The Beginning of the Undoing

Keeping order is my charge, but with this fae princess? There’s no chance of it. The Magical Enforcement Squad maintains the thin balance of power between humans and all the other creatures trotting around on planet earth. But that balance is being jacked by a beautiful woman who’s driving the creatures around her crazy with […]

Dragon’s Mate (Elite Shifters of Colorado Book 1)

#Elite Dragon Shifters: Strongest and fiercest of the shifter clans. My mate comes from an ancient and powerful line of dragon shifters. I should feel honored and privileged, but I want that human florist. She is innocent and beautiful as those flower arrangements she makes. I couldn’t resist warmth of her touch and heat of […]

Free: Kiss Hide Bite (A Vampire Romantic Thriller)

Marissa Cooper believes in love. She just doesn’t think it’s meant for her. Former barista turned coffee shop owner, the effortlessly beautiful entrepreneur has had her heart broken many times before. Now she is focused on her café and nothing else. Marissa’s whole world comes crashing down one night when she witnesses a murder in […]

Free: Winter Valley Wolves: Complete Collection

True mate love, werewolf style! When Silver Lake wolves need mates, they turn to the women of Winter Valley. This is a collection of 9 shifter romance novellas. Free on Kindle.

Bad Panther

Archaeologist, Dr. Sugar Jennings, has merged with a powerful, ancient artifact. Now people are trying to kill her to get it. Will Bad Panther, alien panther shifter, become her purr-fect guardian? $0.99 on Kindle.

Free: Mabon

Magick or Love. If both ran deep in your blood, which would you choose? On her sixteenth birthday, introvert Lucy DeBane can’t shake the memory of her father’s death or the possibility that by day’s end a life-altering ancestral truth will blow apart the world she knows. Lucy is sure of one thing, her feelings […]

Matchmaking Beyond the Veil

Emery Belmont is a snarky realist who likes his life ordinary. Like any skeptic, he’s content using mundane explanations to write off signs of paranormal activity. That’s no longer an option when the spirit haunting his house wrecks his new kitchen, forcing Emery to face the supernatural truth. Desperate for a new handyman, he unknowingly […]

Playing With Demons

In a world where humans are unaware of the demons that roam amongst them, it’s left to theNephilim to keep it that way—or at least that’s what Grace Campbell was brought up to believe. Grace might have been born half-Nephilim and half-demon, but her loyalty is wholly on the side of the good guys. She’s […]

Dragon Protectors (8 Book Boxed Set)

Mine to protect. Mine to cherish. She is MINE… The COMPLETE collection of the Bestselling Dragon Protectors Series! EIGHT breathtaking, FULL LENGTH paranormal romance novels. EIGHT sexy, larger than life, brooding, alpha males who are ready to do anything to protect their fated mates. Warning: This box set is a roller coaster ride of emotions, […]

Magicals (The Dark Prophecy Series Book 1)

Centuries ago an oath was created between a coven of magicals and a pack of werewolves. This oath created connections that would allow better protection between them. This is Arabella and Garrett’s story. Arabella is returning to her small town after three years, not much has changed except for her. Three years ago her brother […]

Shadow Walker

A newborn witch is hunted. Two brothers teach her how to survive. Can she unravel their dark secrets? A love triangle to die for! Heart-pounding suspense, two sexy, mysterious men, and a strong-willed, snarky heroine. Nothing stays black and white in a world full of shadows. $0.99 on Kindle.

Free: Haunted on Bourbon Street (Jade Calhoun Series, Book 1)

When empath Jade Calhoun moves into an apartment above a strip bar on Bourbon Street, she expects life to get interesting. What she doesn’t count on is making friends with an exotic dancer, attracting a powerful spirit, and developing feelings for Kane, her sexy landlord. Free on Kindle.

Free: V Games (The Vampire Games, Book 1)

When Selena is kidnapped and forced into a televised death game, can she resist the brooding vampire who longs to save her? Free on Kindle.

