Mountain Made Baby

A CITY GIRL I have to go to Wyoming to help my sick grandfather. On my way, I find a tough guy whose truck broke down–he’s dead sexy and I can’t resist a hot man in distress. We hit it off and soon a lunch together turns into more. Way more. He brings me flowers, […]

Thorn: Lords of Carnage MC

Knight in shining armor?More like alpha-hole of the century. ISABEL: He’s dark, rude, brooding and mean – and he’s my new bodyguard.My father Oz is the president of the Death Devils MC. He wants me safe, and out of the way.And unfortunately, Thorn is the man he’s chosen for the job.I don’t need a babysitter. […]

Free: Going Pro: A Contemporary Sports Romance Box Set

Prudence, also known as “Pro” to her friends, is getting her massage therapy business off the ground in the big city and is struggling with both work and love. After a particularly bad night with an online date she runs into a mountainous pro football player, David, who seems to have all the right moves. […]

Moments with Mason

New business owner Mason Hayes has a very strict rule: Do not mix business and pleasure. Until he hires the beautiful rain-soaked girl he rescued on the side of the road and finds it impossible to resist her. With each innocent touch and passion fueled gaze, his desires only grow. Afraid to scare her away […]

Free: Tangled

From innocence, To desire, To temptation. But for Julia, they all teeter between pleasure–unimaginable pleasure–and unforgivable pain as she uncovers a world beyond her wildest fantasies. And questions if her cravings and submission lie only with one man. Now that she’s had an awakening, will she follow her heart or will she surrender her power […]

Free: Confession of an Abandoned Wife

What would you do if your husband was married to his job? Sharon Moskovitz is living the dream. She is a lawyer, mother of two beautiful daughters and happily married to a high-ranking electronics engineer. Yet, something is missing from her life. Her happiness does not feel real, and her peaceful life in an affluent […]


She’s meant to be mine, and this time I’m not letting her go! I’m done with gold diggers, And growing my business is all that matters to me. Until… I spot her at the bar. She ignites that passion in me…once again! And I decide to claim her for good. I’m gonna make sure she […]


Even with all of Gia Ruiz’s success professionally, a divorce has left her alone with nobody to share her triumphs and successes with. Eager to get back in the game, she joins The Agency, a discreet and exclusive matchmaking service that can hook her up with the high-powered, gorgeous executive man she craves. Dane Westbrook […]

Chasing Fate

It started as a simple list. Ten things I wanted to do before I died. Sometime between Grad School and starting my career, I put my list in a box and forgot about it. Until today… Today I quit my job. I packed up my apartment, cleared out my savings account, and sold most of […]

Free: A Knight’s Persuasion

When Lord Edouard de Lanceau finds Lady Juliana de Greyne, his former intended, unconscious and wounded, he rushes her to safety but is taken hostage by his father’s enemies. He and Juliana are imprisoned together, and he discovers she has amnesia. As their forbidden love grows, will her memories finally return, or will the villains […]

Auctioned on Valentine’s Day

We start at an auction, but I’ve decided to buy her for life. She’s got curves that have never been touched, A body that begs to be claimed, She’s innocent, naïve and needs the money. I’m filthy rich, and all I want is her – no matter what the price. One night with her, and […]

Traded: Brody and Kara

Brody Mullen is the best quarterback in the AFL, and his Super Bowl win only confirms what he’s suspected his entire career: romantic entanglements are bad for his game. No women. No sex. No problems. But after hiring a beautiful nurse to care for his mother, his resolve begins to weaken. The small coastal town […]

Mister Romantic

The next door neighbor is hot as hell, and is a complete douchebag. When our lips would connect, it was like never before. It was electric. Cosmic. I felt it everywhere. I guess I’m a sucker for bad boys. His name is Jaxon King. He was the type to communicate with his fists and spout […]

Free: One Night to Fall

In this sweet second-chance romance, Patrick Kinney takes Kinsey McKenna on a trip down memory lane in one last attempt to show her things really can be the way they used to be. Free on Kindle.

