Free: Stars, Stripes and Corporate Logos

“Gilleland bravely broaches numerous subjects that are politically sensitive and expresses his often politically incorrect perspective.” -Authors Reading In the military, my buddies and I often talked about “home,” which was not the place from which we enlisted. It was anywhere in the U.S. As soon as we stepped down off an aircraft onto the […]

Forged Through Fire: Developing Preparedness for the Perilous Encounter

True preparedness is where fear loses power. This is more than character development. More than readiness for violence. It is how to be fully alive. It is astonishing what happens to the human body under extreme amounts of traumatic stress, especially when facing interpersonal violence. The sad reality is that violent situations are dramatically escalating […]

The New School of Economics

The New Physiocrats (The New Physiocratic League) is a political-economic framework and certification body. They are a movement established on a new way of economic thinking, what they refer to as the “New School of Economics.” The New Physiocrats have finally managed to reconcile the concerns of the left and right, through a new way […]

Free: Cali Cartel: Beyond Narcos

An electrifying account of the Cali Cartel beyond its portrayal on Netflix. From the ashes of Pablo Escobar’s empire rose an even bigger and more malevolent cartel. A new breed of sophisticated mobsters became the kings of cocaine. Their leader was Gilberto Rodríguez Orejuela – known as the Chess Player due to his foresight and […]

Free: Who is Jeb!!!

Long before Trump there were the Bushes. Following their history, one can actually understand virtually every misstep America has taken since the 1950s, leading remorselessly to War, the birth of radicalism, polarization and the Stupidparty, all the way to 2016. Free on Kindle.

The Johnson Project

In 2017, a wealthy family holds the cure to the sterility plague that has infected the world. They will share their secret only with those couples who deserve the privilege of becoming parents. $0.99 on Kindle.

Free: Who Controls America?

Who creates economic depressions and recessions? Why was Thomas Jefferson afraid of banks? Who advises our leaders to go to war? Why does our government secretly want an uneducated populace? Can the Swamp be drained? In this stunning new book, author Mark Mullen pulls back the curtain on a few private groups who control every […]

Donald Trump and Voices of the 2nd American Revolution

Warning: If you are politically correct, DO NOT read this book. Discretion is required. It’s lewd, rude, and nude. It’s filled with intellectual human nakedness. M.I.L.K is an acronym for Make Independent Life Knowledgeable. Freedom of speech is the corner stone of MILK. But MILK also means milk. Mother’s milk: natural breast milk. The most […]

Surviving Trump

If the words “President Trump” cause your blood pressure to rise, your stomach to tighten into knots, and the feeling your head is about to explode, this is the book for you. Featuring 365 affirmations – one for each day of the year beginning with his inauguration on January 20th – Surviving Trump offers the […]

The Seeds We Sow

In his quest to help feed poor people In the wake of the Civil War and the failed “reconstruction” effort, George Washington Carver was probably most influential not because he was the “peanut man,” but rather because he was a “gentle man.” His protege Henry Agard Wallace continued Carver’s work as the New Deal Secretary […]

Hillary’s America

From Whitewater to Email Gate via Benghazi. Uncovering The real Hillary Clinton and the Hidden Agenda of the Democrat Party in Review and Analysis. $4.77 on Kindle. 

Madam President: History in the Making?

“If you are not certain whether you will vote for Secretary Clinton or are a stalwart supporter or detractor of hers, you should take a look at this book.” Andris Mitt. So far, America has only been allowed to see the tip of the iceberg. Can a President, whose campaign has largely been funded by the ‘billionaire […]

A Future for the 99 Percent

“try out the 4 Keys as the author presents them for 30 days and see if your life feels better. All grassroots social movements start somewhere and Bud Clark is lighting a fire with this book.” – excerpted from the review by Lizzie Harwood, author of “Xamnesia” and “Go See the Kids”. $0.99 on Kindle. 

Free: The END is Near, Save U.S.

  There is a quiet underlying but pivotal battle for the soul of our nation. Do money and ignorance rule, or will science and tolerance prevail? There has always been a quest for the human species, like ants, to explore new worlds and concepts. This growth does not just exist where we expand but in […]

How to Change a Law: The Intelligent Consumer’s 7-Step Guide

This book is a do-it-yourself manual for voters, small business owners, lobbyists, and policy advocates who want to take political action, influence leaders and change laws. This book is for you if you ever… Wanted to change a law, Thought a law was unfair or unjust, or Felt confused by bureaucracy. Thibault provides a better understanding of policy […]

Free: Gender Wars

Fed-up with politics and the sudden right wing War on Women, a group of determined women take matters into their own hands and form a women’s political party. Initially laughed at by the established political parties, they soon change their tune when women and some men begin signing up in droves. Gender Wars is a […]

Free: America We Need A Raise

America We Need A Raise offers a concise summary of America’s middle class struggles including failed government and corporate policies that have decimated the middle class. Mullen offers remedies to increase the real wages of millions of American workers. The solutions proposed in this book require the government and corporate America to reestablish the worker […]


Who has really hijacked the Republican party, and where do they want to take the country? Find out in “Stupidparty Math v. Myth: Unmasking the Destructive Forces Eroding American Democracy.” $2.99 on Kindle.

Fable Maker

A life less significant perhaps? But a life very much significant in fact in knowing what you really want, and finding out who you really are in the end. The unnatural against the natural, the arrogant and rude against the kind and polite, and the battle of life continues. For most the educational establishments teaching you […]

American Spring Manifesto

This 23 page,11,000 word pamphlet is the Manifesto of Operation American Spring, an event to be held in Washington D. C. this coming May 16, 2014. Americans from all walks of life and from all 50 States are expected to converge by the millions on Washington D.C. on that day to demand that our government […]

Believe in America: Mitt Romney’s Plan for Jobs and Economic Growth

Mitt Romney will rebuild the foundations of the American economy on the principles of free enterprise, hard work, and innovation. His plan emphasizes critical structural adjustments rather than short-term fixes. It seeks to reduce taxes, spending, regulation, and government programs. It seeks to increase trade, energy production, human capital, and labor flexibility. It relinquishes power […]

The Communist Manifesto

This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery. Translation of: Manifest der Kommunistischen Partei Is this book still free…CHECK HERE

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