Billionaires in Disguise: Lizzy (The Complete Series)

Sometimes when you fall in love, you fall hard. At a party, Lizzy meets Theo, a handsome lawyer who wants to take things slowly, too darn slowly, and Mannix, an ex-pro-football player with a taste for the disturbing. Romantic and suspenseful, Billionaires in Disguise: Lizzy sizzles with sex and explores the power of love to […]

Garland of Pleasures

As part of a prison work program, Tack designs interactive virtual sex games. In a scant three years he has developed a reputation as a “span master” whose imagination can always bridge between two lusting organic life-forms in a coupling of wild ecstasy. That’s how the warden advertises his services on a galactic billboard. Although […]

In His Keeping: Taken

Out of work and on the verge of being homeless, Sylvie Jenkins takes a job with a reclusive writer living in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York. He’s offering her room, board, and an extremely generous salary. How bad can he be? Her new employer, Connor Hudson, turns out to be a bestselling author […]

Free: Katelyn Skye’s Four Series Collection

Four of Katelyn Skye’s bestselling series available for the first time in one Complete Collection: Savage Heart, Scandalous, Close To You, Lessons In Love. Free on Kindle.

Free: Wild Rush

When Alexa Snyder hears that her favorite author, Graham Jenkins, is coming to her little bookstore to visit, she is over the moon. Finally a chance to meet a real man. A man who is, from the photo on his book jacket, not only very good looking but also understands the value of literary romance […]

Free: Wild Release

When the strikingly handsome bad-boy Ryan Becker is hired to save the dealership from a hostile takeover, Cassidy’s world is thrown into emotional chaos. She finds herself unexpectedly drawn to his seductive good looks and audacious sales tactics but vows to maintain her distance. However, Ryan has his own secret intentions and sinful desires. Setting […]

Wild Obsession

Desperate to keep a roof over her head, Jill Carter takes up a job as personal assistant to world-famous race car driver, Drake. She’s prepared to do almost anything to keep it—including working in scorching hot temperatures and putting up with his chauvinistic demands on the racetrack. Drake may be an asshole, but Jill needs […]

Wild Nights

Getting over a bad breakup isn’t easy for anybody, especially when it’s your fiancée, the man you thought you would marry and spend the rest of your life with. So when Laura moves to New Orleans hoping for a fresh start, she finds herself working as a cocktail waitress at a hip club near Bourbon […]

Wild Desires

Uptight and in control at all times, Alyssa decides to try yoga to help her to relax. Her partner, Jonathan, certainly isn’t interested in relieving the tension. However, Alyssa hadn’t banked on her open-minded instructor, Jill, stirring something within her that will turn her perfect life upside down. Confronting both her own and Jonathan’s fantasies […]

Wild Lust

Jessa’s friend organizes a solo trip for her on what she thinks is a run-of-the-mill singles cruise for a few days of cocktails, relaxation and flirting when she learns what she is really boarding is a BDSM themed cruise ship – a boat devoted entirely to the lustful pleasure of single dominants and submissives. Jessa […]

Free: Wild Crush

After years of planning and preparing, culinary hotshot Olivia Reece has finally succeeded in opening her own bakery, Sweet Delight. Both determined and confident that everything will go according to plan, Olivia has never felt more in control of herself, and of her own destiny in her entire life. Or so she thought until one […]

Wild Liaison

Peyton Wheeler and Owen Morgan are two very intelligent, strong-willed, career driven individuals, but will he ever get Peyton to see that she is a submissive? After Peyton gives him a scathing review in her latest article, Owen stumbles upon the beautiful Ms. Wheeler at his museum. He watches her, not knowing who she is, […]

Free: Wild Cravings

Things just haven’t been going well for Ally. Her new Real Estate business, which initially took off the ground, has started to languish along with her love life. Things can’t seem to get much worse and just as Ally is feeling like all hope is lost for her business, Mike arrives looking for help selling […]

Wild Games

Elizabeth Penrose, Liza for short, is back on her feet for the first time in years. After a rough breakup that left her in ruins, Liza has dusted off the old remains of her college relationship and joined the family restaurant business. But after everything seems to be going in her favor, her old lover, […]

Thorne: Rose’s Dark Contract (Book 1)

Sex with no strings attached. Obedience without questions. An arrangement of mutual benefit. No mess. No love. No expectations. Nothing beyond a signed contract. Until he meets her. $0.99 on Kindle.

