Sound of a Furious Sky

A missing heiress, a mysterious trip, and a brutal murder come together in this fast-paced, riveting novel, the first in HN Wake’s new series featuring FBI Agent Domini Walker. Returning from an involuntary leave of absence, the gutsy, tenacious FBI Special Agent Domini Walker catches a no-brainer missing persons case. A young heiress has slipped […]

Murder in Italy

Florence, Italy, and a wedding. Sardinia, Italy, and a murder. Is there a choice? For Kat and Blaine, there wasn’t. A romantic trip to Florence to take part in a wedding becomes a search for the groom’s best friend’s murderer in Sardinia. $3.99 on Kindle.

Paranormal Division: Awakening

Recruited to a supernatural squad that hunts down paranormal creatures when they break the law, sassy and woefully human, Anna Cane is just your average everyday girl. You know, except for the ability to take out a target from twenty-five hundred yards and her ill-fated habit of finding herself in the most inconvenient situations. Unfortunately […]

Free: Moonrise Over Rabbit River

The Rabbit River Saga – An all-new Paranormal Wolf Shifter Romance with sizzling heat, swoon-worthy heroes and just a touch of magic. These are not your ordinary werewolves. – Take one reluctant Alpha desperate to find his sister – One wolf shifter who has sworn never to take a human mate – And one human […]

Free: The Life of Mikey – A Memoir

In his coming of age memoir, Michael K Willis examines the changing culture and constant history of his childhood home in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Free on Kindle.

Her Secret Billionaire Roommate

A bestselling author, a billionaire, and a snowstorm that leaves them stranded in a Montana cabin. $0.99 on Kindle.

The Madness of Grief

July 1969. While men are walking on the moon, a series of dramatic events threaten to have lasting repercussions for sixteen-year-old Jane and the people she loves. Named to Kirkus Reviews’ Best Books of 2018. $0.99 on Kindle.

In Other Hands: Revised Edition

In the United States, Mexico, Spain, and other countries, George Thomas Clark interviewed prostitutes, victims of human trafficking, and the homeless and poverty-stricken, and turned tragic experiences into compelling stories, and even a few tales, about those whose lives are “In Other Hands.” $0.99 on Kindle.

Performance Evaluation: Working for a Hard Principal

Miss Redd is different from most of the female teachers who work under Dr. Powell. She’s talented and sexy — and shows no interest in his good looks or academic accomplishments. In fact, she finds him to be rude and arrogant. When he visits her classroom for an unannounced observation, tensions fly. Can they keep […]

Free: The Gold Pelt Beast

Set in early 1900 timeline in an alternative Europe two boys find that their destinies lie far beyond the walls of their own small city. While fleeing civil unrest Silas Patrikson accidentally shoots his best friend and dooms his brother to slavery. To save his friend Silas must accept the help of powerful magical beings. […]

Free: Just Say Yes

What will it take for her to Just Say Yes? Scott Taylor has the perfect life. He gets to fulfill his dream playing professional hockey, has a loving family, and a tight group of friends. But the one thing missing in his life is a partner to come home to. He knows exactly who he […]

Free: You Are My Sunshine

A spellbinding tale of a child born into the fold of the Nazi’s home for the Lebensborn. Her future was to be secure as one of Hitler’s elite. But as the Third Reich begins to crumble, this child’s life will be altered forever. Free on Kindle.

