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Parenting at any stage in your child’s life can be challenging, but luckily, there are millions of parents who have experienced the same things before you. Here, you’ll find plenty of tips and expert knowledge to help you care for your baby, raise a child with special needs, how to deal with moody teenagers, and everything in between. This section also includes books to help couples overcome differences in their relationship, build their communication skills, and learn how to truly appreciate one another.

Free: 30 Days to a Stronger Child

Educate and Empower Kids Educate and Empower Kids

Our kids face an uncertain future filled with incredible pressures and challenges. They will need to change it, to change their world. And they can do it too! With your guidance and the experiences in this book, our children will not only build resilience in this world, they will THRIVE! 30 Days to a Stronger ... Read more


Free: A Little White Casket: Accepting the Grief and Loss of the Present, Confronting the Truth of the Past, and Reframing Towards the Future

Gary Howell

Everyone experiences grief, pains and loss on this journey of life. For some it serves as a catalyst for growth and for others it becomes an impassable obstacle. This book not only shares my personal experience with grief and loss but also contains case studies of several types of pain and loss. When we acknowledge ... Read more


Your Gemini Child: He’s Not Crazy, He’s Just Always in his Head

Maria Riegger

***Want to know all the secrets to handling your daydreamy Gemini child?*** Gemini children are easily bored and are always daydreaming. Their minds are incredibly active. As soon as they have a thought, they are on to the next one. That is why it appears that they never listen to you. So how do you ... Read more


Gaslighting Recovery Workbook: How to Recognize Manipulation, Overcome Narcissistic Abuse, Let Go, and Heal from Toxic Relationships

Amy White

Have you ever been a victim of gaslighting? Do you ever see yourself in a circumstance where someone made you feel emotional or made to think that the things you believe to be accurate are your mind playing games on you? Is there anyone around you who continually makes you anxious, or leaves you feeling ... Read more


101 Fun Family Activities: The Self Isolation Survival Guide

Laureen Kuhl

Exhausted by endless cries of “I’m bored”? Tired of staying indoors? Are you certain that one more day of isolation will finish you, and your family?! Let Laureen come to your rescue with 101 fresh, creative and unique ideas to help you weather the storm of isolation. Laureen, a self-professed “Veteran of Isolation,” raised her ... Read more


Raising Independent Kiddos

Michele Bayer

I’m a mother to four beautiful kids. When my second child was born with a disability, it took a lot of trial and error (and time hiding in the closet) before I realized the importance of holding myself back, almost sitting on my hands, so my kids could learn to think about where they had ... Read more


Marriage Manual: How To Have a Perfect..,Great,..Good, uh, Lasting Marriage

Gregory Mundy

The key to a lasting marriage is simple. All you have to do is marry the right person. The question is how can you tell if the one you have chosen is the right one? Marriage is a four-letter word…LOVE. If some other four-letter word came to mind then you need to read this book. ... Read more


Granny Can’t Remember Me

Susan McCormick

Granny Can’t Remember Me is a lighthearted picture book about Alzheimer’s disease and dementia told from the perspective of a six-year-old boy. Granny can’t remember that Joey likes soccer and rockets and dogs. Granny can’t remember much of anything. But with Granny’s stories of her Three Best Days, Joey knows she loves him just the ... Read more


Men Who Get it and Men Who Don’t

Tyler James

In this book, I break down why we men do what we do, and why we are the way we are. I teach you techniques and strategies to face and eliminate all behaviors and habits that hold you back from reaching your full potential, both in romance and as a man. I teach you the ... Read more


Unleashing the Tigress Within

Gregg Michaelsen

Release Your Inner Tigress! Entering the dating scene is frustrating. I’m going to be the one with a gentle hand on your back, guiding you and encouraging you to try things differently this time. You’re going to acquire new tools to attract and keep the man of your dreams. And you’ll do all this while ... Read more


