The Traveler of Truth (Sojourner Truth) America’s First Superhero

The Traveler of Truth (Sojourner Truth) America's First Superhero

A slave woman escapes with her infant daughter in the dead of winter then returns to the town she had escaped from to legally outwit her former master, winning freedom for her abused son. She then went on to fight for women’s rights and laid the groundwork for allowing women to vote. All the while, risking her life to help other slaves and abolish slavery. Amazingly, she wasn’t able to read or write but met with three presidents, hundreds of politicians, gave speeches to crowds all over the country, found jobs for freed slaves. She spoke in front of congress. Challenged the first desegregation laws and helped shape the future of America becoming a national hero during the Civil War.

America’s First Real Superhero nobody hears about, The Traveler of Truth (Sojourner Truth).

This is not the normal boring documentary about Sojourner Truth. This is real. Her personal story. Why she escaped. The people she met. The problems she had to overcome. How she became so intertwined into American History and why the nation loved her. $5.99 on Kindle.

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Author: Gee Monte
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