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Romantic novels come in several different flavors, from the lovely inspirational romance books to heart-pounding romantic suspense novels to modern-day fairytale retellings. Pore over this extensive list of love stories to find the perfect one that catches your fancy.

Three Thrilling Adventures in Love, Mystery, and Magic

Karina McRoberts

Three complete time-travel adventure novels featuring Mike Harker, a rookie cop who is thrown into the past where he is taken in by the charming impresario of a magnificent Victorian music hall. Don’t miss this box set of nearly 800 pages of gorgeous escapism, adventure, and romance! $1.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Daddy’s Billionaire Boss: Older Man, Younger Woman Instalove Romance

Haley Travis

My kooky Aunt Betsy did a reading on my 16th birthday, saying I’d fall in love with a wildly improbable man with a bent little finger, and green and gold eyes. Imagine my shock when her prediction came true! But I can’t let myself fall in love with Mason – he’s Dad’s boss and 14 ... Read more


Royally Wild

Melanie Summers

They thought life in the jungle was hard, but that was nothing compared to the media circus that’s about to begin. Can love to conquer all? Find out in this scandalously funny, sweet but sexy second installment of The Crazy Royal Love Series…$0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


His Desires (Dominant Bosses Book 2)

Ajme Williams

This is why I wanted to try and resist the hot maid of honor at my best friend’s wedding… That one hook-up led to one huge decision. And then a complication that neither of us were prepared for. Look, I’m a single dad and raising an 11-year-old is not easy. Lizzie came into my life ... Read more


Free: Take It Down A Notch

Weston Parker

If only men were for sale this time of the year. Then I could buy one, use him as a companion for my son who needs a male figure in his life, and then return him once we were all good again. But it doesn’t work that way. A friend mentions a Big Brother Program, ... Read more


Free: The Pearl Lake Series

Tina Marie

Meet the Petersen women of Pearl Lake, Abbi, Ava, and Kim, and the men that have fallen in love with them. Taken from book 1: Abbi’s curiosity is piqued… Years after she fled from an attention-seeking fan. Klutzy divorced author, Abbi Petersen lives a quiet life with her menagerie of pets in a tiny lakeside ... Read more


Rush to Love

Elsi James

There is an undeniable chemistry between Elle and Rush, but there are a few obstacles to get through before they can reach their happily ever after. Can their love withstand a vindictive ex out for blood and a Halloween party straight from Hell? $2.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Reign: A Romance Anthology

Kat Masen

Royalty, CEOs, mafia kings, and more. When love conquers, will they fall to their knees for the person they can’t live without? Reign is a collection of thirteen brand new romance novellas featuring men and women who rule their empires but not their hearts. $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Free: Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Kait Nolan

Run-away writer Ivy finds the inspiration she didn’t know she needed in the real-life hero who rescues her from Winter Stormageddon. As more than the fireplace heats up Harrison’s one-man cabin, they both find far more than they bargained for. This intuitive author just might have the answers this haunted Ranger is looking for, but ... Read more


Free: Weddings Coordinated: A Romantic Comedy

Lisa S. Gayle

Mallory desperately needs her identical twin sister, Danielle, to impersonate her at work so she can sneak off to her best friend’s wedding. But how can you pretend to be your sister when you’re nothing alike? What the twins anticipated being a simple, brilliant plan quickly becomes a complicated mess with both sisters hiding secrets ... Read more


Heaven’s Gift

Dionne Grace

It was one night that changed their lives forever. When Samyra Jefferies is booked as the photographer for an upcoming wedding, the night ends up full of surprises when temptation shows up in the form of Joshua Anderson. And she is somewhat troubled to find that her faith is challenged when he focuses his attention ... Read more


No Way Out

Blessing moon Publications

No Way Out is an eclectic assortment of short stories.  The authors provide a range of sweet to sexy stories all with a theme of people who cannot escape each other. The genres range from contemporary, fantasy, paranormal and more.  The couple are trapped in a location and must work on their relationship – whether ... Read more


Free: My Last Love Affair

Ali Parker

Get Married. Have a child. These are the only two rules to get my inheritance. Neither of which I want. My billionaire life doesn’t play well with either idea. But no one asked me. My father’s company is up for grabs, and whichever of my brothers makes it to the finish line first wins. In ... Read more