The Key to Parenting Millennials

Sarah Alison

The Key to Parenting Millennials is the right book for you as we have included updated parenting tips and strategies that works for the 21st century. Beyond that, we will also show you how to shape both your teenager and your minds and perspectives to build an even stronger, loving and fulfilling relationship together. Parenting ... Read more


Live, Love, and Hack Life: A Fresh Look at Understanding Law of Attraction

Jennifer Teske

The law of attraction is the idea that people ‘attract’ or bring about, situations in their lives based on how they think. The idea that it’s possible to “call forth/manifest” things we desire in life is irresistibly appealing. Using simple clear language, Jennifer Teske weaves together a powerful narrative with practical how-to exercises giving readers ... Read more


Free: S is for…Short, Sweet, Simple Sports Coaching and Performance

Christopher Davy

S is for…Short, Sweet, Simple Sports Coaching and Performance: For Players, Parents, and Pedagogues It’s the shortest, sweetest, and simplest way for me to address all the important elements that go into sports coaching and performance, and because of that it allows us to spend more of our time focusing on what sport is really ... Read more


Relationship Help For a Broken, Beaten, and Battered Relationship

John Marks

Are you ready to be happy with your relationship? We will soon reveal to you the 9 secrets that have completely transformed our marriage, and thousands of relationships from boring, broken, and “can’t deal with you anymore” relationships into beautiful, growing, and “happily ever after” relationships. We are excited to present this ebook to you ... Read more


Free: From a Woman’s Heart

Karen Burger

Being a woman is special. It is at times easy, a little crazy, scary and on occasion extremely trying. Okay, maybe more than just occasionally. Our job in life as a woman, a mother and a wife has its ups and downs. We juggle and change so many different hats every day all through the ... Read more


Free: Esports in Education

Paul Richards

The intersection between esports and education is a place where innovation and excitement flourish. From a perspective of acceptance and encouragement, parents and educators have the chance to find common ground that can help students excel in a sport they are passionate about. Competitive video gaming today already holds the power to create heroes. Athletes ... Read more


New Dad Words of Wisdom: Your Roadmap to Success For Taking Care of Your New Baby

Beau Salts

Congratulations! You are now (or soon will be) a father! Fatherhood can at first seem like a daunting prospect; after all, you want the very best for your little bundle of joy. Knowing what your new-born needs isn’t always simple but fear not – this book has you covered. New Dad Words Of Wisdom: Your ... Read more


LISTEN! Helping Your Child Manage Their Emotions

Brandys Evans

This book will provide you with the tools and knowledge on how to help your child to manage their emotions. Managing emotions requires nurturance and cultivation in the presence of another human being; and for your child, that is you. Throughout this book, I will also offer practical applications for common situations faced by parents, ... Read more


Free: Spark

Bradley Charbonneau

We’re writing books together with our kids. Here’s what some parents had to say about the workshop. “It has fed a part of my life I didn’t really realize needed feeding.” “It’s helped me get to know Lewis better and spending protected time with him creating something together, has been absolutely priceless.” Come join us ... Read more


Raised Smart

Dalton Smith

Parenting with a twist. Raised Smart is not your normal parenting book it is written by a father with his own perspective on how you can raise your daughter to be smart. $2.99 on Kindle... Read more


Cheating Wife

John Slevin

Are you suspecting that your wife is cheating on you? Having a passionate affair with another man? Then you want to come an have a deeper look at what this book has to offer. No matter if you feel insecure, you do not know what’s going on or how it got to that point, this ... Read more


Hardship and Bliss: Reflections for Mothers Who Seek Connection

Magdalena Sabatino

Motherhood can be divinely rewarding but also extremely challenging. “Hardship and Bliss” is a collection of poems revealing the breadth of how it feels to be a mother. Magdalena Sabatino writes about this vulnerable journey, sharing joyful peak moments as well as the valleys of loneliness, exhaustion, and a crisis of identity. The book is ... Read more


Free: The Family Letter (Value Your Loved Ones)

Debi Ronca

There is a deep longing in our hearts to be known, loved and celebrated. We want to know what value and uniqueness our life brings to this world. Unfortunately, due to the busyness of life and the impact of social media, we have lost the power of communicating those life-giving words that literally can fill ... Read more


