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Romantic novels come in several different flavors, from the lovely inspirational romance books to heart-pounding romantic suspense novels to modern-day fairytale retellings. Pore over this extensive list of love stories to find the perfect one that catches your fancy.


R.C. Stephens

From best selling author R.C. Stephens comes a compelling story of sacrifice, heartbreak and a test of true love. One soldier who left her behind. Another put her broken pieces back together. The secret that could tear it all apart! $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Didn’t Expect You

Claudia Burgoa

The right life is the one you never see coming. I had it all. The luxury apartment, hot dates, and the big office to go with long nights at work. Life was perfect. But after a one-night stand, two little lines on a pregnancy test, and three lost legal cases later… Well, overnight I went ... Read more


Free: Molly Unplanned

Nicki Elson

Molly had a plan. But when her almost-fiance opts for a surprise Plan B, she’s left with no boyfriend, no money, and nowhere to live. Accepting an offer for freebie rent on a sleepy Wisconsin farm feels like a giant step back from all her ambitions…until a captivating cowboy turns out to be more than ... Read more


The Defender

Donna Grant

They live to protect. They live to fight for honor and justice. They live to love the women who have captured their souls. These are the Sons of Texas, from New York Times bestselling author Donna Grant. Their love knows no borders. A loner who exudes danger, Lev Ivanski has spent his life in service ... Read more


The Magical Christmas Do-Over

Linda West

On a rare blue moon, three women get a chance to go back in time and re-do one Christmas from their past that will change their future forever. Endearing, adorable and heartwarming. $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Two Hearts for Christmas

Johanna Shapard

Baker Maisie Quinn opens Blissful Bites and finally realizes her dream—a business she loves and life in a charming small town with her two children. And if she wins the Three-County Christmas Bake-Off, the generous prize money will be a godsend to her meager budget. When Wade Bennett becomes the new sheriff in town, he ... Read more


Free: Fake It For Me

Weston Parker

I need a woman to help me shut up my big Greek family. And my new intern is perfect for the job, though pretending to have a relationship with her might be a little taboo. Good thing I’m in charge. Being a self-made billionaire, I haven’t spent much time looking for love. None actually. Lucky ... Read more


Free: My Paris Partner

Ziv Amit

A romantic holiday in the city of lights. Emma is a young woman vacationing in Paris by herself, mostly wanting to overcome the man who left her and broke her heart. At the airport she meets a lovely man with a pleasant smile who asks for her phone number. Jason is on his way to ... Read more


Need You Now

Ali & Weston Parker

The most beautiful girl in the world, and she’s fiery mad at me. It’s not really my fault. I’m a reporter. Digging up stories is my job. Never in a million years did I expect my latest piece to create an enemy out of the one woman I’d give anything to date. She’s tough, beautiful, ... Read more


An Invitation to the Captain’s Table

Ellen Frazer-Jameson

Love awaits those who believe. A novel of love and destiny. Driven by passion, seven years after the death of her husband, an Italian aristocrat, Helena de Cory Ringold embarks on around the world voyage and sails headlong into a heart-stopping storm-tossed romance. Helena sets her sights on the world’s most emotionally unavailable man, Russian ... Read more


Lady Licks and Leashes: A Yaps and Purr Romantic Comedy Short Story

Kaylee MacKinsley

What does a runaway dog, cat, and sweaty boxers spell for a single lady? Sydney Rylamore ponders the riddle as she sprints into an adventure with half-naked Christopher McSmiddy on her tail. Will the dog-sniffing caper end with Christopher as a prize? Or should Sydney settle for a doggy treat? $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Free: Gangsta Fever 2

Skynova .

Shantel and Logan’s presence has changed everything and everyone around them even their bond to each other. The two lovers who were once joined by the hip are now on opposites sides of the gun. The test is love and loyalty and neither is determined to take a bullet. North has always remained calculated and ... Read more


Love is a Battlefield

Whitney Dineen

Who doesn’t want their mom to play Cupid? Addison Cooper had planned on an all-expense-paid vacation to the Cayman Islands to celebrate her most recent business success. Instead, she’s trekking to the outback of Oregon to help a friend of her mother’s. Reclusive novelist Brogan Cavanaugh’s new thriller just hit the New York Times Best ... Read more


Scarred by Pain: Royal Bastards MC New Orleans Chapter #2

Crimson Syn

Welcome to the Royal Bastards MC. Where Loyalty is King and Code is the only method of survival. Taron “Knuckles” Brown: Being the Sargent at Arms for the Royal Bastards MC comes at a price. Freedom is no longer an option. Finding something to live for Becomes the first step toward redemption. And where unexpected ... Read more


Free: Northern Survival

Diane McGyver

Olive Tweed planned her trip for two years. She’d vacation at Summer Beaver, gather the research material needed to write the next book and spend a few days hiking the vast wilderness. When she is called home unexpectedly and boards a chartered plane, she never dreamt it would crash, leaving her alone with a man ... Read more


Sheriff Dragon’s Secret Baby

Rohit Malhotra

For a bachelor dragon shifter, one night of passion led to a secret baby whose identity has now been revealed. The Irish Mate: My father was a human. My mother was a Fae. I was a part of two worlds, but I truly belonged to neither. I pretended to be human, and everything was easy. ... Read more


