Free: Love Found A Way Box Set

Do you love stories that touch your heart? Then you will love all six clean, inspirational romance novels in this box set. Free on Kindle.

SAIL YOUR BOAT – Success is a Lifestyle and a Journey

To live successful lives, we must first define success correctly. The definition I posited argues that there are universal metrics of success irrespective of what our individual pursuits are. After a lucid definition, we have to understand how the life of success we desire can be achieved. Critical to this is the realization that the […]

Shadow Informant

On a cold April morning, a suburban commuter stumbles over a body in an empty stretch of land used as a parking lot in one of Chicago’s small suburbs, Park Ridge. Detective Sergeant Caroline Osych of CPD must deal with the difficult strange case at the worst possible time in her life. She’s struggling to […]

Kingdom Cold

Attempted murder, that’s how sixteen-year-old Princess Charlotte’s engagement starts. It seems like the only thing she has in common with Prince Young of Vires is their mutual discontent. When her kingdom’s attacked, Charlotte’s parents renegotiate her hand in marriage to a handsome stranger with a sinister plan. With the people Charlotte loves dying around her, […]

Forbidden Kisses

Get swept up in thrilling romance and adventure with Forbidden Kisses, a special collection of seven historical romances by USA Today, bestselling, Kindle Unlimited All-Star, and award-winning authors. $0.99 on Kindle.

Luck of the Irish: A St. Patty’s Day Romance

My brother says women aren’t worth the effort. He’s completely wrong. All I want in my life is a good woman and a family. I’m not like other guys, and I’m damn proud of it. Scarlet O’Hanley isn’t like any other women I’ve met. Oh, she’s beautiful and classy like lots of girls. But she […]


After a man is found murdered in a multimillionaire’s son’s house, it soon becomes clear that it was a contract hit disguised as a robbery. However, the hitman made a mistake and killed the wrong person. The intended target was the owner of the house, Jeff Hackett. The lead investigator, Detective Miranda Murphy, finds evidence […]

Free: Awaken the Giant Asshole Within!

Are you ready to awaken the giant asshole within? Are you ready to achieve true greatness in Life? Then you will benefit from the wisdom of Ronnie Champ, professional Dominator. This book is a collection of three funny parodies, excerpted from Mr. Champ’s hilarious self-help parody, How to Win Girlfriends and Dominate People; his politically […]

Free: The Baller’s Secret Baby

NICK I’m nobody’s baby daddy. I don’t care how many stunning women throw themselves at me, looking to turn one hot night into an eighteen-year paycheck. I’ve got way too much on the line to throw it away for one night of pleasure. Ball is life, and basketball is my first priority. I’ve got a […]

Dead Silence (The Everlasting Chronicles, Book 1)

A girl who can see the dead. A shadowman who protects her. A destiny that neither can escape. Seeing is believing in this dark urban fantasy. $0.99 on Kindle.

My Alien (The Alien Chronicles Book 1)

Zoe Brennan has everything sorted. Finally, she’s good friends with the ultra cool Jas and part of her popular group. She even has plans to make new boy, Chad Everett, fall for her. But on one disastrous day at the beach all that changes when she encounters Rion, an extremely annoying alien who informs her […]

The Goddess and The Guardians Boxset: The Complete Romantic Fantasy Quartet

This digital boxed set includes all four books in the Goddess and the Guardians series, more than 1,500 pages of fantasy, romance, magic, and fae! $0.99 on Kindle.

The Voodoo Dolls Boxed Set (Books 1-3)

It’s Josie and the Pussycats meet New Orleans! This action-packed boxed set is full of vampires, shifters, witches, and humans who just want to be normal and get a recording contract. When Jenna, the lead singer of The Voodoo Dolls, learns the hard way that magic IS real, she and her three adopted sisters are […]

Free: Claiming Olivia

Why does Olivia reappear in Jeff’s life out of the blue? What does she really want? An affair and the breakup of his marriage might be just the retribution she wants. Or is it? Free on Kindle.

