Free: Z-Minus

Chris Smith has eight hours to get his infected daughter Maisie to the rumored cure or lose her forever. Free on Kindle.  

Free: The Cleansing Origins

Nothing has ever been tried like this, the Cleansing Trilogy was nothing but opening a world of despair and apocalypse, this is nothing short of the most insane thing ever put to page by any author ever, the concept alone will destroy your mind with wonder. The first one hundred thousand words you can get […]


17 years after billions die in an apocalypse, the few hundred survivors are the most brilliant (Renaissance Men and Women or RMs) and their less brilliant, Stepford-like children. What will happen when a small band of teenagers, led by the President’s subservient son (Matthew Cane) and loner Sophie Jackson, learn the truth about their society? […]

Second Chance Earth

A devastated Earth is home to a smattering of sick and starving old men. Rescued by an alien entity named the Cloud, Scott Hayes awakens to an altered planet and a young body, capable of bearing children. Named as Ambassador, and with a new love at his side, Scott embraces the Cloud and their vision […]

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