I’m the fastest and most feared skater in the NHL. With a temper like mine, I can’t afford to make mistakes. But one insane night in Vegas, and I wake up married to the biggest mistake of all: Persephone VanDoren—the head of our team’s charitable foundation. Sure, the petite blonde is sweet enough to give […]

Lady Isabella

Seduced at the tender age of sixteen, Isabella Stuart did not understand what one poor decision could do to a person’s life. The consequences of her flirtation with the stable boy infuriate her parents, who send her away to give birth and give up her child for adoption. Upon her return to England, she discovers […]

Secret Daddies

Settle in for these six full-length standalone romances full of men who take charge in the boardroom and the bedroom! Don’t miss this set of hot billionaire bosses and secret babies waiting to be found out! $0.99 on Kindle.

Keeping Secrets

A break to spend time with my little girl is in ordered. Giggles, smiles, and tons of ice cream for the two of us. And somehow, the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen runs the ice-cream parlor. But getting involved isn’t a choice. Love is the last thing on my mind. Until her. And she’s […]

The Call: Building the Circle (Book 1)

Jacob and his large family are nouveau-riche and not impressed by much. Matilda is a product strategy consultant, eager to make her mark, right up until everything goes wrong. Jake and Matty’s journey to love – screeching shrews, giant rottweilers, gifted dildos, unfortunate tawdry public acts, and family antics included – is the start of […]

Perfect Match

She loves bad boys. He was a regular guy. If she changes her ways, will it lead to true love? Mandy is bad at love, forever choosing the wrong men that only leave her with a broken heart. After coming home from a business trip, she finds herself nursing a broken heart once again. While […]

Stranded with the Ex-Boyfriend

Trapped in a blizzard with my ex-boyfriend is a nightmare. Worse, I have to pretend to like the handsome, arrogant jerk because he convinces the old-fashioned innkeeper we’re on our honeymoon. He’s acting like a loving husband, but I can’t forget how he broke my heart. Giving him a second chance might just be more […]

Catching Cash’s Heart

Can TV’s morning show sweetheart reform baseball’s bad boy? Voted by readers as one of The 50 Best Indie Books of 2019! Cash Warren, star pitcher for the New York Generals, is in trouble with team management for his off-hours partying. He agrees to take part in a charity event with the popular TV morning […]

The Lady is Trouble

In the first in Tracy Sumner’s sizzling League of Lords historical series, mysticism in Victorian England is the setting for a captivating love affair… He’s a viscount with a dark past who yearns for the one woman he can’t have. She’s rebellious, spurned by society and determined to change his mind. What’s a rebellious woman […]

Free: Short Love Stories: The Beauty of Women

The Creator created a man as a first attempt, and later created something more beautiful, more sophisticated, more delicate, more successful, more perfect and probably more human – the woman. No, nothing in this world that can compete with the beauty of a woman. Therefore one can understand the attraction to women, love and an […]

In His Office

“Don’t tell anyone about what happens in here. Never ever.” Amelia is desperate: Her new boss is cold, arrogant, and demanding. Robert Hardy also looks like a GQ model and she gets goosebumps every time she’s near him. When he starts calling her into his office, things get intense – will Robert break not only […]

Make It Last

I’m here to train for my comeback role, not for whiskey and a roll in the hay. Now this good looking, tall, 48-year-old joker that seems to say all the right lines from the sexiest Native American romance novels is screwing me up. Zahn Ewing needs to get a clue. If he knew, I mean […]

Sweet Nothings

Luke Drake is obsessed with his job. He lives and breathes it. He likes routine and being able to keep his world calm while chaos is all around him. Every single morning, Kinsley Alexander can look at the clock and know when the next bell above the door goes off, it’s going to be Luke. […]

Free: Accidentally All Of Me

I’m raising someone else’s kid. My sister’s daughter, and where I thought I’d never make it as a single father bachelor, I was wrong. This little girl has my heart. And only her. Until a stray dog happens upon my place and we’re forced to call a vet. And a beautiful woman showed up. I […]

Free: Hot Mess (Expanded Edition)

Sam “Knight Rider” McKnight has always looked out for his best friend’s little sister, Georgie. When someone threatens her life, Sam will do anything to keep her safe. But hiding out with the one woman he wants – and cannot have – will push him to the limit…and maybe beyond. Free on Kindle.

DOMINIC (Halstead Billionaire Brothers Book 1)

Falling for a sexy legend has consequences. Serious consequences. Especially when that sexy God is your boss. Yeah… Dominic Halstead has “trouble” written all over his face. All over his huge mansion and fancy clients. The mystery, the legend, the reason my heart skipped beats. I knew we were meant to be when I first […]

Secret Valentine

As Hannah happily prepares for the church Valentine’s Day potluck and makes cards for local veterans, a snowstorm sends her plans, and her relationship with Jasper, on an unexpected detour. She seeks refuge from the storm at Jasper’s cottage, and finds him to be a warm and gracious host. But, at the same time, the […]

Sleeping With the Enemy

Mixing business with pleasure is never a good idea. But when an NFL owner is hit with a very public lawsuit, the lawyer hired to defend him is hard to resist. Especially since the two have a past. He’s determined not to make the same mistake twice. He must do everything he can to convince […]

DC Knights

Monument Bingo: five guys… five kisses… one winner. The rules are simple… but the game is bound to change when each of these women meets the man of her dreams. Each of the D.C. Knights series features a different woman working for Congressman Lincoln Pierce as they play a game–Monument Bingo. It was devised as […]

Seducing My Valentine

Harmless crush…Right You’ll get over it…Whatever You haven’t met the right girl yet… Bull***t. I knew Carrie was the one, despite my friends’ attempts to convince me otherwise. The heated kiss we shared that night before I left for college sealed the deal. There was just one problem. She wouldn’t touch me with a ten-foot […]

Free: This Love

“…’Do you love me yet?’ Alex asked, hoping the answer was yes…” The first book in the THIS LOVE trilogy tells the story of Erin Brodie and her struggle to come to terms with what she did that had far-reaching consequences. It is an epic tale of love, passion, and revenge. Erin Brodie has tried […]

You and Me Equals Love

The consequences of falling in love when you’ve done everything you can to avoid it. $0.99 on Kindle.

Free: False Memory

I wake up from my coma to find the man who shot me standing in my hospital room, right behind the man who saved my life. The man I’m falling for. The man who holds the key to my life… and, maybe, my death. So I do the only thing I can to survive: I […]

Billionaire Boss

My sexy new boss is nearly twice my age, But I want him just the same. I tell him I can keep it a secret, But he’s convinced it’s wrong. I’m a distraction and he needs me out of the way, So he sends me across the globe. But I’m taking something of his with […]

Knocked Up by Prince Charming

Meet a new kind of Prince Charming: brooding, sinful, and oh-so-bad. The Prince isn’t interested in settling down, until he meets the mystery woman of his dreams. After a scorching-hot encounter, he’ll do anything to find her again. But once he does, things get a lot more complicated…$0.99 on Kindle.

Laws of Attraction

Undercover DEA Agent Dallas McQuade is closing in on his enemies, and he’s willing to risk everything for the revenge that’s been too long coming. Disbarred lawyer Mia Linden is on a quest to bring down the men who destroyed her life—and not even a sexy-as-sin hired gun will stand in her way. Falling in […]

Owl’s Slumber

Imagine what life would be like if panic ruled your world at the mere thought of going to bed at night. For as long as he can remember, Finnley Hollins has been crippled by his extreme phobia of sleep. Every night is a battle, and every morning isn’t without consequences. The root cause is something […]

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