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Prepare for suspense, excitement, and plenty of tense situations within these mystery and thriller selections! From high-speed thrillers to tense caper stories to fascinating police procedurals, these books will keep you entertained and enthralled for hours on end. Here's a selection of mysteries, legal thrillers, crime thrillers, spy thrillers, mystery thrillers, cozys and more!

Assault and Batting: A Taylor Quinnn Quilt Shop Mystery

Tess Rothery

Taylor Quinn is full of love and living it up in the city. But when her mother dies suspiciously and she rushes home to take over the family’s small-town quilt shop, her whole world unravels. Discovering her grieving young sister blames herself, she vows to prove everyone’s innocence. $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


The Avery Hart Trilogy

Emerald O'Brien

Emerald O’Brien, author of unpredictable mysteries packed with suspense, brings you The Avery Hart Trilogy that keeps readers guessing until the final installment. Avery Hart narrowly escapes death after being attacked in the woods of Crown River. Ten years later… The body of a young woman is discovered along the path of a park in ... Read more


Free: The Blood Of Florence

Guy James

Injured Al-Qaeda terrorist prisoner Khalid Mohamed carries out a daring escape from the Florence Medical Center in Colorado shortly before being interviewed by FBI Special Agent Tyrone Henderson. As the medical quartet of Doctor Abraham Hurwitz, Doctor Shane Sherman, and nurses Catherine Ackerman and Tina Cohen arrive at the medical center to beef up the ... Read more


Never Walk Alone

Willow Rose

The world is on lockdown due to a virus that originated in Miami. A woman is kidnapped from her apartment, and Detective Harry Hunter is on the case. At the same time, his sister shows up after they haven’t seen each other in a year. As it turns out, Harry’s sister knows more about the ... Read more


Jake Caldwell Thrillers

James Weaver

ONCE YOU START RUNNING, IT’S HARD TO STOP. Mob enforcer, Jake Caldwell is in the dark business of breaking kneecaps and snapping bones. But each job sends him one step closer to turning into the man he swore he’d never become–his violent and abusive father. Leaving the mob is easier said than done, so when ... Read more


The Ticking Clock (Angels & Imperfection Book 3)

Dan Arnold

When private detective John Wesley Tucker meets Hafsah Bashir, his world and his mission are turned inside out. She’s searching for a missing family member and the fate of millions hangs in the balance. Since the fall of ISIS, radicalized recruits from the internet have been ineffective at bringing mass casualty terror back to America. ... Read more


Free: Asesina

Craig Keffeler

Meet Angel—smart, willful, a lover of animals. She is also one of the Cartel del Noreste’s most lethal hitters, but this time she has met her match. His name is Dr. Ernest L. Girard and he’s a man who has everything—upbringing, looks, gifted surgical skills. Free on Kindle.... Read more


The Immoralist

Nathan Senthil

Self-styled Mr. Bunny wants to be the most notorious killer in US history. With four high profile figures slowly hanging to their deaths, he’s off to a good start. NYPD homicide detective Gabriel Chase much catch him, no matter at what cost. But who will have the last laugh? $2.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Season of Ice: Tales of Murder, Mystery & Mayhem

Richard Prosch

NEW TALES OF CRIME AND SUSPENSE JOIN PROSCH FAN FAVORITES TO KEEP YOU TURNING PAGES WELL PAST MIDNIGHT… From the 1965 east-coast blackout to depression-era Nebraska; from the trash-piled streets of Manhattan to rural-South Carolina; here are seventeen short stories of innocent criminals, guilty bystanders, mob hitmen, dead farm girls, and small-town cops. Justice is ... Read more


The Corpse Wore Stilettos

MJ O'Neill

Former socialite turned accidental-sleuth, Kat Waters, is dodging questions from the cops and kidnapping attempts from a body-snatching psycho in an effort to keep herself employed and her zany family out of the homeless shelter. She’s teamed up with a sexy ex-special forces soldier who has a penchant for taking in strays, an eye for ... Read more