Mentor’s Math

Sought after architect, Kate Herrington wasn’t planning to attend the large conference in Berlin. But when the project she was working on finishes sooner than expected, she changes her mind. Unfortunately, as a last-minute registrant, she can’t find a hotel room nearby. Feeling somewhat desperate, she calls Fritz Brose, an acquaintance who lives in Berlin […]

A Taste of Sin

Desiree Nichols is a very good girl. Ask almost any woman in Miami with a taste for pink. She hasn’t left a single one unsatisfied in all the years she’s been prowling the city. But when a bad love affair and her mother’s unexpected illness knocks Dez off her game, it’ll take a very special […]

Tiger Lily Trilogy Box Set

Get the complete Tiger Lily Trilogy from author Amélie S. Duncan! Part 1:  An assignment becomes o much more There’s not much that can surprise or scare Lily Salomé. Until her path collides with that of Jonas Crane—a sexy, brooding business mogul. As their companionship blossoms, obstacles arise that challenge everything they’ve worked for. Is this […]

Behind his Lens

Sometimes life throws us curve balls and Jake Donovan was mine. He wasn’t supposed to consume me, but he did. He wasn’t supposed to touch me in places no other man had before, but he did. And I wanted him to do it again. An Erotic M/M Bisexual Romance. $0.99 on Kindle.

Anna’s Curious Summer

Anna’s boyfriend dumps her before summer vacation. Heartbroken, she finds herself exploring her sexuality with a close friend. Will this new fling help her move on, or will it just make things worse? $0.99 on Kindle.

Married on the Oregon Trail

Kenny Johnson’s life takes a bad turn when his parents and fiance’ are killed in a wagon accident. As the oldest of five, he feels it’s his responsibility to take care of his younger siblings. With the threat of Civil War looming, he decides to leave Kentucky and take them with him west, on the […]

Smells Like Heaven (Naughty Business Novellas Book 1)

A young stud. A sexy cougar. And a gift that’ll make your toes curl. Matt is young, inexperienced, and looking for the perfect gift to surprise his girlfriend. When he summons the courage to explore the local beauty shop, his plan is to pick out something beautiful for her. He never planned to meet Lola. […]

The Red

Mona Lisa St. James made a deathbed promise that she would do anything to save her mother’s art gallery. A mysterious man comes in after closing time and makes her an offer: He will save The Red if she agrees to submit to him for the period of one year. “The Red” is a standalone […]

Free: Black Butterfly

Sydney Allen has a dream. To dance one day on Broadway, and be a star. She’s moved to New York, and with her best friends Portia and Trish at her side, her dream is destined to be a reality. That is until she meets the Executive Producer of her show–Nolen Adams. A Wall Street Investment […]

Love’s First Fall

A work party leaves Elizabeth in a compromising position with one of her colleagues: Christopher, a tall charismatic colleague who makes her heart flutter and her body tingle. And he’s a surgeon to boot. The scene is set for an epic twenty-first-century fairy-tale romance, the kind that makes you feel warm and fuzzy. Except Christopher […]

Conquered By the Alien Prince

A filthy rich, ripped alpha who also happens to be royalty? Yes, please. Only problem? He’s an alien. When a confidential mission sends Doctor Cali Taylor to Luminar, her project is thrown in jeopardy and more than one life, including her own, is at risk. The one constant? The alien prince and a scorching interplanetary […]

Let It Snow

College freshman Riley Kendrick has always been attracted to Seth, a young man his parents adopted as a teen, and Seth’s wife, Carol; he’s convinced he’ll never have either of them. But when he catches them being intimate in his bed with only two weeks before Christmas, his lonely world is rapidly turned upside down. […]

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