Kindle Self-Help Books

Self-help books can be valuable tools to help you on your journey to self-improvement. Whether you want to become more mindful and present, or you want to learn how to calm your anxieties, you’ll find plenty of inspirational, actionable advice here.

Shop Your Wardrobe

Jill Chivers

For any woman who has ever stood in front of a full wardrobe and lamented she has “nothing to wear”, the idea that you can shop too much isn’t too much of a stretch. Jill Chivers’ personal challenge to have a year without clothes shopping changed her life. She was shopping too much for things ... Read more


Free: 90 Days to Live

Rodney Stamps

A multiple award-winning book, and Amazon bestseller! An inspiring and unforgettable memoir of one couple’s push for survival in the face of insurmountable odds. Free on Kindle.... Read more


The Motivational Reset: Positive affirmations to reset your mind and prepare for the post pandemic world

Dr. Sage

Do you want to gain a deeper understanding of life after a pandemic, along with how you can cope with the world of Covid19; Are you interested in discovering some home-based business that can make you be a 7 figure entrepreneurship and help you to manifest your dream of financial freedom? Then keep reading. The ... Read more


Dead by Tomorrow

Andrew Monroe

Dead by Tomorrow is a mindset practice to help you grow and succeed in your life. We focus on positive practices, including health and wellness, money, work-life balance, and all the tools and tricks and tips Andrew Monroe and Daniel Winter use to better themselves every day. Learning how to practice the art of today ... Read more


How to Make People Do What You Want: Methods of Subtle Psychology to Read People, Persuade, and Influence Human Behavior

James W. Williams

How to Make People Do What You Want: Methods of Subtle Psychology to Read People, Persuade, and Influence Human Behavior is the ideal book if you’ve ever wanted to get what you want. You’ll learn all about how to read people based on their language, tells, and physical movements. Using proven psychological communication strategies like ... Read more


You Can’t Save Your Way to Wealth

Zeb Tsikira

This is not your typical book about money, wealth, real estate, and financial freedom. This book is meant to shift your thinking about how YOU can build generational wealth through real estate, take care of your immediate family and fund your retirement, even if you’re an immigrant, have no savings and have bad credit. $0.99 ... Read more


Mindset Mentors

Ryan Wroth

Mindset Mentors is about helping you create the best version of yourself through the wisdom, inspiration and motivation of some of the most successful people on the planet. It contains quotes from 240 of the best mentors to have ever lived, distilling their most valuable thoughts surrounding success and living a meaningful life. $0.99 on ... Read more


The Power and Magic of Gratitude

Ivan Nossa

This book has been a bestseller in Italy bringing joy and serenity to thousands of people. Like I did and wrote, you can transform suffering into valuable life gifts, you can open your eyes and see the miracles in everyday life. I can promise you that this book will leave a big smile on your ... Read more


Cracked Heart: Poetic Thoughts on a Live

Michele Venne

The best fodder for the muse are life’s events and circumstances. We all have had situations that molded us, forced us to grow, and made us strong even if we would have chosen an easier path. For the author, writing has become a way of reflecting on life, a chance to process what happened, and ... Read more


How To Tell What Your GOLD Jewelry Is REALLY Worth

T+S Publications

Are you considering SELLING your GOLD Jewelry? Or maybe you just want to know what your GOLD Jewelry is REALLY worth? In this guide, you’ll learn: HOW to figure out the VALUE of your GOLD Jewelry AND get some GREAT TIPS on SELLING your GOLD Jewelry for MORE MONEY! Inside, you’ll find a clear and ... Read more


So You’ve Got Fibromyalgia

Vasily Pugh

This book will not tell you what to eat. It will not tell you what exercise to do. It’s not that kind of book. But what you might need if you suffer from a chronic condition like Fibromyalgia is reassurance that you are not going mad. With mysterious aches, pains and ailments – not to ... Read more


Eternal Answers: What is a Sense of Life

Adrian Krupchanskiy

When you ask yourself what is the meaning of life, you try to find the answer in literary works on this topic. The book “Eternal Answers” is the very answer, after reading which you will learn: What is a sense of life? How to make yourself happy? Who am I? Why am I here? What ... Read more


