The Bride’s Secret

She wants to run. He wants to help her. But when they must honeymoon together as if they’re the happy couple, will a series of fake events which turn into a fake relationship entice them both back to the altar, only this time for real? $0.99 on Kindle.

Kissing Haley: A Steamy Student-Professor Romance

Good girl Haley collides with by-the-book professor Cameron when one moment of overheard passion wipes away her inhibitions. Haley’s crush on her handsome boss and professor is nothing more than an innocent fantasy. Until one night, alone in her bed, something shatters the wall restraining her own carnal needs. She’s heard her best friend and […]

Love, Austen

Meg Austen needs money to fund her matchmaking app, but to get investors to comply, she has to prove her matchmaking process works. By finding a boyfriend. Parker Matthews is in the running for partner at his company law firm. A friend at the company suggests he find a girlfriend by the end of the […]

Be Mine Forever

I should have taken off my ring before I asked her out. I’m a military man or was. I should have known better than that. It gave her the wrong impression. It would to any woman. Being a single father and losing my wife has left me wanting to pull back from love. But this […]

Love Above Law

Agent Lex Taylor My assignment—take down human and drug trafficker Miguel Santino and rescue Leyna Martinez, the sister of an outlaw MC member. One look. That’s all it took. My center of gravity shifted, and I knew. She was going to be mine. I take down criminals; the rats of society. I eat, sleep and […]

Soulless Bastards MC No Cal Box Set

Four steaming hot MC reads full of Alpha males and the women that love them. Watch them rise together through love, lust, and heartbreak. Watch them fall as a club only to pick themselves up and move forward. Are you ready to take the ride? $0.99 on Kindle.

Billionaire’s Accident

She was a small-town girl halfway out the door to follow her big city dreams. He was a billionaire passing through on his way back to an empty life. For one explosive night, their paths collided. But in the dewy light of morning, their obvious differences splintered the future they ached to share until fate […]

Dirty Secrets – The collection

Dirty Secrets – An FFM Romance collection is the full collection of the four book romance series, Dirty Secrets. What do the women in all these books have in common? They all have dirty secrets and secrets, as we know, have a way of coming out! $0.99 on Kindle or free with Kindle Unlimited.


WASTED PAIN explores a relationship between a guy searching for one last romance in his life and a girl he finds freezing to death in an alley on the edge of an American city center. They are both social outcasts; she won’t tell him anything of her past, not even her name. But against all […]

Free: Hell Hath No Fury

Book 1 of the wildly popular Devilish Debutante’s series! Cecily thought she’d married her prince, but he’s turned into something of a toad, a cad for certain! There must be something she can do to free herself from this sham of a marriage! Because he has this cousin who is absolutely yummy…and Cecily’s never been […]

Matchmade Hearts

Sometimes the best match is one that is unexpected. Will a St. Valentine’s Day dance bring two outcasts together in love? And will a man slated for a life of celibacy and poverty be able to put down the rosary and pick up the sword to fight for the woman he loves? $2.99 on Kindle.

Five Heroes of the Heart

Fall in love again with Five Heroes of the Heart, a collection of five full-length Medieval and Victorian romance novels by USA Today, Kindle Unlimited All-Star, award-wi, ning and bestselling authors. Only available for a limited time. $0.99 on Kindle.

Asking for a Friend

I always get what I want. Every time. But not with her. Office romances are forbidden in my company. There’s no way in hell she’s giving in. No matter what I try. Not even when Valentine’s comes. I’m asking for me. For today. Tomorrow. Forever. $0.99 on Kindle.

The Sweet Stuff

My money. Her willingness to pretend. It was a business transaction. Find a fiancée and get married. Then I’d have access to my late aunt’s money. And lots of it. She’s curvy, beautiful, and mine. This Valentine’s, I’m playing for keeps. $0.99 on Kindle.

Still Not Love: An Enemies to Lovers Romance

Not the heck again. I’ve had my alpha-jerkface fix. Now he’s my sworn protector… I’m about to go nuclear. Yet I have to smile and pretend I won’t slap him into the next century. James Nobel and I have history. Raging hearts. Dueling kisses. Firestorm nights. A man like him breaks laws with that suit […]

Fantasy Football

Snowed in with the hotel hottie. Not quite how I expected to spend The Big Game Weekend, but making our own fantasy football league rules for the night seemed like a great idea at the time. When we come face-to-face again in the most unexpected place, I’m convinced Fate has a sense of humor…and a […]

Beats of the Heart

Friends to lovers to heartbreak to second chance? Dawson and Izzy’s epic love song begins in Beats of the Heart. He was my muse, and I was his song… until the music stopped. $0.99 on Kindle.

Free: All of Your Business

Fall in love in London this Valentine’s Day! After sparks fly on a red-eye flight to London, Ben and Didi discover they’re competing for rival companies. Will they surrender to their feelings even if it means losing a deal? This contemporary romance set in London’s glitzy financial district is a sweet and satisfying way to […]

Meet Me at World’s End

Follow a billionaire and his supposedly dead wife as they journey through the apocalypse where many people have developed extraordinary abilities in this new Adventure Romance Series! Business tycoon Liam West never wanted for anything in his life, but when he laid eyes on Sienna Carmichael, he found one simple wish–to take her home and […]

Power Play: Love & Legacy

An exciting and sizzling standalone steamy romance that will make you blush and your toes curl. Paxton Anderson Jr, a billionaire Real Estate Tycoon’s life was going exactly as planned. He’s on the verge of finalizing the hostile takeover of a rivals resort and ready to take his place in public office. He’s gorgeous ruthless […]

THE CHESSBOARD: The game of love and challenge

The first time I saw the legendary shiny emerald in your eyes, a fierce war between us began. My breath interpenetrated into the darkness of your hair, in its mysterious darkness, there myself was lost, I found myself watching your steps which fascinated me, and here I am. After I was fleeing from you, I […]

To Love A Scandalous Duke

After a devastating scandal forced Declan Sinclair into exile, he returns to England to learn his brother has been murdered and he’s the new Duke of Darington. As he searches for the killer, he reunites with Lady Alethea Swinton, the unforgettable girl-next-door. When family secrets are revealed, can their love survive the greatest scandal of […]

Free: March of the Cowboys

Every time March McIntyre runs into Beau Harris, the sexiest and most eligible bachelor in all of Nashville, it’s like he’s an entirely different person. His secret could be her ticket to stardom, but what’s the one thing people love more than watching stars rise? Watching them crash and burn. Free on Kindle.

Married in Vegas

We were celebrating for a few days in preparation for my brother’s wedding at a gorgeous hotel in Vegas. He was my best friend and I would never consider not standing beside him when he married his sweet girlfriend of three years. Running into Liz and Karen in the club was a bit of a […]

Pure: A Collection of Young Adult Romances

Have you ever experienced a love so pure, so intense, you felt it in your soul? It’s not always easy. Life can be cruel, full of twists and turns. Sometimes, young love can bring broken promises and stolen kisses. But in the end, it’s a journey of self-discovery where unexpected friendships bloom and that once-in-a-lifetime […]

Valentine’s Day Proposal: A Valentine’s Day Romance

Valentine’s Day: The day of love and lust It was the day that Dominic was going to make his move. But I had Scott on the mind. He was an old lover, but nothing felt in the past when we kissed again. His eyes were black with need and I knew exactly what it was […]

Decisive Moments

High School is over. Aislinn Munroe is ready to face the challenge of college and her new relationship. Aislinn has overcome her high school insecurities and embraced her relationship with reformed bad boy, Teagan Aldridge. Her life as a college student at the University of Florida is filled with new experiences and people, including the […]

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