The Vampire’s Last Dance (Witch Island Brides, Book 1)

She’s a witch who carries a family curse, destined to never get her happily ever after. Felicia Patterson has come to terms with the fact that she’ll never get to be with her one true love… whoever he happens to be. But when the sexiest vampire she’s ever seen walks onto Witch Island, she can’t […]

Stones of Dracontias: The Bloodstone Dragon

For generations, the worlds of man and dragon have lived peacefully side-by-side. Harmonious and yet wholly separate, there is much unknown between them–but that is all about to change. For love knows no color nor creed, and where there is passion, heat, and desire, it will spark. $0.99 on Kindle.

Summer Shifter Nights: Multi-Author Box Set (Shifters in Love Book 2)

The USA Today and Bestselling authors who have contributed to this box set hope you enjoy our collection of shifter romance! This box set contains nine stories of alpha men winning the hearts of strong women. Fill a few hot summer nights with the magical world of true-mate love. Don’t forget to fill your days, […]

Claimed by Night

Trapped on an island, Liana’s life has been a boring montage of skipping stones and listening to lectures, waiting for her mother to die. Now the wait is over. The Queen of the Night Court has been assassinated, and the ship has arrived to ferry Liana back to her birthplace and claim her throne. But […]

Summer Shifter Days: Multi-Author Box Set (Shifters in Love Book 1)

Eight stories of true mate love are in this shifter romance collection from USA Today and Bestselling authors. Read about how fierce women tame their alpha mates and fill a few hot summer nights with the magical world of shifter love stories. Don’t forget to fill your nights, too. Look for the sister box set, […]

Free: Blood Therapy

How silly of me to think this would be a blood-free nightmare . . . Denver psychologist Kismet Knight and the dark world of the vampires are back in this thrilling, sexy sequel to the wicked romp, The Vampire Shrink. Still reeling from the so-called vampire murders around Halloween, Kismet is trying to adjust to […]

Called by the Vampire – The Complete Trilogy

When Maggie Evans had a heart transplant, she received more than a new organ from her donor. She also got a piece of the woman’s soul and now, Maggie can feel emotions she can’t explain. Emotions that help her decide to take a job for Sebastian Hart in a dark mansion on the coast of […]

Free: Determined Prince (Captured by a Dragon-Shifter)

Dragon-shifter Prince Kyran has studied the females of Earth and is sure he can seduce one to come to his home planet with him. How hard could it be? He has an entire night to make a woman fall in love. Free on Kindle.

Free: The Blackstone Dragon Heir

A cold, unfeeling dragon shifter CEO + mysterious woman on the run who perks up his dragon’s interest = action, adventure, heart-wrenching romance and an HEA guaranteed to satisfy you! Free on Kindle.

Free: Jace: Wolves of the Rising Sun (Book 2)

Jace Riveaux has wanted her since the first moment she stepped into his bayou bar three years ago. And now she’s back, unattached, and ready for the taking. One afternoon together, and he knows she’s the one. Only his world is dangerous, he has secrets, and trust is hard to come by…especially when all signs […]

Free: Jade Calhoun Series Boxed Set (Books 1-3)

From NYT bestselling author Deanna Chase, the boxed set of the first three books in the Jade Calhoun Series, a fun paranormal romance. Includes: Haunted on Bourbon Street, Witches of Bourbon Street, and Demons of Bourbon Street. When empath Jade Calhoun moves into an apartment above a strip bar on Bourbon Street, she expects life […]

Free: Exiled

Alpha’s word is Law. That is the creed Malcom lived and breathed until the day his Alpha decided to only take everything from him. Stripped form him was the love of his life and the pack he was born into. Hunted down liked a rabid animal to be taken down he is deemed enemy of […]

Free: Haunted on Bourbon Street (Jade Calhoun Series, Book 1)

When empath Jade Calhoun moves into an apartment above a strip bar on Bourbon Street, she expects life to get interesting. What she doesn’t count on is making friends with an exotic dancer, attracting a powerful spirit, and developing feelings for Kane, her sexy landlord. Being an empath has never been easy on Jade’s relationships. […]

Free: Chateau of Passion

Can a witch cause chaos? This one does, and all for herself in a reckless grab for love. Her obsession over her former captive, the knight Sir Tristen, may just be her undoing…unless… Free on Kindle.

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