The Last One To See Her

Mark Tilbury

Mathew Hillock was the last person to see eleven-year-old Jodie Willis alive. When her dead body turns up four days later in his garden shed, the police think he’s guilty of her murder. But there’s no DNA evidence to link him to the crime. Battling the weight of public opinion and mental illness due to ... Read more


A Dragonfly’s Wing

Jeremy Bradley-Silverio Donato

“A Dragonfly’s Wing” is the new political thriller that readers are saying ‘can’t be put down’ and ‘deserves the hype’. Poverty. Politics. Betrayal. What happens when you mix Britain’s new prime minister and her secret past with a writer whose new book seems all too real, his former roommate (now a French cultural attaché), and ... Read more


The Hand That Feeds You (The Dulcie Chambers Mysteries Book 6)

Kerry J Charles

As if running an art museum wasn’t enough, Dr. Dulcinea Chambers now finds herself in battle with the new board of directors chair, Vanessa Rich, who is on a ruthless quest to trim the budget in any way she can. Her cost-cutting measures will begin with selling off Dulcie’s antique office furniture, much to Dulcie’s ... Read more


Tell Me Why

Ruth O'Neill

Tell me why follows a woman who just wants to be loved, but who instead ends up in a tangled web of lies, deceit, and terror. A chilling read you won’t stop talking about. $2.99 on Kindle... Read more


Free: A Surgeon’s Knot

William Lynes

Jackson Cooper. MD will never forget that first day, its stunning conclusion forever etched in his mind. His year as a surgical intern is a story of medical suspense, tragedy, and occasional terror, as a young physician deals with the world of surgery. Free on Kindle.... Read more


Little Voices

Vanessa Lillie

Amazon Bestseller: On the night Devon almost dies giving birth, her friend is murdered. Finding justice becomes an obsession, one that leads Devon, baby in-hand, down a dangerous path directly to the killer. “Little Voices checks all of the boxes of a great thriller, and then some.” —Real Simple $1.99 on Kindle... Read more


Free: The Killing of the Cherrywood MP

Louise Burfitt-Dons

Jihadi brides return from Syria and deradicalized terrorists are released from prison. In reaction extremist right-wing groups proliferate across Europe. The Labour MP for Cherrywood is found murdered and police look for a lone wolf with a personal vendetta against ISIS. P I Karen Andersen believes it’s not that simple. From the roulette tables of ... Read more


I’ll Never Tell (Book 1)

Deidra Green

Several murders went unsolved five years ago. The cold case unit of the Atlanta Police Department has reached out to newly-minted forensic psychologist, Dr. Addison Parker to unravel the mysteries that have baffled law enforcement for half a decade. The case of Marlon Jennings has been placed in Dr. Addison’s lap. It’s five years cold ... Read more


Free: The Day of ‘Nevermore’

Stephen G Levy

Welcome to modern-day Alaska. Choose your animal guide. Get advice from your deceased girlfriend. Watch out for shifters. Trust some spirits not all and you will solve the murders and choose a new girlfriend. May your spirit sparkle! Free on Kindle.... Read more


Deception, Denial & Murder

Christa Nardi

A domineering co-worker, a flirtatious neighbor, and a dead body make for many questions and awkward situations. When Stacie Maroni’s night out is derailed by the discovery of a body outside a local watering hole, she’s glad she’s not involved. But when the police investigate and close friends are cast as potential suspects, Stacie will ... Read more


Free: Double Down

Carolina Mac

A ruthless lawman – A war between cartels – A bloody fight to the end. Blaine Blackmore frantically searches the Colombian jungles for Fabiana. Vastly outnumbered, the Agency team is in way over their heads. In a last-ditch effort, they pull out all the stops, but will it be enough? Free on Kindle... Read more


Tiger and the Robot

Grahame Shannon Shannon

A glamorous billionaire, Gina Lee, is kidnapped from the famous Swiftsure Yacht Race. Chandler Gray and his wisecracking AI assistant Saga pursue a rescue by land sea and air. The action proceeds from Vancouver to the wilds of the Aleutians and come to a dramatic conclusion in Desolation Sound. This page-turner will have you on ... Read more