A Date with a Foodie

L.P. Dover

When Madeline’s college love, Adam Paulson, comes back into town to visit her restaurant, the fire ignites between them. But when Madeline learns that Adam has been keeping a startlingly truth from her, it cooks up a recipe for disaster. Crank up the heat and slather on the sauce, this kitchen is getting hot! $0.99 ... Read more


The Intern

Annie J. Rose

Whatever you do, don’t get mixed up with your way-off-limits boss. Especially not on the conference room table at work. Looks like I broke a big rule there. Eli had alpha male written all over him. Sexy and strong and set in his ways. What happens when he finds out I’m pregnant? That would make ... Read more


Free: Full Circle

Mona Ingram

How long will Bella deny her love for Rafael? A teenage Bella is sent away from her hometown. Pregnant and alone, she’s determined to return one day as a success. Her partner Rafael helps her achieve that success, but at what price? Free on Kindle... Read more


Free: Flying Solo

Zoe May

Flying Solo is an upbeat romantic comedy about love, dreams and self-discovery from bestselling author, Zoe May. It has been described as ‘Bridget Jones meets Legally Blonde in an ashram’. The blurb is as follows: Rachel Watson has it all worked out. By 30, she’s ticked off most of the goals on her Life List. ... Read more


Free: Love Again

Annie J. Rose

He’s my billionaire boss, but it’s only temporary. Dark hair, chiseled good looks, and a body straight out of a fantasy. He wants what he wants, when he wants it. He’s not the kind of man who would settle for less than everything he wants. Caden wants all of me. I could tell him no, ... Read more


Pick Me, Handsome

C. Morgan

It’s all about the money. Maybe for some, but I’m not interested. I’d rather work with my hands than spend the billions my father left behind. The only thing that interests me is the apple orchard he left me. The old thing needs work, and I plan to make it beyond successful. What I didn’t ... Read more


In Heat

Leigh Wyndfield

A mating ritual as old as time could be the death of them both… Jax refuses to go through his yearly mating cycle alone and in agony. And the beautiful slave Waverly is the answer to his prayers. He’ll buy her at any price and after their time together, give her the one thing all ... Read more


Of Art and Air, The Tanner Trilogy (Book 1)

Michele Venne

The worst betrayals come from those closest to you… Carli Tanner is in South America on a photo shoot when a telegram arrives delivering the devastating news that her father is dead. Big city FBI Agent Ethan Brooks is sent to rural Wyoming to assist the local law, Sheriff Shaun Tanner, Carli’s brother, in identifying ... Read more


Ghosted: The Treason House Trilogy

Baye Hartshorne

Can you fall for a dead dude? That’s what Julia wants to know as she falls for Treason House’s hottest ghost Knight, Can their love survive despite her crazy, psychic family and 17th Century pirate ghost bent on getting rid of her? $2.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Dragon’s Destiny

Miranda Martin

I’ve been searching for my mate. For my destiny. For the female who is somewhere on Tajss… The Zmaj race was dying when humans crashed landed on our planet. Since the moment their coming was revealed to the Order, I’ve known that one of the females is my mate. My treasure. All I want is ... Read more


Billionaire’s Revenge: A Billionaire Romance

Claire Angel

What will you do if your boss, who is the richest man in the country, asks you for a date in the first meeting? Can you refuse it, even if you are not really interested? And what if it is an order and not just a proposal. Do you think you have any choice? All ... Read more


Just for the Money

Teagan Meier

Kate is set up on a date with her neighbor’s wealthy grandson, Nick. Neither one of them is thrilled about the date, which ends up being a train wreck. However, Kate and Nick are drawn to each other. Their relationship is growing serious until Nick finds out that Kate may not be dating him for ... Read more


Free: Rebound

Aidy Award

She doesn’t want love, she wants a rebound… He needs so much more from her. He needs everything. Free on Kindle.... Read more


Free: Barely Tattooed

Jade C. Jamison

Kory McCallister has had her eyes on tattoo artist Stone Bowman for quite some time—so long, in fact, that no other guy will do. Stone pushes every turn on button Kory has—he’s tattooed from head to toe; he’s hot; he’s funny and charming; and he’s also mysterious. So when Kory’s friends dare her to ask ... Read more


Tall, Dark and Handsome Neighbor

Rohit Malhotra

What do you say, when the tall, dark and handsome musician from next door asks you out? You say yes, quickly. Nick Bastil has more money than God, boyish good looks, and is the lead singer in a great band. The only thing missing is a girl by his side. After meeting him, I knew ... Read more


Free: Forever In My Heart

Mona Ingram

Matt’s life is turned upside down when he discovers he has a daughter he didn’t know about. How far will he go to earn the love of Brianna and her mother – the woman he never forgot? Free on Kindle.... Read more


Free: Set Free

Kelly Collins

She’s ditching her criminal past. He’s running from his failed marriage. Can a ramshackle ranch inspire a second-chance romance? f you like headstrong characters, fiery chemistry, and cowboys, then you’ll love Kelly Collins’ pulse-pounding romance. Free on Kindle.... Read more


Lost: A Mountain Man Rescue Romance

J.S. Scott

A sexy, moody, broody mountain man who only wants his solitude. A city woman trying to find herself in the backwoods. One horrible rock slide that leaves the two strangers stuck together…whether they want to be or not. $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Free: The Suite Life

Melanie Summers

A seriously romantic, laugh-out-loud tale of a single mum and the man who restores her faith in love… Free on Kindle.... Read more


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