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If you have a chronic case of wanderlust, the nonfiction travel genre can make it easier for you to decide where you’d like to go on your next adventure. Read about solo explorer’s perilous trips, dive into the history of specific regions, or laugh about an author’s experiences during a family vacation. Check out the culture, types of food, and unique places to go before you pack up for another international trip!

Kong Boys

Gerald Yeung

Seven Hong Kong boys. Thirty years of age. Eleven European Cities. One Summer. The enduring power of friendship disguised as a booze-soaked, contemplative travelogue. Winner of 2020 Hollywood Book Festival In summer 2006, twenty-year-old Gerald Yeung and his childhood friends from Hong Kong travel to South America and Africa on their parents’ dime. Confronted by ... Read more


The Art of Discount Travel: Your Guide To Cheaper Flights & Cheaper Nights

Bill Anthony

The Art of Discount Travel (now revised and updated) is chock full of strategies and resources for lowering the cost of flights and accommodations. From significantly discounted to free – yes, free – multiple cost-reduction strategies are presented in detail. This book was written with you, the consumer, in mind. If a cost-cutting strategy is ... Read more


Free: Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

joel reisig

This is the reality of what it is like to actually hike the pathways of the Incas exactly how they did six hundred years ago, assuming they had porters running ahead of them to set up their tents, cook their meals, clean their toilets, administer oxygen, remind them to put on sunscreen, and pose them ... Read more


Cruising Panama’s Canal

Sunny Lockwood

An Indie Excellence Awards finalist, this fascinating, feel-good travel memoir will inform and entertain. It maybe even entice you to grab your passport and start packing. $1.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Free: Van Life in 50 States

Bianca Alberti

Ever wonder what it might be like to explore all 50 states in a conversion van? Join bucket list chaser, Bianca, her ex-boyfriend (that’s right, EX-boyfriend) Jason, and their reliable (but bouncy) FedEx van-turned self-converted Sprinter van, Roo, as they do just that! Van Life in 50 States, is a reminder that life is meant ... Read more


Lost Angel in Paradise

Linda Ballou

California Coast-A Love Story. Ready for a road trip on the coast from Malibu to Mendocino? If you love a beach stroll, or hike in a fern laden forest you will find your special day here. 32-Day trips from Malibu to Mendocino with images and links to the trailheads and eateries nearby. Download the free ... Read more


Lost Angel in Paradise 32 Daytrips on the Coast

Linda Ballou

Escape with Linda Ballou as she takes you on her favorite power-packed outdoor days along the sun-splashed California Coast from Malibu to Mendocino. Let your spirit free strolling long stretches of sand in solitude. Breathe deeply of the restorative energy of fern forests shaded by towering redwood giants. Kick-start creativity while meandering among flower-infused meadows, ... Read more


Savoring the World: Hit and Misadventures: A Memoir

Michael Meyer

I am an avid world traveler. These glimpses of my world journeys are poignant, funny, comical, inspiring, and sometimes frightening, but one thing is for certain: every word details precisely and truthfully how it all happened.  $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Unpack Your Travel Budget: Change Your Lifestyle and See The World

Marianne Curcio

Have you ever wondered how people who don’t earn a lot of money are able to create a travel lifestyle? Unpacking your travel budget has less to do with bargains and deals, and everything to do with examining your limited beliefs. When you explore and question your value system, you make space in your life ... Read more


Free: My Journey Around Mont Blanc

Dan Karmi

My Journey Around Mont Blanc is a story of the fragility of human nature, testing its endurance and overcoming its fears, played out on the stage of one of the most beautiful and popular treks on earth. Free on Kindle.... Read more


Journey To A Dream

Craig Briggs

Sell up, move abroad, and live the good life. How difficult could it be? Craig Briggs dreamt of a new life, free from the stresses and strains of modern living. Unlike most of us, he decided to follow his dream. In May 2002, Craig, his wife Melanie and their dog Jazz packed all their worldly ... Read more


Berlin: Then and Today

Oded Szabo Melamed

“Berlin: then and today” series of guides provide comprehensive and practical information about sites related to Nazi Germany in Berlin. The focus is on sites and places where authentic remains still exist today from that dark era. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a tourist for a few days or just someone wanting to see Berlin ... Read more


