Red Friction

Dive into the secret world of Ebony Daniels, med student by day and sexy drug dealing stripper by night.

After falling in love with the area kingpin and club owner Bushwick, she gains it all, money, glamour and popularity. But her two worlds collide when a drug deal goes bad leaving her owing millions and in danger of finding herself behind bars. With a bounty on her head, Ebony must think fast. Her med career and her family are on the line.

She must right all her wrongs and set things straight to get her life back on track with her girls by her side. This is the fight of her life.

Ebony, Jasmine, Diamond and Melanie all come together to discover red friction and turn Ebony’s life upside down, and on the way they’re going to make a lot of wildest dreams come true. $14.99 on Kindle.

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Author: Jerrod Wilson
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