Gate 76 (Thriller)

A mysterious woman fleeing an unknown terror boards the wrong plane at San Francisco International and disappears into the heart of the country. Freddy Ferguson, a troubled detective with a violent past, believes she’s the only living witness to a crime that has captivated the nation.Sifting through the wreckage of her past, he begins to […]

The Moon in Deep Winter

After one too many failings, Parker Sloane gives up his job smuggling cash for a drug cartel and returns to his childhood home in the woods of New England. There he finds that his family is just as twitchy, paranoid, and unpredictable as the underworld types he just escaped. Now Parker has to manage homicidal […]

Dune Devils: The Dark Side of the Dune

‘Good Reading, But Not for the Faint of Heart.’ – Review by AUTHOR Dianne H. Lundy – 5 STARS Be prepared for a 600-page thriller with unforgettable characters, vile deeds, a remarkable girl, and a truly shocking story. $0.99 on Kindle.

The Second Korean War

Two Russian agents discover a missing nuclear weapon was hidden in an American city by North Korea. Another nuclear weapon nears Seoul in a tunnel built by North Koreans. And North Korea’s new military dictator launches an all-out invasion. Will Seoul or Pyongyang be the new capital of a united Korea? $0.99 on Kindle.

Free: Stalking Jack

In August of 1888, one of the most notorious murderers of all time made his mark known to the world through the heinous slaying of five women in the slums of Whitechapel, England. Madeline Donovan is about to arrive in London just as Jack the Ripper’s first victim appears, mutilated with her throat sliced clear […]


Josephine Nicolson never meant to have a vampire living in her basement. But then a journey to spread her grandfather’s ashes in Romania goes spectacularly wrong. Finding herself inexorably bound to Baron Dragomir Blasko, she’s faced with the choice of living out her days in his crumbling fortress or bringing him home with her to […]

Free: A Winter of Wolves

Federal prosecutor Jeff Trask is summoned to a murder scene. A Park Police officer has been brutally murdered at the Lincoln Memorial. As Trask and a team of local and federal investigators try to find the killer, more police officers are murdered. While attending the funeral for one of these victims, Trask and his team […]

Free: The Jefferson Legacy

Meriwether Lewis was murdered because he knew a secret. …A deadly secret. From the author that brought you the best-selling Harvey Bennett Thrillers series, The Jefferson Legacy is the newest installment in the series, and the first featuring the fully formed “Civilian Special Operations” team. Harvey Bennett is back. Ben and his new team are […]

Free: The Cleansing Trilogy

Follow a young soldier as he delves into a world collapsing around him, there is no way out from the oncoming plague and no easy answer to the questions that he must ask his demons, in the first book witness the world’s collapse at the hands of a group of shadows whose motive is unclear, […]

The Templar Fire

Present Day: In the wilds of Syria, an expedition discovers the Cross. It is returned to London and placed in a Museum built specifically to house it. Days before it’s set to open, the Museum is robbed. A guard is murdered, the Cross goes missing. Fanatical billionaire Edward Drake, the owner of the museum, throws […]

Free: River Bones (Sara Mason Mystery)

When Sara Mason returns to her hometown to start a new life, she learns that a serial killer is terrorizing its residents. Despite battling the memory of the deaths of her younger sister and alcoholic parents, Sara is determined to make peace with her past. However, she soon learns that the elusive psychopath is now […]

Free: Mind Machines

With billions in the bank and my own venture capital firm, I’m living the American dream. My only problem? A car accident that leaves my mother with memory problems. Brainocytes, a new technology that can transform our brains, could be the answer to all of my problems—but I’m not the only one who sees its […]

Free: Mystic Falls

Cozy mystery with a side of chocolate. Emotionally reeling after the death of her grandmother, Gemma Channing is settling into Coyote Wells, the hometown where she grew up, after a ten-year absence. While coming to terms with the loss of her Gram, disturbing things begin to happen. Women are disappearing. Just when she begins to […]

