Free: Snatched: Lights Out Series (Book 2)

Wendy reluctantly moves to the country so that her husband can write full time. She’s willing to give it a try since they won’t have to put their baby in daycare. But when things begin to go bump in the night, Wendy doesn’t want to stay in their renovated farmhouse. Something doesn’t feel right, and […]

The Day of First Sun

Annie never saw it coming… …the magical murder of the high profile, non-magical princess. An unexpected meeting between the American Wizard Guard and the FBI finds Annie investigating a straightforward murder case. Or so she thought. The implications of the murder case have chilling consequences for both the non-magical and magical worlds and as Annie […]

Free: At Fall of Night: A Gothic Ghost Story

An understated gothic ghost story in which something sinister stirs amidst the crepuscular light of nineteenth-century England; Victorian in sensibility and style, it immerses the reader in a tale of obsession, terror, and vengeance. Free on Kindle.

A Very British Witch Boxed Set (Books 1-4)

When book-worm Scarlett is accused of murder, she has no choice but to take up sleuthing and find a way to clear herself of suspicion. This boxed set contains the first 4 volumes of the A Very British Witch series: ~Scarlett ~Jade ~Mauve ~Raven If you like your protagonists quirky and hilarious, your mysteries confounding, […]

Bart’s Inferno

Bartholomew hates to admit it, but he misses Samantha. A lot. Without her around, the ex-demon can’t even bring himself to enjoy a sinner’s paradise like Spring Break. The angel-in-training hasn’t been seen or heard from since Gabriel assigned her to infiltrate a group led by Mastema, a former angel who once convinced Bartholomew to […]

The Shasta Gate

In the guise of a romantic adventure, The Shasta Gate embarks on a captivating exploration of love, consciousness and the nature of reality on California’s legendary Mt. Shasta. Girl on a horse, guy on a motorcycle, passionate and erotic romance, deliciously wicked bad guys, and a mysterious Indian with possibly paranormal powers all catapult the […]

Lonesome Paladin (A Fistful of Daggers, Book 1)

It’s been a month since apocalypse destroyed the world as Lincoln Marshall once knew it. The new world is populated by deadly faeries, wild shapeshifters, and humans without a god. Lincoln’s sins can never be absolved now that God is dead. There’s nothing left for him but the bottom of a whiskey bottle. Until Cesar […]

Free: There’s No Such Thing As Vampires

How do we know if what we see is real? Vampires don’t exist, but some kind of monster was out there. Joe had to find it, if he ever wanted to see the love of his life again. Ryan had to find it so that he could stop the murders. Conflict was inevitable… but who […]

The Emerald Assassin

When the land of Vitan needs a savior, one will be born… Unfortunately, her people don’t recognize the savior—they believe she just has an anger problem. However, Riette’s problem isn’t anger. It’s passion. She’s supposed to inherit the Elf land of Vitan, but what good is an inheritance if it has been destroyed? When her […]

Death Wish

Life’s a b*tch—but what comes after isn’t much better. Jade Blackwell, a paranormal reaper, helps supernaturals cross over after death. Her job comes with lots of rules—but not following them is kind of her thing…until it ends up involving her in something much deadlier than she ever imagined. $0.99 on Kindle.

Free: Atomic City Terror: Curse of the Murderous Dummy

Welcome to Atomic City. A spooky and isolated mountain town, with more scares per square inch than anywhere else in the world. Discover a place where cutting edge science walks hand-in-hand with horror, and mind-blowing technology is indistinguishable from rip-roaring terror. UFO cults, wicked witches, wayward werewolves—vampires, zombies, and aliens—all have a home in Atomic […]

The First Ones: An Urban Fantasy Action Adventure (A Jett Carle Saga, Book 1)

Supernatural forces are waged in a battle for control of the world and the key to either side’s victory resides within a 2-year-old girl. Unwittingly and reluctantly recruited into the battle is Jett Carle who has no idea why the supernatural combatants regard him as such a threat. After all, he’s only a simple forest […]

Free: Dark Water (Cooper M. Reid, Book 1)

Former special agent Cooper M. Reid is haunted by his own literal demons while trying to stop a malevolent force that seems to be luring children to a watery grave at sea. While the deaths are certainly tragic, the real horror lies in what drew the children to the ocean in the first place. Free on […]

Free: Moon Dance (Deluxe Edition)

