Lifestyle Business Playbook

Experience the Lifestyle You Want via a Passive Income Business You Love! Quickly Learn How to Create Your Own Digital Empire, Even If You Are Not a Techy Person and Have Never Made Money Online Before! $0.99 on Kindle.

Unlocking the World’s Largest E-market: A Guide to Selling in Chinese Social Media

This book is a must-have for anyone who’s working with Chinese social media or planning to enter China. It’s packed with the latest information, actionable insights and strategies for marketers to make the most of WeChat and Weibo. You’ll learn about Chinese consumers, WeChat and Weibo working models and the outlook for digital trends in […]

Free: Start It, Build It, Grow It: The Contractor’s Guide to Success

The Contractor’s Guide to Success includes real-life examples and proven business processes that we used to build a Multi-Million dollar construction enterprise and it includes: how to get your business started, how to understand the numbers, how to create a marketing/branding strategy, how to build a high-performance sales team, how to transition from working IN […]

Free: Schooled: Retirement Planning for Educators

SCHOOLED is written for those school employees that, for whatever reason, (and there are many sound reasons) have decided that they would prefer to work with an advisor to help them with their 403(b) plan. You want help, you want retirement, but you’re unsure of the process. Free on Kindle.

Free: Your Dollars, Our Sense: A Fun & Simple Guide To Money Matters

This quick read provides a single-source for all things personal finance, in a relatable and engaging format. To anyone who has thought, “I should really know more about my finances,” this book is for you. To anyone who has thought, “there is just too much to know,” this book is for you. So, flip through […]

Free: The Perfect Business

Owning a small business is tough. A growing company challenges the entrepreneur with ever more complexity, massive amounts of work and starts to consume every waking moment of their time. Yet, the blind pursuit of growth often leads not to more profit, but only aggravation and overwhelm. At a certain point in their journey, all […]

Free: Dear Boss: What Your Employees Wish You Knew

Countless hours of productivity are lost in today’s workplace, the vast majority of workers are not engaged in their work, and there is a significant divide between employees and management. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Robert McFarland surveyed hundreds of people in different industries across the country and discovered the top four […]

Free: Harris Rules: A Real Estate Agents Guide to Becoming Rich and Free

It’s the question every agent asks, but few have a truthful answer for: Where does business come from? In an industry constantly selling the ‘easy button’ and overrun with shiny widgets, agents are pulled in multiple directions at once, each promising if they “just do this” that their dreams of real estate fortune will come […]

Free: Leadership Framed by Art

Leadership Framed by Art breathes new life into the concept of leadership with innovative originality. Leadership issues such as vision and change are inspired from predominant artists and linking their ideas to the current world of management. Free on Kindle.

Free: In-Home Sales Acceleration

In-Home Sales Acceleration gives you a simple system for success. This book provides specific ways to deliver the “Ultimate Client Experience,” increase revenue, and keep clients for life. It also includes proprietary methodologies for becoming a better salesperson and creating sustainable income growth. You will finally be able to break through barriers that have been […]

Free: 60 Minute CFO (Bridging the Gap Between Business Owner, Banker, and CPA)

This book is a must read for any business owner who wants and needs to effectively communicate with his or her banker and CPA. It describes in easy to understand language the 14 key indicators bankers use to analyze financial statements, and provides valuable tips and insights on bank systems and procedures. Analysis and forecasting […]

The Snowball Effect

“The Snowball Effect” was written to provide the winning investment strategy that will allow investors to survive difficult stock markets and actually retire on time. The book informs investors how to best invest in high dividend stocks, micro cap stocks, and bonds. It provides all the tools necessary to make you a smarter investor and […]

Free: Get Naked

Whether you run your own business or a department in a bigger one. There is the challenge of being sucked in to constant firefighting mode rather than moving the organization forward. Get Naked shows you how to move from firefighting to energized Leader. It shows you how to embrace your authentic self and free up […]

