Shatter Proof: A Sonia Amon, MD Medical Thriller (Dr. Sonia Amon Medical Thrillers Book 1)

This compelling New military, medical thriller series takes terror to an entirely new level Newly retired Army physician and War College Professor Sonia Amon returns to war-torn Syria where she plans to open several medical clinics. Syrian-born Sonia possesses the cultural competency, appearance and language skills that make her an ideal operative in the Middle […]

Free: Walk into Darkness

He took the long walk into darkness. Now he was in a fight for his life. When a wave of violence sweeps over once quiet neighborhoods, claiming innocent lives, The Hunters are called on to find a way to stop it. A young police officer joins the team and is asked to walk into a […]

Murder & Spice and Everything Nice: Ivy Bloom Mysteries

Ivy Bloom’s life didn’t work out the way she’d planned so she heads to her hometown on Cape Cod. Turning the old mansion she and her sister have inherited into a bookstore is the perfect next step. Two dead bodies at the bookstore later, Ivy turns her skills toward solving the murders and saving her […]

Deadly Bequests

Making a will can be dangerous. Sandra Norton, your average everyday banker faces a dilemma. Greed versus decency. Jack Fontaine calls himself a criminal…lawyer which is not the same as a criminal lawyer. When a criminal…lawyer and a banker get together, their clients lose their lives and their money. Can war hero, Josh Kennelly, thwart […]

Free: Crimes of the Levee

1905, Chicago. The Levee District is an area of the city that’s hard to tell the crooks from the cops. With the hanging of a serial killer, Detective Patrick Moses is suddenly without a case. Before Moses can relax, he is approached by an aging retail mogul who asks him to investigate the mysterious shooting […]


Detectives Munro and West get more on their plate than they bargained for in this clever murder mystery. DI Charlie West is investigating a series of incompetent moped robberies when three fingers are found in a refuse site. The investigation leads the team to a local restaurant, the university campus and, much to their chagrin, […]

Die Every Day

A woman is murdered in a Glasgow city hotel room. Police have everything they need to charge a suspect. Caught at the scene, he confessed, and he’s filled with guilt and remorse. With undeniable evidence; the police expect him to plead guilty. Rumours suggest the man will plead not guilty and tell his story. If […]

Free: Pistols and Pies

The gigantic cake for the new city rec center opening is going to be great advertising for Tess Crawford’s new bakery, until she finds the city councilman who oversaw the project dead. Tess vows to stay out of this investigation, but then the victim’s troubled step-son is fingered for the murder and Tess jumps in […]

Say You Love Me

Former FBI-profiler Eva Rae Thomas is back and embedded in a true nightmare reaching deep into her own family. Life is not done throwing Eva Rae Thomas curveballs. A phone call turns her life upside down – once again. The call is from her father, the man she hasn’t seen in thirty-six years, not since […]

Free: Nick Of Time

Homicide detective Nick Armstrong and his partner, Greg Cooper, set out to investigate a murder where clues create more questions than answers. Even identifying the victim proves to be a challenge. The leads they follow take them down dangerous paths and generate a series of twists and turns with unlikely suspects and unexpected allies. A […]

Torn In Two

What’s the worst thing you would do to survive? Emma Fletcher is special. She is pure, kind and innocent; the daughter everyone would want to have and the girl that many would choose to be. But when Emma is kidnapped on a family holiday, her darker side reveals itself, and she takes her first step […]

Drive Thru Murder

A Murder Scene Where Nothing Is As It Seems Fans of cozy mysteries and chick lit heroines will delight in Brandy’s flat-out lovability and Mooney’s almost offhand yet spot-on (and often hilarious) observations of everyday New Orleans life. $0.99 on Kindle.

Free: The Divide

FBI Agent Jade Harrington is back and has her hands full with a new case. Someone is murdering people who appear to have little in common—aside from the fact that they’re prominent one-percenters. Free on Kindle.

