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Looking for some expert advice or helpful guides? These Kindle titles cover a wide range of interests and topics to help you try out a new hobby, pick up some useful skills, or learn leadership or anything else from trusted experts. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, check out the related self-help genre!

Free: A Love Attempt: Your Practical Guide to Love

Morhaf Al Achkar

Developing your emotional intelligence? Learn simple and practical techniques to cultivate your love competence…. Everyone wants love. We’re so desperate for it that we are frequently willing to take any deformed shape of it. But what if we can bring in the idea in a developed and genuine form to make it available to every ... Read more


Free: Save Your Brain Now: A Functional Medicine Perspective

Peter Wilhelmsson

There is an ever increasing epidemic of the decline of cognitive function and the diseases of dementia! Save Your Brain Now describes how a healthy brain functions and what causes cognitive decline that all too often leads to the diseases of dementia. In addition, the book provides valuable tools for improve symptoms such as poor ... Read more


Easy Peasy Cryptocurrency – Investing Digital Money is Inevitable

When it comes to cryptocurrency, do you ever feel as though you’re on the outside looking in? In Easy Peasy Cryptocurrency Investing: Digital Money Is Inevitable,  you will learn: Simple comparisons between cryptocurrency and the money you’re currently using so you know what you’re dealing with The top cryptocurrencies and how you can always stay up to ... Read more


Free: Warrior Entrepreneur: Lessons From The Battlefield To The Boardroom

Zachary Green

Zachary Green’s life experiences in the military, firefighting service and as an entrepreneur helped him realize that these careers have a lot in common. They entail risk, struggle, grit and bravery. The idea behind this book revolves around preparing for your crucible – a turning point in your life – which changes your forward trajectory. ... Read more


Free: Roads to Meaning and Resilience with Cancer

Morhaf Al Achkar

This is a compelling book by an author who is wearing multiple hats — as a doctor, an academic, a lung cancer advocate, and ultimately, a patient himself. Dr. Alachkar’s knowledge-based, yet deeply personal and relateable book will give you a variety of viewpoints on questions like the meaning of life, finding hope in a ... Read more


Free: No Bullsh*t Dating: Six Steps to Find, Attract, and Keep Your Dream Woman

Kyle Devlin

Confused about what really makes a woman tick? Tired of women ignoring you while you search for love? So was James. That is until his Uncle Robert gave him some answers about the female brain that he had been looking for. A practical guide for single and divorced men of all ages, follow James’ journey ... Read more


Free: Freedom to Experiment: How to Ignite a New Level of Energy, Focus, and Momentum in Yourself and Your Team

Jim Riviello

Do you give yourself and your team the freedom to experiment? Most leaders are so fixated on getting results that they ignore the process required to get there and the tools available to support their journey. But the truth of the matter is that getting results is a game of progress, not perfection. And the ... Read more


From Spare Room to Spare Money: Turning Your Extra Space into an Airbnb

Crystal Rusteen

Have people ever told you that your home would make the perfect hotel or bed and breakfast? Have you ever stayed the night somewhere and immediately compiled a list of things you’d do differently? Are you interested in finding new ways of making an income by dipping your toes in the hospitality industry? More and ... Read more


Secrets To Parenting Without Giving A F^ck

Sue Donnellan

Are you tired of yelling, punishing, and reminding, yet experiencing no change in your child’s behavior? What if you could learn the transformative mindset that allows parents to get results without “fixing” their child’s bad behavior? In Secrets to Parenting Without Giving a F^ck, Sue Donnellan, parent mentor, author, mom of four (including triplets), and ... Read more


Free: Surviving the College Admissions Madness

Kevin Martin

Unlike any book written about higher education, Surviving the College Admissions Madness is a complete takedown of a deeply flawed and thoroughly broken system. Unconventional, irreverent, and entertaining, Kevin Robert Martin argues that elite universities do not care about their applicants. College admissions is highly undemocratic and dehumanizing. University bureaucracies alienate applicants from their humanity ... Read more


Free: Smash It!: How to Dominate the Digital Era and Make Your Business Grow Like Hell!

JJ Delgado

“Smash It” is not just a tool for pure digital companies. It can be applied to traditional companies and to companies that need to reinvent their business models in order to keep being competitive. As such, it’s equally useful to all professionals that want to understand how to deliver value to their organizations in the ... Read more


The Homesteading Encyclopedia: The Essential Beginner’s Homestead Planning Guide for a Self-Sufficient Lifestyle

Kelly Reed

Discover how to start your homesteading journey the right away…and avoid making expensive beginner’s mistakes. Are you thinking about moving to a country homestead, but have no idea how to start planning? Do you want to raise your level of self-sufficiency, but live in a small city apartment and don’t know how to do it? ... Read more


Free: Business Credit Leveraging

Victor Allen

This book will help a person with a plan, yet funding caused everything to come to a complete stop. It will also help someone bridge the distance between ambition and destiny. I sometimes look at it as my bridge to fulfill my purpose in life. I feel that knowledge is power. So many people don’t ... Read more


