Free: Happier Thinking

A short collection of tips and exercises to help take care of mental wellbeing. Free on Kindle.

Laughing AT the Grim Reaper! Gems of Wisdom for Aging Well

Want to start: Laughing AT the Grim Reaper, instead of the other way around? READ THIS BOOK! Laughing AT the Grim Reaper is a book filled with life-affirming and positive: thoughts/activities/suggestions… how to age pro-actively, successfully and joyfully. To put growing older and mortality into perspective, no matter what stage of life’s journey you are […]

Free: The Road to Mana: Finding Healing, Happiness and Power on the Road to Life

In this absorbing story, written by a physician and military officer, witness a unique holistic approach to wellness, health and healing unfold through the eyes of five people all struggling with difficult life events. They find themselves together for one week at a Hawaiian retreat. All from diverse backgrounds, each with a different story to […]

Free: Quick Lessons for the Real World

‘Quick Lessons for the Real World’ is a book that has lots of tips and topics in relation to life lessons and skills that have been learnt in money management, business, real estate/property, the economy, and general life skills that are essential for anyone who is at school or university and about to enter the […]

5 Essential Dimensions: How to Balance Your Life for Health, Success and Contentment

Are you searching for a balanced life? Do you want to learn how to make better decisions? Life is all about decisions. This book reveals a game-changing new theory to develop decision making maturity. The theory is based on the premise that our lives have five dimensions – the financial, social, internal, physical, and spiritual. […]

Mind to Mind Conversation: Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

This inspirational novel has one purpose: To help you make your dream come true, no matter how big that dream might be. After Dave comes out of the hospital, he goes to spend some time with Aunt Sally and his world begins to radically change. As his new mentor, Aunt Sally shows him how to […]

Body Wisdom Journal: 40 Days to Heal & Listen to Your Body’s Intuition

If you struggle with low self-esteem, body image issues, or a lack of self-love, then the Body Wisdom Journal is just what you need! In just 5-10 minutes per day, you can connect with your body intuition and discover your unique path to healing pain, healing your body, and changing your body perception. Your body […]

Free: Happier Thinking

A short collection of tips and exercises to help take care of mental well-being. Free on Kindle.

The Warner Loughlin Technique: An Acting Revolution

For the first time in print comes the revolutionary acting technique from the premiere acting coach of our era. Not a copy of the old masters, The Warner Loughlin Technique empowers the actor to create rich, nuanced and unique characters. Discover the technique used to help create some of the most remarkable performances of our […]

Free: Famous People: What Their Lives Reveal

The book is an astonishing discovery! The moment you’ve finished reading it, you’ll be able to learn whether the years just ahead are good or bad for you – and how long this season will last! You can act so accordingly. If you find that a storm is on the horizon, you’ll take shelter in […]

Unbox Yourself: Escape the Rat Race, Find More Happiness, and Fulfill Your Purpose

Are you trapped in mediocrity, unsure of how to escape the life-sucking cycle of not living up to your full potential? How long will you procrastinate before living the life of your dreams? You can either be the rat or design the race. It’s your choice. The rat race is for rats. You are not […]

Go 4 It: A Guide on How to Boost Your Self Esteem, Face Challenges, Set Up Goals and Accomplish Them

Go 4 It: A Guide on How to Boost Your Self Esteem, Face Challenges, Set Up Goals and Accomplish Them You owe it to yourself and you know it: You feel the need to be better – to learn, to firmly act, to accomplish, to enjoy your successes and give back to those around you. […]

Free: You Must ‘C’ Your Way Through

C. Ray Calhoun gives us a real gem in his sophomore book “You Must ‘C’ Your Way Through”. He lays out more practical, relatable life-transforming nuggets that when applied can take the ordinary person to extraordinary heights as well as elevating to greater heights those persons who are already on a path to success. C. […]

Find The Seeker!: The Pathless Path to Fulfillment and Happiness

“Reading Find The Seeker! is fresh as spring grass and refreshing as a clear stream. The teachings in this book refuse to be confined to a spiritual checklist or manual of meditative techniques.” This book is based on the tried and tested wisdom of a living Master and Enlightened ones throughout the ages, accompanies us […]

