No Regrets

Life makes no promises, and sometimes, you draw the short straw. Landon Johnston’s life came to a grinding halt seven months ago, when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. With the encouragement of his grandmother, Landon worked his way out of his slump and tried to live life while he still could. Deciding he didn’t […]

The Sergeant

“You’re the only one I want to control. The only one whose submission I want, need, and crave with every part of me, every second of every day.” – Sergeant Logan Pierce The Sergeant is Book One in the Cuffs, Collars, and Love series. If you love romance that is epic, emotional and erotic, you’ll want […]

Free: The Poison Within

Black clouds of xenophobia gather over Radvadur, the western province of the Empire. The political climate is strained and fragile. A surge of Nymph refugees has stirred widespread hostility towards non-humans. When the investigation of a gruesome triple murder linked to the refugee camp ensues, it takes Inspector Käyru Skaer and his lover, Count Ellydhar […]

Skin Deep

The host of a popular LGBT radio show, Will Ambrose has his share of dark, painful secrets. When he meets smoking hot tattoo artist Cobalt, things start to look up. But Cobalt has a secret of his own: He’s not human. $0.99 on Kindle.


What do you do when your high school bully comes back from the war a broken man, and needs your help? Martin Warner has a lot on his plate, and the last thing he needs is to be reminded of the worst years of his life, but when Taggart Coulson shows up at the VA […]

Sauna Rush

Explore your sexual fantasies with this erotic, hot, gay sex story! An intimate look into the secret exploits of young Jarrod, who sets out on his sexual journey. This diary is a is likely to leave you aroused and moist! 24, gay and single – Jarrod stood at 6 foot tall. His chiselled body was […]

Free: Love, Squared

Sometimes the one that got away comes back… Five years ago, James left Daniel, his first and only male love, when he realized Daniel wanted to marry Camille. Now he’s back, ready to open his heart to both of them. But when the door to Daniel’s house opens, it’s not Camille who comes out to […]

Free: Jack of Thorns

Florist, psychic, and addict Laurence Riley accidentally summons a fertility god who is willing to fix his problems for a price, and it’s one Laurence just can’t pay: he must keep Jack fed with regular offerings of sex, and the florist has fallen for the one man in San Diego who doesn’t want any. If […]

Two Natures

This big, genre-bending, spiritual coming-of-age novel focuses on Julian Selkirk, a young gay fashion photographer in New York City in the early 1990s, at the height of the AIDS epidemic.??Vivid social realism, enriched by unforgettable characters, eroticism, and wit, make this a satisfying read of the highest sort. $0.99 on Kindle.

The Practice

Thomas Randall dreamed of taking over the veterinary practice of his mentor Dr. Benton from the day his family’s golden retriever was saved by emergency surgery when Thomas was only eight years old. Now Dr. Benton is retiring and Thomas has just earned his veterinary degree. It’s a perfect time to return home…or is it? […]

Free: Bear’s Baby

Without his conservative parents, Charlie can finally be open about his sexuality. Eager for a hook-up, he visits a gay bar where he meets a rugged biker, and goes home with him for a one-night stand. Nothing is as it seems, and Charlie’s Biker is part of the underground world of shape shifters that inhabit […]

Their Precious Own

Another body in a string of ritualistic murders, a serial killer who’s getting cocky; Detective Derek Childress thinks this day just can’t get any worse. And then he meets his new partner. What could an incubus and a street-wise cop have in common in a post-apocalyptic America? As far as Derek’s concerned: nothing. Absolutely nothing. $2.99 […]

Free: The Last Diva

The 1980s belonged to pop sensation, Pearl Sorelle; she was so blindingly, scorchingly successful that, for just over a decade, she was pop music. She was the mainstream air that we all breathed, or at least the air that MTV and the car and workplace radios conducted into our heads. However by the late 1990s […]

Free: Josy’s Bar

A young business executive is quite uncertain about his sexuality. He visits a bar on one corner of New York known for it’s gay and lesbian scenes, where a lot of revelations stared in his face. Read his enthralling journey into the interestingly amazing New York elite gay club. He learns how very powerful the […]

Free: The First Omega

Darius is a top student and the star athlete of the human football team. From the outside looking in he seems to have it all. But below the surface there is something different about him. He knows he’s not like the other guys on the football team but he’s deeply confused about why he’s never […]

Free: Omega in Heat

What happens when the one person you’re too humiliated to face is the only one who can restore your dignity? Thomas knows he is a looker but it doesn’t make it any easier to deal with the hungry leering and the constant inappropriate touching from the men at the gay bar he is forced to work […]

Free: Touchdown

David Wallace the ultimate hot shot quarterback is the star of his college team. He’s irresistible and untouchable and he knows it. David has everyone eating out of the palm of his hand, including his coaches… Until the day he meets someone that shows him who’s boss. Mike, a former football legend takes a coaching job in […]

Free: Crush on the Quarterback

Alex Taylor the star quarterback and the king of campus has it all. With his gorgeous face, stunning physique and flawless football record everything he ever wanted is his for the taking including the hottest girls on campus. On the outside his life seems perfect but deep inside something is missing… Brian Connelly the center for the […]

An Evidence of Magic

An Evidence of Magic—69K M/M procedural crime romance in an alternate reality. Forty-year-old, hard bitten, foul-mouthed, homicide detective, Hiro Santos, suspects the owner of the art studio committed the gory killing. Too bad. There are other things he’d like to do to the gorgeous young man than book him for murder. Worse, his sexy suspect is […]

Taken Back

  Sometimes you need to go back to your past, in order to move on to your future. Jax Hunter has spent the last ten years trying to forget his first love Nathan Steele—and the brutal betrayal that derailed everything he’d worked so hard for. Jax has finally gotten his life back together, when Nathan returns […]

Coming Out Stories: Truth Be Told

  This book shares six amazing Gay and Lesbian stories of coming out and how they dealt with it. Its also to help people that are uncomfortable coming out and want to find ways to do it. $1.99 on Kindle.   

Free: Branding Her

When single mom Kaylee lands a new job everything seems to be falling into place. Then Alexis comes along. A woman who doesn’t take no for an answer. Will Kaylee let go of her fears and insecurities to fully indulge in Alexis or will it all get too much? Free on Kindle. 

Fighting Against Gravity

  All Londres Leon ever wanted was to feel normal… Meet Londres Leon, a child born on a stormy, chaotic night where tragedy seems to follow tragedy. As Londres grows up, the chaos only continues as he can’t seem to conform to the mold everyone has cast for him. In fact, the mold feels totally […]

Free: Bare Back With The Quarterback

3 Forbidden First Time Gay College Stories. First Down Crush on the Quarterback Touchdown Get ready to sweat as these hot and dirty quarterbacks explore what it feels like to really get tackled by a man! Your Kindle just might melt from the heat of these straight to gay stories that will tease your body […]

Cursed: Broken (An M/M Retelling of Beauty & The Beast)

To save his father and brothers from financial ruin, aspiring photographer Nick Fairfax must intern with Lord Bane Dunsaney, a cutthroat yet sensual billionaire. At Bane’s secluded estate, Nick glimpses the mysterious man’s tender side and they grow closer, but Bane has a deadly secret. He is an immortal tiger-shifter, and the beast is hungry […]

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