Braving the Brand

Brittany K Moore

With her smart mouth, Maggie Carter’s only focus is her college classes paired with the struggle of being on time to her clientele for her successful horse training business. Finding a man or a wild BLM mustang that would leave her breathless was not part of her already frazzled plan. But after a chance encounter ... Read more


The Black Sea of Roses: A Novel ( Book 1)

Vanessa M. Chattman

The forest is dark, haunting and ghastly. A couple wandering through a hidden passageway found an abandoned cabin covered in leaves and vines. The cabin has a history of belonging to family filled with darkness in their hearts, and the cabin is a historical landmark, but it has paranormal activity that describes the black sea ... Read more


Back To You

Natasha L. Black

Lights. Camera. Total nightmare. The man of my dreams is Hollywood’s hottest bachelor. But I’m not one of his crazy fan girls. I’m his ex-girlfriend. The high school sweetheart that left him behind. My career came first. And now, it’s what has led me back to him. His name is in lights, and I’m working ... Read more


Free: Murder on the Menu

Jerri George

Torn from the side of her Russian sous chef at a mountain wedding retreat, Denver’s up and coming catering diva, Candace Kane, finds her beloved uncle bleeding and unconscious. As he hangs on to life, Candace soon suspects it was no accident. As if exposing the still raw emotions about her parent’s untimely death wasn’t ... Read more


Far Away Home: A Historical Novel of the American West: Aislynn’s Story (Book 1)

Susan Denning

In post-Civil War New York City, sixteen-year-old Aislynn Denehy cannot find a job, she has no place to live and no family to help her. Some might think this is a problem; Aislynn believes it is an opportunity, but she has a lot to learn. No formulaic romance, Aislynn’s journey begins in New York City ... Read more


Plot Your Way to Publication: From Idea to Outline

Brenda Hill

Do you dream of writing a novel? No time or money to attend classes? Want shortcuts to learning the craft of writing? Check out my series, “TIME FOR SUCCESS!” Plot Your Way to Publication shows you how to plot the 3-act story structure with step-by-step Instructions. It’s updated with simple downloadable one-page chart templates you ... Read more


Nick of Time

William Coleman

Detective Nick Armstrong is unsettled when a murder victim found in an alley turns out to be his doppelganger. He and his partner, Greg Cooper, set out to investigate the murder where clues create more questions than answers. Even identifying the victim proves to be a challenge. A baffling phone call leads them to a ... Read more


Star Child

Leonard Petracci

Star Child is the first person born in space, in a world where birth location decides powers and unauthorized abilities mean death. Out of fear, his strange abilities become his darkest secret. But when his mother is kidnapped, Star Child has no choice but to act. $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Tumbling Down

walter marks

The murder of a transgender woman brings East Hampton detective Jericho into a complex world, filled with violence, greed, and murder. $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Catwalk Dead

F. Della Notte

Strange things happen in the old Rue de L’Histoire Theatre: the ghost light goes out, set pieces are moved during the night, then the stage manager goes missing. When his dead body falls from a light bridge, Father Melvyn and his high-spirited housekeeper, Mrs. B., become involved in their second case. Can they find out ... Read more


Celtic Knot

Michelle Dorey

A Celtic god, totally smoking hot, awakens at the sound of her voice. When he summons his friends, a Fae Prince and a dog of war, the young woman’s world turns upside down. He is bound by some blood debt to her? He’s going to New York city with her? But when his enemies show ... Read more


Free: Fatal Decision: The Freeman Files Series (Book 1)

Ted Tayler

Gus Freeman is a retired Detective Inspector who has spent the past three years alone. Freeman’s wife, Tess, died from a brain aneurysm six months to the day after his retirement. He is still coming to terms with his enforced solitary existence. His old boss wants Gus to head up a Crime Review Team investigating ... Read more


Free: Morte

Dirk Walvoord

For the anatomically correct and fully functional models of the Andy line, birth begins with the click of a switch. Does it end that way, too, or is there something more to it? Free on Kindle.... Read more


Pursuit: Colorado to Alaska

Cindi Myers

On the trail of a fugitive in the Alaska bush, U.S. Marshal Gillian Williams becomes the hunted as unseen enemies pursue her and her prisoner, Harrison Prescott, through the wilderness. When her fellow agents turn against her, Gillian and Harrison must work together to survive long enough to prove their innocence. $2.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Murky Waters Rising

Vanity Smith

Crime thriller meets erotica in this story of four young girls. Lace, Jen, Nika and Sasha are from different walks of life, but grew up together during their time in the Navy and became the best of friends. They became the family to one another that they left behind. They comforted one another through heartbreaks ... Read more


Kingdom of Stone

Kathryn Lee

Lunacia – An ancient nation united by elemental magic. That is, until a new element emerges that sets in motion events that will see it forever changed… Whilst searching through centuries-old family journals for any mention of the newly discovered element, Queen Isabella stumbles across an age-old prophecy threatening to destroy her entire kingdom. Throughout ... Read more


Free: Audrey – Just A Girl


In school, alone. Drawing an image of a shadowy man repeatedly. Audrey is an outcast and her mother wants to help. Seeking her daughter’s estranged father leads to a discovery. A solution is revealed in Audrey’s half-brother Jaden, but Laura’s little girl is changing in disturbing ways and she fears for her life because Audrey… ... Read more