Free: The Sam Reilly Collection Volume 3

Christopher Cartwright

Three complete novels in the bestseller Sam Reilly Action and Adventure series with over half a million books downloaded! Free on Kindle... Read more


Murder Most Annoying (A Carolyn Neville Mystery Book 1)

John Duckworth

Carolyn Neville may not be the world’s greatest detective, but that’s fine. She’s a long-suffering Manhattan book editor, one of those dinosaurs in danger of being replaced by spell check and Netflix. Carolyn is still trying to edit the world around her. But the world isn’t cooperating, her spiritual life is shaky, and her love ... Read more


Free: Fear Runner

Dale Brandon

Fasten your seat belt…Critically acclaimed action scenes will keep you on the edge of your seat in this high-energy thriller. Fear Runner immerses the reader in a suspenseful new world filled with clever twists as Scott Quinn and Lauren Chandler try to escape from the world’s most dangerous assassin. Pull up a chair and follow ... Read more


Declassified: The First Five Missions Of Jarvis Love—Spy

David Foster

Filled with hair-raising action and wild chases, this collection presents five edge-of-your-seat adventures that hark back to the great spy novels of the sixties but infused with the high-octane punch of a modern thriller. Jarvis Love is a freshly-minted operative for the Global Intelligence Network. He is young, inexperienced, and about to be thrust into ... Read more


A Deadline Cozy Mystery (10 book series)

Sonia Parin

Fun-filled humorous cozy mystery series set in a small island town. After a brief visit to Rock-Maine Island, Eve Lloyd decides to settle down and open an inn. Along the way, she acquires a reputation for being a magnet for murder and mayhem. Teaming up with her new friend, Jill Saunders, and a cast of ... Read more


Murder in Baycity

John Hynes

Elizabeth Harrington has been framed for the murder of her husband James Harrington and business partner. Mrs. Harrington hires JOHNNY BLAKE P.I to clear her name. With the help of a smart street kid Jimmy McNeil, Johnny finds the real murderer.  $2.99 on Kindle... Read more




CIA agents must play catch-up in time to stop powerful men in Homeland Security and the Defense Department from staging the overthrow of the President and his administration! Riveting! Escalating gang violence in Denver, Colorado, and in other large cities in the nation captures the attention of the first term President. He wants a solution, ... Read more


The Girl And The Hunt

A.J. Rivers

Catch me. The words that taunted FBI Agent Emma Griffin on the blood-soaked train ride from Sherwood continue to follow her. Drawn to Feathered Nest, she discovers that the horror is far from over and whoever is behind the dare has no intention of his brutal game slowing down any time soon. While in Feathered ... Read more


No Hesitation

Kirk Russell

Independence Base, a top-secret military facility north of Las Vegas, houses a breakthrough artificial intelligence that has US enemies worried and on the move. Two of Independence Base’s coders go missing. Were they kidnapped? Or did they quit in protest, taking their knowledge of the potentially dangerous AI code with them? $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Free: Somnambulist

Andrew Mackay

Sleepwalker Iris Goddard has gone missing. She’s left the bed and the front door is wide open. Now, her family is on the hunt to rescue her in this nerve-shredding psychological suspense thriller. Free on Kindle.... Read more


Free: From The Shadows

Ross Davies

Journalist Aaron Page’s life is turned upside down when an investigation into east London’s sex trade results in the murder of a young prostitute. Two years on, with the fallout from the girl’s death having claimed his career and his relationship, Aaron is dragged back into the world he has tried to forget when her ... Read more



Katherine Carlson

Marty Clawson is sick of being trapped by her weight–sick of her jerk husband. Her fantasy about shedding pounds while engaged in outdoor survival flopped as hard as her marriage. Now she’s desperate to get unstuck. So, a bus ride north into the Montana wild seems a promising bet–visit an old suitor who works as ... Read more


Blazer: Line of Duty

G.C. Harmon

Steve Blazer is an honest San Francisco cop, but he has a reputation: he’s a magnet for trouble. Former soldier, Steve Blazer, is given command of SFPD’s Special Forces… before he was a crack Homicide Inspector, he was an elite up and comer on the Vice Squad. With the help of his mentor, John Stanson, ... Read more


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