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The broad category of business books covers anything from marketing, sales, advancing your career, or even how to launch your own start-up. Whether you’re an aspiring business major or the CEO of your own company, these books can give you the necessary know-how to keep up with your competitors while improving your own valuable skills.

Mission Critical Leadership: Marine Corps Leadership Principles to Transform, Motivate, and Lead Your Teams to Success

Gregg Sturdevant

As a former Major General in the US Marines Greg Sturdevant shares powerful secrets for success gained from experience in the most demanding environments. Whether you employ ten people or ten thousand, you will find this to be an essential guide for reaching your full potential—and leading your organization to excellence. $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Billion Dollar Sales Secrets: Superstar Selling Tips for all Seasons

Joe Paranteau

Billion Dollar Sales Secrets Is More Than a Business Book. It’s The Secret Playbook for Profitable Sales! You will learn advanced tactics, techniques, and the mindset to achieve accurate results. Are you ready for the wealth, respect, and influence most entrepreneurs would LOVE to have? This book is more than a sales or business book; ... Read more


Rumpelstiltskin’s Rules for Making Your Farthings Grow

Susan Laubach

Ready to get a clue about investing and take charge of your financial future? Before you sink a single dollar into the stock market, read ‘Rumpelstiltskin’s Rules for Making Your Farthings Grow’ by Susan Laubach. It’s a fun, painless, and profitable introduction to the world of investing. If terms like broker, bonds, and venture capital ... Read more


Ghosts in the Machine: Overcoming Decision-Making Bias in the Sales Cycle with Behavioral Science

Ryan Voeltz

Sales is hard. Fortunately, there is something you can do to make it easier: accept, understand, and embrace human irrationality. $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


The Armchair Real Estate Millionaire: If You’re Sitting There Anyway, You Might As Well Build Your Wealth

Michael Dominguez

Financial freedom with property investment isn’t about owning 100 doors. You want a fun life, not a frantic one! You just need a few quality houses, a couple hours a week, and a comfy armchair. When you’re working a 9–5 and buying property for passive income, risky and overwhelming opportunities can lead to big financial ... Read more


Commercial Real Estate Investing For Beginners: Develop The Strategies, Skills And Methods To Gain Financial Freedom And Earn Passive Income From Your Rental Properties

Anthony Garret

COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE INVESTING FOR BEGINNERS will guide you to develop the strategies, skills and methods you need to gain financial freedom and earn passive income from your rental properties. This book will unlock the secrets of investing in commercial real estate at a nearly ZERO TAX RATE. This means that the properties you acquire ... Read more


Make it Rain

Leonard Fischer

Make It Rain is the culmination of decades of hard work, ingenuity, and no small amount of business creativity. Len Fischer, one of the nations leading ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act) attorneys, author and founder of Benetrends Inc., a Retirement Services Provider, shares candid stories and advice from his 30 plus years, as an ... Read more


Free: She Sells: The Empathy Advantage

Megan DiPiero

There’s a myth in our culture that to get ahead in sales, we have to be sharks—greedy, manipulative, and only out for #1. As business owners and creatives who lead with heart, that fear of appearing “salesy” stresses us out and holds us back. We assume that spending money is painful, and feel guilty to ... Read more


Habitual Wealth

Stan Lawson

Harness the power of smart money habits and set yourself up for a lifetime of wealth. Do you often find yourself short on cash in the middle of the month? If you lose your job today, would your savings be enough to keep you afloat while you look for a new source of income? Does ... Read more


Free: Restaurant Strong: First Principles of Restaurant Outperformance and How to Make Them Yours

Peter LeSar

What if you could learn simple ways to create far greater outcomes in the restaurant business? What if, like most of us, you missed the class on how to achieve extraordinary restaurant success? And, what if the world’s leading restaurant brands all followed the same powerful rules of outsized growth and you could learn through ... Read more


Personal Brand Clarity: Identify, Define, & Align to What You Want to be Known For

Suzanne Tulien

Stop marketing. Start branding. Personal Brand Clarity is your step-by-step guide to help you realize your unique value position and get a competitive advantage to grow a business that is a signature of your identity, story, style, and passion. Brand Ascension founder Suzanne Tulien’s Personal Brand Presence DNA methodologies provide tools to dig deep to ... Read more


Leverage Your Expertise: 16 Entrepreneurs Share Their Small Business Success Stories and Lessons Learned

Alina Vincent

Want to create a scalable business around your expertise and escape the time for money trap? “Leverage Your Expertise” book shows you exactly how to use leverage as a tool in every area of your business, while increasing your income and impact. Full of inspirational stories as well as practical and actionable advice and strategies, ... Read more


The Introvert’s Edge to Networking: Work the Room. Leverage Social Media. Develop Powerful Connections