Free: Resilient Heart: Unstable Home, An Unstable Marriage, And a Self Made Life Beyond Pain

Ruby Wight

This is a tale of a life full of challenges. As an innocent child, Ruby endured physical abuse from the hands of her own mother and found solace in an invisible friend—God, you might say. She was molested by a priest at barely 16 and subjected to a humiliating public scandal. Yet, nothing could deter ... Read more


Free: On Wings of Hope: Leading Lily Home

Cynthia Bischoff

Have you ever wondered about the universe, your purpose here on earth, or what might await you in the afterlife? Author and life coach Cynthia Lynch Bischoff has often reflected on those questions in her transformational work with her clients. On Wings of Hope: Leading Lily Home explores those questions through a poignant recollection of ... Read more


The Introvert’s Edge to Networking: Work the Room. Leverage Social Media. Develop Powerful Connections

Matthew Pollard

Finally – A Networking Book for Introverts! Introverts across the world have been sold a lie: One of the biggest myths that plagues the business world today is that our ability to network depends on having the “gift-of-gab.” This is nonsense. You don’t have to be outgoing to be successful at networking. You don’t have ... Read more


Free: Overcoming Toxic Air: A Path to Healing and Hope-Filled Exhales

Heather Lambert

The words we speak create the world in which we exist. Our words do not only affect us, but they also affect the younger, more vulnerable among us who are living in the culture we are creating and learning from the ways we communicate. Overcoming Toxic Air: A Path to Healing and Hope-Filled Exhales takes ... Read more


How to Overcome Energy Vampires and Take Control of Your Life

kwame gene

Ever been surrounded by energy vampires that do nothing but drain your being and cause you to be depressed? If so, you have found the solution to your problems. This book is 101 guides on how to overcome, take back your energy and prosper. In this book, you will learn that your life is in ... Read more


Teach Your Expertise: How to Grow a Business and Become a Success by Creating an Online Class or Program

Alina Vincent

Whether you are considering starting an online business, looking to create your first online course or program, or want to create a bigger impact in the world, Teach Your Expertise will show you how to use your existing expertise to create success. Full of inspirational stories as well as practical and actionable advice, this bestselling ... Read more


A Closer Walk

Jackie Roy

Memoir on how a daughter helped her father navigate his walk with Alzheimer’s Disease. Helpful read for anyone with a loved one walking their own path with dementia and for caregivers, care facility staff, medical students or anyone concerned with the growing number of worldwide dementia cases to gain knowledge on stages of the disease ... Read more


Easy Self-Discipline: How to Resist Temptations, Build Good Habits, and Achieve Your Goals WITHOUT Will Power or Mental Toughness

James W. Williams

Forget Willpower…Discover the Scientifically Proven Easier Way to Resist Temptations and Crush Your Goals. Easy Self-Discipline isn’t just about the knowledge to help you fix that one habit you’ve been struggling with. This is a blueprint that can help you radically redefine your life and change it for the better. If you’ve ever struggled to ... Read more


Free: Answer the Call: Life Lessons From Family Origins Through Invention and Struggle

Jorge Gonzalez

I am Jorge V. Gonzalez, a child, a son of Mexican immigrant parents and first generation American. I spent 20 years in the warehouse distribution and logistics industry before becoming disabled. When I became disabled, I had to reinvent myself and transition into the real estate industry. I am currently a real estate agent with ... Read more


Free: Creating Your Best Life: Discover Your God-Given Potential

Mark Keene

God absolutely intends for you to live in abundance and experience complete fulfillment. Do you believe life has more for you? Are you tired of being broke? Are you ready to own your future and create the life you want? One of the challenges most Christians face is seeing and experiencing God’s promises. We know ... Read more


Free: What the Hell Is a Lifestyle Asset?: How To Build Lifestyle & Financial Freedom Investing In Vacation Homes

Shawn Moore

I’m assuming that the only reason you are considering this book is because you want lifestyle & financial freedom (not just one or the other). Unfortunately for most people, it’s nothing more than a dream. They never search seriously enough to find a plan that fits their goals and then work the plan. The part ... Read more


Free: Professional Builders Secrets

Russ Stephens

Are serious about systemizing your building company? Maybe you’re keen to get started, but you don’t have the tools you need right now. And maybe you’re a little overwhelmed by all the strategies and tactics you’ve been told are necessary to implement into your business. However, there is no need for you to try to ... Read more


Ten Secrets to Overcoming Stage Fright

Janice Dean

If you struggle with public speaking, or simply interpersonal communication, this is your book! Janice Dean’s powerful, entertaining, and cleverly written parable takes the fear out of public speaking and replaces it with practical techniques. $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Self-Publish & Succeed: The No Boring Books Way to Writing a Non-Fiction Book that Sells

