Free: The Unexpected Hero

The measure of a young man can be a funny thing, especially when the results are not what anyone expects. Eighteen-year-old Evan Nash doesn’t look like a hero. Nor does he feel like one. He’s not trying to be anything. But what Evan is…is a kid with a deeply-rooted sense of right and wrong. One […]

Free: Control

A shocking twist ending you won’t believe… Centered within Landon Miller’s exclusive club, Alexandria Shaw finds herself immersed in a world of danger, tangled in a web of deceit, and wrapped in the arms of an unattainable man. Free on Kindle.

Secrets, Lies, and Alibis

Seven cozy mysteries by New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors available in one great collection for a limited time. Titles include: New Corpse in Town by Lucy Quinn; Louisiana Longshot by Jana DeLeon; Rosemary’s Gravy by Melissa F. Miller; Scene of the Grind by Tonya Kappes; The Case of the Screaming Beauty by […]

Traill of Defects

Crime waves in a small town can be confusing but it is especially daunting for Sheriff Hobson. It is unclear which side of the law his townspeople are on. Starting with an armed robbery of Kelly’s Lounge, elder abuse, and a runaway child, strange happenings pileup. This modern day mystery contains unpredictable elements, reminiscent of […]

Lily’s Grave

A flawed sprig of lace is the only clue to a killer’s identity in this haunting, harrowing and heartbreaking thriller with a jaw-dropping twist. A wartime community is thrown into turmoil after he body of a 13-year-old evacuee is spotted floating face-up in a river. Lily Jones had disappeared after attempting to get into a […]

Free: Skully, Perdition Games

The beautiful wife of an aspiring politician vanishes from her home and police discover a gruesome crime scene. But things may not be as they seem, and the woman’s dark past could hold the key to her strange disappearance. A gripping psychological thriller with twists that keep readers turning the pages. Free on Kindle.

Free: Emma Beware

Fourteen-year-old standout athlete and student, Emma Mae Davenport, previously stalked through mysterious texts-vanishes-times ticking. Four of her friends dubbed, “Warriors for Emma” armed with cyber-techno skills unravel clues and discover the unthinkable. Will she be in attendance for her 15th birthday celebration or her funeral or will she remain missing? Free on Kindle.

Survive and Escape

Sam and Jane Archer walk out of a backcountry-hiking trip into a living nightmare. The electrical grid has been down for two weeks, plunging the world as they once knew it into complete chaos. Citizens live in helpless terror of violent gangs–the police hunted down and killed on sight. Little hope remain, as Jane, a […]

Princes of War: A Novel of America in Iraq

Placed squarely in the American tradition of war writing such as Kevin Power’s The Yellow Birds and John Renehan’s The Valley, Schmid’s Princes of War takes its protagonists—two young U.S. Army officers trying to do their duty—into the real Iraq: Where the enemy is elusive and danger stalks constantly. Human emotions as old as time—ambition, […]

The Real Dad

Nate and Lulie Brannigan have had a loving, dreamlike marriage for the past four years. Nate’s stepchildren are calling him dad, and all is warm and cozy in the Brannigan home until an unexpected visit. Police come to their door, arrest Nate, and won’t say why. Then, in an abuse of their power, they force […]

Free: Serenity

A bullet slams into a wall just past Shelby’s head. A drug dealer offers him $10,000 for information regarding his dead sister. The local sheriff has Shelby in his sights. It’s just another day in the small town of Serenity. Readers of David Archer, John Sandford, Dustin Stevens, and Robert B. Parker will love this […]

Murder in Seattle: A Northwest Cozy Mystery

From USA TODAY bestselling author and seven time Amazon All Star author, another page-turning cozy murder mystery! What would you do if your sister’s husband of twelve hours, Clark, was a suspect in connection with his rich Uncle Vinny’s murder? And the rich uncle just happened to be a member of the Mob? DeeDee has […]

Airliner Down

A holiday season flight to paradise turns into a nightmare when a single terrorist sleeper cell puts his plan of revenge into action. Can a hand full of passengers come through and save the day? Or are they doomed to be a footnote in the war on terror… $0.99 on Kindle.

