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Become a bestselling author and change your life. What if new habits could dramatically improve your author journey? What if you could grow your business and increase your revenue with a few simple steps? Imagine becoming a bestselling author and having the opportunity to be your own boss, set your own hours, and achieve your […]

Forget Results, Living The Dream With Daily Action

This book presents a totally new and revolutionary approach to accomplishing your goals. You will learn of ideas that are easy and actionable. And as you begin to implement these ideas, you will get a better reality. You will appreciate the importance of two vital attributes: consistency and constancy. Taking small actions every single day […]

Guerrilla Speech Tactics

Learn the secrets of the world’s best speakers. Get the best kind of knowledge, information that will persuade your audiences so you get the results you want. One half of all net proceeds are donated to U.S. veterans organizations. $2.99 on Kindle.

Free: InspiredWork: Create Work You Love in 8 Weeks

Get “The Best Career Guide Ever” for FREE Today on Amazon. The InspiredWork Book Can Help You Find a Job or Start Your Own Business in Just 8 Weeks. Free on Kindle.

How to Write Your Book From Idea to Outline: Step-by-Step Instructions

Have a Great Idea for a Novel, but Don’t Know How or Where to Begin? Are Your Readers Bored After That Great Opening? Do Your Middles Sag? How to Write Your Book will help you. A simple, step-by-step method for building a successful storyline from your basic idea. Learn how to keep the sizzling plot […]

Hot Man Wanted

The backseat of my limo is about to get filthy. What’s a billionaire like me doing on a dating site? I lost a bet. I’m supposed to go out – once – with a girl from the ‘real world.’ Someone I could never bring home to meet the parents. So when I see her Hot […]

Free: How to Study Poker Volume 2

Struggling to improve your skills? Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of poker information out there? Do you wish you could master one strategy at a time instead of scratching the surface of 3bets, Cbets, Final Table Play or whatever else hits your inbox that day? Learn how simplifying your studies and cutting out […]

Free: Move or Improve? The Baby Boomers’ Guide to Housing Options

Baby Boomers who feel overwhelmed trying to decide where to live will appreciate the information found in this book. Should you stay in your home and age in place by making modifications? Or should you move toa different location and enjoy better weather, lower cost-of-living, etc.? Should you build a new home that meets your […]

Free: Harris Rules: A Real Estate Agents Guide to Becoming Rich and Free

It’s the question every agent asks, but few have a truthful answer for: Where does business come from? In an industry constantly selling the ‘easy button’ and overrun with shiny widgets, agents are pulled in multiple directions at once, each promising if they “just do this” that their dreams of real estate fortune will come […]

The Rescue (Alternate Dimensions Book 3)

Space hasn’t gotten any easier with time.After several weeks and harrowing escapes in the new galaxy, Andi is finding herself in more uncomfortable situations than ever. As the spearhead of her group’s secret mission to find Jyra and rescue her from a top research official, the Earth girl must put on the performance of her […]

A Clinician’s Journey from Complex Trauma to Thriving

Written for survivors and clinicians this collection of articles and essays span the trajectory from abuse, complex trauma, addictions, the relational quest, recovery and treatment, and ultimately thriving creatively and spiritually. $9.99 on Kindle.


When a high profile socialite is found dead, posed in an extremely provocative position, Lieutenant Ellison Frost must set aside her personal connection in pursuit of the truth. As the case pushes into the reaches of the victim’s sexually deviant lifestyle, Frost must battle exposing her own private life and the duality it has become. Can […]

Poor Eating Habits

Teach your children good eating habits and solid food choices, and help them avoid food associated diseases such as obesity, heart disease, and diabeties. $0.99 on Kindle.

Free: Building Healthy Humans: Your Guide to a Balanced and Beautiful Pregnancy

  “Building Healthy Humans” or The Balanced and Beautiful Pregnancy is a simple and straightforward reality based wellness guide for pregnant or soon to be pregnant moms and dads who want a balanced and beautiful pregnancy and happy healthy baby. Free on Kindle.

The Wedding Vows Chapbook

Need help with your wedding vows? Filled with beautiful vows by published poet and greeting card author, Katharine Coggeshall, this 50-page book is filled with heartfelt sentiments. Included are non-denominational romantic vows, suitable for all couples, as well as Christian vows. And for added inspiration, a bonus list to spark your own verse writing! This […]

Falling For Her

Fay is s*x on heels, smart and sassy and has a cherry just for me. I am determined to claim her, make her mine. Just that I will have to take it one day (or should we say, night) at a time? Would she risk her everything for a man who could leave her anytime?Would she risk falling […]

Falling For Her

Fay is s*x on heels, smart and sassy and has a cherry just for me. I am determined to claim her, make her mine. Just that I will have to take it one day (or should we say, night) at a time? Would she risk her everything for a man who could leave her anytime?Would she risk falling […]

Free: In-Home Sales Acceleration

In-Home Sales Acceleration gives you a simple system for success. This book provides specific ways to deliver the “Ultimate Client Experience,” increase revenue, and keep clients for life. It also includes proprietary methodologies for becoming a better salesperson and creating sustainable income growth. You will finally be able to break through barriers that have been […]

Alien War: The Complete Trilogy

In this riveting trilogy, Rade Galaal and his team of mech pilots enter into the fray to investigate the disappearance of a classified starship, retake a colony world, and face-off against an alien superthreat. $0.99 on Kindle.  

Die For You

After a virus took out civilization, Rachel is the last living soul in California. Until she runs into a Marine sniper, battle-hardened but alive and healthy. Adam would love a slamming session of I-can’t-believe-we’re-alive sex. But Rachel’s inexperience—and younger age—hold him back from exposing her to his aggressive sexuality. $0.99 on Kindle.


Ulysses Bowden walks between two worlds. Sworn into the Marshal Service and sent across the Dead Line with only warrants and a tin star, it will take all of his skill to survive. In 1875 Indian Territory is home to resettled native tribes. The tribes rule their own lands and men and women on the […]

Free: Female Pelvic Alchemy (Secrets For Energizing Your Sex Life, Enhancing Your Orgasms, and Loving Your Lady Parts)

With “Female Pelvic Alchemy: Trade Secrets for Energizing Your Sex Life, Enhancing Your Orgasms, and Loving Your Lady Parts,” physical therapist, educator, and author Isa Herrera continues to empower women to achieve lifelong health and wellness. This comprehensive but easy-to-read manual is brimming with tools, exercises and techniques that she has developed and used to […]

Free: 60 Minute CFO (Bridging the Gap Between Business Owner, Banker, and CPA)

This book is a must read for any business owner who wants and needs to effectively communicate with his or her banker and CPA. It describes in easy to understand language the 14 key indicators bankers use to analyze financial statements, and provides valuable tips and insights on bank systems and procedures. Analysis and forecasting […]

Rock Hard Prince Charming: A Royal Bad Boy Romance

Marriage was something I didn’t give a royal f*ck about. That was before I became a single dad. Now, I need to find the perfect future queen. And mother to my baby girl. My father’s health is deteriorating. It’s time for me to take the crown. Just one problem: I’m missing my Empress. My meddling […]

Bad Trip

She went looking for paradise. She found hell. The breathtaking scenery of La Costa del Balsamo masks terror for American tourist Charity Chalmers. The best-selling novelist is in El Salvador to find inspiration for her next book. Cocooned in the luxury of the five-star Plaza Hotel, she thinks she is in paradise.But, in a country […]

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