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Romantic novels come in several different flavors, from the lovely inspirational romance books to heart-pounding romantic suspense novels to modern-day fairytale retellings. Pore over this extensive list of love stories to find the perfect one that catches your fancy.

Summer Island Sisters

Ciara Knight

Ocean activist, Trace Latimer has fought for over twenty-five years for the sea otters, penguins, and all sea life, but she’s exhausted and angry at the big shots who always win. But when a cold-hearted businessman orders the demolition of her childhood home, she has to face the biggest fight of her life. After a ... Read more


Once Upon a Duchy

Rachel Rossano

Romantic medieval novels inspired by fairytales and reimagined, the Once Upon a Duchy series is set in the seven duchies, a place of complicated histories and politics. Each duke is the king of his own duchy. Unrest, family dynamics, scheming dukes and duchesses, and pretenders to the throne abound in this series of stand-alone novels ... Read more


Tillbridge Stables Series

Nina Crespo

  Tillbridge Horse Stable and Guesthouse is Tristan, Rina, and Zurie’s family legacy. As they negotiate family saga drama, the filming of a Hollywood movie, and a fake engagement, they unexpectedly find love. $3.99 each on Kindle. Learn More... Read more


For Pete’s Sake

Caitlyn Coakley

Ethan needs a wife. Stephanie wants a baby. It was only supposed to be physical. It was only supposed to be temporary. Until it wasn’t. $2.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Whiskey Wild

Jessica Mills

My twin brother got himself into an impossible situation and who saves his bacon? Me. I go into an interview pretending to be him and the most beautiful girl in the world is the one hiring for the job. Giving her my all isn’t hard, until I get the position. I’m a farmer. My brother ... Read more


Big Billionaire Boss

Ali Parker

y brother offered me $100 to behave, and that’s the day handsome returned. My brother’s BFF. But he’s a big shot now, working for a billionaire who’s on the hunt for the girl next door for their perfume line. They think I’m her. There’s one catch — I’m allergic to perfume, but the contract is ... Read more


Waiting on Christmas

Katie Bachand

Finley and Jackson didn’t know it then, but a kiss and a promise made twenty years earlier sparked an innocent love that neither of them could forget. But now, after years have passed, can they find the magic of Christmas and that long-ago love they once shared? If you love Hallmark Christmas movies, you’ll love ... Read more


The Anderson Brothers: A Secret Baby Romance Collection

Natasha L. Black

Spend some time with these five sexy boss brothers and the ladies who capture their hearts. The only dilemma you’ll have is choosing your favorite couple! Grab a cool drink and settle in for some sizzling love stories! $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Free: From This Moment On

Debra Clopton

Can a famous sea life artist with survivors guilt and a resort owner find love on the shores of Windswept Bay? Free on Kindle.... Read more


Doctor’s Duties

K.C. Crowne

Dreamboat saved me from mortification. Then he turned out to be my professor. Our night of ecstasy is one I need to forget. Except a positive pregnancy test makes it pretty damn impossible. FML!!!! The man with two titles. Dr. Frost. Professor Mc. Hottie. Gifted surgeon and passionate instructor. Logan is tall, dark and handsome. ... Read more


Conflict of Interest

Katie Bachand

She’s smart and powerful. He’s hungry for the close. But when contracts put them on opposite sides of the table, will romance seal the deal? If you like strong and savvy heroines, hunky heroes, and snappy dialogue, then you’ll adore Katie Bachand’s sexy boardroom-to-bedroom romp! $0.99 on Kindle... Read more


Nola & Duke (After Forty Series)

Rachel Lyons

Nola Nola is divorced, and she just turned forty. She is very family-oriented and wanted to have a family of her own, but the universe had other plans for her. She moves back to the town where she was raised to help her sister take care of their mother, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Nola ... Read more



Samantha Whiskey

She’s the girl next door, and for the next two weeks I’ll be her NHL star boyfriend. When Ryleigh Dunham needs a date for my sister’s wedding—one confident and sexy enough to make her ex jealous—I’m more than happy to sign up for the job. After all, Ryleigh isn’t the feisty teenager I used to ... Read more


To the Rescue

Joanne Rock

Military heroes, coastal settings and hot situations make for an action-packed series in To the Rescue. The series kicks off with an ex-SEAL on a personal quest in San Diego, then heads to a Coast Guard base in Puerto Rico for a dangerous mission, before winding up in Virginia Beach where a recovering Navy hero ... Read more