Mental Toughness Training: How to be Emotionally Strong, Overcome Adversity and Start Controlling Your Life

Ian Tuhovsky

The Secret To Mastering Your Emotions Is Finally Out There: Are You Ready To Take Control Of Your Emotions? Did you know that your social, business, and romantic life are dictated and, in most cases, controlled by your emotions? Did you know that mastering your emotions can lead to increased confidence, self-awareness, and self-motivation? If ... Read more


The Art & Truth of Transformation for Women

Sue Urda

  Living a transformational life is a constant state of evolution. It is a growing and expanding process that resembles morphing from one way of being to the next. This collection of personal and heartfelt stories by women who are wayshowers, teachers, and coaches shows the possibility of change, beauty, and grace exists for all. ... Read more


Free: The Role of Resiliency in a Global Lifestyle

Jamie Gelbtuch

Life abroad brings many unique experiences, including both great opportunities and demanding challenges. In reality, encountering these challenges is inevitable, but with the right approach, anything can be overcome. For this reason, perhaps the most important quality for a successful expat to embody is resilience. The Role of Resiliency in a Global Lifestyle is an ... Read more


Imagine the Path

Gina Merlino

The humanities are relevant in today’s world. Art, history, literature, music, and other subjects have value. With technology, we can integrate the humanities in our work and education. These subjects are timeless and have a wealth of material to explore. $2.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Intentional Happiness

Julie Leonard

YOUR HAPPINESS IS IN YOUR CONTROL! In this transformational book, Julie Leonard, a Life Coach and Happiness Evangelist, takes you step by step on a journey to happiness. Get intentional about your happiness with this life-changing practical guide that takes you through: Be inspired by Julie’s own story of transformation, read about the clients who ... Read more


The Bridge to Change: Mentoring Tools for Parents, Teachers, Coaches, and Counselors


We cannot undo something that was intentionally done organically. The Bridge to Change is a guide to provide leaders with a set of tools to create, shape, and maintain a rehumanizing culture that focuses on the development of a strong sense of self, productivity, and emotional health in the lives of those they serve. $4.99 ... Read more


Rejected, Shamed, and Blamed: Help and Hope for Adults in the Family Scapegoat Role

Rebecca C Mandeville MFT

Were you bullied, shamed, blamed, or rejected by a parent, sibling, or other relative growing up or as an adult? Have you been the target of a ‘smear’ campaign by immediate or extended family and been left feeling frustrated and confused? Have you tried to reach out for help and support and been told, “Just ... Read more


Free: To Do List Plan

Ollie Morrison

Step-by-step guidance on how to put together your new and improved to-do list, allowing you to become a master at task management and finally take control of your day. Free on Kindle.... Read more


You Matter, Even if You Don’t Think So

Joseph Binning

  Improve your self-image with this inspirational guide to finding your path in life and creating lasting change through these practical steps. In this challenging world, we struggle to be relevant, influential, respected and loved. Yet many of us still suffer from poor self-esteem and feelings of worthlessness. In this self-help book about creating the ... Read more


What Will People Think?

Roma Sharma

This book provides clear-cut methods on how to feel confident and stop worrying about what others think about you. As a certified coach and trainer, Roma draws on her professional experience to give you proven ways to be yourself confidently and unapologetically. Do you want to stop caring about what others think of you? Get ... Read more


Mind Works

Gary Van Warmerdam

Why do we self-sabotage? How do we learn to be happy, to have fulfilling personal relationships, and find inner peace? The answers are already inside you. You need to know where to look. This requires more than telling yourself to think happy thoughts. You need to understand how your mind works. MindWorks is a simple ... Read more


Free: The Judas Personality: A Primer for Victims

Dr Lily Corsello

The Judas Personality defines sociopath and psychopath and delineates where this disordered personality ends and sheer evil begins. Are they one and the same? What are the identifying features in sociopaths and in ourselves that can make us victims? Drawing on experiences of therapy clients and research of well-known cases, Dr. Lily Corsello explores antisocial ... Read more


