With Angel’s Wings

Laura’s world spins as pediatricians throw words at her like heart failure, seizures, and g-tube feeds…when all she wants is to hold her baby tightly and be the mom she’d always dreamed of being. Join Laura on her emotional journey as she strives to rise to the unexpected challenge of motherhood to two special needs […]

Free: Bulletproof Your Marriage

This book is written to give hope and practical suggestions to those who are looking forward to marriage and those who are already in a marriage but perhaps don’t know how to make it the best possible marriage they can. If your marriage is already experiencing some attacks, this book can be a lifeline. You […]

When Parenting Backfires

A book that helps you think about parenting in a different way. No formulas or tricks. Finally, easier parenting can be yours. $2.99 on Kindle.

Digital Parenting Answers: Expert Advice and Insight You Can Use Now

“Digital Parenting Answers” is a practical and actionable guide for parents in the digital age. In the book, we answer questions such as “How do kids hide videos on iPhone?” “How long is too long to stare at a screen?” and “Is cyberbullying getting better or worse?” FamilySignal, the iPhone family locator app, spoke to […]

Free: The Married-Go-Round: Stop Going in Circles and Realize Your Dream of a Peaceful, Intimate and Connected Marriage

Does it ever feel like your marriage is on a merry-go-round? You keep facing the same issues over and over again. You wonder if it can ever get better. You wonder if you can ever have the marriage of your dreams. The Married-Go-Round shows you how you can have the marriage you’ve always hoped for–a […]

Free: Awaken Through Parenting: Find Strength, Guidance And Purpose Through The Lessons Of Your Children

This book will enlighten your parenting. Julia has been researching this topic for over 7 years now and has found that the best way to awaken in your life is to learn the lessons your children came to teach you. It will make it easier for you and for them. She start her own awakening […]

Re-Modeling the Mind: Personality in Balance

Building on Jungian philosophy and deep personal observation, Re-Modeling the Mind presents a new, dynamic model of human personality. It explains why the Myers-Briggs personality types can serve as models of normal personality, making them a useful part of self-help or therapy. Then it takes them a step further, looking at how personalities interact by […]

Mommy Can We Have a Jellyfish?

From the Bridget Jones of modern parenting comes another collection of hilarious essays about the craziness that is a day in the life of a working mom. Cringe along with Romi Brenner as she takes you with her through the mortification of public meltdowns, the triumphs of the tender moments and an insider’s glimpse into […]

Free: Black is Not a Color

Midwest Book Review calls Black is Not a Color “A compelling, entertaining, and deftly crafted read from first page to last.” Caregiving for an aging parent is hard, especially when you’re trying to run your own life. But what if the parent you’re looking after is someone who wasn’t part of your life as a […]

Free: Online Dating

This book goes into and expands upon the exact lessons and principles that I have used over the years to refine the online dating process and really become a master at each component of it: from setting up a profile, to sending messages and even on that first date. It’s all in these pages! Free […]

Saving Grace – A Story of Adoption

It started with a piece of paper—-a birth certificate, sent to the author’s parents long after her birth. There is much history in that piece of paper. For she was born to an unwed mother in the generation prior to Roe v. Wade, on a warm day in August—a small, painful beginning in which she […]

Free: Turning Tantrums Into Triumphs

Discover how today’s brain research can help parents stop toddlers temper tantrums. By following the step-by-step instructions, parents can make terrible twos terrific. Give your child the gift of emotional self control now! Praises: “I’ll never view a toddler’s tantrum in the same way after reading this book … the knowledge I gained from this […]

A Child Psychologist’s Guide to What to Expect the First Year

A Child Psychologist’s Guide to What to Expect the First Year is the must-have book for any new mother. If you are a mother, a mother-to-be, or thinking about becoming a mother then you must read this book. Grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and get ready to learn the real […]

Life Long Lessons from Father to Son

A guide on how to manage the different relationship issues that a young male may encounter. $2.99 on Kindle.

Miss Lynn (A Memoir)

My life as the son of unpredictable Miss Lynn was an extraordinary journey. She epitomized self-centered narcissism. In both her business and personal life her aim was to control, manipulate and, if need be, eliminate. Despite the many lovers in her life, her extensive network of “friends” and business acquaintances, and large Italian family, only […]

I Learned to Love Myself

I lived my life in the shadows… I lived my life in shame… I Learned to Love Myself is my (the authors) true story of the child abuse that I endured growing up as a child in upstate New York, and how as a young woman I was able to break free from those chains […]


A practical guide to autism with tips, ideas and strategies you can use right away to help your child. The book is written for parents, but its easy to read style also makes it useful for anyone who wants more understanding about autism. Full of examples that you can identify with, from the author’s 20 […]

Fight With Me: How We Learned to be Married by Tim and Olive Chan

Fight With Me: How We Learned to be Married is a fresh perspective of our first few years of marriage – the joys and the difficulties, the fights we had, the lessons we learned, and how we tried to make the most of that time. This is not a “how to” book, but a “how […]

Matri-Money, 150+ Tips about Money and Marriage

Money is one of the top reasons for divorce. Engaged, newlywed and married couples beyond newlywed often struggle in silence when it comes to money. They feel as if they are alone and no one will understand. Who will encourage them to press forward even though the financial challenge is temporary, daily it is causing […]

Why You’re Still Single: The 7 Deadly Mistakes You’re Making With Men

If you as a woman are struggling to attract the man of your dreams into your life and gain commitment from him, you are probably committing at least one of the 7 deadly dating and relationship mistakes that most women make. In this book I disclose what these are and how to avoid them so […]

How to be Happy After Wedding

Symbol of happy marriage is happiness, 15 to 20 years after marriage you should be able to tell, ‘I am now happy’ without any hesitation and your statement should come from deep heart and genuinely If husband says ‘I am a happy husband’ if wife says, ‘I am a happy wife’ and if kid says, […]

The 7 Biggest Dating & RElationship mistakes most women make … and how to avoid these

Hey it’s James Taylor here (author of “What Men Want: The Essential Guide on How to Attract Men … and Keep Them!”) I have three questions for you: • Are you currently struggling to attract the man of your dreams into your life and gain commitment from him (maybe even marriage)? • Do guys only […]

How to Declutter with KIDS

One of the luxuries of modern life is the ability to step back from the chaos and try to improve our quality of life. Sometimes this is spiritual; we learn to meditate, start going to church, or read books about spirituality. In some instances, we want to be physically healthier so we eat more fresh […]

What Men want: The Essential Guide on how to attract men … and keep Them!

Is your love life currently going nowhere? Are you at a total loss as to why men seem completely disinterested in a relationship with an amazing woman like you? And do you feel that your dreams of becoming a wife and a mother are starting to slip away – fast? If you can identify with […]

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