The Perils of Gainful Employment

‘The Perils of Gainful Employment’ is a book of humor. It takes the reader through a romp of situations and incidents that are hilarious. Covering my time at high school, all the jobs I had and the madcap events while on holidays. But these events did not come from imagination, no, rather they are all […]

Women Who Inherit

  From the fictional Heiress of the Dick to Dick LLC fortune comes the greatest book ever written (by a woman). From politicians to the media, to life, there is nothing you can’t buy with your inheritance. Dick to Dick LLC was established in California on July 27, 2011. Their Billboards and Commercials have received […]

My Uncle Jack’s Off

“My Uncle Jack’s Off” is the perfect holiday gift! Make sure to get this hilarious and twisted double-entendre tale as told by the great Bo Nehr. They’ll love the side-splitting story, hidden pictures, and one man’s epic climax to fun! $0.99 on Kindle.

God is Cool, Another Twist in the Winding Path to Enlightenment

This book will make you smile, laugh and lighten-up your day. God is Cool will makes me laugh every time you open it and proves that spiritual insight and great humor are inseparable.” – Adyashanti “This is a great book! God is Cool and that is good for Global Warming!” – Swami Beyondanama. $2.99 on […]

At Least The Pink Elephants Are Laughing At Us

At Least the Pink Elephants are Laughing at Us is life-affirming contemporary fiction at its very best. The story combines intrigue with a relentless dose of dark and often outrageous humour. It takes you on a journey of demotivating motivational speeches, dingy back-alley pubs and disastrously funny comedy gigs. You will laugh out loud; but […]

Free: Never Get Old

Treachery. Deceit. Lies. Greed. Sloth. Revenge. These vile warts of the human condition reveal themselves with extreme illiberality during one single day in the life of one single dog. Alvin is a tiny, geriatric dachshund who woke up in a rusty cage at the dog pound. The only crime Alvin is guilty of is being […]

The Haunting of Hattie Hastings Part One

Hattie is heartbroken when a tragic accident robs her of the love of her life. But husband Gary has no intention of taking death lying down … Left reeling by his return, she struggles to convince anyone that Gary has returned from the dead. Not even best friend Cat – now free from the cruel […]

NASA’s 1st Mission to Mars – For What?!!!

Penniless, sleeping in a cardboard box in a tent city on the South Side of Chicago, this formerly undistinguished man, Stanley Marczek, becomes the first man to walk on Mars. Why would NASA select a civilian, non-career astronaut for the mission? Obviously, living in a confined space for nineteen months for the journey to Mars, […]

The Misadventures of John Dot: Thailand

A middle-aged homebody. An exotic retreat. This trot around the globe won’t be pretty… John Dot sticks out like a sore thumb in Thailand. The 47-year-old doggedly British curmudgeon is only there because he’s too much of a pushover to disappoint his counsellor. And with his girlfriend on a trip of her own to Barbados, […]


A humorous story of one cats struggle to successfully train his human. Detailing the ups and downs of living with a human, Seamus the cat provides an entertaining and funny look at the life of a not so average cat. Fears, Winter and Territory control are just some of the numerous topics covered by this […]

Free: Mr. Cheddar’s Meowsings! Kibbles of Wisdom from a Wise and Witty Feline

Mr. Cheddar serves up his own unique and flavorful blend of feline tummy-tickling humor and puuuurfound kibbles of wisdom throughout the pages of: Mr. Cheddar’s Meowsings! Kibbles of Wisdom from a Wise and Witty Feline Color photographs of the ruggedly handsome Mr. Cheddar are featured throughout this book, purrrfectly complimenting his wise and witty words. […]

Free: My Uncle Jack’s Off

Hot dogs, pimps, elephants and crime. These things have absolutely nothing to do with this epic twisted tale, but you have to admit they’re pretty attention grabbing, right?!? Bored of reading the same old hum-drum books about superheroes, lawn furniture and how to grow the best cheese log? My Uncle Jack’s Off is a one-of-a-kind […]

Free: A Danger to God Himself

A Mormon missionary goes insane on his mission and all hell breaks loose. Miraculous occurrences. Various sexual congress. The God of the Universe striking people dead. Mormon missionary Kenny Feller has realized that God isn’t about to give him an ounce of the miracle power he needs to succeed on his mission—as promised. Then his […]

Operation Underpants

87 year old ex-spy’s Max and Olivia live in a nursing home forgotten and waiting to die. After finding a secret message they are called back into action and must escape from the home and return to the UK – the fate of London and much of the world hangs in the balance. $1.99 on Kindle.