Save the Date

Lisa Prysock

Can twelve brides resolve dilemma’s revolving around wedding dresses and obstacles in time to bring them from the brink of disaster to their happily ever after? Laugh, cry, and cheer on these brides. Will their special days end in disaster or dancing down the aisle in that perfect dress? Find out in these heartwarming novels ... Read more


Midlife Dragon’s Mate

Brittany White

A dragon shifter is forced to reveal his secret identity in order to save a human woman’s life. The Midlife MC Dragon Shifter I come from an ancient line of dragons. We have been granted unnatural long lives, but I’m still single. And for good reason. My dragon shifter father was an alcoholic He was ... Read more


Vineyard (Drake Wines Series Book 1)

Chelle Pimblott

Marriage. Babies. Live their happily ever after. Makenna Drake and Brady Harris have been in love since they were sixteen years old, and they’ve had their future together planned out for almost as long. Then Makenna’s world is shattered when her parents are killed, and she’s left to help her brothers keep the family business, ... Read more


Free: Aloha Texas

Chris Keniston

Former Navy Special Forces Nicholas Harper likes his new life in Hawaii, powerhouse attorney Kara Lynn O’Conner’s world revolves around her small Texas town, that is until six year old Bradley Russell changes everything. Free on Kindle.... Read more


Claiming Her Forever

Alexis Winter

The moment I saw her, I should have known better. The moment I touched her, I did. I’m not the guy who believes in happily ever after—but for a brief moment, I did, and that’s when I lost her. I like my solitary life in the mountains. I mind my business. I keep to myself, ... Read more


Filthy Rich

Summer Cooper

Filled with sizzling hot billionaires and enough heat to melt your e-reader. These sexy alpha males know exactly how to satisfy you. $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more



Isobel Reed

Jenny is a smart, successful war correspondent from London. After a sudden loss, she finds herself questioning her career. Needing to get away, she escapes to the small town of Portamaine. It’s not long before she meets two hunky locals. Already torn, she ends up with more decisions than she bargained for, will she follow ... Read more


The Country Star Cowboy

Macie St. James

A mother’s dying wish gives six battling cousins a chance at family, forgiveness, and love. Tyler Petty loves two things: country music and his hometown of Weeping Willow. Unfortunately, his dream of being a country star will put him on the road. He’s come to terms with that…until he stumbles upon the beautiful woman living ... Read more


Free: Embers on Ice

Elysia Strife

A fiery Irish woman and a callous veteran deny their attraction after their initial confrontation. Sharing the loss of mutual friends and family members brings them new perspective. When secrets crawl out of his past, a friend breaks her heart, and an ex stashes a bullet in her pocket, Matt and Orion learn to find ... Read more


Starting Over in Maple Bay: A Sweet Small Town Cowboy Romance

Brittney Joy

An inheritance from a mother she never knew. But can this fixer-upper mend her heart? Hazel didn’t think there was anything a homemade apple pie couldn’t fix—until her husband divorced her and left her broke. Trying her best to raise her ten-year old daughter and make ends meet, Hazel is desperate for a fresh start. ... Read more


Free: A Game of Billionaires: A Romantic Suspense Story

Blair Babylon

Preview the first eight chapters of Blair Babylon’s Rogue, book one of Maxence Grimaldi’s series, for FREE! Dree’s ex-boyfriend was supposed to propose in Paris, but instead, he swindled her out of every penny she had. Now, the hottest man she’s ever seen swoops in, rescues her, and has an indecent proposal to get her ... Read more


Free: Royally Crushed

Melanie Summers

One bored princess. One rugged outdoorsman with his own nature show. When these two end up alone in the jungle for two weeks, it’s hate at first sight, but their on-screen loathing makes for great television. Can these opposites find their forever in each other’s arms, or will their differences be their undoing? Free on Kindle.... Read more



David-Matthew Barnes

On the night of her 30th birthday, Tina Duncan is dumped by her musician boyfriend and left with nothing. When her best friend dares her to accept every date she’s asked out on for the next year, Tina accepts the challenge only to confirm her theory that the perfect man no longer exists. $0.99 on ... Read more


Free: The Other Shore

Tracy A. Ball

From the author of bestselling Civil Warriors. Sometimes two wrongs are the only way to make it right. Power-couple Angela and Mitchell Point wanted to build a family. Instead, they got torn apart and pieced together separately. Without warning, their old and new lives collide in a Castaway meets Hope Floats tale of love lost ... Read more


