Bayou Beckons

Southern party-girl Camilla’s sordid past stands to ruin her future and crush her hopes of love. Wyoming rancher Jared never expects to fall in love after his ex cheated on him. Camilla’s got him rethinking all his relationship rules. As a hurricane races Camilla home to the gulf coast, will Jared go after her and […]

Tripp – Mavericks of Montana Creek (Book One)

From page one you will be whisked away to the wide open spaces of Montana and the sexy hotness of the Maverick Ranch. The Mavericks carry the weight of a lot of the world on their shoulders but all it takes is one tiny spitfire to tilt the axis of it’s eldest. $0.99 on Kindle.

Pretending He’s Mine

Get the book USA Today calls “a must-read!” He knows his best friend’s younger sister is off-limits, but when she shows up on his doorstep, needing a place to crash. Suddenly his greatest temptation is sleeping down the hall. Includes steamy interludes “so hot they seem liable to set your sheets on fire.” (Entertainment Weekly) […]

30 Days (Morgan Family Series: Book One)

I had a plan when I was nineteen. I would strip only until the bills were paid and I knew my sister and I wouldn’t be thrown out on the street. We would be financially stable. That was my plan. That was also three years ago. I’m still stripping. I keep telling myself my life […]

Free: A Tycoon’s Rush

She heads to the Italian mountains to bring an Olympic hero back home. But will she lose her heart instead? Natalie Schaffer has accepted that she’ll always be an assistant at her sports agency. That’s okay—her dream job is her outdoor photography, not the wheeling and dealing of agency life. But she jumps at the […]

Free: We Thought We Were Invincible (Romance)

California “Callie” McCoy feels most alive when her feet are planted firmly on her surfboard. And one day, she dreams of riding that wave out of her small town. Her plan is simple: graduate high school. With Callie’s best friend away in college, she plans to spend her senior year skating by. Callie is not […]

Heartbreak Warfare: Let Me In (Book 1)

A business trip to Vegas offers Jenna a sexy one-week stand, in this strong debut novel from Jessica Marin. The last thing Jenna Pruitt has time for is the sinfully gorgeous movie star, Cal Harrington. Meeting him in first class should have ended there on the plane, but after a failed marriage, she finds herself […]


When Shelby and Shane first meet, sparks—and hot coffee—fly. A second meeting doesn’t go much better. The third time’s the charm. Family and friends conspire to keep them together. But old hurts still burn, and misunderstandings might end things before they begin. With fate on their side, they might have a shot at a love […]

Free: Nightstalker

What happens when the woman you love doesn’t remember you? If you’re former Navy SEAL Lincoln Parker, you demand her attention and don’t take no for an answer. Jasmin Smith was missing pieces of her life. A tingling in the back of her mind and an ache in her chest, told her it was something […]

Free: Wild Ride

On The Colorado River, Forbidden Love Finds A Wild Ride Owner of an international real estate company, Dax Sinclair, discovers his company is embroiled in some shady dealings. Doing what he does best, Dax hits the road for a new adventure. Rafting in Colorado with his former step-sister is the perfect distraction for the wild […]

In Over Her Head

Designer Marly West has one reason for taking the job at Draconia Fashions and it’s not to come up with the latest clothing trends. But when she blurts out a good idea in a corporate meeting, she gets exactly what she didn’t want – an opportunity of a lifetime. $0.99 on Kindle.

Angel: Lords of Carnage MC

Even the toughest Angels can fall…Lords of Carnage is mine. My club, My life, My family, And I protect my family at any cost. Rival clubs, gangs, enemies don’t scare me, can’t stop me. Only one thing scares me, stops me, m akes me long for more, and it’s her. Sexy, feisty, strong, everything I want, […]

Billion Dollar Man

I never wanted wealth, power, or the responsibility that goes with it. Making a difference by fighting fires was my dream. That and a pretty girl to love at night. But life didn’t ask me. After struggling through the business world, I finally have a chance to return home to chase my dreams. The girl […]

Free: Capture Me

He’s my enemy… and my assignment. One night—that’s all it should be. One night of raw, primal passion. When his plane goes down, it should be the end. Instead, it’s just the beginning. I betrayed Lucas Kent, and now he’ll make me pay. Free on Kindle.

