Free: The Creation: Axis Mundi

A frightening power is stirring in the Amazon, an event beginning that only occurred once in the history of the Earth — during its process of Creation. And it will take more than tenacity and ingenuity to survive the coming seven days. The Creation is about to begin anew, and what mankind will discover is […]

Free: Legacy

She thought ghosting meant blocking someone on twitter. Kicked out of college, Keira’s real education starts under her mystic grandmother’s guidance. If you like mystic mage tales, you’ll love this chilling, delightful paranormal suspense series. Free on Kindle.

Not An Accident

10-year-old Gabby Myers used to be an avid skier. But when the day of her final ski tournament arrives, Gabby finds herself waking up in the hospital instead of her own bed, with a broken wrist and little memory of how she’d gotten there. Even worse, none of those around her know what happened nor […]

Free: Escape to Osprey Cove

The mystery begins with an unusual find in the secret compartment of Doug’s new Corvette. It will change his and Catherine’s life forever, forcing her to find escape at The Osprey Cove Lodge. Free on Kindle.

The Water Hemlock

Four boys are bound together by friendship and loyalty until a tragedy rips them apart. The unspeakable event, which erases their youthful innocence and changes the course of their lives, gradually comes to light as they battle their inner demons. Coming of age in a small town, Curtis finds love, Buckley finds heartache, Danny finds […]

Free: Diana Christmas

What happened to the glamorous film-star who disappeared? What terrible secrets derailed her life? Introducing, Diana Christmas – a brand-new noir thriller, crammed full of unexpected twists and turns. Free on Kindle.

Free: The Cleansing Aftermath

The second book in a series of just one normal man… boy… as his world collapses… reading the first book is advised to have any understanding of the vast world and creation that is around him… Where will you be when the Cleanse continues? Free on Kindle.

Jimmy – A Joe Cronin Novel

Meet Jimmy, a serial killer who kidnaps then suffocates his victims, slowly. Jimmy has a need to stare into his preys’ eyes as he cuts off their air and snuffs out their light. He brings them to the brink of death and back again, until he tires of his game. Jimmy has stayed in the […]

Tiaras & Texans

When Presley wins a bet with Cooper, she thinks she finally is going to get her chance to work with him. She knows she’s got the potential to be a good security detail for his company and is miffed when her first assignment is to protect a bunch of self-absorbed beauty queens at a Texas […]

Savage Lies

When a girl disappears, the police think she’s the victim of a serial killer, but ex-SAS operative John Savage has another theory. One that turns out to be far more terrifying… Perfect for fans of Lee Child and David Baldacci. $0.99 on Kindle.

Free: Unwelcome Guests

Caitlin seeks to build bridges with her husband after the loss of their baby. Unfortunately, their holiday getaway turns into a nightmare when they find a man held hostage in the cellar. When the house owner turns up, armed and dangerous, in a battle of wits Caitlin will have to quickly decide whom to trust […]

Keep Possession: A World Cup Fictional Thriller

What if the missing original World Cup trophy, stolen from its bullet-proof case in Brazil in 1983, resurfaced today and was now intended as a bribe to secure tournament hosting rights in the geopolitics of World Cup soccer? Jack McDonald is a reformed soccer hooligan, a man who rose above his brutal adolescence, climbing all […]

Deadly Proof

In the biggest case of her career, attorney Kate Sullivan is tapped as lead counsel to take on Mason Pharmaceutical because of a corporate cover-up related to its newest drug. After a whistleblower dies, Kate knows the stakes are much higher than her other lawsuits. $1.99 on Kindle.

Blood Moon Carnival

This year’s carnival brought along a vicious serial killer. An innocent teenage girl has gone missing … … and only Jason can save her. $0.99 on Kindle.

Free: Off Kilter

While mourning the tragic loss of his family, Collin Cook finds himself in a deadly game of cat and mouse with the nefarious cyber terrorist Pho Nam Penh. Collin’s insurance settlement has made him a target. His grief has made him unstable. His friends, including the NSA’s top cybercrime expert Lukas Mueller, have given him […]

In Cold Blood

For Detective Forrest, evil has a distinctive smell. When a dead girl’s severed organs are found strung from a tree, Forrest fears that French Revolution-era savagery is making a comeback… Sara Damsgaard is in debt, newly widowed, and desperate to provide for her young sister. Her new position as a boarding school headmistress seems like […]

The Accursed (Victim of Fate Book 1)

When surrounded by darkness your entire life, would you eventually succumb to it? After a lifetime of abuse, betrayal, and loss, artist Chase Romano wanted the misery to end. But as the ghosts of the past strangled his future, the battle for his mind, his heart and his life seemed hopeless. In a last-ditch effort […]

Free: Innocent Blood

John Jordan’s first case is also his most heartbreaking. And one that will haunt him for the rest of his life! As he battles his demons and embarks on his first murder investigation, Jordan learns the ropes from the one and only Harry Bosch. One of crime fiction’s most fascinating detective’s very first case. Special […]

Free: Sam’s Song

Sam’s Song is book one in the Amazon #1 Sam Smith Mystery Series. Each book in the series combines a psychological mystery with humor and romance and can be read as a stand-alone. Free on Kindle.

The Azrael Initiative

After a terrorist attack at their university, two college students, Kayla and Olivia, are thrust into the war against ISIS. $0.99 on Kindle.

Free: London Noir

Memory loss, nightmares and an urge to kill, Sophie has it all. But is it really Post-traumatic stress disorder or something more sinister? Kal is about to find out. Free on Kindle.

Gate 76 (Thriller)

A mysterious woman fleeing an unknown terror boards the wrong plane at San Francisco International and disappears into the heart of the country. Freddy Ferguson, a troubled detective with a violent past, believes she’s the only living witness to a crime that has captivated the nation.Sifting through the wreckage of her past, he begins to […]

Free: Curse of the Red Chalice

For student Frank Lamoin and his friends going to college in the sleepy Irish seaside town of Glennaslee getting a passing grade in their exams was their biggest concern until one of their fellow college students mysteriously disappears and they decide to investigate her disappearance. Soon Frank and his friends find themselves drawn into a […]

Barbed Wire Heart

A high octane thriller about a meth kingpin’s daughter who must destroy his empire in order to save herself, her town and the community of battered women she protects. $2.99 on Kindle.

Free: Dark City

Wife. Mother. Friend. Missing Person. Rebecca Gilmore went out last night. She didn’t come home. With the vicious Adultery Killer still on the loose, Detective Charlie Cooper is paying special attention to missing women. As he investigates Rebecca’s disappearance, he soon realises everyone close to the suburban housewife has something to hide. Is this the […]

Lurking in Paradise

When the dead body of a legendary photographer is discovered on a manor rooftop during a tropical wedding rehearsal dinner, each guest becomes a murder suspect. Confusion abounds, as there was no apparent weapon, opportunity, or clear motive for his killing. But the first clue is obvious. His camera is missing. $0.99 on Kindle.

Woman Scorned

Have you ever wanted to exact a terrible revenge on a former lover? Find out what happens when one woman loses control. As the nation gears up for the trial of the century, Lexie Spark’s loved ones are left wondering who she really is, scorned woman or innocent victim? $0.99 on Kindle.

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