Just Pretend

Sofia Summers

Pretend to be my fiancée to make my ex-wife jealous? He couldn’t possibly be serious. Except that he was… And I was pretty damn serious when I went along with his mad plan. One word: Switzerland. That’s where I’d go to play the role of his fiancée. Doesn’t sound so bad, does it? Walker is ... Read more


Free: Pretend To Be Mine

C. Morgan

I need someone to help me stick it to my ex. A fake fiancée will do the trick, and this woman is gorgeous. My ex-wife cheated on me and now is marrying the bastard. And I have to attend the wedding for my daughter’s sake. Well, I’m going armed with hotness. Nothing like pretending your ... Read more


Free: The Loser: A Dark High School Romance (Book 1)

Thom Young

Peyton, the school rebel, has a major problem. His crush doesn’t know he exists. All he lacks is the self-confidence to ask her out. The hottest girl in school, Amber Wilson, is the one he desires. In high school teenage romance is fleeting, Peyton Pieters finds himself faced with an immense task, getting Amber to ... Read more


The Girl Next Door

Lorhainne Eckhart

Romance and suspense collide in this haunting romantic thriller. When special forces operator Luke O’Connell meets a woman he never expected to see again, he uncovers the dangerous secret she is hiding and realizes the lengths someone will go to stop him from uncovering the truth. $3.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Rose and Thorn: Possession of The King


Betrothed to the future king that enslaved her father, Ressa Gabriella Rose must play her part perfectly to save her father’s life. ? Twenty-year-old Ressa Gabriella Rose infiltrates the castle, impersonates one of the prince’s mistresses, and finds herself betrothed to the future king; all in an effort to save her father. Her father’s wrongful ... Read more


Doctor’s Baby Plan

K.C. Crowne

“Screw IVF. Let’s do this the old-fashioned way.” The arrangement was cut and dry: 1. Sign the surrogacy agreement. 2. Deliver the babies to their father. 3. Then move on – only with enough to support myself and my teenage brother for life. But now there are twenty tiny fingers and toes in my belly… ... Read more


Christmas Cookies at the Cat Café: A Furrever Friends Sweet Romance

Kris Bock

Christmas isn’t the same since Diane’s kids grew up and her husband died – so when her high school sweetheart comes back to town, maybe it’s time for some cozy new holiday traditions. $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Free: Capture Me

Anna Zaires

He’s my enemy… and my assignment. One night—that’s all it should be. One night of raw, primal passion. When his plane goes down, it should be the end. Instead, it’s just the beginning. I betrayed Lucas Kent, and now he’ll make me pay. Free on Kindle.... Read more



Celeste Granger

From USA Today Bestselling Author, Celeste Granger. Singapore brought them together and almost tore them apart. Textile specialist, Aya Masters, travels the world negotiating in high powered board rooms and bridging the economic divide between the poor and the wealthiest of the wealthy. The only absence in her life is the love of family. Basel ... Read more


Stick a Cork in It

Rich Amooi

Ivy needs a miracle and a drink—not necessarily in that order. What she doesn’t need is Ted Jacobs, aka Mr. Know-it-All. She’s determined to save her struggling winery, but she can do it without the annoyingly handsome man’s help, thank you very much. Ted wants to catch lightning in a bottle and create the world’s ... Read more


The Summer Of Us

Melanie Moreland

She was the light in my dark life. The sunshine that warmed me and made me smile. We had one summer. One perfect summer, until the day it ended. Years later, she walked back into my life. Older. Sadder. More beautiful than ever. How can I prove to her that summer was real? How do ... Read more


Talk Wordy to Me

Frankie Love

  When my date comes to my door, I am oh-so-glad I said yes. Chuck McArthur is a tall, dark, and handsome man who happens to love books as much as I do. He calls me Cookie and I’m more than eager for him to have a taste. Luckily for me, he likes a woman ... Read more


Filthy Daddies

Lauren Wood

Get ready to lose yourself in these four steamy stories featuring irresistible heart-of-gold daddies. Love isn’t easy, but these men will have to use all of their charms and talents to seduce and get their HEAs against all odds. Books Included: My Best Friend’s Brother Real-Life Prince Charming Tall, Dark and Handsome Neighbor Every Man’s ... Read more


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