That Book on Blockchain: A One-Hour Intro

That Book on Blockchain is a blazing fast, one-hour introduction to the world of blockchain. Inside, you’ll find an overview of many prominent blockchain topics, including discussion of distributed ledgers, legal landscapes, industry adoption, and Bitcoin, proper. Additionally, you’ll examine several abstract, key concepts through easily worded thought experiments. $3.49 on Kindle.

Become a VLOOKUP KnowItAll

This is a comprehensive review of the Microsoft Excel VLOOKUP formula. It covers many details, tips, and tricks on VLOOKUP. The semi humorous tone makes the technical subject matter more approachable. $0.99 on Kindle.

Free: Ultimate Guide for Being Anonymous

If there is a section that most hacking books and blog posts currently disregard, it is the ‘stay safe’ section. In other words, they fail to detail the schemes and techniques a typical hacker (or activist) should use to guarantee a certain level of anonymity and safety. You may be the best hacker in the […]

Free: Designing Ecommerce Websites

Keen to turn your users into paying customers? This book will help you perfect your ecommerce website design. It delves into the specific things you need to do at each step of the ecommerce funnel, regardless of what you are selling. Create landing pages that don’t cause users to bounce and checkout flows that don’t […]

How to Hack Like a Pornstar

This is not a book about information security. Certainly not about IT. This is a book about hacking. Specifically, how to infiltrate a company’s network, locate their most critical data, and make off with it without triggering whatever shiny new security tool the company wasted their budget on. $3.99 on Kindle.

How to Hack Like a Pornstar

This is not a book about information security. Certainly not about IT. This is a book about hacking: specifically, how to infiltrate a company’s network and locate their most critical data without triggering any security tools. Whether you are an ethical hacker, an IT professional who needs to know how to better protect your company […]

Free and Really Cheap Computers for Students, Teachers and Everyone Else

A resource guide that shows teachers, students and others how to obtain free desktop and laptop computers. Many of these resources also offer free computer and technology training. The guide will also show social workers, community organizers, concerned parents, guardians and others how they can become facilitators. As such, they can help bridge the Digital […]

101 Best Kindle Fire Apps

When I first got my Kindle Fire, I didn’t know what apps were the best, and the top 100 list seemed to be filled with apps that recently had promotions. I realized that these were not necessarily the best apps, so I combed through the Apps for Android store and found only the best Kindle […]

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