Tokens: Teaching Our Kids Each New Sunrise

Pamela Tomlin

Simple to read! Simple to do! Ten tried and true techniques parents may use to gain positive results and cooperation from their 2 to 6 year old child. $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Rituals of Season

Domestic violence affects one in four women at some point in their lives. It is a serious problem that needs to be eradicated from all communities. This is one story of survival told in powerful, poetic form. $6.95 on Kindle.... Read more


How to Live with a Psychic

Crystal Hope Reed

So they’re psychic. Now what? The emergence of psychic or healing abilities in one partner often causes anxiety, stress, or confusion for the other. How to Live with a Psychic teaches you not only how to survive this shift but how to thrive and strengthen your relationship when your life has detoured down this unfamiliar ... Read more


My Father’s Truth

The man that raised me was as self-driven, self-disciplined, strong-minded and proud as they come. He believed in self-reliance and personal responsibility. His life was a series of stories and lessons. An immigrant from the hills of Calabria, Italy to the stage at Madison Square Garden. His death destroyed the world as I experienced it. ... Read more


Finding Your Hero

The following is based on a true story of a lonely young boy who gets sent away from home for behavioral issues. What seemed to be punishment turned into a blessing as the kid meets a man he grows to love as his father figure. This is the heartwarming story of the great memories the ... Read more


Cybertraps for Expecting Moms & Dads

Pregnancy — it’s a magical time for you and your family. And no one could be happier for you than the companies eager to collect mountains of personal data about you and your dear little bundle of data. In “Cybertraps for Expecting Moms & Dads,” technology and privacy expert Frederick Lane offers an entertaining but ... Read more


The Tenth Word

Nine meanings that made me a better mentor, writer, ‘mother’—and helped me grow my own ‘A’. Words you say in your mother’s house, you’ll want to enjoy what they really mean. $4.99 on Kindle.... Read more


A Doula’s Guide to Education

Jemmais Keval-Baxter

“A Doula’s Guide to Education” should be a statement to all parents to pay attention. Raising a child is the hardest job on Earth, and the role must not be taken lightly. This book will provide an essential and vital foundation for raising a well-rounded, fully nurtured child. Topics covered include child’s physical health, self-worth, ... Read more


Honeymoon Playbook: Your Guide to ‘‘Scoring’’ the Best Romantic Honeymoon Ever

Marie-Claire Thauvette

The Honeymoon Playbook is a book for both newlyweds and longtime partners alike, teaching couples how to light a romantic fire in their relationship. Learn how to really romance your partner, how to tackle common sexual issues and exactly what gets your spouse’s heart racing (and yours!). $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


He’s Gone Now What? How to Get Over a Breakup and Prepare to Love Again

You have, in the clutches of your nicely manicured hands, the keys to recovering from this devastating breakup and then returning with a vengeance! Understand what is happening inside you. Process these feelings. Grieve but with a time limit. Follow my unorthodox plan. Come out the other side a new woman, ready to kick some ... Read more


Free: Homefront Warriors: Not Every Warrior Wears A Uniform

Homefront Warriors is a revealing account of what it is like for those who stay behind as their soldier goes off to fight. In this memoir, Chantel Olson gives homefront warriors a voice through her own powerful story and shares her many lessons learned while fighting the battle at home during her husband’s deployment in ... Read more


How to Raise Happy Kids

Vitaly Buchatsky

61 short chapters of expertly reasoned advice and practical tools for effective, loving child-rearing. Parenting techniques, such as setting a good example, encouraging cooperation, and recording children’s successes are effectively presented. See price on Kindle.... Read more


The Complete Guide to Children’s Drawings

Michal Wimmer

Clinicians, educators, and parents can learn ways to better understand children’s needs, reasons for their behavior, and how to initiate fruitful emotional dialog by interpreting their drawings. Over 250 real-life examples of drawings are analyzed. $3.99 on Kindle.... Read more


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