Free: Victim Zero

The plague was born from hope. It was meant to change the world. To cure the incurable and rebuild the broken. When the world ended, the weight of its dead fell on the shoulders of the man at the heart of it all. For Kell McDonald, survival is not enough. Alone and surrounded by enemies, […]

Free: The Wealthy Barmaid

Melanie Bajrovic continues to build upon the investment knowledge that her family began to nurture from the age of twelve. Her journey to financial independence continued through college, post-graduate job searching, and the start-up phases of her own businesses — all the while, supporting her endeavors by working as a barmaid. As she established herself […]

Free: Own Your BS

Why is it that, even though there are thousands of Self-Help books available to help women develop confidence in themselves and their dreams, women are more stuck in Negative Head Talk than ever before? Because most Self-Help books are written with a logical, male point of view in mind. Own Your BS: The No-Nonsense guide […]

Free: The Innovation Experience

There are four major catalysts for building a sustainable innovation strategy: Company Culture, Mindsets, Teams and Tools. Imagine a rope; it’s made up of many individual strands, one strand is not strong enough to lift something up, but the more stands that are interwoven, the stronger the rope. In the same way, as you intertwine […]

Free: Brands that Speak

People want to connect with other human beings because they can build a relationship with them based on emotion. This is something they can’t do with traditional business. To succeed, businesses need to make their brands feel and sound more human. Brands that Speak will teach you how to create emotional connections, write in a […]

Fitness Powered Brains

The world of business is changing. The right strategies for achieving optimal performance are essential. In this book, you will discover groundbreaking findings: fitness training increases the number of neurons in our brain; boosts brain efficiency; improves productivity; reduces stress; and more… $0.99 on Kindle.

Free: Mastering Organizational Change

This book is the fruit of more than 30 years, of the author experience, in organizational consultation in many and different kinds of organizations: private and public, small and big, in situations of crisis, growth, and mergers. The book consists the main subjects for anyone who is interested in leading change and innovation successfully, be […]

The Money Mission

Patrick Weinert explains the many strategies you can use to pay off your debt, save money, and plan for retirement. His guide, The Money Mission, is the result of years of experience in both personal and organizational money management. Weinert has advised the chief financial officer of the US Marine Corps on financial planning, and […]

Free: The Perfect Firm

After spending 23 years working with 170,000 accountants in 30 countries Rob Nixon has worked out what a Perfect Firm might look like. Nixon, who has directly coached 800 firms to success and educated tens of thousand more, is the worlds #1 authority on how accounting firms can achieve peak performance and build a great […]

Free: Escaping the Gray

Inventors and entrepreneurs know that the joy of creating something that changes everything is tempered with the terror of failure. Some of the greatest leaps of faith in human history were viewed as madness before they became the revolutionary developments that altered everything about the way we live, work and play. By turns funny and […]

Green About Money

Green About Money is the perfect graduation gift! A quick and concise read. This book will provide you with the essentials for success in your personal finances. Aimed at graduates and young adults, this book will provide a strong financial footing for the average individual. Our students are not being taught about basic finance. At some […]

90 Days To Profit

Required reading for all: business owners, senior managers, and consultants. This book will teach you how to turn around a struggling business and grow faster than ever before. From #1 bestselling author Erlend Bakke and business growth expert Steve Shoulder, 90 Days to Profit reveals the secret weapon for business success with their proprietary “7 […]

Stack Silver Get Gold

This is the last time the Amazon #1 best selling book on how to buy gold and silver will reduce its Kindle price from $4.99 to only $0.99. Stack Silver Get Gold is the only gold and silver investing book you’ll ever need because its written by a nationally recognized precious metals investing expert and […]


Learn how to analyze businesses and think like an investor with this easy-to-read bestseller (45 5-star reviews)! The first book of its kind, #BreakIntoVC is an end-to-end guide for anyone looking to gain a straightforward understanding of technology businesses and how to talk to investors. Download today and set up a 20-minute Skype call with the […]

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