Free: Stories of Success (and Failure): Inspiring Stories Behind the Greatest Speeches and Startup Pitches

Stories do not merely inspire. They also disrupt the future. Some even think that they conjure up reality. They can tip the scales in the market success of products, motivation of employees and satisfaction of customers. In this book, I would like to inspire you with 50 specially selected stories behind the greatest speeches and […]

You Map!

The first all-in-one book of its kind, YouMap®: Find Yourself. Blaze Your Path. Show the World! provides you with a real-world tested step-by-step process to achieve career clarity and execute a winning job search. $1.99 on Kindle.

Marketing on Fleek: How to Make Your Marketing & Professional Efforts Count In A Customer-Centric World

From award-winning marketing guru and tech expert, Kobi Ben Meir comes a book that is a treatise on how anyone with passion, determination and the willingness to make it big in marketing can realize their dream. Born in an era that was undergoing a revolutionary change, the Israel-born author uses Marketing on Fleek – How […]

Free: Roving Leadership: Creating Choices for Meaning & Inspiration

Roving Leadership, Creating Choices for Meaning & Inspiration is the result of a lifetime of academic research, real life experiences and the privilege of being mentored for three years by Viktor Frankl. The stories of successful leadership are across the spectrum of the human experience. Much of traditional Leadership theory is too limited and exclusive […]

Retire Early with Dividend Stocks

Right now, only one in three millennials is investing in stocks. The main reason for refraining from giving investing a try is… you’ve guessed it…FEAR! When asked, 61 percent of people say that investing is “scary” or “intimidating.” If you can relate to these people, Chris Manning’s guide for beginners is just what you need. […]

House Hacking Guide

Some people are resistant to looking seriously at House Hacking because buying your own real estate property can be daunting. And this is doubly so when you’re not sure of the process and would also be renting out a portion of the property. In a sense, one concern takes care of the other. By renting […]

Free: Facilitating Innovation

Researcher Matt Watson has decoded the formula for building an innovative culture. Over the last century, the average lifespan of a company has moved from 60 to under 18 years. That timeline is shrinking each day. Society and markets transform rapidly, technology has significantly increased that rate of change. New ideas, products, and strategies have […]

The Cash Machine: A Tale of Passion, Persistence, and Financial Independence

Can a novel transform your financial destiny? This one can. The Cash Machine is unlike any other personal finance book ever written. Not only will you get sucked into the rollercoaster relationship of Amber and Dylan, but you’ll learn hundreds of money lessons along the way, giving you the tools to drive your financial destiny. […]

Grassroots Strategy: Cultivating B2B Growth from the Ground Up

A simple approach to solving the hardest problem in business – building a winning strategy. With practical examples and a bit of humor, this book makes strategy approachable for all levels in an organization. Implemented by some of the largest companies in the world, Grassroots Strategy is an elegant solution for anyone interested in growth. […]

Game Changer Investing

Game Changer Investing helps readers navigate the current political climate, understand the enormous potential Trump has for creating wealth, and offers up 10 investable trends and 24-must-own stocks that will help you create wealth through a second Trump term. $0.99 on Kindle.

How Probate Works

What every executor and heir needs to know. This easy-to-read guide answers all the questions every executor and heir should ask: Who starts the probate process? When is probate needed? And when can you avoid probate? Where should you probate an estate? Which country? State? County? How long does probate take? And more! $0.99 on […]

How to Buy Your Perfect First Home

This easy-to-read guide efficiently answers all the questions every first-time homebuyer should ask: How to start the home buying process How long does the home buying process take? How early should you start home hunting? How much home can you afford? How much downpayment should you have saved? How to compare mortgages What’s the difference […]

The Transformation: How to Use Digital Transformation Technology to Reduce Costs, Accelerate Delivery Times, and Provide Exceptional Value

How to transform and compete in the digital age is on every leaders’ mind and the race is on for companies of all sizes to utilize data and technology. To what extent an organization effectively transforms ultimately determines their future success or failure. And while most companies know that digital transformation is critical many struggle […]

Online Marketing Boot Camp: The Proven 10-Step Formula To: Turn Your Passion Into A Profitable Business, Create An Irresistible Brand Customers Will Love & Master Traffic Once and For All!