Free: Fava

Francine Vega’s career literally hits the jackpot when the winner of a $450 million dollar lottery tells Francine that he is committed to using his new fortune to avenge his brother’s killing at the Pentagon on 9/11. Francine teams with FBI Special Agent Will Allen in a desperate race across three continents to stop the […]

Murder on the Mountain

A broken tree branch. A dead body. An ambitious personal assistant. An unfaithful husband. Was it murder or simply an unfortunate accident? A lot of people resented Amelia Prescott, the grande dame of marketing agencies, because of her success. But did someone resent her enough to murder her? That becomes the job of Sheriff Davis […]

Free: A Grave Misunderstanding: A Simon Grave Mystery

Murder has come once more to the seaside town of Crab Cove, testing the mettle of Detective Simon Grave and his “nearly invisible” partner, Sergeant Barry Blunt, who investigate a locked-room mystery with a significant twist: the prime suspects are in the locked room, not the victim, a logic-defying situation that challenges the team at […]

Free: Mojave Sun

They came searching for a new life. They found Hell. Chance Wills is an unlikely savior…but he’s the only one they have. Free on Kindle.

Into the Woods

Three friends unite to solve the mystery of a mysterious creature that has been butchering local livestock. In the woods that were a place of legend in their childhood, they seek answers, but soon find that the truth about the creature may be more troublesome than they ever feared. $2.99 on Kindle.

Back to Hell Country

In the first entry into the erotic Balum Series Westerns, Balum stumbles upon a pouch containing two pounds of gold in the desert. Thinking he’ll spend it on whiskey and poker, he instead finds a town filled with a crooked sheriff, women bent on seduction, and a trigger happy deputy. $0.99 on Kindle.

On The Devils Side of Heaven

With the drop of a judge’s gavel, Walt Walker lost everything that mattered to him. His badge and gun were stripped away, along with the moral certainty of right and wrong that grounded him. Now, his law enforcement career ruined, Walt is an insurance investigator in South Florida, wasting his nights in dive bars, trying […]

Jessica James Mysteries (Volumes 1-3)

If Nancy Drew drank Jack Daniels… Meet Jessica James. If you like your sleuths fierce, funny, and female, you’ll love Jessica. Mystery, Suspense, Action, Adventure, Romance, and Laugh-out-Loud Humor. What more could you want in a page-turner? A riveting suspense trilogy that keeps you guessing until the end. $1.99 on Kindle.

Murder Through the Looking-Glass: Supernatural Beyond Time Romantic Mystery

NIGHT TERRORS. A VISITING GHOST. And a crystal clear vision of her past life self’s tragic end in the 1940’s. When Suzanne Westin and puppy Princess move into her dream home—a stately Victorian with secrets—the happily-ever-after she expects turns nightmarish and chilling instead. DID SHE LIVE BEFORE in this same house as a Big Band […]

Blind Escape

Someone has fallen dead at a beautiful seaside resort. A blind amateur sleuth A fearless Shih Tzu A half a million reasons to live The town of Chadsworth has a new headache on its hand. Will the mystery be unraveled in record time or will the stealthy killer or killers find their way to Lucille […]

Knee Deep

You have to be brave – to ride this ride While trying to find the pirate ringleader who killed his wife, Cam unknowingly exposes a disturbing connection to an international criminal organization that has plans to do far more than make people disappear. How far is Cam willing to go to expose them and who […]

Free: Slaying of the Innocents

Innocent people are being slaughtered with an obscure medieval weapon in and around the fictitious town of Clover Valley, which is located about 45 minutes south of Seattle, Washington. Initially, the killings appear random with no apparent motive. Suspects emerge but are soon written off as Detectives Philip Gaines and Brad Watson work through a […]

A Ghost Too Many

A reluctant new police chief in a Georgia coastal city must solve a murder of a woman found on the beach while dealing with the irritating ghost of an ex-husband. $2.99 on Kindle

Free: A Lesson in Crime

When a student party ends in a violent murder, Michael Yorke begins to realize he harbors a fascination with crime which goes way beyond the norm. Driven to discover the truth behind a series of murders which shocks the university community, Yorke turns his back on those closest to him: his girlfriend, Charlotte, and his […]

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