated lives, or save himself from entering into a life of self-sacrifice and missed opportunities? Painful soul-searching and late-night talks […]

Florida Heat

Families are like thoroughbred racehorses. Both depend on a coherent link to the past to know their bloodlines. Myths speak of the power of the sword of Damocles. The foolish remain unaware of the danger of the blade suspended overhead by a single horsehair. In its modern form as a thoroughbred racehorse, Damocles has authority […]

The Cedar

From settling in the newly founded colonies in the 17th century through the pinnacle of the Civil War, The Cedar is an endearing tale that introduces us to generations of the Bodes family and those close to them as they persevere against the elements, foes, and each other. Family tragedy and scandal are abundant as […]

Bigfoot Abomination

At the age of ten, Cole Rainwater has an encounter with bigfoot that scars his reality and leaves him with an itch for all things of the paranormal. His passion for aliens, ghosts, and cryptids, especially bigfoot, sets him apart from most of his classmates in high school and makes him a target for bullies […]

The Law Of Happiness and Divorce

A contemporary dark comedy of morals. Bailey is in his early twenties when he meets Jenna, and begins the romance of his life. They befriend Kylie, a drug addict, and over the course of six years, these three share a house and raise a family. Bailey’s growing fascination and love of the darker aspects of […]

That’s What Love Does: A Novel

A fan of Nicholas Sparks? Give this book a look. Emmett Flynn had to grow up fast. So did Laney Palmer. Fate brought them together in Savannah, Georgia, but tragedy threatens to drive them apart. A story of family, love, and laughter. $0.99 on Kindle.

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