  The extraordinary first novel in the USA Today and Amazon multi-million bestselling “Vampire for Hire” Supernatural Mystery Series. Mother by day… Vampire by night. Six years ago, federal agent Samantha Moon was the perfect wife and mother, your typical soccer mom with the minivan and suburban home. Then the unthinkable happens, an attack that […]

The Awakening (Book 1)

Tara’s mysterious pregnancy causes her family and long-time boyfriend to turn against her and sidetracks her plans for medical school. Only a stranger believes her claim that she’s still a virgin. But the powerful cult he belongs to turns against her when it’s revealed her child will be a girl. Tara fights for her life, […]

Free: Angels of Light: Beyond The Veil

A cocky, wise-cracking, commercial airline pilot has a surreptitious, life-long relationship with the apparition of a dead relative, killed decades earlier in a military plane crash. When the apparition urges the pilot to solve the mystery of that crash, government censorship and stonewalling ensues, eventually surmounted by confidential information provided by entities disguised as the […]

Annabel Horton, Lost Witch of Salem

From the Salem Witch trials through the Nineteenth Century and beyond, Annabel Horton is pursued by the devil’s disciple, Urban Grandier, the demonic priest from the incident at Loudun. She must take the bodies of those that the devil favors to protect her family. She must uncover the motive behind the illusive Ursula/Louis Bossidan, the […]

For One More Tomorrow

Back from the dead and lurking in shadow – the real Macbeth versus Shakespeare’s villain. Truth or lies? Is he man, myth or phantom? Haunted by the ghost of a king long dead, Sadie Grey’s directing instinct falls apart. $0.99 on Kindle.

Missing in Michigan: Alexa Bentley Paranormal Mysteries (Book One)

Alexa’s unusual ghost therapy skills take her to a remote corner of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. But this case is much trickier than anything else she’s ever encountered. A grieving ghost, several missing teens, and a supernatural creature from Native American folklore stand in her path. Along the way, she manages a bit of romance and […]

Witching Hour Wicked Elements

There are times when the forces unseen are far more wicked than what’s in front of you. The elements are a fundamental belief humans have relied on for thousands of years. In Japanese culture, there are five; Earth (Chi), Water (Mizu), Fire (Ka), Wind (Kaze), and Void (Gai). Each of these has a driving force […]

The Death Card

How would you feel if you drew the Death Card from a Tarot deck? Seth, the bumbling and incompetent police chief of Red Cedar, calls Liz and asks her to help him solve the murder of his deputy, Leroy. He’s worried he might be a suspect because Leroy was going to run against him in […]

The Wantland Files

The X-Files meets Ghost Hunters when psychic Kimberly Wantland is forced to collaborate with skeptic Sterling Wakefield as she investigates a ghost terrorizing a young family in the season finale of her hit television series The Wantland Files. $0.99 on Kindle

Free: Hell’s Highway (The Devil’s Daughter, Book1)

For an immortal, learning what it means to be human can be an emotional wild ride. Having put down the latest batch of escaped doppelgängers, Sere Mal-Laurette felt she’d earned a little time off from demon hunting. She was wrong. Her inattention has allowed a new batch of hellions to rise from the swamp and […]

Deception of the Damned

Sleeping Beauty meets Faust in this spellbinding thrill ride through time and magic realms. An absent-minded dreamer, Hrot feels miserable in his primitive times—so he sells his soul in exchange for a decade in Renaissance Prague. There he delves into the occult in a desperate attempt to sneak out of the deal. Four centuries later, […]

Enter to Win 5 Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Books

Enter for a chance to win 5 best-selling paranormal/urban fantasy books on Kindle. Author Kevin Hardman is giving away the following books to one lucky winner: NOS4A2: A Novel by Joe Hill Born in Fire by K.F. Breene Boundary Broken by Melissa F. Olson Court of Shadows by C.N. Crawford A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness   By entering […]

Cast in Angelfire (The Mage Craft Series, Book 1)

Nineteen-year-old Marion can’t remember anything before waking up at Mercy Hospital. All she knows is that a lot of people want to kill her. And her would-be assassins are not human. Faeries are real. So are vampires and angels. They all want Marion dead. Surrounded by enemies, Marion turns to Lucas Flynn: a mysterious doctor […]

Running from Demons

When Pillar Beccon travels to learn more about her dead mother’s mysterious past, she is chased across Andor by demons, who seek to destroy her. Running from Demons tells the story of Pillar’s search to find a place to call her own. If you love paranormal stories of discovery, magic and mayhem, this is the […]

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