Landlord Secrets: Immediately Increase ROI and Become a More Effective Landlord

In My Landlord Helper: The Keys to Managing Your Real Estate Investments and Achieving Explosive Growth, you’ll quickly learn how to: – Grow your portfolio 4x in less than three years – Implement successful strategies for managing your real estate investments – Increase your quality of life by streamlining processes that free up time – […]

You Can Invest Like A Stock Market Pro

You Can Invest Like A Stock Market Pro is a how-to guide to help investors obtain market-beating returns from investing in stocks in the same manner that stock market pros do to amass their fortunes. The subtitle of the book is no hype: Both of the author’s investment portfolios have outperformed the stock market over […]

Free: No Agent Needed

No Agent Needed: The Hottest Tips, Tricks, and Hacks from Rockstar Real Estate Investors That Anyone Can Use to Sell Their Properties Fast and for Top Dollar without a Real Estate Agent Have you been pondering the idea of selling a property? Thinking about how you might be able to sell it fast while maximizing […]

Decide or Drift: Make Millions in Network Marketing

Decide or Drift: The Simple System that Made Me Millions in Network Marketing offers a step by step guide to success in Network Marketing using proven strategies and tactics from the traditional business world. Network marketing, sometimes known as Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), is a business where moms, students and anyone else earn a commission on the products they […]

Free: Put a Shark in your Tank: Signature Innovators Edition (Vol. 2)

We are living in an unprecedented era of entrepreneurship. In this book, twenty-three innovators have been hand-picked for their spirit, ingenuity, and tenacity. This is intended to provide their journeys as a guide for wherever your dreams and aspirations take you. If there are troubles in the water, try putting a shark in your tank. […]

Free: Million Dollar Builder

The perfect resource for builders looking to achieve optimum performance in every area of their business and life; Put the right structures and systems in place to optimize Profit, Work-flow & Cash-flow Raise your profile and become the ‘go to’ builder with authority and trust in your area Get certainty around your numbers, systems development, […]

Free: Retire Reset!: What You Need to Know and Your Financial Advisor May Not Be Telling You

Written to inform baby boomers and their advisors, this book unveils a whole new approach to retirement investing that challenges conventional thinking about stocks and bonds to offer a timely alternative. Designed to hedge a broad array of the risks retirees face—from longevity and self-defeating investor psychology to inflation and economic uncertainty—the author’s “stable-core” portfolio […]

Free: Preventing IT Projects Failure

Most of the 30 years I have spent in the software projects profession, I was part of large-scale and complex software projects. The vast majority of them could be considered as a massive failure. After a while, I started to understand the patterns of failure. It is about the failure of the software industry, which […]

Free: Publish. Promote. Profit.: The New Rules of Writing, Marketing & Making Money with a Book

In 2008, Rob Kosberg faced the biggest business test of his life. Like many others, he had to start over after the financial crisis and build a business in the worst economy of our generation. He did this with his own bestselling book and has gone on to help thousands of other authors to replicate […]

Free: The $214,000 Mistake: How to Double Your Social Security & Maximize Your IRAs, Proven Strategies for Couples Ages 62-70

The $214,000 Mistake — How to Double Your Social Security and Maximize Your IRAs: Proven Strategies for Couples Age 62-70 helps married taxpayers get the most out of their Social Security benefits: more money for you and less for Uncle Sam. Ninety-seven percent (97%) of Social Security recipients don’t receive the benefits they are entitled […]

Financial Analysis for Everyone

This book targets not only the specialists but anyone interested in understanding the philosophy behind the financial analysis. Written in a language accessible to everyone, the book offers more than 50 examples and case studies inspired from reality, based on the personal experience of the author. The Author takes the opportunity to describe uncompromisingly not […]

Stocks to Buy

As a trader, investor or beginner, you always have the question, “How can I find the best uptrending momentum stocks every month?” Most of the time it is a complex process. Other times it is quite easy. Even when finding the right stocks is easy, we still want to be sure to make a profit. […]

Free: 12 Simple Steps to Succeeding and Thriving in Spite of a Bullying Boss

I’ve learned that, more often than not, trying to please, calm, or “deal with” a bullying boss is a pointless waste of time. Instead of trying to teach you how to “deal with” or please your abusive manager, this book will focus on your personal employment success. This book is geared toward teaching you how […]

The Age of Anomaly

When an economist who became famous for his balanced research-backed views like Andrei Polgar of One Minute Economics sees storm clouds gathering, it’s time to pay attention! The Age of Anomaly is a no-nonsense guide to spotting the next financial crisis and becoming more resilient in general. $0.99 on Kindle.

