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Prepare for suspense, excitement, and plenty of tense situations within these mystery and thriller selections! From high-speed thrillers to tense caper stories to fascinating police procedurals, these books will keep you entertained and enthralled for hours on end. Here's a selection of mysteries, legal thrillers, crime thrillers, spy thrillers, mystery thrillers, cozys and more!

Free: A Game of Greed and Deception

John Mathews

When the charming Tammy Worthington takes her wealthy husband and step-daughter on a holiday weekend in the Colorado mountains, she has purely sinister intentions. Her husband is killed in a tragic auto accident, just as she had planned…and now her pending fortune awaits her. Or does it? With no body to be found in the ... Read more


Teaching is Murder

Monique Bird

On a nightly jog, Claire follows a stray kitten into an empty home and stumbles across a murdered jewelry thief. To make matters worse, a former student sends her a cryptic email the next day. $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Camp Chaos (The Unit Book 1)

Anne Fox

She’s a bada$$. A foul-mouthed woman with a gun on her hip and a badge on her belt. And she’s good with a gun. Very good. She’s dying to be a member of the unit – literally. Meet Special Agent Kathryn Hanko as she joins the clandestine law enforcement team known only as “the unit” ... Read more


Free: Implant

Ray Clark

A small town is beset by a series of cruel murders. The victims are tortured in bizarre ways. The killer leaves a message with each crime – a playing card from an obscure board game. DI Gardener launches a manhunt but it will only be by figuring out the murderer’s motive that they can bring ... Read more


MIssing on Main Street

Sarah Hualde

Lydia hunts desperately to find her lost student. Little does she know, she’s not the only one looking. Join the search. Read Missing on Main Street today. If you love faith-building Christian mysteries then you’ll love the Honey Pot Mystery Series. $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Free: Double Blind

Dan Alatorre

Two detectives hunt a serial killer. The killer’s hunting them. A lone trucker is ambushed, shot, and brutally stabbed. A tourist meets the same fate while out for a jog. Facing two crime scenes that could have come from a horror movie, Detectives Carly Sanderson and Sergio Martin search for a crazed serial killer. Five ... Read more


Central City

Indy Perro

Kane Kulpa learned which laws could be bent and which broken after a short stint in prison courtesy of Detective Vincent Bayonne. Bound by time, integrity, and the reality of life in Central City, Bayonne and Kane made peace with the past. Now, gang tension spirals from corrupt to deadly, and a series of murders ... Read more


Free: The Journey Series Box Set: (Books 1-3)

Glenn Trust

The Bestselling Journey Series, Books 1-3 Includes An Eye for Death, A Desert View, and Blue Water Horizon On the run from the mob, wanted by the law, blue-eyed Alice Trent is alone. She is a survivor, dealing with those who threaten her and the people she cares about. Killers and rapists, mobsters and dirty ... Read more


Every Fire Tells a Story

Andrew Fabbro

Shakti Morgan, an inner-city arson investigator from Detroit, is a fish out of water in Portland, Oregon’s granola-and-compost culture. When a beloved new age book store burns to the ground and kills its owner, the local fire marshal gambles on her reputation and teams her up with an athletic police detective who is immediately attracted ... Read more


Free: Three For Murder

Kfir Luzzatto

A a triple murder delight featuring man who likes the police too much, another who has a hard time moving the body, and a boy who thinks that a game of football is a matter of life or death—mostly death. Free on Kindle.... Read more


Free: The Eva Rae Thomas Mystery Series (Books 1-3)

Willow Rose

Multi-million-copy bestselling author Willow Rose’s new mystery series ensnares ex FBI profiler Eva Rae Thomas in some confounding murder cases. Every Parent’s Worst Fear! A 12-year-old girl goes missing at camp, and her body is found months later in a sleeping bag. When a second child is kidnapped, FBI profiler Eva Rae Thomas is determined ... Read more


Remember My Name

Laurencia Hoffman

Dark and twisted secrets mar Shane Coulter’s skin, and darken his fragile heart. Yet he keeps his nightmarish truth hidden from all those he holds dear with a smart mouth and abrasive attitude. His first love, Callan Reid, refuses to accept Shane’s tough exterior. Convinced something truly horrific lurks beneath Shane’s defenses, Callan vows to ... Read more


It’s Not Over

Willow Rose

Former FBI-profiler Eva Rae Thomas is back in a heart-pounding novel of suspense. It’s so shocking it’ll have you sleeping with your lights on. Married couple Peter and Mary Marshall went on a vacation with their son and daughter but returned without their children. They went missing from their hotel room one night while the ... Read more


Free: Our Last Days

Nick Oetken

How would you defend your family and your home if the grid went down and overwhelmingly dark forces arrived to take your lives and everything that you had? Former soldier Roy Foster, a hardened veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and his wife Josie and daughter Alex are living peacefully out in their peaceful ... Read more


Child of Emptiness

Biff Price

Who is the Child of Emptiness? “He will be born in the sixth year, in the sixth month, on the sixth day of the month. He will be empty, and he will be filled.” With what will he be filled? What is his purpose? The prophecy has been found, and the one who discovered it ... Read more


Free: The American Strangler

Robert M. Fleisher

“The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.” –Dick the Butcher, William Shakespeare, Henry VI, Part 2, Act IV, Scene 2. Ron Rellick agrees. Simple and sweet. We all know how lots of people hate lawyers, especially if they have ever been sued. Dr. Ron Rellick loses everything, including his sanity, to a ... Read more


Free: My Heart Will Find You

Toni DeMaio

Sunny has been haunted by dreams of an adventurous, wild past life lived in 1797 as a young girl named Jessamyn for her entire life. She writes her dreams into a racy romance novel and while researching detailed history of the period she discovers the characters in her novel had been real people. Soon she ... Read more



