Free: Miraculous Parenting

If you never could admire and express yourself in your parents’ home, you are not alone. Create a home for your children based on love, trust, and intimacy and without threats, punishment, or preaching – a home without which it is hard even to breathe. Free on Kindle.

Weed Out The Users The Couch Potatoes And The Losers

It’s a rare man who will tell you, “Jennifer, you are not the woman I truly desire, so I will keep you around until I find someone better.” Or “Patricia, I am an emotionally unavailable man incapable of loving anyone, but my words will convince you otherwise.” Ah, no, it’s not gonna’ happen. When a […]

Free: Daddy Talks

This book on fatherhood is a chronicle of conversations that a father had with his children, in an attempt to share with them important information for successful living. This is a book that attempts to break the silence and break the cycle of unengaged fathers. Free on Kindle.

Rockstar Mom, 7 Ways To Be the Greatest Mom Ever

Are you tired of all those media names — SAHM, Single Mom, Workin Mom? Check out these 7 surefire areas that show how important motherhood is to all Moms. One thing I have learnt in all my work with families is that motherhood is a lifetime role (Dr Eleanor). This book comes with 3 downloadable […]

Free: Bounce

Help Your Child Build Resilience and Thrive in School, Sports and Life is for parents, educators, community leaders and anyone who has an active interest in helping children to become resilient and realize their potential. The book presents the author’s vision of the seven pillars of the resilient child during the elementary school years, along […]

Honest Honey That’s How It Happened

Russ Towne’s stories about marriage are often humorous, sometimes hilarious, and always heartwarming. He shares adventures from meeting and dating the woman who would become his wife, their wedding and honeymoon, through their early years to the present nearly four decades later. Along the way, the author shares many insights as to what worked and […]

Stop Peeing in the Kitty Litter!

Russ Towne’s stories about parenting are often humorous, sometimes hilarious, and always heartwarming. He shares his parenting adventures from when his children were little through preteen and teen years, up through their early adulthood. Along the way, the author shares many insights as to what worked and what didn’t as a parent. Though versions of […]

Second Marriage: An Insider’s Guide to Hope, Healing & Love

Are you in a second marriage? This just-published book is a must-read. Learn how to heal from the past and embrace your story. Make your spouse your best friend and learn practical strategies for handing conflicts. Learn powerful strategies for connecting with your stepchildren and bonding as a new stepfamily. Written by someone who has […]

10 Secrets You Need To Know About Men: Dating Coach Tells All!

Why do men get spooked and run? Why do they hide their emotions? What are the reasons they can’t commit? Why does he hang with his friends more than me? Want answers? Even better, want solutions? Then learn MAN MODE! Gregg Michaelsen, Boston’s top dating coach strikes again with jaw dropping dating advice for women. $0.99 […]

Honest Honey That’s How It Happened

Russ Towne’s stories about marriage are often humorous, sometimes hilarious, and always heartwarming. He shares adventures from meeting and dating the woman who would become his wife, their wedding and honeymoon, through their early years to the present nearly four decades later. Along the way, the author shares many insights as to what worked and […]

Reflections from the Heart of a Grateful Man

Experiencing Russ Towne’s humorous and heartwarming stories is like being wrapped in a homemade quilt on a cold day. With his refreshing combination of honesty, vulnerability, humor, gratitude, and love, there is no doubt that Russ Towne speaks from his heart with every word he writes. This is the combination of two of Russ Towne’s […]

Free: The New Code of Motherhood

Your Kids and Your Dream. Motherhood does not mean sacrificing your dreams. Most women believe that they must sacrifice their dreams to be a good mother, or sacrifice their families to succeed professionally. Not true. You can have both. I’m Calling You Out! If you’re a Mom, and you feel you were put on this […]

The Disciplined, Resilient Child

This book provides valuable insight on the struggles of parenting, with realistic guidance new and old parents/guardians alike. Inside are 21 Tips that are divided into three character traits that are required for success: Respect, Responsibility, and Resilience. It is written in a way that is easily digestible with material that can be implemented immediately, […]