Never Coming Down: Mountain Misfits MC (Book 1)

All he has to do is strike one match to bring all her secrets to light. It was supposed to be a one night stand with a big bad biker I’ve been crushing on for months. I’ve already put my promising career at risk by tampering with police evidence and getting tangled up in their […]

Free: Aloha Texas: Closed Door Edition

Former Navy Special Forces Nicholas Harper likes his new life as captain of a dive boat in Hawaii. Powerhouse attorney Kara Lynn O’Conner’s world revolves around her small Texas town where life is easy and safe. Six-year-old Bradley Russell is about to change everything. Free on Kindle.

Undone by the Earl

Former hellion Adrian Sinclair is determined to live up to his new responsibilities as Earl of Wareton. Yet his hard-won discipline is shaken when he finds himself sharing a home with the beautiful and completely unsuitable Miss Anna Colbrook. For Anna, having the handsome earl invade her home is unsettling enough. Even worse, the former […]

Allied (Men of Hidden Creek Book 5)

British spy Ethan Barrett was only supposed to be on foreign soil long enough to gather intel on a Houston trafficking ring. But one wrong move lands Ethan in hospital with near-total amnesia. Peter Stone is a CIA forensic data specialist. Between his geeky career and the few extra pounds he carries around, his dating […]

Adore (Men of Hidden Creek Book 6)

Tired of hookups, Caspian Grey is hitting the gym, though he can’t decide who he’s trying to impress—the sexy gym owner, or his dating app buddy, Bi Unicorn. Matt Rowan owns a safe, welcoming gym, but his bank account and love life are equally empty. If only he could talk himself into meeting Swishy Like […]

Stiff: A Graves Family Romance

Small town. Big ego. Huge… plans? Carter Graves is as smooth as the weave of his designer suit, and just as out of my price range. He sweeps into Wittville ready to wheel, deal and melt some panties, quickly topping my short list of men I love to hate and would hate to love. Before […]

Free: Art of Seduction (A Stern Family Saga) Book 1

Love was never supposed to be part of the end game. Fallon’s life has been a road paved in misery and loneliness, then one day she’s propositioned with a way to change it all. That is, until, she met her target, the man who could destroy everything. Fallon’s a survivor, but can she survive him? […]

Bitches Rule Resurrection

This story was taken from an Email one of our Customers in Los Angeles, California sent to us here at Code B Apparel. Kate Emailed her story to our office on December 28, 2015. It was taken from a Microsoft Word Document that was attached to the Email. The document detailed what happened to Kate […]

The Sheriff’s Outcast Bride

A vengeful man tells a lie, and Becky Tucker’s reputation is ruined. Castigated and shunned by the townsfolk, she leads a Cinderella type existence on her stepfather’s ranch. Desperate to escape, she accepts a reluctant marriage proposal from the sheriff of Blackwood, Ryan Mulligan. To find happiness together they will need to overcome dark secrets […]

Saving Him

The brightest light can be found at the end of the darkest tunnel. It is often said that two wrongs don’t make a right, or do they? Bennet found himself dazed and confused, the memories of the last few days completely gone as his body fought to gain control after a night of drinking and […]

Always (Men of Hidden Creek Book 4)

Ten years ago, Jonah Miller said goodbye to the boy he loved and the town he grew up in to follow his dreams in New York. Mitch Davis always assumed his future was set: career military like every Davis before him and a lifetime in the closet. An injury changes everything, giving him a chance […]

Mr. August

Twice divorced firefighter Nate Gorton is ready to settle down for good—if only he understood women better. After several failed relationships, Becca Chambers has decided to stay single. In high school, Nate had a crush on Becca but she barely noticed him. They haven’t seen each other since. Now they’re in a wedding together. Nate […]

Ache (Men of Hidden Creek Book 3)

Doctor Wes Monroe is just looking for another one-night stand. When he takes a stranger home from the bar, he never expects to see the man again. Kyle Harris is ready for a change. New town. New job. New person to mend his broken heart. After a lifetime of thinking he was straight, he never […]

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