Edward Daniel Hunt

Retired Boston homicide detective John Gilfillan is in a race to find Lori Doyle, the witness to a brutal killing committed ten years ago. The only problem is, he isn’t the only one looking for her. Will Gilfillan find Lori before the killer does? A page-turning game of cat and mouse that will keep you ... Read more


Pablo’s Apprentice

Richard DeVall

The two women fell in love when they shared a prison cell. They were angry and wanted to make a name for themselves. When they were released, the world learned they were diabolical. The only one who could stop them was a female victim. The conclusion is on the Crocodile River in Bhutan. $0.99 on ... Read more


Free: In my dark place (Vol 4 The Harlot)

Vincent J Lee

A young delusional serial killer decides to rid the world of a certain type of woman. Free on Kindle.... Read more


Spring of Fire

JW Robitaille

A town threatened with extremist violence. One woman is tasked with diffusing the threat. Can she uncover the truth before her town explodes in violence? Sgt. Cory Marin wants to bask in the glow of her pregnancy, but when an extremist preacher threatens to burn the Koran and books of the devil, national attention falls ... Read more


A Traitor at Poppyridge Cove

Rimmy London

When Chase is awarded a major psychiatric achievement, he and Abby head off for a sudden getaway, leaving Emily in charge. But there was no way to know everything that would go wrong while they were away… This exciting novel can be read as a standalone, or as a delightful glimpse into the life of ... Read more


Dog Gone and Dead

Colleen Mooney

A Much Needed Vacation Turns Deadly… A weekend getaway at the beach with Jiff was just what they both needed, but their plans for a relaxing escape are ruined when Brandy discovers a dead body under a pier. Does A Dog Hold The Key To Solving The Case? See price on Kindle... Read more


Trail of Defects

Sara Caudell

A modern western with old west values. The armed robbery of Kelly’s Lounge outside of Cold Springs, Colorado escalates into unforeseeable problems for Sheriff Jim Hobson and the town residents. To complicate matters, an angry young girl runs away from home. $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


The Peacetaker Boxset

Edita A. Petrick

A career soldier who survived a deadly riot in Cairo, and a reclusive mythology expert from Montana, race against time to find the product of ancient myths and legends that’s cutting a bloody path across the continent. The race turns into a quest over two continents. $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Scar Tissue

Lee Birkett

YOUR BROTHER HAS GONE MISSING. HOW FAR WOULD YOU GO TO FIND HIM? John Walker receives a phone call from the other side of the world that blows his safe, comfortable life apart. The call comes from a Japanese detective who tells him that his brother has gone missing. John sets out on a journey ... Read more


Free: Erasing the Past

Geri Dreiling

It all began with a laugh. In 1968, as chemistry major Joe Holly headed to class, it was the sound of Kate Taylor’s laugh that caused him to fall for her, even before he glimpsed her face. And once he found her, he knew he would do anything to get her, and later, everything to ... Read more


Free: Eye of the Moon

Ivan Obolensky

Built upon the fabric of the author’s background as a member of the 1%, yet woven from whole cloth, this award-winning bestselling novel is an enchanting web of multigenerational intrigue, secret love affairs, sumptuous dinner parties, potential murders, Egyptian occultism, vicious curses, unexpected magic, and secrets that break, or reshape, lives. Though the opening chapters ... Read more


Free: In The Stars (Amber Reed Mysteries)

Zanna Mackenzie

When a celebrity is murdered at a quarry up on the moors above a sleepy village, local newspaper administrative assistant Amber is plunged into investigating an intriguing murder mystery… Join Amber as she gets sleuthing in this addictive and fun cozy mystery series! Free on Kindle.... Read more


Free: The After War

Brandon Zenner

Two years have passed since humankind faced extinction: Two cousins are leaving the protection of their underground bunker for the first time, after a cataclysmic war and unrelenting disease ravaged the earth. On the other side of North America, a young survivalist is leaving the seclusion of his cabin deep in the woods, traveling with ... Read more


The Magdalene Deception

Gary McAvoy

For two thousand years, believers have relied on Christ’s Resurrection as the bedrock of Christian faith. But what if the Vatican had been blackmailed into suppressing a first-century manuscript revealing the Resurrection to be a myth—and that long-hidden document suddenly reappears? Michael Dominic, a young Jesuit priest expert in the study of ancient writings, is ... Read more


Shadow Informant

Edita A. Petrick

“A killer is leaving a trail of bodies all over Chicago and each one is a puzzle piece, can the CPD put them all together before it’s too late?” When someone starts using murder victims as pieces of a puzzle it’s up to Caroline Osych of CPD to find out why. And to do that ... Read more


Free: In The Attic

Garry Rodgers

“I’m so terrified… that psycho’s going to kill me!” Maria Dersch prophetically predicted her death at the savage hands of her ex-boyfriend, Billy Ray Shaughnessy, who hid in her attic for two and a half days with an ax before sneaking down in the dead of night, chopping Maria and her new lover to death. ... Read more



Matt Carter

Bennytown is America’s favorite theme park, where magic is real and dreams come true. But when night falls, the park transforms into a dark dimension where madness reigns and spirits prowl. Sixteen-year-old Noel is about to find out more about Bennytown than he ever wanted to know, and that its darkness might have designs on ... Read more


The Wife Lie

Anya Mora

  My husband is missing. And his wife is on my doorstep. The wife I never knew he had. Does that mean my husband’s out looking for wife number three? The more I dig… the more I find. Ledger Stone is not the man I thought I knew. $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


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