Matthew Pollard

Finally – A Networking Book for Introverts! Introverts across the world have been sold a lie: One of the biggest myths that plagues the business world today is that our ability to network depends on having the “gift-of-gab.” This is nonsense. You don’t have to be outgoing to be successful at networking. You don’t have ... Read more


Female Entrepreneur’s Playbook: Secret Strategies From 20+ Women for Building a Business You Love and Getting Paid for It

Patricia Wooster

More women than ever are starting businesses — yet so few share how they do it. Being a successful female entrepreneur is hard work and comes with a unique set of challenges. This book helps you build the business of your dreams by sharing advice from 21 successful entrepreneurs on where to begin, turning your ... Read more


Dividend Investing for Beginners: Build your Dividend Strategy, Buy Dividend Stocks Easily, and Achieve Lifelong Passive Income (BONUS: Living Off Your Dividends; What are REITS & Other Instruments?)

G. R. Tiberius

Discover how you can get paid regularly — without doing any work Looking for a way to invest in stocks without having to keep monitoring the markets? Want to enjoy cold, hard cash from your stocks without ever having to sell them? Dividend investing gives you the best of both worlds. You get a regular ... Read more


5-Star Attorney: A Proven System Any Law Firm Can Use to Earn More Reviews, Attract More Qualified Leads, and Increase Profits

Andrew Stickel

In a world with Google, Yelp, and other online review services, a business can’t survive without great 5-star reviews. Law firms are no different. Every time a potential client looks up a lawyer and sees very few (or no) reviews, that client takes their case somewhere else. It’s an unwritten rule of the internet: without ... Read more


How To Get Rich Before 30: Investing Guide for Teens and Young Adults to Achieve Financial Freedom as Early as Possible

A. B. Stanley

Discover the proven path to wealth that anyone can follow… no matter how young you are. If you want to become rich and financially secure, investments are the only way to get there. It helps you continue to earn money — even when you’re not actively working for it. Eventually, when your investments become large ... Read more


Profit Wise

Jeff Morrill

Using the principles in this book, Jeff Morrill built businesses from scratch in automotive retail, real estate, telecommunications, and insurance that generate over $100,000,000 in annual revenue. For the first time, Jeff shares all of those secrets in one place. You really can outsell your competitors without selling out your integrity. Contrary to popular belief, ... Read more


7-Figure Minds: How to Grow and Lead a 7-Figure Business


THE GREATEST WEAPON IN ANY ENTREPRENEURIAL ARSENAL IS NOT MONEY – IT’S MINDSET. What if the degree of separation between the entrepreneurial tycoon you see on your evening news and the small business owner down the street is just one word? Mindset. That’s what it comes down to. 7-Figure Minds is an anthology dedicated to ... Read more


Book Marketing Secrets

Paul Brodie

What if you could launch your book successfully in the next 90 days? What if you could use your book to grow your business and brand with a few simple steps? Imagine being positioned as an expert in your industry while growing your business and achieving your life-long goals. Eighteen-time Amazon bestselling author, Paul G. ... Read more


Don’t Retire…Graduate!: Building a Path to Financial Freedom and Retirement at Any Age

Eric Brotman

“If you only read one book about your personal finances, make sure it’s this one. To say this book is “terrific” vastly understates its value.” – 5 Starred Readers Favorite review. This book makes personal finance and security easy—no matter where you’re starting from. With detailed and digestible instructions for nearly every starting point—whether you’re ... Read more


Free: Positively Negative: How to turn Negative Messages into Positive Ones

Stephen Krempl

Looking for the tools to be seen as a positive person, especially with senior management? Positively Negative: How to Turn Negative Message into Positive Ones is your solution to becoming successful through positivity. You will learn why, when, and where you need to be positive. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to master positivity in specific ... Read more


Financial Freedom With Real Estate

Michael Steven

If you want to stop relying on your day job and have the freedom to pursue your dreams, then keep reading… Do you feel stuck in a miserable job, slaving away from 9 to 5 because you don’t have any other income and are scared of not having enough to get by? Do you want ... Read more


A Beginner’s Guide to Dividend Stock Investing

James Pattersenn Jr.

Want to Learn How to Start Really Growing Your Money & Gain Long-Term Financial Freedom? Keep Reading to Learn More & Get an Awesome Freebie! When expert dividend stock investor James Pattersenn Jr. started his stock investment journey, he wasn’t quite sure where to start either. By going into the investment world head-on, James has ... Read more


Ambition: The Missing Attribute in Your Employees

Cheryl Johnson

Would you like to encourage ambition to return and improve your workplace? There is a disparity between employers and employees when it comes to what each one wants in the workplace. This gap can be filled with a new and innovative approach to learning that promotes it through curiosity and a willingness to seek answers, ... Read more


Learn Bitcoin Basics

Alexander Graham

The Bitcoin market is massive and is growing quickly. Its potential has been seized on by savvy investors. As large companies grab the opportunities provided by Bitcoin, it is having a dramatic effect on all our finances, whether we are aware of it or not. This easy-to-read guide gives you the information that you need ... Read more