Entrepreneurial Investing: Connecting Sophisticated Capital with Talented Small Business

Callum Laing

Imagine being offered a chance to invest in a solid, debt-free, profitable company that was going to go public tomorrow at below market rates. Now imagine getting that offer twenty or more times a year. This is the model that Callum Laing and his team have been working on since 2015. By marrying the capital ... Read more


You’re Welcome: A Dog Lovers Novel

A.J. Arentz

You’re Welcome by A. J. Arentz is an Amazon Best Seller. This heartwarming, inspiring and laugh-out-loud story is inspired by true events, and narrated by our furry best friend. Ludo, a German Shepherd and Melody, a young high-spirited woman, find each other needing one another more than they know to make it through the perils ... Read more


The Children of the Moon

Yvonne Robertson

Imogen and India Rose have been making it on their own since the parents untimely death three years earlier. When India goes missing after hiking deep in the woods looking for a wolf shifters, Imogen is at her wits end. The police don’t to seem to take her seriously and she has no one else ... Read more


Free: Army of God

Dennis Bailey

Suspense, action, romance, and a touch of the supernatural play out against a backdrop of the Biblical account of Noah when the animals rise up to defend the ark against an invading army. Free on Kindle.... Read more


Free: Holly Freakin’ Hughes

Kelsey Kingsley

After being dumped by her boyfriend and losing her job, Holly Hughes starts to wonder if things will ever look up. That is, until her niece bumps into a ridiculously attractive man in the local bookstore. Free on Kindle.... Read more


Brand Experiences: Building Connections in a Digitally Cluttered World

Steve Randazzo

Thanks to the rise of the internet, it is now easier than ever for brands to target large groups of consumers with marketing messages. That’s the good news. Here’s the bad news: It is nearly impossible for brands to stand out in the digital arena. While content may be king, the online kingdom is overly ... Read more


B is for Boss’s Baby

Annie J. Rose

He’s my boss. He’s 15 years older than me. Against the rules. Forbidden. Irresistible. My life was already turned upside down. I’m on my own for the first time after being disinherited by my parents. Now I have to go and get a crush on my boss. Six foot plus of blond Nordic hotness, and ... Read more


The Traveler of Truth (Sojourner Truth) America’s First Superhero

Gee Monte

A slave woman escapes with her infant daughter in the dead of winter then returns to the town she had escaped from to legally outwit her former master, winning freedom for her abused son. She then went on to fight for women’s rights and laid the groundwork for allowing women to vote. All the while, ... Read more


The Third Call

Lorhainne Eckhart

NY Times & USA Today bestselling author Lorhainne Eckhart brings you emotional O’Connell family novel that is both “Gut-wrenching & Riveting.” When Deputy Marcus O’Connell is blindsided one night after a series of calls comes in from an unknown number, and the caller on the other end is a child. All he knows is she’s ... Read more


An Obsidian Sky: Part One

Joel Cooke

Combining elements of psychology, science fiction, and political thrillers, An Obsidian Sky explores these genres and blends them together to explore relevant societal issues. Part one explores the lives of two characters, Grey and Janus, who suffer from PTSD in a world where the field of mental health and emotional intellect is in its infancy. ... Read more


Free: S is for Secret Baby

Annie J. Rose

We were tangled between the sheets one night. Seven years later, he’s my boss. And he’s about to find out my secret… A daughter that he never knew about. Free on Kindle.... Read more


Live, Love, and Hack Life: A Fresh Look at Understanding Law of Attraction

Jennifer Teske

The law of attraction is the idea that people ‘attract’ or bring about, situations in their lives based on how they think. The idea that it’s possible to “call forth/manifest” things we desire in life is irresistibly appealing. Using simple clear language, Jennifer Teske weaves together a powerful narrative with practical how-to exercises giving readers ... Read more


Free: Broken Without Her

Susan Ward

Amazon #1 Bestselling Rock Star Romance He knew he couldn’t have her then. But he’s never stopped loving her. Fame and fortune can’t fill the hole she left him with. Now he’s going back for the girl who got away! Free on Kindle.... Read more


Free: Matter of Life and Death

Brian Tate

Officer Christina Rose faces 3 different legal use of deadly force choices. What would you do? Free on Kindle.... Read more



Ronald Barak

Thriller Jubilee is a renowned week-long writers conference held every year off the coast of Spain. Attracting literary luminaries and reading fans alike, this year’s conference is attended by one guest too many, a writer wannabe whose efforts have not received the recognition the author expects–one might say demands. $5.99 on Kindle.... Read more


Female Power Archetypes

Sharon Craig

Unconscious patterns and stories influence your relationship behavior. By learning your dominant power archetype, you can uncover the source of conflict in your relationships and become more confident, balanced, and happy. See price on Kindle.... Read more


The Will to Die

Joe Pulizzi

Mysterious deaths, countless lies, and a shocking conspiracy. The Will to Die is everything fans are looking for…and more. In an exhaustive hunt for the truth behind a rash of unexplained deaths in a small town, including that of his own father, what Will Pollitt begins to uncover threatens everything — and puts his own ... Read more


Paradise Park

Carolina Mac

Grace Whitmarsh moves to a trailer park in the country thinking it will be the ideal setting to pursue her writing career, but her neighbors have other ideas. Follow Grace as she’s thrown into a whirlpool of romance, murder and violence. $0.99 on Kindle.... Read more


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