I am God: World’s Oldest Story

150,000 years ago. In a land that is now known as Africa. They think he is the one. He doesn’t think so. A young man named Ayot has been nominated as the tribe’s God, but is he really one? Will he command the tribe as a surprise pick? Or is he going to be branded […]

Country Girls

It had been clear from the beginning, that Emma, Eli and Evey Wilson would be tied together by more than just a name and the blood that flowed through each of their veins. They would be bound for life by the secrets of their past and the lies that kept them hidden. After a fire […]

111 Tips to Create Your Book Trailer

Videos, aka “book trailers” are one of the best ways to introduce your book to millions of readers worldwide. Using this valuable guide book, learn how to plan, create and most important: market your video, step for step explained in this new e-book, available FREE on Amazon from December 25 to 29. But that’s not […]


Roy Walker is curious. But in a world where knowledge has disappeared, curiosity will get you killed. Generations ago, the Passim Virus wiped out most of humanity. The survivors banded together to form the Territory and, now, decades later, no one questions why knowledge has disappeared. Why should they? They’re lucky to be alive. But […]

The Life and Prayers of Saint Augustine of Hippo

The Church has numerous fathers who have influenced its dogma in substantial ways. Although none of them can be singled out as the most pivotal theologian of Church history, it can certainly be said that Saint Augustine of Hippo has long been a central figure to Christian thought, informing both on the nature of God […]

Fall of the Citizens

A pharmaceutical company receives a lucrative government contract for a vaccine currently coveted by the entire U.S. population. They set the price at $60,000 per shot, putting the vaccine out of the reach of all but the wealthiest of Americans. The situation creates a class warfare powder keg that only needs one thing to ignite, […]

Don Quijote (Spanish Edition)

This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery. Is this book still free…CHECK HERE

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