Free: The Diagnosis Of Sexual Ambiguities

We will basically consider, in this focus, the problems posed in clinical practice by ambiguous sexual developments and how to solve them, the pathogenic considerations being mentioned only insofar as they are necessary for the comprehension, and thus to the treatment of abnormalities of sexual development. Let us insist from the outset on the absolute […]

God Must Be Crazy Enough

Writing a Biography is more enthusiastic and pleasures than writing an autobiography. As humans, we always tend to enjoy reading and writing of somebody else’s mistakes and then imagining that we will learn from their mistake, and we always ignorantly forget the fact that its same with others also eager to learn from our mistakes. […]

The New Working Woman’s (r)Evolution

The New Working Woman’s (r)Evolution is a modern, practical survival and success road map for all women in the work force. This road map is comprised of eleven attributes needed to become empowered. And becoming empowered is critical in today’s world of pay inequity, sexual harassment and lack of promotions beyond mid-level managerial positions. The […]

Before You Pull The Trigger

Currently priced at $0.99 but will be back at $7.99 in a few weeks. This book explains the most relevant stock and market-moving information and how to use it to make smarter trades. Written neither for “dummies” nor for experienced market traders, it’s for those in the middle ground who need guidance on where to […]

Free: A Beginner’s Guide to Skepticism

Science and faith—complementary or contradictory? And where does the scientific-religious discussion stand in the 21st century? This book deals with faith in the psychological sense, examined through scientific goggles. Readers are given tools for critical observation—to use on concepts such as God and religion, but also on non-religious beliefs. As a result, this book offers […]

Free: Eleven Lifetimes an Astrologer

This is not an ordinary astrological cookbook. It’s a totally different take on astrology that insists we must look backward in order to move forward. Sonrisa East takes us through mankind’s deep history, past our galaxy, and then circles into the future of humanity, including the possibility of birth on other planets. Most people haven’t […]

Free: Smuggler

When twenty-something post-grad Nick Fillmore discovers the zine he’s been recruited to edit is a front for drug profits, he begins a dangerous flirtation with an international heroin smuggling conspiracy and in a matter of months finds himself on a fast ride he doesn’t know how to get off of. Free on Kindle.

Story Monsters Ink

Story Monsters Ink Magazine gives teachers, librarians, and authors the latest news on award-winning and debut books, celebrity and indie author interviews, book reviews, reading lists, and more. Free for 30 Days, then $9.99 Annually.

In Other Hands: Revised Edition

In the United States, Mexico, Spain, and other countries, George Thomas Clark interviewed prostitutes, victims of human trafficking, and the homeless and poverty-stricken, and turned tragic experiences into compelling stories, and even a few tales, about those whose lives are “In Other Hands.” $0.99 on Kindle.

Free: Messages from the Sun God, Jesus Christ

I interacted with Jesus as the consciousness of the Sun. I wrote this book to share my interactions with Christ and God and my experiences with heaven and hell.  Free on Kindle.

Free: Excerpts of Things I Will Never Say

This book is a collection of short excerpts and poems that emphasize the incoherent and unclear thoughts and feelings that one had, or might stumble upon during the journey of their life. This book explores life and feelings from my own perspective; from a mind that over thinks too much and a heart that feels […]

Free: The Art of Hybrid Timber Framing

Post & Beam Timber Framing Uncovered! Full timber framing is a thing of the past, generally speaking. The art of hybrid timber framing is a must read for owners, architects, and builders who want to influence the look and feel of their projects using exposed beam construction. Hybrid timber framing utilizes post & beam as […]

Cycling’s Greatest Misadventures

Cycling’s Greatest Misadventures presents twenty-seven true stories which cross the spectrum from terrifying to comical to downright bizarre. In these pages both everyday riders and pros tell their stories of freak accidents, animal attacks, sabotage, idiotic decisions, eerie or unexplained incidents, and other jaw dropping, adrenalin-pumping calamities. These stories bring to life the strange things […]

Cutting Hunger One Coupon At A Time

Tina M. Klein went from being a single mom of three girls struggling financially and having to rely on help from her community to donate over $100,000 with the power of coupons. She shares how to coupon in easy to follow instructions so others can save money in everyday lives for their family and inspire […]

Free: A Radiant Womb

Haiku in 2 sections: “As Above” and “So Below”. Free on Kindle.