Blood Stone

The Stone Cold Killer still haunts John Jordan’s nightmares. John’s first official case as a law enforcement officer is the one he never talks about. Now find out why. On the one-hundredth anniversary of the Jack the Ripper case John Jordan gets his first job in law enforcement—and a case that will change his life […]

The Little Spanish Girl

Spain, the fifties. The daughter of a local gangster vanishes without a trace and it’s up to the famous detective Emmanuel Klauder and his appointed police associate to get to the bottom of things. Yet the truth lays buried under layer upon layer of conspiracy, and when the two start breathing down the necks of […]

Free: No Pit So Deep

Cody is a professional athlete and a decorated US Marine haunted by a dark military past. Brandi is a gutsy investigative journalist and single mom who has exposed a child-trafficking ring. When terrorists attempt to abduct her at a public theater, Cody, a stranger, saves her, but the violent incident unlocks the malignant demons of […]

Brady Hawk (Thriller Box Set)

Former Navy SEAL Brady Hawk returns in this action-packed adventure from best-selling and award-winning author R.J. Patterson. Join Hawk and his black ops team Firestorm as they snuff out terrorist cells and battle shadow governments. $0.99 on Kindle.  

The Divinity Complex

Jack was the most prolific serial killer in history. The nation was being held hostage by fear as each victim met a horrible death. The crime scenes were punctuated by posed bodies and cryptic messages written in blood. But Jack didn’t just kill at random. They were people who in Jack’s eyes deserved to die. […]

Ten Times Guilty

A serial rapist stalks Tracy Michaels, a struggling single mother whose only goal is to provide for her baby son. Finally, one tragic evening, he sees his chance. $0.99 on Kindle.

Free: Three

On the morning Jude leaves for Boston to pick up valuable paintings, Emma’s happy world comes to an abrupt halt: Jude’s car is found torched and abandoned in another state, and he has disappeared. Words swirl around Emma- ‘someone was murdered in the car,’ ‘a woman was fished from the St. Charles that is a […]

The Water Hemlock

Four boys are bound together by friendship and loyalty until a tragedy rips them apart. Coming of age in a small town, Curtis finds love, Buckley finds heartache, Danny finds trouble…and then there’s Josh, haunted by the past—receiving visits from his dead friend. $0.99 on Kindle.

The Last Lie She Told

To some, Fiona O’Dell is clever and manipulative. To others, she is a dangerous sociopath. One thing is certain – she’s trouble wherever she goes. Now she has vanished from her job, but not before being seen leaving a motel room where one man is found dead, another on the edge of death. Is this […]

Free: The BC Killer

Tyler Kane made his appearance in Personal Solicitor, the well-received first novel in the Tyler Kane Legal Thriller series. All novels in this series can be enjoyed as stand-alone stories. In the award-winning The BC Killer, Kane received an eerie message from a mysterious derelict about his wife’s death. Before he could investigate the message […]

Free: Dead Men Walking

There was no doubt the man was dead. A bullet through the head will do that. But, who was dead? The man had no identification, no known address, no Social Security information could be found, and the fingerprint search came up empty. Detective Nate Burns, Albuquerque Police Department knew two things. The man was dead […]

Blood Red Winter

When Trent discovers a shocking crime in an abandoned house on County Road 118, he has no idea what’s in store for him. Something happens that can only be described as a miracle. One of the victims, an emaciated young woman, is still alive. But Aria Owen’s survival marks Trent for murder, and his own […]

Nocturnal Meetings of the Misplaced

Mystery surrounds the town of Summertime, Indiana, where fifteen-year-old Tommy Walker and his little sister are sent to live with relatives they’ve never met. Tommy soon makes friends with Finn Wilds, his new neighbor. Finn invites Tommy to late night meetings in the woods, where Tommy gets to know two girls. He forms a special […]

Ollie Stratford Cozy Mysteries

Grab this 5-Book Box Set from the popular Ollie Stratford series. Enjoy hour upon hour of good, clean, humorous reading. $0.99 on Kindle.

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