Jet: An Enemies-to-Lovers Rockstar Romance

Connie Lafortune

As the crowd cheers and the music blasts, I’m content to let my bandmates take center stage. They can steal the spotlight while I get lost in the thumping beats. There, in the shadows of our building fame, my secrets remain safely hidden, or so I thought. Quinn wants to uncover all of my pain. ... Read more



Heather Dahlgren

We’re all here to win, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun. I’m just as determined as everyone here to walk away a winner. I just believe you can achieve it even if you’re sleeping around and partying. Layla Roberts does not believe that. She’s never seen off the track. Until tonight. ... Read more


Ash Bringer (A Storm of Fire Book 1)

courtney leigh

The Draak, immortal men who can shift into dragons, have ruled Earth for hundreds of years. Most humans revere them as gods, but after being orphaned by a Draak’s recklessness as a child, Everly harbors a severe hatred for the beasts. That is, until one of their strongest claims the keys to her fate. $0.99 ... Read more


Free: Duplicitous Woes (Thrilling Romance Novel)

Suzy Ferret

A woman in her early forties finally succumbed to her carnal desires which led her to commit adultery with a man much younger than herself. She did her best to keep her affair a secret from her strict husband who was a renowned Bishop in the community. Yes, she became an unfaithful wife, but it ... Read more


Midlife Bachelor Wolf

Brittany White

Panther Shifter Hiding from Love, Wolf Shifter Looking for Love… Can a Secret Crush Turn into True Love? The Wolf Shifter I am a wolf shifter who only knows the human world. I am a billionaire. I have money, power, and respect. Everything I want in life, except love. I have been endlessly searching for ... Read more


Free: Fake It For Me

Weston Parker

I need a woman to help me shut up my big Greek family. And my new intern is perfect for the job, though pretending to have a relationship with her might be a little taboo. Good thing I’m in charge. Being a self-made billionaire, I haven’t spent much time looking for love. None actually. Lucky ... Read more


Free: Vicious Billionaire

L. Steele

Seven snarly, grumpy jerkfaces. Seven years ago. One secret. I will not stop until I hunt down every last person responsible for the incident. Until then… I fight, I build my empire Become a billionaire in my own right. Women… they are simply irritants. So why is every encounter so empty? Meaningless. What am I searching for…? ... Read more


Free: Love Covers

Julia David

How did the mortician’s daughter end up going west with a runaway outlaw? Certainly pretending to be married can’t be that hard? Love vs Loyalty. Adventure, redemption, and sweet (with a touch of pepper) heart-tugging romance on the wagon trail west. Amazon #1 Best Seller Ranking, August 2020 & January 2021. Free on Kindle.... Read more


Free: Ravage Me

Ryan Michele

Revenge always comes at a price—Harlow aka Princess spent the last two years locked up for a crime she didn’t commit. Revenge has consumed her thoughts vowing payback for those who put her behind bars. Now, she’s out, going home to her family—the Ravage MC. Retribution is coming. ?? Former Marine, Cruz knows what it ... Read more


Free: Gone Country

Katrina Marie

What happens when a city girl goes country? She is a driven city girl with her eyes on the prize. He is a smoking hot country mechanic whose prize is her. Stella Monroe has her eye on one thing…a promotion. So when her boss offers her an opportunity to show her value to the company, ... Read more


The Trifecta Series: Complete Box Set

Logan Chance

Three brothers. Three hot stories. Three happily ever afters. USA Today bestselling author, Logan Chance, has created this unputdownable steamy romance collection of three brothers who dance in Vegas and are looking for love. Get ready to fall in love with this romantic collection of Ben, Axel, and Damien as they navigate through the wicked ... Read more


The Accidental Beauty Queen

Teri Wilson

In this charming romantic comedy perfect for fans of Meg Cabot and Sophie Kinsella, USA Today bestselling author Teri Wilson shows us that sometimes being pushed out of your comfort zone leads you to the ultimate prize. Charlotte Gorman loves her job as an elementary school librarian, and is content to experience life through the ... Read more


Free: Counsellor: A Dark Romance (Acquisition Series Book 1)

