Free: Jihadi Bride

When Erik Petersson’s troubled daughter joins a terrorist group in the Middle East, an ex-soldier turned national security analyst embarks on a personal mission to save her. Torn between rival agendas, father and daughter must choose between family or country, love or fear. Author Alastair Luft is a 20-year veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces. […]

Jack Be Nimble Jack Be Dead

Jack Eggerton, the local dog catcher, is found dead in the back of the animal shelter Penny runs in her spare time. After a heated argument between her and Jack about a missing dog, it appears the finger is pointed directly at Penny Preston. Enlisting the help of her seamstress neighbor, Linda, and her chubby […]

Free: Pretty Little Girls (Agent Victoria Heslin Book 2)

From a USA Today Bestselling author, a timely and intense new mystery. Until you know who to trust, trust no one. The disappearance of a prep school girl from an affluent family leads to a world of hidden secrets more shocking and horrifying than anyone could imagine. Free on Kindle.

Lurking in Paradise

No means. No motive. No opportunity. No camera. The last time celebrity photographer Antoine Talon was in Oahu he left under a cloud of suspicion after a tragic death at one of his photo shoots. This time he’s leaving in a body bag. Discovered at a wedding rehearsal dinner on a dark rooftop, confusion abounds. […]

Don’t Tell

From the multi-million-copy bestselling author comes a mystery novel based on historical events. When detective Jack Ryder is going skiing with his family in the mountains of North Carolina, he hopes for a week of fun in the snow with his family. But then the body of a teenage boy turns up in the creek […]

The Target List

A medical doctor invents a noninvasive technology that cures cancer without drugs or surgery and finds himself the target of an assassination plot engineered by big pharma. $0.99 on Kindle.

No Name Key

Months before the devastating Labor Day hurricane of 1935 Elle Woodman escapes her vicious husband, to hide out in the isolated Florida Keys. She reinvents herself as a cook at a remote fishing lodge on No Name Key, when her husband tracks her down. As the hurricane descends, her situation becomes desperate, pulling her into […]

The Templar Succession

In 1972 a disgraced college professor and a retired FBI agent set out to discover, once and for all, the final resting place of the legendary Treasure of the Knights Templar. Days later, both men disappear without a trace. Forty years later, spurred on by the discovery of a long lost manuscript, the Professor’s son […]

Climbing the Coliseum

It’s the rugged Monastery Valley of Montana. Depressed psychologist Ed Northrup and Monastery Valley newcomer deputy sheriff Andi Pelton struggle to unravel these mysteries before they explode in a violent collision. And amid the chaos, Ed, Andi, and Grace must face the most formidable decision of their lives. $0.99 on Kindle.

Free: Goliath

In 1931, during its maiden voyage, the British Airship Goliath mysteriously disappears without a trace. Hidden deep inside is a secret that could change the world. Present day, in The Philippines, an attempted kidnapping draws historian Jennifer March and former soldier Ryan Mitchell into a deadly race to find the Goliath before a mysterious figure […]

Free: The Second Wife

Kidnapped by her patient. Taken around the world to be his second wife. Ally must fight for survival while her husband fights to find her. Free on Kindle.

Free: Boulevard Dreams

In this intelligent and dark-humored mystery set in 1958 San Francisco, Private Eye, Joe Nails, endures surrealistic dreams, in which his once best friend pleads for his help before turning a gun to his own head and firing. Joe sets out to locate him but learns he vanished weeks before the dreams began. As he […]

Free: The Bad Games Series (Books 1-3)

Three blockbusters. One box set. All terror. The first three books in the highly acclaimed Bad Games series, now in one ultimate eBook. Leave the light on. The Lambert family is heading to the cabin for some weekend fun and games. Someone is watching though, and they want to play some games of their own. […]