Bobby Jefferson is an immature seventeen year old who talks big and finds that doing the work is not as easy as it is saying you will. Through the help of women and discipline, Bob fills his cup of water tremendously faster than the average man could ever hope to in his lifetime. $19.99 on Kindle.


In the still of the night a beautiful woman’s spine is broken as she watches her boyfriend burn to death out on a creek. Daltrey, a young detective with the Vancouver Police Department, who likes to work outside the system and has time for no one, wants to know why. With the help of a […]

Free: Mid Life Backpacker

This is the first book, a short novel in the Mid Life Backpacker comedy series. It combines dark humor and pathos, brilliantly. It follows the misadventures of John Dot, a mid life, depressive man as he tries to navigate life, relationships and travel. The book will make you laugh out loud and will also touch […]

Free: Hey Doorman

Take a trip, not only into LA night life—a city that draws people from all across the globe—but into the mind of the funniest/smartest bouncer you’ll ever meet, as he observes you from sobriety to total inebriation, and everything in between. John P. Kildemm is sarcastic, funny, wry, well-read, and rarely violent. Free on Kindle.

Didn’t Get Frazzled

A fictional story about life and love in medical school, Didn’t Get Frazzled takes the reader on a four year adventure into the bowels of Bellevue Hospital and the equally strange world of the mid ‘90s New York City singles scene. $0.99 on Kindle.

I Rode for the Wigglin’ W

Flynn McGuin claims to remember the summer of ’77. He was 19 and working on a ranch whose owner was delusional, at least one of his coworkers was brain-dead, and the foreman once hanged a man for telling puns. With sly wit and his trademark tongue-in-cheek humor, McGuin delivers everything you’d expect in a rollicking […]

Mr. Cheddar’s Meowsings!

Mr. Cheddar’s Meowsings! Kibbles of Wisdom from a Wise and Witty Feline will bring many smiles and chuckles to your day, especially for those who love and share their lives with special feline friends. Catty Topics of Note include: Advice for the lovelorn (applicable for felines and humans), dealing with difficult neighbors (only humans, of […]

History Retweets Itself: ROCK & ROLL EDITION

Ever wonder what Elvis would tweet? Or what exactly is in a Grateful Dead cocktail? Does ZZ Top use their beards for good or evil? Does Ozzy Osbourne have bat breath? And what ever happened to Maroon 4? Discover things you never knew about your favorite rock stars in this fun look at Rock & […]

Pianist in a Bordello

What would happen if a politician decided to tell the truth—the whole truth? Richard Youngblood, aspiring Congressman, is about to find out. He’s running on a platform of honesty and transparency—and against the advice of his friends and advisers he’s decided to start with himself. His autobiography will lay his entire life bare before voters just […]

Free: Screwball

Hayward Templeton, a psychiatry grad student at the University of Iowa, grudgingly agrees to pitch in a co-ed baseball game. A stickler for research, he discovers online how to throw a screwball and excels at it. Hayward’s team wins and while celebrating, they accidentally drop him on his head. As he lies on the ground […]


Scary Movie meets 50 Shades on The Food Network! Featuring 17 sensually sinister tales guaranteed to excite, terrify, stimulate and make you laugh! $0.99 on Kindle.

Free: 9 Lovers for Emily Spankhammer

Spectacular southern belle Emily Spankhammer is driven by love and the dubious advice of Sparkle, her mostly invisible pink unicorn spirit guide, into a quest for romance. But with Sparkle more interested in his own deranged bucket list, and men as reliable as a 1971 1.6L Ford Pinto Runabout hatchback, what could possibly go wrong? […]

Free: Stealing Love

Israeli businessman is sent to a small Transylvanian village to find unexpected love. Funny, original and insightful look at life and human relationships, anchored in the fascinating context of Romanian village life. Zany and memorable characters who never fail to surprise the reader. Free on Kindle.

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