Free: Betrayal

Set in 1944-5 and based on true events, Betrayal is book one in the Amazon #1 Ann’s War Mystery Series. Each story in the series can be read as a stand-alone. The series runs to five books and Ann’s story arc will be completed in book five, Victory. Free on Kindle.

Haunted Girl Walking

Librarian by day? Check. Haunted tour guide by night? Double check. Murderer? Wait just a minute, I don’t care what the video evidence shows you, Ripley killed no one. Right? $0.99 on Kindle.

The Sacrifice

Dr. Christian Hall is a psychiatrist and an atheist. When he is asked to treat a vicious child killer claiming to be the demon Moloch, he sees it as just another case. However, after a series of unexplainable events, he’s forced to consider the possibility of his patient’s diabolic origin. After his daughter is diagnosed […]


Two days before a young scientist is to testify before a House Committee, she is shot at the New York opera. It’s a contract kill…by a ghost. The hitman is a mystery to the FBI and the CIA and forces the two agencies into cooperation. $0.99 on Kindle.

Free: The Battle of Jericho

Set on Long Island, Marks’s suspenseful second crime novel featuring Det. Sgt. Jericho (after 2014’s Death Hampton) contains more than a few surprises.  readers should be prepared for a shocking ending. — Publishers Weekly. Free on Kindle.

Doomsday Hand

The Ancient Legend that Became a real-world Nightmare. What starts off as a dreadful murder in London soon becomes a race against time to save humanity. $0.99 on Kindle.

Free: Battle for Dochas (#1 Encountering Aylin)

In this thrilling fantasy story, Thomas Johnson brings us a sweeping tale of a prince and his valiant quest to restore his land after a deadly attack wipes out half its population. In this thrilling Arthurian styled fantasy story, Prince Gabriel, while crossing tumultuous seas, narrowly escapes death by leaping from the sinking vessel. He […]

Sam Harris Adventure (Box Set)

A Nazi plot, a mythical diamond and rare elephants under threat, Sam Harris has her work cut out in this trio of full length adventure novels. Follow the adventures of Sam Harris where her postings to remote and dangerous countries lead to involvement in mystery and intrigue. Classic character-driven stories with a gutsy heroine, complex […]

Free: Girl, Abandoned

When Amber Faulkner strives to honour her dying adoptive mother’s last request to be reunited with her birth mother—the universally reviled politician Joan Simmons—she has no idea of the anguish and pain that lie ahead. What dark secrets lie behind the reason her birth mother abandoned her when she kept and raised her twin sister? […]

Free: Tokyo Firewall

Tokyo, the ‘90s. A culture-shocked American lawyer tiptoes onto the brand new digital frontier looking for friendship only to find trouble when a twisted cyberstalker targets her. As her troll’s attacks intensify, she must parlay her legal smarts and budding computer skills to defend her online privacy and stand her ground. Her life depends on […]

Free: Three (Deception Love Murder)

Emma has it all—a job she loves and a boyfriend who loves her. Or does she? Inviting a stranger into your life can be dangerous. Inviting a stranger into your home can turn deadly. Free on Kindle.

Free: All the Shiny Things

A young woman with a good job and a good life, until she discovers it was all a lie. Now, her desperate search for the truth begins and it will change her forever. Free on Kindle.

Death’s Cold Touch

Inspector Thomas Sullivan wanted nothing more than dull, routine days of police work. Sullivan’s young partner Sarah wanted to leave her past behind and forge a new life for herself, free from fear. But a man with a cybernetic right eye and two cybernetic hands who had come to Beta Prime to leave his past […]

The Sam Reilly Collection

Three bestselling Sam Reilly novels by the new Master of Action and Adventure, Christopher Cartwright! In 1939 a secret airship departed Nazi Germany in the dark of night filled with some of the most influential people of its time. Its cargo: a complement of rich Jewish families carrying their most valuable possessions. One such item […]

The Binding Ties (Blood for Blood Book 2)

She never expected freedom to carry such a high price. When she arrives in Mallhaven, it’s as if her dreams have come true. Until she’s drugged and held captive. She might be able to escape, but can she live with herself if she leaves behind the other captives? $0.99 on Kindle.

Free: Dennis Bailey

Suspense, action, romance, and a touch of the supernatural play out against a backdrop of the Biblical account of Noah when the animals rise up to defend the ark against an invading army. Free on Kindle.

Caged to Kill

Just released out after 30 years of solitary confinement, Phillip Dawkins is a mentally troubled and lost ex-con. His lawyer, David Thompson, and his family want to help. When Phillip says he’s thinking about killing David and his family, the lawyer must untangle the ex-con’s past before a serial killer is unleashed. When your life […]

Free: Apocalypse Life

Fast paced, action packed, apocalyptic tale about right and wrong and love and hate. Join Jameson and Charity on their adventures through the “Apocalyptic Life”. True love, murder, and mystery are present throughout this doomsday romance thriller. Free on Kindle.

Story of a Stolen Girl

The story of a mother’s love and how far she goes to rescue her only daughter. At the invitation of her psychology professor, Darby attends a private gambling club. She is drugged and sold through an international human trafficking cartel serving world leaders, corporate CEO’s, and even the President’s Cabinet. While held in Ankara, she […]

Free: The Untimely Death Box Set

Do you love crime thrillers that are packed full of mystery and plot twists? Then you will love all 10 gripping novels in this box set. Fast moving stories that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Free on Kindle.

Wild Revelations

Cary’s return home to an ill father reminds her how long she has been away and how much her home town has changed as she solves the mystery surrounding her father’s ranch and renews old acquaintances. Her new adventure was more than she bargained for. $0.99 on Kindle.

Free: The Missing One

Once Katrina disappears, the FBI, led by self-service Special Agent Scott Ferguson, and the NYPD, spearheaded by Detective Clyde Davis, fight the clock to rescue her. Free on Kindle.

The Peacetaker Boxset (Books 1- 3)

A career soldier who survived a deadly riot in Cairo, and a reclusive mythology expert from Montana, race against time to find the product of ancient myths and legends that are cutting a bloody path across the continent. Their search will span three continents. $0.99 on Kindle.

Doughnuts and Disaster

The threat was real. Her best friend could die. Can Maddie save her in time? The call surprised her. Maddie had been baking jelly doughnuts for her best friend’s salon for a year. Now, the order has been cancelled. What does this mean? Is it the first sign of the apocalypse? Her friend adores the […]


Andrew Goodman has never been a victim. Until now. A local gang of youths has decided to target him with their sadistic games. There’s no escape. With his wife and daughter in danger, Andrew must face the hooded youths outside his door all by himself. If he doesn’t fight back, they will ruin it forever. […]

Enter to Win 6 Christian Fiction Novels

Enter for a chance to win 6 best-selling Christian fiction novels on Kindle. Author S.A. Wilson is giving away the following books on Kindle to one lucky winner: A Pillar of Iron by Taylor Caldwell The Next Person You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom Hope on the Inside by Marie Bostwick Egypt’s Sister by Angela Hunt A Lineage of Grace by Francine […]

Free: Avenue of Regrets

What would you do if you discovered that the violent death of your family seven years ago was not as it had seemed? How far would you go to uncover the truth? David Wallace had it all: A beautiful wife, an infant son, and a great career. Until a tragic mistake ended it all. Seven […]

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