Adventures With My Sea Pass Card – The Unofficial Guide to Cruising with Royal Caribbean

Neil Jones

Love cruising? Follow the hilarious misadventures of our hero aboard Royal Caribbean. Marvel at his stupidity. Gasp as he comes close to cardiac arrest on Deck 13. Cheer as he narrowly survives being stung to death by Portuguese Man O’War in Bermuda. Be astounded as he reveals the secret to winning the daily trivia quiz. ... Read more


Cruising the Mississippi

Al & Sunny Lockwood

If you love travel, cultural exploration, American history, practical travel insights, colorful characters, authentic personal stories and genuine old-fashioned fun, you’ll love this fascinating riverboat adventure along the mighty Mississippi. Readers’ Favorite Book reviewers loved this book. They gave it 5-stars, and said, “Cruising the Mississippi gives the reader a genuine sense that they are ... Read more


Free: Two Girls, Two Dogs and a Campervan

Bea Sharif

This debut book inspired by real life follows Mia and J, two struggling tech co-founders, as they hit the road with J’s disabled and aging dogs for a California road trip. Narrated by Mia, an avid outdoorsy-type, the story follows two very different women as they travel through Yosemite, Napa Valley and Big Sur. During ... Read more


Free: Belize Chronicles 1991-1995

Terry Vulcano

Belize Chronicles 1991-1995 covers a multitude of subjects and themes from four years in Belize and nearby Guatemala, including the author’s adventures and misadventures while traveling. The stories include living in the rainforest without electricity or running water and encounters with animals and environmental issues. Free on Kindle.... Read more


Finding Ourselves in Venice, Florence, Rome & Barcelona

Al and Sunny Lockwood

This feel-good travel memoir explores grand European cities, revealing the emotional power of each majestic place. It’s full of beauty, adventure and delicious fun. In its pages, you’ll glide along Venice’s canals, walk where Colosseum gladiators once battled, enter Barcelona’s jaw-dropping Sagrada Familia, the most visited monument in Spain. $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Two Girls, Two Dogs and a Campervan

Bea Sharif

This debut book inspired by real-life follows Mia and J, two struggling tech co-founders, as they hit the road with J’s disabled and aging dogs for a California road trip. Narrated by Mia, an avid outdoorsy-type, the story follows two very different women as they travel through Yosemite, Napa Valley, and Big Sur. During the ... Read more


Free: PointsLife: Not Your Grandma’s Timeshare

Fred Lanosa

PointsLife is about points! A “Tell-All” book about vacation ownership today, not your Grandma’s timeshare. Learn why points are quickly becoming the vacation currency of choice for today’s savvy travelers. Learn insider secrets on how-to access better accommodations, better views, better discounts at the best destinations. Imagine…no need to bounce from travel site to travel ... Read more


Work Remotely and Travel the World: A Guide for Real People with Real Responsibilities

Grace Hahn

Does this sound familiar? You hate your office job. * Your wake up dreading work. * You have one vacation a year and when you return home you feel depressed. * You’ve been wanting to switch careers and travel more. * This lifestyle is not the one you always dreamed of. Grace Hahn was where ... Read more


Bucket to Greece

V.D. Bucket

A comical moving abroad adventure. Needing a pseudonym to avoid embarrassing his wife after deciding to pen a book about moving from England to Greece, the author dusted off his original name of V.D. Bucket, the name he was stuck with after being abandoned in a bucket as a baby. $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Free: Have Laptop, Will Travel: Memoirs of a Digital Nomad

Readers are calling this the male version of Eat Pray Love! Phil goes digital nomad for a year-long odyssey, traveling to 12 cities in 12 months on 4 continents. What these cities are ‘really like’ will make you laugh, cringe, think, learn and experience a myriad of emotions. The author’s personal journey of self-discovery add ... Read more


Free: Malta, The Ultimate Island

Amit Offir

The fascinating story of the author and his special approach to life will inspire you, and provide you with a wealth of tools to help you travel often, and enjoy each and every moment on your trip to Malta! Free on Kindle.... Read more