Strong Within

Strong Within: The Christian Woman’s Guidebook for Nurturing Self-Love and Personal Power will help you to address the most commonly encountered personal, social, and historic challenges that women face on daily basis, against the background of an empowering exploration of the Genesis account of Adam and Eve. Each chapter will give you a fresh perspective […]

Magestic: Time travel Series

From a post-apocalyptic Canada, 2035, a time traveler is sent back to 1983, to avert a series of disasters, the final disaster being the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood, who take over the Middle East and attack north into Europe following a global economic downturn. The traveler makes money from the stock markets using his […]

Speaking Easy

But I chose crime. Because it made me a king, the money was good, and because of her: Doll. When Jack became the newest addition to the New York City police force he never imagined himself as anything less than a hero. He wanted to catch bad guys and be rewarded substantially for it. What […]

Austen, Party of Two (Clean Romance)

A food truck owner, a restaurant critic and a charity bake-off. Known as the One-Date Wonder, Lexi Sarmiento threw herself into her food truck pastry business after a bad relationship during culinary school. When her best friend approaches her about helping with a celebrity bake-off for charity, she can’t say no. But when she’s assigned […]

The Irish Flapper

The Irish Flapper, is a novel set in Manhattan during the exciting Roaring Twenties about a young Irish woman’s journey to America to fulfill her contrasting dreams of wealth and living the life of an artist. Once in America, she awakens to the stark difference between her dreams and the disillusioning reality of an immigrant’s […]

Free: Fire and Sword

A broken nation in need of a savior—ravaged by plague, decimated by dark magic, infiltrated by a foreign evil seeking to dominate from within. Three will rise to save the beleaguered land. But will they be enough? Don’t miss the dark fantasy that Library Journal calls “an epic tale” and reviewers rave is “Gritty, fast-paced […]

Almost Charmed

Will this witch finally get hitched? Book 10 of the series finds head witch in charge Halloween LaVeau on the cusp of her nuptials. Will her shaky position as leader of the Underworld prevent her from finding true happiness? $0.99 on Kindle.

Dying To Be Famous

Celebrities have secrets to die for. Meet the man who knows them all. Dying To Be Famous’ is a shocking yet hilarious journey into the dark side of celebrity that’s not for the weak of heart or easily offended. Featuring murder, scandal, violence, very strange eating habits and blackmail it will change the way you […]

Free: Blades of Magic: Crown Service #1

Game of Thrones meets Wonder Woman in this fantasy for fans of Sarah J. Maas! As an unstoppable war breaks out, Sara Fairchild enlists in the emperor’s army. But secrets on both sides of the battle — and an unexpected romance — will make her question everything. Free on Kindle.

Free: A Trace of Revenge

A young boy is left for dead by the killer who brutally murdered his parents. He grows up in a world of silence, but what fate takes away, destiny sometimes replaces. A simple foul ball will ignite a chain reaction of events reaching its explosive climax aboard the most innovative ship on the ocean. Free […]

Void Strikers

Josh was top dog at the Space League training facility on Creston, now he will have to test his metal against some of the best pilots in the galaxy; friends and foes, in an area where a thought to be dead war still lives–the Void Zone. $0.99 on Kindle.

Why You’ve Been Duped Into Believing That The World is Getting Worse

The media is lying to you about the supposed horrible state of the world, and we swallow it—hook, line, and sinker. While the news focuses on homicides, brutal terrorist acts, and warnings about global diseases, they are only telling part of the story. In this meticulously researched book, J.D. King gathers stories, statistics, and relevant […]


On the eve of her eighteenth birthday, Aurora Valente goes through disturbing changes. She purrs and craves raw meat. Most alarming of all, she’s taken to chasing the wildlife. $0.99 on Kindle.

Abandoned by Love

Jaxon Mayer knew the minute his eyes met hers that they were soul mates and would be together forever. Emily and Jax were childhood sweethearts. An insanely happy couple with a love most people never feel. Emily Saunders wanted nothing more than to marry her gorgeous guy and have her happily ever after. Their relationship […]

Free: Master Your Matrix: How to Visualize Your Way to Health, Wealth, and Happiness!

Are you living life to its full potential? Or are you struggling to lose weight, pay bills, find love, or? Either way, you are creating the reality your living in. You can continue to “hope” things will change OR you can make the decision now to Master Your Matrix! MindPower coach, Jimmy “JimmyG” Graham, C.Ht. […]

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