50+ Online Dating Profile Tips for People 50+

If you’re over 50, have never been on an online dating site, and don’t know where to start, this book is for you. Your dating profile is the most important tool for having a positive online experience. Even if you’re already dating online, this book will help you improve your dating profile and avoid many […]

Free: How to Catch Your Mate

This is the first book of its kind, How to Catch your Mate is a complete breakdown of the inner workings of the male mind. It informs the fairer sex about what’s really needed to catch a mate. If you’re looking to bring real, lasting and devoted love into your life from the man you […]

Free: The ABC’s of a Beautiful Marriage

The ABC’s Of A Beautiful Marriage is a book dedicated to giving transformational teachings to couples who are struggling with different marital problems and are thinking of ending their marriages. This book teaches couples how to raise and honor their love above their problems and work together as a team to get rid of the […]

How To Talk Dirty

It’s time to let go of the taboo and embrace the hot, erotic, sensually-exciting world of Talking Dirty. There are many reasons for you to pick up this book and learn the art of using explicit and naughty language in the bedroom–or wherever you may be fulfilling those sexy desires. But whatever the reason you […]

Faceless Strangers

A mother’s love is supposed be the constant in a child’s life. But for Rab, it’s not. What if a mother created a child and hated it? It was the 1960s, and a feeling of hope and prosperity was in the air. The American dream was unfolding for everyone it seemed, except for one family […]

The Sibling Connection: How Siblings Shape Our Lives

When you think of siblings, I bet the first words are “sibling rivalry.” You’re not alone. But here’s the truth: while sibling rivalry may be part of your childhood, the majority of siblings change their tune by the time they hit adolescence or early adulthood. The sibling connection is like a lake or stream: it […]

Free: You Are Not Alone

30 daily readings designed to encourage, strengthen, and uplift military spouses. Whether it’s a deployment, move, or raising military kids, you’ll find real-life solutions and inspiration for the unique challenges of military life. Free on Kindle.

With Angel’s Wings

Laura’s world spins as pediatricians throw words at her like heart failure, seizures, and g-tube feeds…when all she wants is to hold her baby tightly and be the mom she’d always dreamed of being. Join Laura on her emotional journey as she strives to rise to the unexpected challenge of motherhood to two special needs […]

Lasting Marriage: Discovering God’s Meaning and Purpose for Your Relationship

Do you desire to have a long lasting marriage? Do you want your marriage to last through all that life throws at you? Would you like to see your marriage benefit from having more love, joy, and intimacy? Lasting Marriage is an encouraging and insightful book that will help your marriage grow and strengthen in love and service […]

Own Your Tomorrow (Relationship and Dating Advice for Women)

Are You Even Prepared for Love? Are You Tired of the Dating/Breaking Up Cycle? The shocking truth why most of us are single is because we are not ready to love! Many of us leap into dating, not really ready to love or be loved. We don’t believe in ourselves. We don’t really think we’re […]

Thrive Anyway

Thrive Anyway is an empowering, simple guide that will help you through the roller coaster of emotions that naturally occur during divorce or a major relationship breakup. While you may be in a great deal of pain and struggling to believe that you can live without your former partner, the truth is NOW is the […]

Motherhood Funnies

This book delves into the comedic aspect of parenting. It is an exploration of the thoughts a mom has while she tries to make sense of her six-year-old daughter. Enjoy quotes, conversations, lists and more as you get to know this crazy duo. $2.99 on Kindle.

Free: How I Turned My Daughter into a Prodigy

Learn all the secrets and techniques to developing cognitive skills in children in a fun and enriching way and how to design a successful world for them of extraordinary happiness and abundance. Free on Kindle.

From the Heart of a Grateful Man

Experiencing this book is like being wrapped in a warm home-made quilt on a cold day. You’ll feel love and gratitude on every page of these true heart-warming and humorous stories, observations, and poetry. This book explores and celebrates many of the things that can make life so rich: Love, soul-mates, family, and friends. With […]

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