Baby Grand

From award-winning author Dina Santorelli comes an edge-of-your-seat suspense novel. In Albany, New York, the governor’s infant daughter disappears without a trace from her crib. Hours later, down-and-out writer Jamie Carter is abducted from the streets of Manhattan and is whisked upstate, where she is forced by her captor to care for the kidnapped child […]

When Butterflies Cry

Grayson Addington comes home from Vietnam to find his wife in his brother’s arms and a mysterious orphan named Maggie playing with his 2-year-old daughter, Sadie. When Sadie runs away, the brothers find her trapped in the rocks–beneath a dam about to collapse. Grayson will have to watch her drown … unless Maggie is much […]

Free: The Chinese Woman: Operation Lion Den

Operation Lion Den is the codename for an FBI counter-terrorism operation in New York. Al-Qaeda terrorists, posing as Spaniards, have crossed into the US from Mexico and arrived in New York with a plan far more dangerous and devastating than 9-11. Once again FBI agent, Sean McNamara, and Li Mei would find themselves working together […]

Keyboard Hero

A kidnapped wife. A shattered bank executive. A bald hero. Anonymous threats. And an innocent BBW caught in the middle of it all. Welcome to Miami, where Marvin White spends his free time solving crimes and preventing tragedies, using his computer, his wits, and–sometimes–even his friends. The rest of the time? He’s just that guy […]

Free: Five Days in May

3 members of a pastor’s family make a desperate decision to commit murder on Friday…the day an F5 tornado will wipe their whole world off the map. Their plans are changed by a death row inmate who’s been watching the pastor for years–through someone else’s eyes! She sees the Big Ugly coming–begs him to run! […]


A thrilling seduction leads to a fatal affair in this gripping romantic suspense! Caught in a deadly game of lies and deceit, Katherine Collins hunts for a killer while fighting against the relentless pursuit of a man she should never trust. $0.99 on Kindle.

Free: The Getaway

Young British counter-terrorist cop Sam Archer is in New York City for a funeral. After the service, an old familiar face approaches him with a proposition. A team of bank robbers is tearing the city apart, robbing it of millions. The FBI agent needs Archer to go undercover and try to stop them. Free on […]

Free: A Different Kind of Fire & Fury (Mystery)

Detective Michelle Velasquez kicks ass with the Santa Fe Police Department, and she’ll need all her moxie May, 2013 as she’s assigned two cases which may be related. She’s assigned a vicious rape case of Maria Acevedo, an intern with the Jones Financial Group, as she gets a call from an old friend, Richard Stanberry […]

Free: Witness Protection

After witnessing an execution, a resourceful young woman attempts to disappear while being pursued by a hitman and a handsome federal agent. A helicopter pilot, Jackie Remus, reluctantly agrees to go on a date with one of her clients, but her date is unexpectedly cut short when she witnesses a man being murdered. After narrowly […]

Jacqueline Willoughby

A string of mysterious murders rocks Birmingham, Alabama, in the page-turner Jacqueline Willoughby. At first glance, the murders seem to be connected to the Ten Commandments, but FBI agents Kason McAlester and Troy Stephens see that there is more to the story—and that a rare book written decades ago by a woman named Jacqueline Willoughby […]

Free: The Haunting in Barry’s Lodge (Paranormal Mystery)

He’s Alone, frightened and trapped. He thinks he knows fear, but he is about to find what it means to be truly scared. He hears someone drawing close, RUN. She is coming for him…… Alfred, a washed-up author, plagued by failures can’t believe his luck when his father-in-law, Frank, provides him with a chance that […]

Free: Good Girl Bad Girl

Murder, trafficking, and dark family secrets. Kal has always hidden the fact that her father was a criminal, but when her journalist mother goes missing, Kal “goes rogue” to take on the investigation. Free on Kindle.

Whip The Devil (Mystery)

San Francisco. 1950’s. Mindful of classic Golden Age mysteries, Whip The Devil is a blend of traditional private detective novel and balling whodunit with a generous dash of noir. An elegant socialite and heiress joins a private investigator to vindicate a man unjustly accused of murder. $0.99 on Kindle.