Murder on Tyneside

Recently widowed Agnes Lockwood is spending a few days on Tyneside in Northeast England, keen on catching up with her past. But after only a few days at the hotel, an expensive item of jewelry is stolen. After more jewelry goes missing, Chief Inspector Alan Johnson gets on the case. During the investigation, Alan recognizes […]

Nominate this Mystery for Publication & You Could Get a Free Copy of it

When Gabby Myers, an avid skier, suffers a wrist injury the night before her final ski tournament, most of the people around her chalk it up as an unfortunate accident. But could this broken wrist really be something much worse? Could it be attempted murder?

Evolution Z: Stage One

After a dramatic plane crash in the wilds of Maine, the survivors of Augusta Airline Flight 303 believe the worst is behind them. Captain Raymond Thompson organizes the group and attempts to get help, but soon it becomes clear that our familiar world has ceased to exist. Everything seems to fall apart, and no one […]

Back to Life

It is 1939. In old Hollywood, Charlie Singer and Katie Walker confront two cunning killers. They uncover truths about the complex nature of families, the dangers facing their country, and the haunting emotional problems they need to overcome. $0.99 on Kindle.

The Wind Guardian

In California, one of the largest nuclear centers in the United States is targeted by terrorists. Aided by an inside man, the extremists plan to seize the reactor and scatter radiation to the winds, wreaking havoc to the world. $0.99 on Kindle.

Lily’s Grave

When the body of a 13-year-old evacuee is spotted floating face-up in a river, a wartime community is thrown into turmoil. A sprig of flawed lace, found in the dead girl’s hand, is the only clue to the identity of her killer. Lily Jones had disappeared after attempting to get into a dance organised by […]

Free: The Rossler Foundation Mysteries

The first four books in JC Ryan’s bestselling Rossler Foundation series, available together for the first time! The truth about human history is about to be revealed… But will we be allowed to learn it? Free on Kindle.

Free: Wicked of the Christmas Past

Deck the halls with wows of wicked! A romantic getaway to a posh spa with her devastatingly sexy boss seems like a Christmas miracle to FBI special assistant Amanda Meyer, but when you work for the bureau’s Paranormal Cases Division, disaster never takes a holiday. Bestselling author Carina Christien is dead, her apparent suicide covered […]

The Spirit of Grace

A gothic mystery told in the style of Mary Stewart and Dorothy Eden! Sarah Bennett doesn’t remember the night her mother tumbled down the stairs at Bennett House, despite allegedly witnessing the fatal fall. There was talk of foul play, dark whispers, and sidelong glances, all aimed at Sarah, prompting her family to send her […]

Beyond the Quiet

Lisa thought her marriage of twenty-five years was a happy one, but after her husband succumbs to a fatal illness, she discovers betrayal so devastatingly deep she wonders if she will ever recover. But life sometimes offers second chances. $0.99 on Kindle.

Free: One In A Million (Supernatural Thriller)

Kyle Fasano is about to learn that with every choice there are consequences. Sometimes there can be hell to pay. Literally. Free on Kindle.


Former Boston P.D. Captain Stanford Carter and his wife, forensic scientist Jill Seacrest, have decided to move to the Big Apple to accept positions with the New York branch of the FBI. Rookie Agent Shania Deeprose completes the trinity as they collide head-on with raging and rampant social, political, and economic unrest amid a string […]

Nominate Countdown To Z-Day for publication & you could get a free copy of it

COUNTDOWN TO Z-DAY is a lighthearted crime story wrapped around a love story. It features a cast of lovable good guys, despicable bad guys and an unlikely hero in a sea turtle costume.

Free: The Girl Inside

How do you walk away from a job to die for? You can’t. Not when you’re next on your company’s hit list. Read the gripping new financial thriller from S. Culligan. FREE for a limited time.

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