The Oberllyn’s Overland

The Oberllyn's Overland

In the first generation of the Oberllyn family series, the ancestors of the modern Oberllyn’s find themselves under siege; first by an unscrupulous, dishonorably discharged vet with an eye for a good farm and pretty slaves, to the long road west by wagon train to escape the Civil war. Elijah Oberllyn is a retired government agent married to a Native American schoolteacher. They have seven children. Unwillingly, Elijah and his older sons become the government’s point men to stop a rebellion in San Francisco. Of course, if you’ve worked for the US Marshal’s office and Alan Pinkerton in your early career, such actions are not entirely unexpected. Follow the family firm as it once was, and see how it began to develop into what is it now…and will be in the future. Find out where the Oberllyn think tank started and why they are so adamant about being free. $2.99 on Kindle.

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Author: J. Traveler Pelton Pelton
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