Free: His Many Demands (Book 1)

My Needs. My Demands. Your Pleasure. You’re Welcome. I don’t play typical games, but the ones I do play, I always win. And regardless of how taboo our relationship might become, I’m all in. The reward is worth the risk. Free on Kindle

Pride and Presents

Beth Long is navigating the week before a friend’s Christmas wedding with a strained smile and an unexpected house guest, stuffy Steven Dorsey, old friend of the groom. Steven has never been more aware of his social deficiencies. Beth is too warm. Witty. Vibrant. Their elderly audience is too nosy. When his sister is added […]

Love Left Unsaid

How long can one’s love go unrequited before they give up? How can one see such love when those words go unsaid? Another Fall passed, another relationship failed. Year after year Matthew has watched the love of his life Rachel Nelson hurt herself with her false-loves. And year after year it is he that she […]

Whatever It Takes

I get what I want. That’s how it’s always been. Until her. She’s five foot seven of pure beauty poured into a pencil skirt and blouse, and she hates my guts. My arrival at the law firm has derailed her plans of making partner, but it’s not my fault I steal the limelight everywhere I […]

Lawfully Cherished

She’s a piano teacher who will stop at nothing to help her students. He’s a retired cop who will give his all to pay back a debt. A marriage of convenience offers them a chance to redeem the past and heal their future. $0.99 on Kindle.

Spun of Gold

Spinning, spinning, straw to gold. An unthinkable offer. A courageous miss. A determined Lord, and an evil duke. Never. She vowed to never marry. But Lord Harcourt was determined to unravel her secrets. She’d never heard of a debutante in her first season trying to marry the least desirable man she could find, and yet, […]

The Scream Behind Her Smile

Secrets, lies, betrayal, and passion. A thrilling and emotionally gripping novel of love, marriage, deception and…murder. It’s one thing to discover your husband is not who you believe him to be. It’s another thing entirely to prove it. The only question now, is how far he will go to protect his secrets. $0.99 on Kindle.

To Love a Cougar

At the age of forty-nine, Jacqui’s been through divorce and cancer. Her only thoughts are to survive, and the idea of finding love never enters her mind. Grant, twelve years Jacqui’s junior, learned a lot about her through a mutual friend. Age is the last thing on his mind and he knew he had to […]

Forbidden Desires

Hot Alpha Males that will ignite those Forbidden Desires within you and have you begging for more. $0.99 on Kindle

Free: Breathtaking Beginnings

Dive into this binge-worthy bundle of page-turners to find your new favorite romance series (or six)! Coconutty Christmas: Escape to where the palm trees sway in this humorous and sweet island romance. The Broke Billionaire: Live the high life with dashing billionaire Trey Donovan. He’ll bring the cupcakes! Wings on Fire (Falling): It’s time for […]

Free: Karma

Sometimes love has nothing to do with luck, and everything to do with karma… Marcy Paget worked full-time putting her husband through University. When he finally became a success, he dumped her for a trophy wife more than ten years younger, leaving Marcy to raise their four-year-old daughter on her own. Even though Marcy knows […]

Crushing on Best Friend’s Sister

I was set to marry Steven, but I knew, something wasn’t right. I was going to go ahead. Marriage was on my mind, and it was only few hours away. I had a decision to make, that would change everything. Steven was sweet, kind, handsome, everything that a girl could want. But something was missing… […]

Free: The Black Widow’s Temptation

Scarlett, the Black Widow, is the notorious pirate beauty of the Caribbean, who meets time traveler, Sebastian Graham, at the sharp end of her blade. There on the high seas Sebastian and Scarlett’s adventure of deceit and thievery lead them to a passion they both had never imagined. Will the Black Widow be able to […]

Claiming His Easter Bunny: A Bad Boy Novella

This surgeon doesn’t do relationships She’s dressed as the Easter bunny bringing joy to sick children. All I can think about is ripping off the bunny suit and giving her some joy. But she makes me feel ways I’ve never felt. I’m the doctor but somehow she’s healing me. I’m going to break all my […]

Holding on to Georgia

As Rylan and Kade struggle to untangle their feelings for each other, the reality of their pasts resurface and threaten to take it all away. Will a fateful night, an old flame and an unread letter bring them closer together or tear them apart forever? $0.99 on Kindle.