Namibia, Africa’s Best Kept Secret

Johan Junius

A book about Namibia, a relatively unknown tourist destination. It shed’s light on this great country and travelers paradise of activities and scenery. It is a guide to the countries history, tourism sector, highlights to visit, culture and food, and more! $2.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Where Can I Find Wifi? Work Anywhere, Travel Forever

Kayla Kurin

Learn how to jump-start your online career so that you can travel and work from anywhere in the world! Filled with humour and practical advice, anyone aspiring to be location independent should read this book! $2.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Free: Travel Journal: My Travel Bucket List

Anita Kaltenbaugh

Do you have a travel bucket list? Why not? Take the time to imagine your dream destinations, answer some questions, explore all the countries in the world and read Inspirational quotes to help you create, a travel bucket list. Ebook is free, old-school journal works best, but check out the Kindle book for free and ... Read more


Explore Maldives: A Blissful Journey Guide To Mesmerizing Beach Destination

Manoj Bhatia

A perfect travel companion for all the adventure seekers, travel enthusiasts & beach lovers… for unwinding on a sunny tropical island while enjoying water diving activities, exploring marine life, coral reefs, taking long sunbaths & do some adventure activities… on a paradise situated in southwest Asia, MALDIVES. Here are 20+ Topics that this travel guide ... Read more


Endangered Edens: Exploring the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Costa Rica, the Everglades, and Puerto Rico

Marty Essen

Four-time award-winning book! Whether traveling with Marty and his wife, Deb, in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Costa Rica, and Puerto Rico, or going solo with Marty in the Everglades, readers will experience nature’s Endangered Edens in a way few others have—all while laughing and learning along the way. More than 180 stunning color photos. ... Read more


Free: Sanctuary of the King- City Royal, 13 Tours of Jerusalem

Eyal Davidson

Sanctuary of the King: City Royal presents 13 tours of Jerusalem, Israel, through the streets and alleys during its days of splendor – the periods of the First and Second Temple. This guide book is unique in that it presents the spiritual and social values of ancient Jerusalem as well as its physical, historical, and ... Read more


Practical Tips for Easy Air Travel

The book gives practical tips for air travel – starting with a preparation to the trip, looking for deals, suggesting best websites and apps, tips for packing, tips to avoid thieves on board, tips for airports, transit, etc. $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Free: Adventure and Cycle Touring

Erik Olsson

Join an epic adventure and discover where your passion can take you. “To go or not to go, that has always been the main question. It is so easy to say, yet so difficult to do. My idea was to head out on a great adventure, on a bike from Gothenburg, my native city in ... Read more


Free: Travelled Far

Keith Foskett shares a collection of trips, thoughts and observations from his award-winning hiking blog. From the extremes of the New Mexico wilderness to his beloved South Downs in England, he observes the world with clarity, hope, daydreams and humour. With tales of local history, the changing of the seasons, facing death and pursuing his ... Read more


Living In Italy, The Real Deal

Stef Smulders

In 2008 Stef Smulders, his partner Nico and their dog Saar emigrated to Italy to start a new life and set up a B&B. They sold their home, left their friends and family behind and took a leap into the unknown. Now Stef shares his experiences in a collection of witty short stories. The book ... Read more



Paul Brodie

Maui: Ten Ways to Enjoy the Best Food, Beaches and Locations While on Vacation (Part of the Paul G. Brodie Seminar Book Series) shows how you can enjoy the best of Maui with the most up to date information. What if you could plan the best vacation possible to Maui? What if you could have an ... Read more


Seventeen Seas

Bronwyn Elsmore

  Is there really a stowaway in one of the lifeboats? And what’s the truth about Germans and deckchairs? On a cruise ship full of passengers from different countries there’s bound to be plenty of fun. Seventeen Seas follows a voyage through ten countries, fifteen ports, across seventeen seas, for forty-six days. $0.99 on Kindle.   ... Read more


The Nepali Flat

  Join Gordon Alexander in Nepal as he drags his ‘heavy ass’ over the Himalayas in this hilarious, adventure-soaked account of the Three Passes Trek, culminating in a visit to Everest Base Camp. Together with guide Subash and porter Nima, Gordon tackles high passes in excess of 5400 meters (17700ft) and explains how high altitude affects ... Read more


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