Russian Dolls

She’s lost a friend. He’s lost his sight. Can Neve and Egan expose the twisted truth before they become the next victims? College student Alexandra Neve never backs down from a challenge. So when her BFF Irina dies of an apparent suicide, she channels her grief into cracking the case police refuse to touch. After […]


When a high profile socialite is found dead, posed in an extremely provocative position, Lieutenant Ellison Frost must set aside her personal connection in pursuit of the truth. As the case pushes into the reaches of the victim’s sexually deviant lifestyle, Frost must battle exposing her own private life and the duality it has become. […]

Free: Wicked Innocents (Case No. 1, The Frontenac Sisters: Supernatural Sleuths & Monster Hunters)

Evil hides behind the sweetest faces. Even the face of a child. Meet the Frontenac Sisters, Hyla and Lizeth, as they face one of their most difficult foes: a nine-year-old girl with a devious imagination and a dark secret. Free on Kindle.

A Dickens of a Crime

The murder of a prominent socialite inspires community volunteer, Meg Miller, to find out more about the victim’s family and the controversial mega church on the edge of town. Meg is also motivated to clear her name as one of the suspects. After all, she did discover the body while prepping for the annual historic […]

The Line Between

In this frighteningly believable thriller from New York Times bestselling author Tosca Lee, an extinct disease re-emerges from the melting Alaskan permafrost to cause madness in its victims. For recent apocalyptic cult escapee Wynter Roth, it’s the end she’d always been told was coming. $1.99 on Kindle.

Free: Escape to Osprey Cove

What Doug finds in the secret compartment of his new red Corvette will forever change his life. It will also change Catherine’s. Doug and Catherine come from two different worlds. Catherine’s world is one of privilege and wealth. Doug grew up dirt poor and full of envy of others who had the things that he […]

The Summer Nanny: An Emerald City Thriller Novella

It was the perfect summer job—until it turned into her worst nightmare. Bridgett is enjoying an idyllic summer as the nanny for Leo, the son of Paul and Emily Cooper—a famous actor and renowned charity founder. Not only is she generously compensated to care for Leo at the couple’s Seattle waterfront estate, she develops a […]

Free: The Delight

….it’s the final twist that leaves you breathless. Because at the end of your rope, is the end of your story…. And it’s all so deadly simple. One young female detective. Two small-town suicides. The unspeakable truth no-one in their right mind should ever dare find. Free on Kindle.

Seduced by a Stranger

Amidst whispers of murder, Catherine Weston journeys to Cairncroft Abbey. There, she meets enigmatic Gabriel St. Aubyn and must decide if he is a monster or a man she dares to love. A stunning gothic romance. $0.99 on Kindle.

On The Devils Side of Heaven

With the drop of a judge’s gavel, Walt Walker has finally lost everything. The badge and gun he used to carry and the moral certainty of right and wrong, good and evil that used to keep him grounded. Now Walt, sans gun, gets his badges from an Army Navy store. He spends his days in […]

The Blood-Dimmed Tide

On trial for his life. On the trail of a serial killer. While on trial for wrongful death, John Jordan must catch a cunning killer who is using the chaos of the decimated post-Hurricane Michael landscape to hide his heinous acts of cold-blooded murder. John is not only fighting for his very soul but that […]

Bourbon Street

Desiree Blanc wants to be a gun-moll. Born into poverty in rural northern Mississippi, Dorothy Jellnick grew into an ash-blonde beauty. Everyone told her to go to Hollywood, show the movie people a real southern belle. She made it as far as Bourbon Street, New Orleans, where she became Desiree Blanc, a white-hot stripper at […]

Free: Avenue of Regrets

What would you do if you discovered that the violent death of your family seven years ago was not as it had seemed? How far would you go to uncover the truth? David Wallace had it all: A beautiful wife, an infant son, and a great career. Until a tragic mistake ended it all. Seven […]

Free: 55

Brian is surrounded by family and friends at his 54th birthday party. He’s the picture of health at a time when life expectancy has been extended by 40 years or more. But New America says his time is up. Free on Kindle.