Julie Broad

“…the perfect cheerleader to start or finish the book that is crucial to you, your brand, or career. This compact, succinct book brims with information on how to self-publish your non-fiction book. Whether it’s a how-to or your brand’s life story, Broad’s inside information will give you the tools and boost you need to succeed.” ... Read more


Think Smart Not Hard

Roy Huff

Think Smart Not Hard is your no-nonsense guide for finally grasping the life you were born to live. If you like real-world applications, optimizing your existing strengths, and honest accounts from a self-made man, then you’ll love Roy Huff’s energizing resource. $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Free: Conscious Home Design: The Guide to Living Your Best Life by Designing for Happiness Health and Relationship Success

Talor Stewart

There is a paradigm shift happening in home design. Today’s homeowners are more design-savvy and demand more than what the old world values represent and deliver. For the Conscious Homeowner, gone are the days when a house is deemed adequate simply because it is built-in Z architectural style, has Y number of bedrooms, and X ... Read more


Little Home, Big Dreams: The Tiny Home Lifestyle for Beginners

Kristine Hudson

This is not your typical tiny house “how-to” book. You won’t learn how to build a tiny house, but you will learn a lot about yourself and your lifestyle needs. In “Little Home, Big Dreams: The Tiny Home Lifestyle for Beginners”, Kristine Hudson shares the steps to create the tiny house space and lifestyle that ... Read more


Communication Skills Training Series: 7 Books in 1 – Read People Like a Book, Make People Laugh, Talk to Anyone, Increase Charisma and Persuasion, and Improve Your Listening Skills

James W. Williams

Communication Skills Training is a collection of 7 books that are designed to help you with every aspect of improving your communication skills, interpersonal relationships, becoming more charismatic and influential, and building confidence. An incredible 7 book box set for just $0.99. Only for a limited time! $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Free: Your Kids Own Money: The 4 Pillars for Living a Money Smart Life

Juanita Enns

Don’t you wish someone came up to you when you were young and told you exactly what to do with your money so that you could have the future of your dreams? Your Kids Own Money does just that. It is a great conversation starter and step by step guide to help you help your ... Read more


Free: The Playmaker Mindset: A Radically Fun Way To Build a Culture of Teamwork and Instant Innovation

Jeff Rogers

Stop Working and Start Playing! Learn how to unleash the creativity your team needs for instant innovation, a stronger culture, and a happier life! In this business fable from Wall Street Journal and USA Today best-selling author, Jeff Rogers, we find a simple way to rekindle our lost sense of play…and use it at work. ... Read more


Free: Generalized Anxiety Disorder: The Universal Formula for Healing Anxiety, Building Your Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence, and Achieving Superior Mental Wellness

Richard Banks

Is stress keeping you up at night? Are you tired of wasting your time and energy worrying all the time? Are you ready to learn how to deal with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)? This book provides a complete framework and a well-rounded set of tools with which to understand the causes of GAD, and how ... Read more


Winning the Battle Within

Sylvester Jenkins III

The biggest enemy you will ever face in life is your inner-me. The power of resilience within humans can transform an average person into a powerhouse. Yet, even in times of rapid disruptive change, there is no manual for building resilience; this book is that manual. Resilience left to individuals will only ever be built ... Read more


Five Days with the Mouse to be a Better Event Planner

Michael Kloss

Apply Disney Magic to Everyday Events! It’s no surprise that special event professionals are drawn to vacations at the Walt Disney World Resort. Around every turn at “The Happiest Place on Earth” is a spark of creative inspiration, and a chance to observe world-class guest relations, creative Imagineering, and storytelling mastery. Five Days with the ... Read more


How to Spot a Liar: A Practical Guide to Speed Read People, Decipher Body Language, Detect Deception, and Get to The Truth

James W. Williams

What if there was a way to spot the lies and take yourself closer to the truth? In How to Spot a Liar, you’ll deep-dive into the world of dishonesty, where you’ll learn everything about the psychology behind why people lie and manipulate the truth, and then how to spot it. $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Free: Crochet Cute Amigurumi Pattern Funny Pig

Helena Denisoff

Do you want to master your Amigurumi skills and try new cute amazing patterns? Already know the basics, but would like to stretch your crocheting skills? This is a perfect crocheting patterns for you!!!! If you love to work on projects that are quick and easy to finish, this colorful idea book is for you. ... Read more


Free: The Part Time Startup

D.M. Christensen

Trying to grow a business while still having that full time job? In this book, we dive into what it takes to build a business while working full time. There are a lot of people who glamorize the idea of quitting your job, and jumping in to create a startup – which you are more ... Read more


Free: WHEN COMMUNITIES DISAPPEAR: The Unspoken Truths of Community Revitalization Ideologies and Policies in the United States

Veronica Smith

Veronica Smith is a businesswoman, economic philosopher, and self-pro-claimed Master of Community. As the CEO and Founder of Impact Community Partners, Veronica delivers strategic advisory, community, and economic development services to public and private sector clients. Veronica is an engaged leader in her community who has been mentoring women and girls in the Sacramento region ... Read more


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