Strugglehood: A Practical Guide to Financial Situations No One Bothered Teaching Us

Adulthood? More like Strugglehood! Money may not buy happiness, but let’s be honest, it makes life a hell of a lot easier. So, why doesn’t anyone teach us how to handle our money? Why must you be left feeling insecure and helpless when it comes to financial planning? Times are different. No longer can you […]

Think, Trade, and Grow Rich!

In Think, Trade, & Grow Rich! Kahriman outlines and shares his powerful trading and investing formula forged from years of research and trading experience. He explains how you too can realize your dreams and reap the bountiful financial opportunities present in the stock market. Best of all, Kahriman demystifies the technical, hard to understand, and […]

Publish. Promote. Profit.

In 2008, Rob Kosberg faced the biggest business test of his life. Like many others, he had to start over after the financial crisis and build a business in the worst economy of our generation. He did this with his own bestselling book and has gone on to help thousands of other authors to replicate […]

Burn Zones: Playing Life’s Bad Hands

After a natural disaster devastated his business and left him $26 million in debt, entrepreneur Jorge Newbery crafted a new life’s purpose: to help others crushed by unaffordable debts rebuild themselves. Burn Zones is a story of playing life’s bad hands and overcoming adversity against the greatest of challenges. It’s an inspirational story of a […]

Free: Organizational Synergy – A Practical Guide

This book provides work tools and methods, which enable you to: – Turn your company into a leader in its field – Manage M&A or any change successfully – Create a link between technological changes, structure, processes and employees – Improve the customer service experience This a must-read for every manager, entrepreneur, business owner and […]

49 Prescriptions for a Million Dollars in Sales

Tired of working 14 hours a day because your employees won’t show up? Struggling to pay your bills or not taking a check because the money is tight? Follow the 49 Prescriptions in this book and make the restaurant business fun again. Plug the holes in your income stream and explode the sales and profits. […]

Free: Affiliate Marketing: How to Make 10,000+ Per Month With Your Own Online Business

What Will You Do With All The Money You Earn From Affiliate Marketing? Do you want to have enough disposable income to relax and enjoy life? Do you want to work from anywhere in the world? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you must read this book. Affiliate marketing is one […]

The Truth about Passive Income: Real Opportunities or Snake Oil Scams?

Oh, the allure of Passive Income! The mere idea of financial freedom turns a millionaire wannabe into an entrepreneur grasping for niche sites, drop shippers, affiliate marketing partners, and investment property for house flipping. It also attracts scam artists, film-flammers, and snake oil salesmen. These charlatans preying on hard-working, wealth building people. They make promises […]

Free: The Kickass Entrepreneur’s Guide to Investing

Are you an entrepreneur so busy with the needs of your business that you haven’t had time to even think about a proper asset allocation strategy? Does worrying about what to do with business profits keep you up at night? Do you wish there was an easy strategy to building massive wealth with your small […]

Kindle Bestseller Publishing: Publish a Bestseller in 30 Days!

The smash hit #1 Bestseller by Top 100 Business Author and Entrepreneur Gundi Gabrielle that has helped hundreds of newbie authors publish their first #1 Bestseller beating out famous names like Tim Ferriss, John Grisham and “Eat Pray Love”. Easy and fun to follow. Step by step. Ready to publish your first #1 Bestseller and […]

Free: Beyond the Box: Lean Out, Break Free, Rise Up!

This is a book about finding the courage to change your life when you’re torn between the need to cling to what is known and predictable, and compelled by an inner urge to grow beyond what you already know. At the point where those two conflicting needs meet, there is a gap. This book is […]

Free: Retirement Made Simple (yes, really.)

In this follow-up to his best-seller Wealth Made Simple (yes, really.), author David Ragland continues the journey to create wealth by making retirement simple. In this book David tackles the often overwhelming and sometimes scary process of financially preparing for and living successfully in retirement. Retirement Made Simple (yes, really.) walks you through creating a […]

The Everyman’s Mentor

Seniors will lose Billions this year to scammers. A retired CEO spent thousands of hours researching how to avoid unscrupulous business dealings. Yac has created several thousand jobs in his own companies. $3.49 on Kindle.

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