Murder After Midnight

Ever hear of someone celebrating New Year’s Eve by committing murder? Well, it happened, and the killer is looking for DeeDee! That’s the situation DeeDee found herself in after the very successful New Year’s Eve party she catered for Dana, the popular hostess of a Seattle television entertainment show. The party quickly became a distant […]

Free: Atomic City Terror: Curse of the Murderous Dummy

Welcome to Atomic City. A spooky and isolated mountain town, with more scares per square inch than anywhere else in the world. Discover a place where cutting edge science walks hand-in-hand with horror, and mind-blowing technology is indistinguishable from rip-roaring terror. UFO cults, wicked witches, wayward werewolves—vampires, zombies, and aliens—all have a home in Atomic […]

Twisted Truth

It’s hard to defend yourself when you have memory lapses, and everyone thinks you are crazy. Journalist, Megan Roach, is given a story by an old man in a nursing home that could make her famous. When her carefully constructed life starts to unravel, she is forced to confront her childhood demons and the possibility […]

Buying Time

A down-on-his-luck attorney is unwittingly drawn into a perilous web of greed, blackmail and murder. $0.99 on Kindle

Free: All Things Considered

After a nasty, late-night argument, Ryn Davis and her rock-star lover go to bed mad. An insomniac, she takes a single melatonin to sleep and to escape the downward spiral of her life. When she wakes and finds her lover shot to death, she must face police suspicions she’s lying about sleeping through the lethal […]

Death’s Cold Touch

Inspector Thomas Sullivan wanted nothing more than dull, routine days of police work. Sullivan’s young partner Sarah wanted to leave her past behind and forge a new life for herself, free from fear. But a man with a cybernetic right eye and two cybernetic hands who had come to Beta Prime to leave his past […]

Professional Murder

Anthony Antonelli is the king of Janus, Nevada. A gangster who thinks himself untouchable. Until his daughter, Gisela was just murdered at her 21st birthday bonanza. Anthony hires Henry Elam – a decorated war vet who had turned to life at contract killing. Henry is tasked to find the man responsible: a serial killer of […]

Ten Times Guilty

A single mother struggles for worth after a savage attack, a police sergeant seeks redemption for a crime he didn’t realize he had committed – until the victim dies. $0.99 on Kindle.

Brady Hawk (Thriller Box Set)

Former Navy SEAL Brady Hawk returns in this action-packed adventure from best-selling and award-winning author R.J. Patterson. Join Hawk and his black ops team Firestorm as they snuff out terrorist cells and battle shadow governments. $0.99 on Kindle.  

Unspeakable Grudges

A green-as-grass PI cracks the most disturbing murder case in Denver history . . . Delusional and believing he is called by the Lord to sacrifice women to atone for his sins, champion bull rider Clint Barlow wins the buckles, beds the buckle bunnies, and murders women until his life is upended by someone from […]

Eve Lloyd’s A Deadline Cozy Mystery (Box Set)

This box set contains five cozy mysteries: Sunny Side Up: Taking a vacation to relaunch her new life, Eve Lloyd finds herself in the thick of a murder investigation with the finger of suspicion pointed her way. Snuffed Out: Eve Lloyd, a death knell? Eve refuses to believe her choice of words had something to […]

Double Down (The Blackmore Agency Book 1)

When Blaine receives an S.O.S. call from his ex-girlfriend’s mother, he heads to Columbia to find Fabiana. Caught in a drug war between two cartels, the Blackmore team is in way over their heads. In a last-ditch effort, they pull out all the stops, but will it be enough? $1.99 on Kindle.

The Freedom Broker

Winner of the 2018 International Thriller Writers Award for Best First Novel. “Razor sharp and full of you-are-there authenticity—a superb thriller.” #1 NYT Bestseller, Lee Child $2.99 on Kindle.

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