Free: Louis Joseph’s OOH RAH

Imagine being a lonely little bear with a big imagination and just one dream to become a soldier. It takes a friend to enter a lopsided little kitten with a wobbly eye and a plan to dig a foxhole in the forest to set into motion an adventure that culminates in a dramatic rescue mission […]

Free: Passport to Heavenly Eternal Life

This book reveals the purpose of God in creating this vast universe including humankind. He created us as His masterpiece for His glory. But we transgressed and become unfit to serve Him. Although our sins are red as crimson, it still can become white as snow. God expects a complete surrender of our lives to […]

Date with a Devil: A Hockey Romance (Dallas Devils Book 1)

Austen Marlowe’s mission: save hockey star Dane DeHardt’s beleaguered reputation. But when the sexy bad boy isn’t trying to sleep with the rookie reporter, he’s pushing her to get to the bottom of a story she swore not to cover. Is Austen willing to risk her job, or is she being played by The Big […]

My Family’s Survival

My Family’s Survival is the incredible true story of how the Shwartz family survived the Holocaust. The #1 New Release on Amazon tells the powerful tale of how one family resisted by escaping the Nazis. Fans of The Tattooist of Auschwitz will enjoy this riveting saga where hope prevails. $0.99 on Kindle.

Dogs and More Dogs, Another Murder

An abandoned house, an abundance of dogs. And a dead body or two. Sheridan Hendley’s volunteer position at Pets and Paws takes a new turn when more than twenty malnourished dogs are found at a rundown house on the outskirts of town. A search of the property leads to startling revelations with the body of […]

Free: The Thought Readers (Mind Dimensions Book 1)

Everyone thinks I’m a genius. Everyone is wrong. Sure, I finished Harvard at eighteen and now make crazy money at a hedge fund. But that’s not because I’m unusually smart or hard-working. It’s because I cheat. You see, I have a unique ability. I can go outside time into my own personal version of reality—the […]

Free: Worthy of You

Will fear win, or will true love conquer all? Jane and Tom collide in rehab, where tackling demons is mandatory. Both must face their own recovery, but love is an addiction they simply can’t avoid. Free on Kindle.

Can’t Fight This Feeling

Maggie McShae is a widow unwilling to ever give her heart away again because love brings too much pain. Drew Poulos, fun-loving billionaire with a history of breaking hearts, is the last person she’d ever seriously date. But he might just be perfect for a fling. As sparks fly, two injured hearts might just find […]

The Story of Keilah

A horrible loss. A new beginning in a quirky town. A twist you’ll never see coming. Keilah’s move to Sandy Salts brings unexpected complications to her life. What she discovers will change Keilah Brownwell and the town of Sandy Salts forever. $2.99 on Kindle.

The Cloud

Marooned on a newly-discovered planet with seven space company interns, teenager Evelyn’s struggle for survival turns into a fight for the future when she uncovers a plot to digitize humanity, a plot with her at its center. But can she trust herself to save the human race when she learns what she really is, the […]

Love Only Once

Jonathan Hird, Earl of Longdale, wants sweet revenge on Lady Elizabeth Trent for leaving him at the altar. After a couple of years at sea with cut-throat pirates, Jonathan returns to England and forms a perfect plan for Sweet Revenge. $0.99 on Kindle.

Influencer Fast Track

Have a passion project you want to share with world? – Something amazing you always wanted to do, but don’t know how to reach an audience? Then let SassyZenGirl’s 7-Step Formula help you go from Zero to Influencer in just a few months! $0.99 on Kindle.

How to Win Girlfriends and Dominate People (Self-Help Parody)

In this brilliantly funny book, Ronnie Champ shares stories from his own life to show you: How to use the Seven Habits of Highly Dominant People in the bathroom, so that you will always have your sh*t together How to leverage the Law of Attraction to turn the entire Universe into your personal genie and […]

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