Celia Aaron

In the heart of Louisiana, the most powerful people in the South live behind elegant gates, mossy trees, and pleasant masks. Once every ten years, the pretense falls away and a tournament is held to determine who will rule them. The Acquisition. Now, Sinclair Vinemont is in the running to claim the prize. There is ... Read more


Free: Green’s Thumb

Alexander Elliott

A landscaping project turns into much more when two mature men discover romance is not only for the young. Watch love blossom along with the flowers in Green’s Thumb! Real men. Real love. Real happy. (Contains steamy M/M content) Free on Kindle.... Read more


His Safe Haven

Christina OW

A Because I Love Him prequel. The love story before the messy breakup. Talia McKenna just wants a signature on her proposal, and she’s tired of jumping through hoops to get it. But what choice does she have? In comes Rafael DeLuca II, her bosses’ boss and her way out of dodge. His signature is ... Read more


The Billionaire’s Fake Wife

L. Steele

Desperate to pay off her debts, curvy Summer can’t say no when Sinclair Sterling offers her the deal of a lifetime. All she has to do is spend 30 days as his fake wife — and submit to all his twisted desires…$0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


SEAL Daddy (Forbidden Temptations)

Sofia Summers

The only thing I have in common with my daddy’s best friend? A child. Oh wait, two children. That’s right. He got me pregnant before skipping town for two years. Then he came right back and put another baby in my belly. But that’s not the crazy part. He doesn’t even know that my first ... Read more


His Secret Obsession: A Curvy Girl Military Romance

Nichole Rose

Some secrets were meant to be shared… Cyrus Jordan For six years, I’ve watched Gwen London from afar. Close enough to touch but forbidden from doing so. She’s my little sister’s best friend and my obsession. She doesn’t have a clue that I’d kill to make her mine. She thinks I hate her as much ... Read more


Xtreme Measures

Em Petrova

The mafia, a smuggling ring and the wilds of Alaska are no match for Special Operative Elias Gasper. But a brazen redhead might be. $3.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Free: Touch Me Again

C. Morgan

The man made my life pure hell in high school. But that was years ago. And we’re both all grown up now. He’s hotter than sin and has a smile that leaves me and my friends panting for his attention. It’s spring break and I need time with the girls on the beach. Florida should ... Read more


Free: The Latvala Royals Box Set (Vol 1)

Danielle Bourdon

This is no ordinary fairy tale. Chey thought being invited to photograph the elusive Royal family of Latvala would be a dream come true. Instead, she discovers deadly intrigue, dangerous liaisons and love with a man who’s secrets could destroy or save a kingdom. Free on Kindle.... Read more


A Second Chance At Forever

Alexis Winter

I’m f—ed with a capital F. Fifteen years ago I left this town and my past behind with no explanation. Including Willow Taylor and her broken heart. The moment I see her bright blue eyes again, I know what I’ve always known…I never stopped loving her. Fifteen years she’s haunted me and now she’s standing ... Read more


Conflict of Interest

Katie Bachand

She’s smart and powerful. He’s hungry for the close. But when contracts put them on opposite sides of the table, will romance seal the deal? If you like strong and savvy heroines, hunky heroes, and snappy dialogue, then you’ll adore Katie Bachand’s sexy boardroom-to-bedroom romp. $4.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Confessions of a Bossy Protector

C.N. Marie

Confessions of a Bossy Protector is installment 8 of Frat House Confessions, a 12 part series releasing in 2021. Aubree Berry Freshman year. The year of decisions. Of big changes on the horizon. Of the future. A future I’m not ready to decide on. So when Summer break rolls around and a girls trip to ... Read more


Ruthless Love

Ava Gray

They said I won the lottery because someone anonymously paid for my senior year at a prestigious academy. The same academy where I met the most ruthless man I’d ever come across. Finn Clemonte. Rich, arrogant, and the king of New Hope Academy of Excellence. He’s a dangerous drug and I’m mad at myself for ... Read more


Rogue: A Romantic Suspense Novel (Billionaires in Disguise: Maxence Book 3)

Blair Babylon

FML. I will never believe anything a man tells me, ever again. Even if he is a 6-feet-4, hot, ripped, handsome as a movie star, filthy rich billionaire. I was a good girl who had nothing left to lose, literally. My ex-boyfriend had stolen everything except a non-refundable plane ticket to Paris, which was supposed ... Read more


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