The Introvert’s Edge to Networking

Matthew Pollard

Finally – A Networking Book for Introverts! The sequel to Pollard’s international bestseller The Introvert’s Edge: How the Quiet and Shy Can Outsell Anyone, selected by BookAuthority as the #2 “Best Introvert Book of All Time” and listed by HubSpot as one of the “Most Highly-Rated Sales Books of All Time.” Introverts across the world ... Read more


Free: The Culture Book Volume 1: When Culture Clicks

Weeva and Culturati

This business gem shows you how to build an incredible company culture from 32 companies who have done it. The Culture Book is a pragmatic and highly actionable guidebook that enables you to attract and retain the talent you need to achieve outsized corporate results. Free on Kindle.... Read more


Your Next Big Idea: Improve Your Creativity and Problem-Solving

Samuel Sanders

Have you ever looked at a product and thought “How come I didn’t think of that?!” Maybe you think, “I’m just not a creative person?” Well, I’m here to tell you that there’s a method for coming up with big ideas—and you can learn it to become more creative and discover your next big idea. ... Read more


Leading Remote Teams: Embrace the Future of Remote Work Culture

Alexis Gerst

Now over a year into the pandemic and working remotely, it is clear that things will never really go back to the way they were. This book will take you on a journey beyond average office leadership and into the high-performing realm of remote leadership. $3.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Lessons in Lifecircle Leadership: A Practical Guide to Pragmatic Altruism

Dr. Kimberly Townsend

Dr. Townsend is back with a practical roadmap to applying the principle of pragmatic altruism in Lessons in Lifecircle Leadership. Further explaining pragmatic altruism and why it works, each chapter is a guide to creating conversations that inspire leadership and community good. As if you were sitting down with her over a cup of coffee, ... Read more


The COMPLETE BOOK of Product Design, Development, Manufacturing & Sales

Steven Selikoff

Are you a product entrepreneur? Do you dream about being on Shark tank? Are you an Amazon Seller looking to expand to in-store retailers? This book provides complete step-by-step instructions on how to identify unique winning products, validate customer demand, ensure profitability, effectively design, and engineer your product, identify factories, negotiate, manage shipping & logistics, ... Read more


Side Adventure: The Playbook to Leverage Your Corporate Job, Pursue a Side Venture, and Find Happiness and Fulfillment

Artin Nazarian

Many of us strive to be the best version of ourselves and realize our full potential. However, due to varying circumstances, we end up settling for a job that earns enough money to be comfortable but doesn’t fulfill our aspirations. In his book Side Adventure, Artin Nazarian draws on almost two decades of experience raising ... Read more


One Hour Investor

Vishal Reddy

Stop worrying about your financial future and do something about it! One Hour Investor is the quick and easy beginner’s guide to investing. $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Free: FI Money: Learn the Hard Way, Teach the Easy Way

Peter Duffy

This book cares about your financial future. It shows you how to start heading in the right financial direction with clarity and purpose. Free on Kindle.... Read more


The RICH Method: The Definitive Guide to Getting Money and Success

Richard & Diego Gracia

Have you ever wondered what rich people did to get where they are? What would your life be like with around $5000 a month in passive income? Would you quit your job and go traveling? Can you imagine how happy you’d be if you could spend your time doing the things you love? In this ... Read more


Profit Wise: How to Make More Money in Business by Doing the Right Thing

Jeff Morrill

You really can outsell your competitors without selling out your integrity. Contrary to popular belief, taking the high road really is the straightest path to the bottom line. In this book, you’ll learn how to earn more profits consistently in business while staying true to your values. $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Sexual Intelligence in Business: Provoke Conversation, Empower Yourself & Enhance Your Business

Bobbi Bidochka

Explore the idea that there is positive sexual energy and power that can help you enhance your business and career such as erotic capital, sexual transmutation, sexual neurochemicals. Sexual Intelligence should be a respectable characteristic as is artistic creativity, athletic ability, business savvy, or engineering ingenuity. With Emotional and Intelligence Quotient already in play, Sexual ... Read more


How to Not Get Rekt Trading Crypto: A Brief Introduction Into Cryptocurrency-Trading

Karl Casimr Westnowsty

Crypto trading is a brave new frontier that is rapidly gaining momentum. Already thousands across the globe are making major money from this lucrative sector. The problem is it can be quite hard to get started. There’re many things in play when it comes to crypto. If you’re not properly set up for success, then ... Read more


Free: Making It in Real Estate

John McNellis

With over 35 years in commercial real estate, author John McNellis has taken the best-selling first edition of Making It in Real Estate and expanded it with new content, market-specific solutions, and real-life strategies to start and grow your real estate portfolio. Free on Kindle.... Read more


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