Silent Spring: Deadly Autumn of the Vietnam War

Shortly after I had returned home from Vietnam for the last time, my father urged me to file a disability claim with the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) for medical problems I had experienced during my service. I began the process without much enthusiasm and quickly got sidelined by my new civilian life. Little did […]

Wisdom From A Father

I’m just that ordinary Joe walking on the path of life and sharing it with you. There are joys. There are tribulations. There are reflections. There is every day life. In each essay I try to convey a recognition of a greater Power who colors my perspective. My comments are always filtered through the lens […]

How to Become a Freelance Writer – The Newbie Guide to Freelance Writing

From start to finish, Michelle Bentley covers every aspect of freelance writing. From setting up your home office to finding jobs and helpful resources, How to Become a Freelance Writer – The Newbie Guide to Freelance Writing covers it all. With clickable links to paid jobs and free tips and resources you will want to […]

Introspective Journal

Change your life one day at a time! Every day is a chance to start fresh and develop ourselves to become the best possible person. Introspection journal combines inspiring, challenging and thought-provoking quotes from individuals born on every day of the year and daily writing tasks to help you transform your life. Going through this […]

Free: Happily Ever After

If you are going through a divorce, you probably wish you had a magic wand to make it all go away—the sadness, anger, grief, and sense of failure, the bitterness of losing love you believed would last a lifetime. Marion van Dam shares her deeply personal and painful experiences, having gone through a contentious divorce […]

Free: Messages from the Sun God, Jesus Christ

I interacted with Jesus Christ as the consciousness of the Sun. I wrote this book to share my interactions with God and Christ and my experiences with heaven and hell. Free on Kindle.

The College Farm Mystery

On a dark winter’s night in January 1898, the head cowman at the Express Dairy Company’s College Farm was shot dead. The picturesque dairy farm located on Regent’s Park Road in Finchley provided the unlikely crime scene. The victim, Thomas Webb had no known enemies but eerily had predicted the shocking event. Chief Inspector Henry […]

The Pharaoh’s Treasure

A new perspective on the history of paper from its origins in Egypt to its spread throughout the Western world, The Pharaoh’s Treasure relates the story of how papyrus paper lent itself to the task of producing scrolls, books and Bibles, and in doing so, helped revolutionize the world. It was with the advent of […]

Free: Modern Relationships

Non-fiction. Contemporary love relationships. True about God, sexuality, spirituality, real knowledge. Dysfunctional relationships. Good behavior. Happiness. Integrating spirituality with love relationships. Revealing seduction and manipulation among people. Free on Kindle.

The Science of Self Talk

Talking to ourselves – and learning to listen We all speak to ourselves on a daily basis. Whether it’s out loud or an internal (or infernal) commentary, we all practice self-talk and, how we speak to ourselves can have a significant effect on our emotions and subsequent actions. Some people’s self-talk is mostly about the […]

About Writing: Your Essential Writing Manual

Perfect for the advanced or aspiring author, About Writing includes both Write This, Not That! Suz deMello’s bestseller, and the newer Plotting and Planning, a primer on the basics: conflict and character, point of view, scene and sequel plus much, much more, written in deMello’s engaging style. About Writing: your essential writing manual!

Instagram Marketing For Small Businesses

Instagram Marketing For Small Businesses is the right book for you as we will reveal Instagram marketing strategy used by top influencers so you can replicate their results as well. This will be a complete Instagram marketing plan to ensure you can follow along easily and implement the strategies quickly. $0.99 on Kindle.

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