Fangs and Frenemies

A witch, a shifter, and a vampire who were frenemies back in high school must work together, to solve the mystery of their missing classmate. But in the cloudy, romantic beach town of Blue Moon Bay, Oregon, everyone seems to be guarding a magical secret. Will Hazel, Britt, and Max stop getting on each other’s […]

Echoes of the Past

To escape an abusive relationship, Sasha and her daughter, Tara, move to a small town in Maine. The friendly locals and clean air seem like a nice change of pace. When death falls upon the small town, the locals take matters into their own hands. Soon, Sasha finds herself in a struggle for her life […]

Free: The Recipient

Sergeant Wade McKinnon knows who killed Samantha the moment he arrives at her crime scene. Problem is, he watched her killer die a year ago. Free on Kindle.

Killing The Girl

A perfect life, a perfect love – and a perfect murder. For over forty years Carol Cage has been living as a recluse in her mansion, Oaktree House. Fear is her constant companion. She’s been keeping a secret – and it’s about to be unearthed! $0.99 on Kindle.

Peacetaker Series Boxset

Myth…or more? Either way, the adventure spells danger for everyone involved. Reluctantly, Stella, a reclusive academic agrees to accompany Carter, a federal contractor, in search of the source of bizarre riots. She’s hiding in Montana for many reasons and people think she’s crazy, but she’s his only hope of finding answers to questions he’s been […]

Free to Steal

Greed can be deadly. When called to the scene of a bank robbery that leaves a young mother dead, Katie Freeman and Michael Powell are confronted with their most perplexing case yet. The trail connects a series of unsolved bank robberies from across the country dating back more than a decade – yet the investigation […]

Free: Viral Intent: Terror in New Orleans (Alexandra Destephano Book 3)

The President Is In New Orleans, And a Deadly Virus Is On The Loose. While the President and members of Congress visit the Big Easy for a political convention, an unidentified killer virus is wreaking havoc in the Crescent City emergency room. Physicians are baffled, hospital staff frightened, and the CDC is en route to […]

The Charming Man (A Q.C. Davis Novel)

Still grieving the death of the man she loves, Chicago stage-actress-turned-lawyer Quille agrees to search for a missing college girl. But when the city’s worst blizzard on record traps her in an apartment complex during the search, a neighbor ends up dead. Cut off from authorities by the storm, Quille must find the girl before […]

Free: Sam Archer Series (Books 5 & 6)

You read the first box-set. Now catch two more of Sam Archer’s thrilling adventures in this action-packed pair of hard-hitting, back-to-back novels: ‘One Way’ and ‘Return Fire’. Free on Kindle.

Free: Escape to Osprey Cove

The mystery begins with an unusual find in the secret compartment of Doug’s new Corvette. It will forever change his and Catherine’s life. Doug’s mysterious behavior after the find forces Catherine to seek escape at The Osprey Cove Lodge. What she finds at the lodge turns out to be far more valuable than Doug’s find. […]

Sour Blood

London 2017 Nick Day harbors a secret and will stop at nothing to guard it. In the lucrative world of finance, Nick finds himself subject to blackmail and desperate to escape his dilemma. Solutions appear scarce, but on reaching his lowest point, he embarks upon a bumpy road of money laundering and murder, and what […]

The Pale-Faced Lie: A True Story

David Crow’s father was a violent ex-con who would stop at nothing—even murder—to get what he wanted. In this gripping true account, David recounts the intense 24-hour showdown with his father that changed both their lives. $0.99 on Kindle.

The Good Twin

Charly got everything she ever wanted. Everything Mallory wanted, too. And now, having it all might be easier than Mallory ever imagined. $0.99 on Kindle.

Lincoln’s Lawman #2

Once the vanguard of a new breed of marshals envisioned by the assassinated 16th president, the daunting Nash Riker upholds his sworn duty on America’s newest battlefield, the lawless West. Joined by McKenna, his deputy, confidant and best friend all rolled into the form of his twin sister, Riker’s never ending patrol carries him across […]

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