Free: Dream With Me, Cowboy

Dream With Me, Cowboy is book 1 of an addictively fun Christian romance series! Hairstylist Lacy Brown believes love is in the air and the hair when she drives her ancient pink convertible into town and joins forces with three matchmakers who’ve started a national “wives wanted” ad campaign to save their dying town. The […]

Free: Private Love in a Public Place

Sexy and gritty, raw and engaging, “Private Love in a Public Place” takes you on a personal behind-the-scenes tour of a rock star’s life on the road from the perspective of his manager, a woman who loves the artist as much as she loves the man himself. Free on Kindle.

Billionaire Boss

An interview that changed her life… Faith is willing to do whatever it takes to get—and keep—a position with Lawrence and Associates. The job requirements are more satisfying than she could have ever guessed, but while sensual games are encouraged, falling in love is against the rules. She must protect her heart… Above all, Faith’s […]

Flesh and Blood

For love or money. Things can’t get any worse for Belle. She’s down to her last ten bucks and can’t make the rent. Belle needs a job, any job. And that’s when she’s abducted by mafia henchmen. Dix is a mob boss and being bad pays damn good. Since his wife died, he’s thrown himself […]

The Bad Escort

To clear her debts she must sleep with him… lucky for her he’s HOT! Mickey has always lived life on impulse, but since dumping her long-term boyfriend a year ago she has been concentrating all her efforts on her mobile hairdressing business. And life would be sweet, if it wasn’t for one impulse that she […]

Entwined Fates (TRUST Series Book 1)

Ethan… I have a traumatic past I don’t like to remember and though it kept knocking on my door, I built my walls and made a successful man of myself. My present is a void, but I am a powerful steel tycoon who has it all, and that’s all they need to know. An unpredictable […]

The Manor

The tale begins with the breakdown of Jennifer and her partner’s relationship due to what Jennifer believes is an unhealthy and intolerable demand on her own patience and virtues. With the relationship in free fall, Jennifer, in a state of emotional shock, is taken surreptitiously by her partner to a facility she believes can help […]

Shelter My Heart

Kindle Scout Winning Romance. Devon, an ailing young CEO persuades Jenny, an engaged, young woman he meets on an airplane, to spend her two-week vacation with him and attend a society gala so he can convince the board that he’s healthy and going to marry in order to fulfill the terms of his inheritance and […]

Unforgivable Secret

Unforgivable is something too bad to be forgiven. A secret is knowledge that is kept hidden. It was Morgan Eastman’s last year of high school, she was the captain of the debate club, was running for valedictorian of her class, had two besties who were always there for her, but she didn’t have it all. […]

Free: All of Your Business

Fall in love in London this Valentine’s Day! After sparks fly on a red-eye flight to London, Ben and Didi discover that they’re competing for rival companies. Will they surrender to their feelings even if it means losing a deal? This contemporary romance set in London’s glitzy financial district is a sweet and satisfying way […]

Free: The Billionaire’s Arrangement (Billionaires in Love, Book 1)

Megan Donovan’s days of freedom as a ski bum are numbered. Spending time on the slopes in Colorado was her last ditch effort to sow her wild oats before becoming the next CEO of her family’s lucrative and high-profile business in New York. But Megan never planned on falling in love, and she knows the […]

Can’t Fight This Feeling

Drew Poulos, sexy hunk of a billionaire, needs a date for his brother’s wedding to the woman he once thought was his, and no one’s more perfect to distract his quirky family than OCD psychologist Maggie McShae. Maggie wants to move on from her husband’s death, but not with anyone she can really love, because […]

5 Bikers for Valentines

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and the Grove brothers are struck by Cupid. All five bikers have their sights set on one very lucky girl. They want me to ride them like a Harley. But five bikers at once? That’s just nuts! Even if they’re unbelievably hot. And have the stamina of stallions. I can see […]

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