Do you have something awesome to share, but struggle to reach an audience? Spent a fortune on FB Ads and copywriters, but still only get crickets? Then you are probably missing one of the 10 foundational steps that are crucial for any marketing success! Let Top 100 Business Author Gundi Gabrielle help you to finally […]

Free: Scaling Your Business with MOD Virtual Professionals

Scaling your Business with MOD Virtual Professionals is the go-to guide for entrepreneurs who are looking to hire Virtual Assistants and rapidly scale. MyOutDesk, LLC has helped over 5,000 businesses in the US & Canada hire talented professionals to drive Revenue and Scale. Free on Kindle.

Free: Enabling Innovation: Building a Creative Culture in 45-Minutes

The era of process management is fading away and the age of innovation is upon us. This is ushering in the era of knowledge creation where the goal of organizations is to discover how to find and take advantage of new value in the market. However, people are products of their environment. The culture that […]

Free: Strategy Pocketbook: Building a Strategy for Tomorrow’s Organization

Strategies move an organization down a long-term path, they put the business in a position to take advantage of their competitor, and they theorize on how to achieve greatness. It is the lifeblood of an organization yet numerous companies fail to develop anything beyond an annual financial plan. The Strategy Pocketbook will help explain the […]

The Ultimate Instagram Guide To Get More Followers Fast: Using IGTV, Stories and Hashtags

This step-by-step Instagram marketing guide for beginners and Instagram dummies will take you behind the curtain and let you in on all the Instagram secrets that will help you: Get More Real Instagram Followers For Free Build Like-Worthy Instagram Content Like A Pro Instagram Influencer  Use IGTV (Instagram TV) & Stories To Build An Audience. $0.99 […]

Financial Freedom and the American Dream: Five Steps for Financial Independence and Early Retirement

What would be like if YOU COULD achieve financial freedom…Retire early? Freedom to live the way you want? Work when you want or not? Travel? More time with family? Meet Justin Boucher, a Certified Financial Planner® who will show you how to significantly reduce or eliminate taxes, secrets for managing debt, how to make sure […]

The 60 Minute Startup: Start Your Business in 1 Hour a Day

  How to start a business from home in only 60 minutes a day If you’re ready to finally start a profitable business and dump the bad business advice that keeps you confused, overwhelmed, and broke, The 60 Minute Startup is for you. This book gives you a proven system on how to start a […]

Free: XITPRO SYSTEM: Positioning Business Owners for Successfully Selling Their Business

Business owners are not building something from scratch. They have a company, they have a product or service, distribution channels, customers, they generate revenue, have some staff and infrastructure. All they need to do is tweak a few things to go from closing the company’s doors to receiving a substantial amount of cash when they […]

Free: F*** Leadership: How to Motivate and Mentor Your Team to True Success

You want to succeed. You want to reach your goals. Even more, you want to make a difference. You want to inspire others and help them to succeed. But that takes leadership. And according to what you have seen, heard, and read, that means you have to be a larger-than-life personality. You have to have […]

So Your Boss Can’t Lead? A Practical Guide to Be the Leader You Want

The success of any organization and its people depends on the type of leader in place. So Your Boss Can’t Lead? is designed to help you navigate your own leadership journey so you can become the boss you’ve always wanted.You will find your strengths as a leader, learn to delegate, communicate effectively, and learn to […]

Good Talk Great Sales: The Radically Different Sales Process and Business Communication Skills of Top Producers

What do top salespeople differently than the rest of us? If you had this inside info how would your life change? More sales? Less struggle? Increased confidence? Meet Robert Paolini, a top-selling salesperson who has decoded the essential communication skills of top producers. His breakthrough system dispels the myths of old-fashioned selling techniques. Instead, he […]

Air for Rent

What if you could invest in something that all people need, rent it to someone for a profit, and later sell that item for more money? In addition, you can finance that investment with someone else paying off most of the debt and deduct any expenses on your U.S. Income Tax return plus get a […]

Free: Kiss the Stock Market Goodbye: Make 30% – 40% Interest on Your Money Risk Free (Unless Theres a Zombie Apocalypse)

Sick and tired of low returns on your money? Hate the stress of just giving your money to a stock broker just to lose it or make low returns? Can’t stand the volatility of the Stock Market? Then this is what you have been waiting for. Take control of your money once and for all. […]

Free: The Confident Connector™: How to Build Your Must-Have Professional Network in an Era of Job Insecurity

For executives, teams, and innovators, The Confident Connector™, is a clear and concise framework which leverages Christy’s career as a networker, connector, and adventurer. Christy uses an authentic and experienced perspective to share her expertise in connecting people and building strong relationships. She seamlessly blends her naturally introverted perspective with powerful techniques to inspire others […]

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