The Curious Case of the Cursed Dice

Cecilia and Clarence have their work cut out for them when a pair of cursed dice result in bad luck….of the fatal kind. Not only that, but an ancient lock is needed to keep the Cabal, an evil secret society, from stealing the artifacts. When Celilia and Clarence are captured by the Cabal, they must […]

Free: Knee Deep (Mystery)

Cam Derringer is Key West’s wildest PI. Join Cam as he tries to find the men responsible for his wife’s disappearance. His investigation leads him down a path of destruction and deceit. Now his life is in danger along with thousands of Marines. Free on Kindle.

Half-Cut (Mystery)

Detectives from the Yonkers Police Department in New York find the victim of an apparent heart attack with the hair on the right side of his head shaved off. Although odd and out of place, the haircut doesn’t appear to be tied in to the man’s death and the detectives put the case to rest. […]

Deep Strike

Deep Strike” is a tale of Russian hackers, rogue CIA agents and a deranged American president. It was the result of wondering “what it” a small group of CIA agents, outraged by the election of a new American president, despite the evidence they had produced of Russian hacking, what if they decided to take action […]

Free: Gwydion’s Dawn

Embark upon a satirical journey into England’s occult underworld, courtesy of Gwydion Turner, a man as obsessed with his quest to realise the ‘Great Work’ as he is annoyed that Jefferson Airplane ‘stole’ his riff for their hit ‘White Rabbit.’ Now he strolls the streets of Glastonbury dreaming of Haight-Ashbury and Crowley, his mind muffled […]

Vanished: A Luca Mystery – Book 2

Obsession can be deadly. What’s worse than a missing man? A dead one. Following a messy divorce and the messier death of his partner, Detective Frank Luca needed a break. He needed sunlight and clean air. He needed a reboot. So, he’s traded the smog of New Jersey for the sun-kissed beaches of southwest Florida. […]

The Ancient Tripod of Peace

Finding a secret code, teen sleuths Lexi and Gil must become fast allies as they embark on an island-hopping adventure along Lake Erie shores. They look into the mystery of a relic with hidden histories stolen from a local museum. But, the all-too-close thieves within secret societies resent their meddling, putting the young amateur detectives […]

Free: Girl Divided

”Urgently timely.”- Kirkus Reviews They think she’s a monster, but she’s their only hope… Girl Divided is a post-apocalyptic suspense novel infused with magical forces. If you like immersive worlds, strong characters, and a tale that reads like Neil Gaiman and Stephen King combined, then you’ll love Willow Rose’s provocative story. Free on Kindle.

The Samovar Hotel

Have you ever had the sense that things may not be exactly as they appear to be? The stars have secrets. Come visit the worlds within worlds at the edge of your imagination. Welcome to the Samovar Hotel. We have been expecting you. $1.99 on Kindle.


It all started with a shortcut. Murder followed. Then an accidental death. Or so it seemed. But then again, nothing is as quite as it seems. Enter Detective Sergeant Hamilcar “Ham” Hitchcock and his General Assignment Squad. Fresh off the Keim case-and recovering from the loss of several key members-the Yonkers, New York-based team reinvents […]

Free: Cornelius’ Revenge

A frightened child. A fearless grandfather. A heart-stopping conclusion! Sequel to the No. 1 bestseller CORNELIUS. After returning home for a family visit, Mira Cullen finds herself in front of the old Ferguson house again – a place she has blatantly avoided since the entire life-altering experience of fifteen years earlier. The only thing is…there […]

Free: The Mystery at Belle Magnolia

Armand LaLande, the unfortunate Creole boy is dead. The city of New Orleans believes the family residing at Belle Magnolia is partially to blame. Under threat, Belle beseeches the Donovan’s for help. She is certain a Voodoo priestess has cursed her home. Free on Kindle.

Last Call

Down in Key West, Sherri Travis and her best friend Marley are looking for a little fun in the sun. Promising to be back for last call, Marley leaves the Rawhide Saloon with an Elvis impersonator. She doesn’t return. With Hurricane Alma turning toward Key West, and the police saying Marley must be missing for […]

Crash Dive: A Novel of the Pacific War

A WWII naval thriller in the tradition of the Hornblower series…. 1942. Lieutenant Charlie Harrison reports for duty aboard the S-55, a worn-out WWI-era submarine. While the Battle of Guadalcanal rages, the captain plans a daring attack against Rabaul, the heart of Japanese power in the South Pacific. There, the hunter will become the hunted. […]

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