My Experiments With Healing: For The Working Soul


THIS BOOK HELPS TO HEAL YOUR BODY, MIND, AND SOUL. HOW TO HEAL YOUR SELF. Healing is the process of the restoration of health from an unbalanced, diseased, damaged organism. This book guides you about self-healing. $2.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Powerful Intentions Everyday Gratitude

Sue Urda

This transformational book is a 100-day journey to the center of YOU! Using simple language, humor, and everyday life examples, Sue Urda assists you on your personal journey to a joy-filled existence. She guides you to your own profound conclusions as she sets the stage for you to create your own amazing life. Powerful Intentions ... Read more


Free: Think Away Your Hay Fever: A Practical Guide

Kfir Luzzatto

Think Away Your Allergy and Stop Taking Antihistamines. Your mind affects your body and turns your salivary glands on when you think of squeezing a juicy lemon. It can also influence your immune system and lower your allergic reaction. Free on Kindle.... Read more


Overcoming Anxiety

Tirzah Hawkins

Imagine feeling in control of your emotions and no longer dealing with an anxiety attack on your way to work. You might be surprised to know that you can conquer and overcome anxiety. It may be easier than you imagined it could be. How would I know? Because I’ve personally done it. My anxiety and ... Read more



Abigail Brown

This book is very interesting and enriching! Written in a clear and warm way, the book is full of precious and varied possibilities to improve self-esteem and explore the wonders and mystery of this human life. We skillfully merge theory and practice into a practical manual to develop and strengthen self-esteem. Written in a simple conversational style, this captivating book ... Read more


Hacking Evolution: Ditch Anxiety & Get Happy…Forever

Brad Kelln

Why is anxiety rising and at epidemic levels? Why aren’t people happier? What can we do about it? This book was written to help. By understanding how thinking and emotions evolved to help us survive, you will also learn how to feel better right now. In this humorous and personal exploration, Dr. Kelln takes you ... Read more


The Honest Griever – Truths God Reveals on the Journey from Pain to Purpose

Lynne Hoeksema

Do you long for a book that’s brutally honest about the hard work of grieving a deep loss? Do you want that same book to give you a reason to hope for a brighter tomorrow despite your heartache? The Honest Griever does exactly that. It chronicles the author’s journey after the death of her husband ... Read more


Escape Route

Jen Crawley

Jen Crawley’s first official introduction to alcohol was in the womb. From that very moment, alcohol has played an integral role in her life. Bearing witness to an abusive alcoholic dad, navigating the challenges of young adulthood with a developing alcohol addiction, and finally finding the courage to break free from the shackles herself, Jen’s ... Read more


Free: The Truth About Life: Revelations Never Told before in the History of Humanity

Dr. Lilly Koutcho

Suppose you could ask God, Jesus, and other heavenly beings any question, and they would answer you. Questions about existence, why we are here; questions about money, sexuality, religion, why some people are homosexual, why some people have disabilities, how to heal from diseases, the fate of the earth, and no question is out of ... Read more


How to Imagine: Steps for a Better, Happier Life

Kfir Luzzatto

Your happiness depends on the image of your world that you have built in your mind, and a wrong perception of your place in it will make you less happy. Luckily, you have the innate ability to reset many damaging cognitions using simple and enjoyable methods. Those tools, which rely on the power of your ... Read more


Manifest Success: A Journal for Creating a Happy and Prosperous Life in 21 Days

Sierra Fearless

Do you feel you should be so much farther in your career, your business, your life? If the answer is yes, then you are in the right place. I have created a very special workbook called The Manifest Success Journal, and I would love to connect with you there, and, literally, hold your hand as ... Read more


Anxiety Elephants

Caris Snider

Anxiety Elephants is a 31 Day Devotional written to help you have hope and tools in overcoming the anxiety bombarding your life. It will be evident throughout the book that you are not alone on this journey. God is with you, and will help you stomp out the fear and despairing moments suffocating your heart, ... Read more


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