A Match for Mr. Write

Magazine editor Gemma Carmichael has been secretly in love with her co-worker, Blade, for 5 years and when he suddenly breaks off his engagement, Gemma decides this is her chance to woo her man. He signs up for a matchmaking getaway, and she decides to do it too, positive they’re a perfect match. But to […]

Unexpected Gift

My brother’s best friend, AKA my sworn enemy. The cocky doctor with a mission to drive me insane. And I had to walk down the aisle with him. “It’s my brother’s wedding day,” I told myself…  Caden’s a neurosurgeon. Devastatingly handsome, and a total Casanova. Arrogant, egotistical, and beyond rude. The enemy disguised as Prince Charming. We fought at every […]

Mail Order Bride And Her Barren Shame

Being a mail-order bride was her only chance – to shake away the shame that weighed on her shoulders. Ruth Gibson is a hardworking woman who wants to be treated as an equal. But every man she meets treats her as an inferior. She can stand it no longer. So, she looks west. Rumors have […]

The Surf’s Up Collection (Romance Box Set)

\bTry the Surf’s Up romance collection from bestselling & award-winning author Beth Wiseman. Each Surf’s Up novella takes the reader to a beach locale, weaving romance and adventure into a soul-soothing journey of hope. The collection includes: A Tide Worth Turning Addison and Logan aren’t in the market for love. She’s recovering from a breakup, […]


I’m done with my old ways. No more bar fights, making enemies, or this dangerous lifestyle. I won’t blame her if she chooses the safe route. I am the road less traveled. And trouble will inevitably find its way back to me one way or another. $0.99 on Kindle

Waking the Lion

Rhett Gentry is the well-known Captain for the Dallas Blue Hawks. Tall. Dark. Handsome. Distant. Detached. Impolite. Days are all the same for Rhett after the tragic death of his wife. Work. Promises. Obligations. It is what it is. Until it isn’t. Our chemistry is undeniable. Unmistakable. But as much as my heart longs for […]

Free: Forgotten Bodyguard

Things heat up as Chloe pushes Ian to the edge, both physically and mentally. It’s only when her life is in danger that he realizes that perhaps it’s not just his paycheck that causes him to protect the girl’s body so closely… Free on Kindle.  

Free: Bagels and Salsa

A Jewish sociologist from Manhattan takes a romantic gamble and follows a handsome Latino doctor to rural New Mexico where their love is tested by his surly mama, a gorgeous ex-girlfriend, a Son of Sam copycat, and cultural differences. Free on Kindle.

Free: Loving the Hawke

Mystery and passion on the dark streets of Victorian London from a USAT Bestselling Author! Two wounded souls, a wallflower and a war hero, stumble upon each other time and again in slums and ballrooms, realizing they fight a common cause and share an unbridled passion. Will the curse they fight be their downfall or […]

All the Curves

A collection of the first 3 short stories in Sara Hazel’s ALPHAS LOVE CURVES series! High Heat BBW Romance you’re gonna love. SUPERNOVA: An Older Alpha Man Younger BBW Friends to Lovers Romance COME FOR ME: An Older Alpha Man Younger BBW Billionaire Romance LAST ROMANCE: An Older Alpha Man Younger BBW Rock Star Second […]

Falling for the Younger Cowboy

Two best friends. One secret chili recipe. The truth comes out when their fake relationship cooks up more feelings than they expected. $0.99 on Kindle.

Double Cowboy Trouble

Molly is on the run, only she doesn’t expect to fall in bed and love with two hot strong cowboys on a Montana ranch. $0.99 on Kindle.

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