Free: Cutting Hunger One Coupon At A Time

Learn How a single mom of three girls went from struggling financially to giving back well over $100k to her community by becoming Super Coupon Woman and starting a pay it forward mission that continues to grow every day. Learn how to coupon and start your own pay it forward mission with her inspirational story. […]

Free: I Am Happy. Healthy. Free.: How to Become the Person Who Lives Your Dreams

I want to say right up front this book is supporting those of us who just cannot and will not settle for less than the life we have dreamed about and see being happy, healthy and free as fundamental…not a luxury. This is for people that desire to be of great service to this world […]

Free: Quarter-Life Philosophies

Quarter-Life Philosophies is a collection of guiding ideas for our years in bloom. For growing, contributing and self-loving. For climbing out of the cave and into our own beings. Weaving personal philosophies into prose and poetry, Genevieve Ing explores our deepest fragilities as young people navigating this surreal world—like tangled identity, sadness without sense and […]

Find The Seeker!: The Pathless Path to Fulfillment and Happiness

A book filled with “Enlightenment, Wisdom, and “Inspiration” in its true form by one of our few living Zen Masters ~ Genro Xuan Lou, Laoshi.” Find the Seeker! with the subtitle “The pathless path to fulfillment and happiness”, is based on the tried, true, and tested wisdom of a living Master and enlightened ones throughout […]

Liberating Inner Eve: A Reflective Journey for Women

Manifest Equality / Find Inner Strength/Transform Personal/Social/Historic Restrictions. LIBERATING INNER EVE examines a wide variety of subconscious themes/images/expectations that women internalize around what it means to be a woman, in particular, a woman of Christian faith. LIBERATING INNER EVE assists women on their journey of developing greater self-love and personal strength; while growing in their […]

Free: “Happy” – Reloaded

From time-tested wisdom of ancient principles to proven effects of modern epigenetics and positive neuropsychology, author Master Jennifer Yu, the “Momma Panda”, lovingly takes you on a life-changing venture to uncover that “HAPPY”, the state of happiness, not only is your real home and true destination in life but actually can be easily achieved. Drawing […]

Free: 5 Keys To Emotional Oneness: The Emotional Detox System

Emotional Detoxing, using the “5 Key System,” is your guide and journal towards eliminating those overbearing and manipulative emotional intruders and minimizing the characteristics and behaviors of block, stop and flat-line. By processing though and mastering the “5 Key System;” you are creating your journey into a comprehensive understanding of self; opening doors to management […]

Free: A Tiger’s Fury: How to Start Overcoming Your Fears Right Now!

My life’s story. A Soldier, Entrepreneur, Cop, Husband, and Father’s life. The trials and tribulations of life, and how to conquer your fears. Free on Kindle.

Free: Goodbye Anxiety, Hello Freedom

Are you tired of just “coping with” or “managing” anxiety? Over 20 years of researching natural, holistic and scientifically proven skills and techniques are packed into this powerful little book, so you can overcome anxiety once and for all. Anxiety Expert, Stephanie Dalfonzo, shares many different techniques in this book because she knows “one size” […]

F Dying

An extraordinary book about mastering the art of living a happy, fulfilled and meaningful life. Dan Clark shouldn’t be here today. In 2013 he had a heart attack and barely survived. He wasn’t living right. Stress nearly killed him.In talking with people, he realized that what he was feeling was universal. We all get so […]

Free: Your Story Matters! 3 Breakthrough Secrets to Stories That Transform

  In this simple, easy-to-read self-help book you will discover: CREATION of simple stories that can transform lives, CLARITY to create a story by overcoming the greatest challenge most people face, COURAGE as you follow the story pathway to develop powerful personal stories, CONFIDENCE that your story matters and that it can transform the lives […]

If I Didn’t Give A Sh*t, I Would…

Should YOU give a Sh*t about this provocative yet elegant book? DEFINITELY YES! This book is a fun, funny, delightful, daring, deep, smart, witty… approach to leading yourself to happiness and fulfillment. As you will discover, this entertaining book of insightful and witty humor IS NOT like other self-help books. While enjoying the experience of […]


What could be more rewarding than turning conflict into genuine intimacy? In this clear, practical, and life-changing book, Mari Frank and Leonard Szymczak combine their experience as mediator and psychotherapist to show couples how to stop destructive patterns, negotiate win/win solutions, and rediscover love and intimacy. $0.99 on Kindle.

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